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Using ancient knowledge like Egyptian geometry to counter interference of the earth’s energy

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Thanks goodness we transited from 2012 to 2013 without experiencing days of darkness. However, it remains a fact that the earth’s magnetic field has weakened and changed – bringing about interference that cannot be seen. Some people experienced many ailments new to them.

The earth has grids or ley lines but the extensive use of electricity over the past century has caused them to be altered by magnetic fields from electromagnetic radiation. It has also strengthened the interference affecting humans, animals and plants. This phenomenon is now recognized in health care, disease prevention and rehabilitation.

Year 2013 is when we once again remember the wisdom of ancient sages and use their experience to solve today’s problems. An excellent example is using ancient Egypt’s geometry knowledge to harmonize Earth’s energy that is in disarray from interference. It is said that in Egypt, it is not possible to detect the earth’s grids or radiation inside the pyramids or sacred buildings.

Ancient sages spent a long time in nature and were very cautious about where they stayed and slept. Sleeping where the energy is disharmonious can cause ailments not only to humans but also to animals, plants and trees. A tradition in ancient Bavaria (Germany) is to place some ants in the bedroom location before building a house. If these ants stay back to build a nest, the location of the house must be changed. The reason is that ants are attracted to disharmonious energy and bees, hornets, worms, parasites, bacteria and cats are the same.

In contrast, other mammals such as dogs, horses, pigs and humans need harmonious energy. Dogs in particular will select the spot with the best energy to sleep (from the perspective of humans). Some nomadic tribes had used dogs to select sleeping places. When the dogs wanted to lie down to rest, the nomads would chase the dogs away and sleep there. The dogs would find a place to sleep only when every nomad had found their sleeping spots.

Cats do the opposite. If cats like to sleep on the bed, it is best to change the bed’s location. It is best to avoid places where cats like.

What is disharmonious energy and what influence does it have on our bodies and minds? In general, there are many kinds of disharmonious energies. The most common is disharmonious energy coming from underground water and the intersection of the earth’s gridlines. Underground water frequently leads to cancer. Europe has accumulated much experience in this area.

In particular, the German medical profession and dowsers consider houses that have underground water as “cancer houses” because almost 100% of all people who sleep in premises located above running water develop cancer. Other countries have similar discoveries. In 1976, a shepherd with expertise in dowsing lived in a small place called Dunnett in Scotland, and was trying to track a water source. He found that the water source passed through a village before flowing into the sea. It happened that the water source flowed by a road and beneath some houses along one side of the road. He enquired the locals about the people who lived in those houses. He found out that several generations of people normally lived in the same houses, and it turned out that almost every household had one person or several people die of cancer. On the other hand, people living in houses on the other side of the road literally had no one die of cancer. Coincidence? The odds are 1 in a million.

In recent times, there are two known earth grids – both named after medical doctors who discovered them. The first is called the Harmann grid, named after the German doctor who discovered it after World War II. The grid comprises lines running north-south and east-west. The north-south grid lines appear every two meters. These are cold in nature and alternative in positive and negative polarity. The east-west grid lines appear every 2.50 meters and are hot in nature. Where these lines intersect, the polarities can be + +, – -, or +-. In general, sleeping at these intersection points or standing for an extended time will lead to physical ailments.

The other Curry grid is named after Dr. Manfred Curry. The grid lines run from north-west to south-east and south-west to north-east, at intervals of three meters. However, these distances can change depending on time and location. For example, between midnight and 3 am, the intervals are widest apart and have the greatest influence. The places where these different grids intersect cause the greatest harm to us, especially if there is also underground water.

An Austrian teacher, Kathe Bachler, used her dowsing experience to find the best bed locations for patients. She used the dowsing technique on 3000 households and collected 11, 000 patient records to prove that disharmonious earth energy can cause different kinds of ailments, family disharmony and learning difficulties among children. Her book titled “Earth Radiation” documents her findings. The German version was a bestseller – valued by professionals in education and medicine.

When teachers observed that their students had learning difficulties, physical ailments or emotional instability, they would invite Ms Bachler to check if the students’ beds or classroom desks were located near zones with disharmonious earth energy. Shifting the location of the desk or bed brought about immediate improvements. Ms Bachler found that every cancer victim’s bed was located within zones of disturbance. She emphasized though that this did not mean that everyone whose bed was within a zone of disturbance would get cancer.

The following are some examples from Ms Bachler’s book. She was a teacher, so several examples relate to disturbances affecting students.

There was a 10-year-old student whose movements were the slowest in class and whose learning ability was the worst. Her teacher asked about her sleeping condition and she replied that she took a long time to fall asleep. Furthermore, she would frequently fall off the bed with her blanket and continued sleeping after that. Her parents said that their child had congenital anemia. It turned out that her bed was located at the intersection of negative earth grid lines. When her bed was shifted, her sleep improved, her actions in class became faster and her homework improved. Five months later, she was a rosy-cheeked child.

Another child refused to do homework in class, failed examinations, had insomnia and skipped classes. All these aspects improved after the bed’s location was changed.

Another child was originally a good student but complained of frequent headaches and nosebleeds after moving house. Her parents did not pay particular attention and realized its seriousness only when she suddenly failed her examinations and was retained for a year.

Ms Bachler went to perform a dowsing assessment and found that this was due to negative earth energy. She further suggested first investigating the latent illness caused by this negative energy and found that it led to sinus. After shifting the bed’s position, the child showed an improvement in all aspects.

Teachers and principals were also affected by negative earth energy. One teacher’s work desk was located at the intersection of the earth grid lines and he couldn’t focus, developed headaches, stomachaches as well as loss of appetite. He could only postpone taking his examination required for job promotion. After moving his desk, he could focus on taking his examination and passed.

Another teacher gave her lessons in a spot that was at the intersection of earth grid lines. She easily coughed, lost her voice, had stomachaches and backaches, etc. She frequently took sick leave.

Another principal’s desk was located in a zone of disturbance and he couldn’t focus. He got nervous easily, had many ailments and took frequent sick leave. He felt comfortable outside the school premises, and decided to retire early. His replacement also became easily tired but got better once his desk was shifted.

Three principals who subsequently assumed the position also sat at the same disturbance zone. One of them had heart attacks twice, the second had a mental disorder and the third frequently felt cold and had poor health. After shifting the desk, the third principal no longer felt cold and his health improved. One former principal’s desk happened to be sitting on top of a positive energy field and he was the healthiest of them all.

Among the many cases documented in Ms Bachler’s book, several relate to cancer that arose from the position of the patients’ beds. In a nunnery in Austria, three nuns sequentially slept in the same bed and contacted cancer. The first had surgery for breast cancer and recovered after she changed her room. Another slept in this bed for five years and very quickly became ill, developing headaches and spinal infection. The third slept in this bed for twelve years and had serious ailments. She had three surgeries for stomach cancer but improved immediately after she shifted the location of her bed.

The following examples provide even clearer evidence on the relationship between ailments and earth radiation.

A German lady became ill shortly after moving into her new apartment. She underwent surgery because of cancer and died after that. Her husband wrote a letter to Ms Bachler saying that a 14-year-old boy living in the apartment downstairs and beneath the location of her bed developed a tumor on his chest.

Another case involves a family where two generations of people slept on the same bed. The parents died of cancer. The younger generation slept on the same bed and frequently became ill: leg cramps, pain in the kidney area, tiredness, rheumatism and tension. When Ms Bachler pointed out the ideal bed position, they indicated that this was where their grandparents slept, and they had excellent health as well as long lives.

How do you determine whether your bed is located in a zone of disturbance? The following contains key insights from Ms Bachler’s research. Specifically, any of the following symptoms could indicate the bed is within disturbance zone:

  1. Not liking the bed or not wanting to sleep on the bed.
  2. Not able to fall asleep after several hours.
  3. Non-peaceful sleep, disheveled bed sheets from tugging at night, nightmares, shouting.
  4. Avoiding a part of the bed, falling off the bed and banging one’s head.
  5. Leaving the bed, sleep walking.
  6. Feeling cold in bed, shivering, teeth grinding, teeth chattering, night-sweat.
  7. Waking up tired in the morning, emotionally cold all day.
  8. Poor appetite and even vomiting in the morning.
  9. Pessimistic, nervous, uncomfortable and wake up crying.
  10. Muscle cramps, heart beating faster when going to bed.

If you do not know how to dowse, you can use your body’s sensation to feel the best position for your bed and workspace. Look at the entire room under a relaxed state and feel the body’s sensations. In the area where you feel comfortable, silently sense the ideal location for your bed. Those who rear dogs can observe where the dog likes to go. Someone’s original bed position was subjected to interference, and after he had moved his bed, he placed a carpet in the original spot. He instructed his dog to sleep in that spot, and after a while, he turned around and observed that he dog was lying at the new site of his bed.

If the bed or desk cannot be relocated, use an ancient geometric chart to improve the situation. Dowsers use a method employing eight Egyptian rods, which can be made of any material including wood, metal or plastic. The only material to avoid is aluminum. Thickness does not matter so long as the rods can stand. Each can be 2 to 3 cm thick. Four rods should be of 25 inches (63.5 cm) long. Another four longer sticks of 14⅝ inches (37.1 cm) length are placed in the four corners of the room, either inside or outside. The shorter rods are placed along the centre of the four walls. There is no need to measure accurately, and an approximation will do. The shape of room can be square or rectangular. If the room is neither square nor rectangular, simply place the rods in a square or rectangle within the room, or put only some of the rods within. Another method is to draw these eight rods on a flat surface. The dimensions can be half or 1/3 that mentioned earlier. Paste the drawing on the wall, and it is best to place it on a north-facing wall, particularly in the bedroom. If you paste more than one drawing in the room, it is best to paste an odd but not an even number of drawings. Another similar-looking drawing is to first draw a square and then join the four corners and the four midpoints (see picture). Likewise, paste the drawing on the wall.

I have also tried using the Flower of Life and Fengshui energy plates. These can also ameliorate zones of disturbance. Note that when using the Flower of Life, the flower in the middle has to be slightly bigger, approximately 6 to 8 inches in diameter. I had previously mentioned that electromagnetic waves could magnify the interference of earth radiation.

A person skilled in dowsing techniques once went to a small town in a mountainous district. There was a power outage in the entire town that day. He dowsed and detected that the ley lines was about 5 feet tall. Soon after, the power supply resumed and the ley lines quickly rose to almost tenstorey high. This shows why interference in zones of disturbance is more serious than a century ago. This is also what every parent, parent and health-conscious person needs to understand and realize.


References: Earth Radiation, The startling discoveries of a dowser by Kathe Bachler, Wordmasters Ltd., Manchester, Great Britain, 1989

The original Chinese article is published in the Feb 2013 issue of Lapis Lazuli Light magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20130201.html