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Visualisation – A Magical Therapy

Xie Qingfen

The first time I had urethritis was in January 2005. Due to a cataract surgery, my mother was hospitalized and needed my care. The ward was for two people. When I went to the ward, I saw blood on the toilet seat and on the floor in the bathroom. So I scrubbed the floor and flushed it with water. The next morning, I found myself unwell, and felt the urge to go to the bathroom, but the urine was intermittent, and I was unable to clear the urethra in one go. Sometimes it was painful, and later blood also appeared in the urine. I was somewhat worried, because I had never suffered from urethritis before, I did not know these were symptoms of acute urethritis. Later I had to go to the hospital, the doctor prescribed antibiotic and told me to drink at least 3000ml of water daily in order to relieve the symptoms. Looking back at that time, the body might have been exhausted and the immune system weakened, which was why I was infected when I scrubbed the toilet.

Two months later, my body was again in a state of low immune system, and the symptoms of acute urethritis appeared. But this time, I did not want to give my body antibiotics, because from my viewpoint, the last prescription of antibiotics was only a temporary relief from the symptoms, it did not completely solve the problem. Last year I read Dr Lai’s “Hui Gui Xin De Xi Yue” (回歸心的喜悅). The book shared the concept of using visualization to heal and also to activate self-healing power. I remember that I have used visualisation to heal my chesty cough [cough with phlegm] without using medication. So I wanted to give it a try and see if it can also be applied to the current symptoms. I first visualised the virus-infected organs, then using white light to clean these infected areas. I felt that these infectious agents were in fluorescent orange color, so I used white light to clean them one by one. Then I used blue light to clean my kidneys, bladder and urethra, because blue light has analgesic effect, so during visualisation, it really felt cool and calm. I usually do the visualisation in the morning or when taking the bus home, and also before going to sleep. At any other time when I could focus on visualisation, I also did it. It was very effective. After visualising for two days, all the uncomfortable symptoms disappeared. Putting magic aside, I also tried ‘Mind to Mind Therapy’ [Translator’s Note: Also known as “Psychic Healing” or “Televisual Healing”, discovered by Ben Bibbs] on my family, the results were also good. I would suggest that you experience this personally. For more information, please refer to Dr Lai’s “Hui Gui Xin De Xi Yue” (回歸心的喜悅).

Editor’s Note: For those who are not strong in color visualisation, use colour filter. Please refer to the book “Let There Be Light” for the applications of different colours.

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