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Water Works

We have all the water there is, all there has ever been, and all there will ever be. No one is making any more of it.

Each day there are more people drinking, using, and polluting it. This is a trend that cannot continue indefinitely.

If our children and grandchildren are to have pure water, someone has to do something. We cannot depend upon the churches or government to correct this problem. They haven’t done it yet.

Regardless of how much technology we may have, our existence upon this earth depends upon six inches of dirt and water.

Now for the first time ever, we have reason to be optimistic. Based on our experiences with water since April of 2001, there is reason to believe that in our lifetime we can have better water than our grandparents had. But–you will have to do something.

I would like to share with you some things we have learned that will allow you to make a positive difference in the future of your descendants. The new expanded version of “The Future is Yours” has a chapter on water but we have learned some things since writing that chapter.

Water has a “Spirit” which responds to respect. Lack of respect and greed seem to be the main reason that water has been polluted. We might also add ignorance, because if people really understood the importance of water, then they would treat it with more respect.

I had believed that water had a spirit but learned some more in a recent class at ORI. In every class, I tell people they are being given a lifetime supply of energized water. All the people in the class bring a bottle of water and I energize it for them and teach them to do it.

ORI was selling drinking water with a red label on it and most of the people had this brand of water. As I was working at raising the energy of the water in all bottles in the room, it became obvious that something was wrong. One person had a blue tinted bottle with a blue label and the spirit of the water was not in this blue bottle, and would not go into it. We had to stop and find out why. When I mentioned the problem to the class, Mick Ames, who was a water technician sitting on the front row, was nodding his head and grinning. I then said, “The spirit of greed is in this bottle.” Mick again grinned and nodded his head. Then I announced, “The company who bottled this blue bottle has a lower integrity than the company who bottled the red labelled bottle.” Again, Mick nodded his head – he knew something I didn’t. [Mick’s email to me is included later in this article.]

Once the spirit of greed was removed along with several negative thought forms, the spirit of the water went into the water and we were able to continue energizing all the water in the room. Walt Woods was in one of the classes at ORI and when we measured his bottle of water, it was found to be about 800,000 on the Bovis scale, [which measures how positively or negatively charged a subtance is.]This puzzled me because at other times the water had measured over one million on the Bovis scale. Why didn’t Walt’s bottle go any higher? Walt determined that a higher energy was not beneficial for him and the energy of the water reached the ideal level for him, and stopped. This taught me to ask for the water to be raised to the most appropriate level for the use of the person, rather than asking to raise it to the highest possible level. At the recent Southwest Dowsing Conference in Flagstaff, the “Spirit of the water” came through and gave a message to Ellie Drew who then gave it to the class. It confirmed that the spirit of the water would not go where there was greed.

We have also found that the attitude of a landowner will affect the condition of the water on the land. In addition, curses on the land will also affect the water.

In my book, “Techniques That Work For Me”, I list a number of things one can do to clear various negative energies from people and property. It seems the same techniques can be used to clear bodies of water.

Ron Barone of South Dakota ordered a bottle of water from the Toronto Dowsers [ECH2O Water] and tried to test its energy. He called to say that he hadn’t been able to do it because his scale of measurement didn’t go high enough. He took three drops of the water and put them in a container, which he then filled with filtered water. In five minutes he couldn’t test that container of water either. The energy of the second container had apparently risen to match that of the ECH2O water. My reply was, “You have proved by your methods, what I suspected. I put a thought form in the water to energize all water that it touched to equal that of the original water.”

We have discovered that we can put a thought form into the water to cause it to energize all water that comes in contact with the energy field of the water. This was done by sitting a bottle of energized water on a table with a bottle of plain water. The next morning the plain water had an energy equal to the energized water. It has some surprising side effects – my friend Jeannie energized a part of the Atlantic Ocean where she was swimming and 20 dolphins showed up and stayed all day!
How do we purify the water? By using our dowsing system to scramble the frequency of the chemical, biological and radiological pollutants of the water and adjust them to the frequency of pure water. We then put a thought form into the water to cause it to energize all water that comes in contact with it’s energy field and that the process be repeated continually.

“What else?” you ask, “This is so simple.” There is nothing else. Simple is what you get when you work with me.[Simple means uncomplicated.]

However, we may put in a thought form for a specific correction to be made in our bodies or the bodies of animals. I suspect that this could be used to create a more positive mental attitude in folks. Maybe we could even energize the raindrops and invite in the spirits of respect and compassion so that these characteristics would affect anyone who was within the energy field of the raindrops.

“This is too far out,” you say. Well, consider the alternative.

You don’t want to appear strange to your friends, associates and minister. Well, if you’re in mainstream society, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. That means you are already different. OK, this is the wonderful thing about dowsing. You don’t have to tell anyone what you’re doing. You don’t need a permit or have to confess it to your priest. JUST DO IT!!!!!!!

Here is part of a recent letter from my friend Don Scott of Richmond Kentucky. Don is a retired minister who attended my class and started using the information to help people in his congregation. He has some wonderful successes and here is one of them.

“Hi Raymon, Just wanted you to know how well the energized water works.

I bought a 20 gallon fish tank in January. I have not been able to clear the water because my tap water is so full of rust and iron. I have stopped drinking or cooking with it. I used the recommended treatment and nothing worked. The fish were dying. The fish were attacking and chasing other fish and I was ready to start all over again with a new batch. Then I spied the bottle of water that we all purified when we dowsed for your water project. I gave each of them a small jar with tap water in it from the church to dowse after we dowsed to purify the water around the globe. I looked up all the pollutants on internet to name them specifically so we would not miss any. I gave them a dropper with the instructions to use this to purify the tap water they use at home. I put a dropper of water in the 20 gal. tank. I sat down and read my mail and in about an hour I happened to glance over at the tank. The water was crystal clear, the fish were swimming lazily around the tank and not attacking other fish. No more fish have died. It is still clear as a bell and I just sit and marvel over it. Your Friend, Don”

And from Mick Ames – “While attending the August 2003 Power of Thought school in Fayetteville, I had an opportunity to do a water test on two different samples of energized water. At that time I was a water technician for a company installing a line of whole-house water softeners and purifying systems for drinking water, and had the testing kit at my disposal. One of the samples had been altered by Raymon Grace at Sunday’s class. Originally this had 8 grains of hardness per gallon. Sunday night I tested the samples and found that the water energized by Raymon now shows no hardness present. No precipitation test was performed, as I saw no need for it.”

And from Cherly, his wife, I received this email ” In your class on Sunday (which so inspired me I came back Tuesday as Mick did) I vowed to not let this fall by the wayside. I have been washing my 14 yr old dog’s eyes and giving her and my other pets the energized water. Her hearing was shot and she could barely see dark and light, an unfortunate symptom of her age. Her attitude had not changed!

Besides getting around much more energetically, I notice the cataract cloud on her eye is thinning and the other eye looks less irritated (dry eye syndrome). I scrambled the frequencies of blindness and adjusted those to the frequency for her better good. It will come as no surprise to you, but she is a bit confused these days as her sight is returning and her hearing is improving daily.

Oh, I have introduced the energized water to the swimming pool and hot tub at the rec. center here in Bella Vista. It is a retirement area, and highly used by the older crowd. I am visiting daily to check chemical levels and over-all effect on swimmers.”

This one is from a cousin in California. Since this writing, we have talked by phone and her husband also has eliminated the arthritic pain from his body.

Thank you for telling me that I can program the water to help my body. Today I used this method and the results were out of this world. I have very painful joints they hurt all the time and when I use them, I suffer for a couple of days. I also have a trigger finger on my right hand and a small cyst in the palm of this hand. The finger curls inward toward my palm. I can’t make it straight. I programmed the water to help the joints and my finger. I don’t have any pain in my joints and my finger is almost straight without the terrible pain. I will keep using this method and see if I can get complete relief. You may use this in your book or where ever it is needed. Thank you so much. Love, Carlene

On November 26, 2002, Marilyn Gang, leader of the Toronto Dowsers asked me to energize five gallons of water to be distributed to those interesed in participating in the “Water Project.” My comment was that the bottles, packing and shipping would be paid for by those ordering the water, but the water was free. In one year, Marilyn has distributed over 600 bottles of the ECH2O water to several countries. There is a real and sincere interest in seeing what we can do to heal the world’s water. One fellow, Dev Khalsa, who manages naturopathic clinic in Toronto has been using the water in his local environment. His wife wrote to Marilyn, “What we have noticed is that not just some, but ALL of the noxious weeds, [amazing when I think of it] have disappeared from the river upstream from our dam where I have been throwing in my prayer-water. They have been replaced by water lilies.” For more of their work see www.TorontoDowsers.com

A common excuse used by many is that, “I’m only one person and my efforts wouldn’t amount to much.” Maybe so, but enough raindrops become a flood.

Raymond Grace has been studying various forms of healing and connections with the spirit world since 1973. He is a frequent speaker at Ozark Research Institute (ORI) and various dowsing conventions in U.S. & Canada. He teaches classes on dowsing, healing and working with energy. He has written two books: “The Future is Yours – Do Something About It” and “Techniques That Work For Me”.