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Why Are Bees Disappearing? Why Is The Incidence of Cancer Rising Rapidly?

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

In recent years, the number of bees has been significantly reduced. Beekeepers often find the hives become empty just within a day. This has caused concerns in the agricultural community. Many of the foods we usually eat rely on bee pollination. If the bees disappear, we would not live well. At the same time I have also heard that more and more people get cancer and that the disease progresses very quickly. Are these two things related?

I recently saw a documentary “Resonance: Beings of Frequency”.

The documentary gave a very detailed description of how all wireless communication frequencies harm lives on earth, including bees and people. Earth’s frequency is 7.83 Hz and the lives on earth are inseparable with this frequency. The human brainwave’s frequency is 7.83 Hz when in a relaxed situation. This is also the frequency to maintain health and healing. In the laboratory, the formation of genes from RNA also depends on this frequency. 7.83 Hz is the frequency for the formation of life and without it, genes cannot be formed.

Lives on earth have taken a very long time to adapt to the environment. But within just over a decade, the frequency of electromagnetic waves in our environment is already several millions of times greater than before. This rapid change is unprecedented. Currently in the world, there are five million transmitting towers. Before these towers were installed, no research was conducted on their long-term impact on lives on earth.

In the past 10 years or so, it was obvious that electromagnetic waves have a very bad effect on humans and nature. The disappearance of the bees is just a very small part that we see. When researchers placed the base station of a DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) phone inside a beehive, not a single bee came back. Bees rely on the earth’s magnetic field to distinguish directions and the radio waves have interfered with their navigation system. As a result they were unable to return home after gathering nectar. The DECT phone base is similar to a cellular tower, transmitting signals non-stop for 24 hours. Not only was the navigation system of the bees disturbed, even birds became disoriented. When the tower was first constructed, it was discovered that flocks of birds flew towards the ground at high speed and ended up killing themselves. Their ability to distinguish the direction of up and down was impaired. As a result, the population of many species of birds have greatly declined.

What is the impact of these man-made frequencies on human beings? Up to now, there are already ten million researches in this area. At www.bioinitiative.org, the 2012 study concluded that some of the most common reactions to these frequencies are headache, internal bleeding, dizziness, insomnia, decreased immune function in the long run, cancer and so on. One of the reasons is that the frequencies interfere with the human pineal gland secretion of melatonin. In normal circumstances, when it gets dark, the secretion of melatonin will increase, and sleep is the time when the body repairs itself as the cells proliferate to compensate for the loss of five hundred million cells during the day. This process produces lots of free radicals, and melatonin is the most effective anti-oxidant in getting rid of free radicals. Once the pineal gland is unable to distinguish light and man-made frequency, the secretion of melatonin at night will be similar to that in the daytime and does not increase. This causes insomnia and the free radicals in the body would destroy genes and cells.

The rapid increase of cancer in recent years is not accidental. The average melatonin level of a breast cancer patient is only 10% of a normal person. The formation of cancer is not in one or two days, but takes place over many years. Researchers found that the incidence of cancer was significantly higher for people who use mobile phones for more than five years compared with non-users. The incidence rate of cancer is even higher for those who use more than a decade.

The difference is not as obvious between non-users and those who have used mobile phones for four years.

Because most people do not know the dangers of radio waves, they do not associate the physical and mental discomforts with the use of wireless products in their daily life. This is why they are unwilling to give up these conveniences of life. In the past, only few people smoked and most people did not smoke, so we are able to distinguish that smokers have a higher than average incidence rate of lung and bladder cancers. But as electromagnetic radio waves are found throughout the world, a control group cannot be found. Even for those who do not use mobile phones and wireless internet access, they cannot escape the signal of their neighbours, in the streets and even in the car. It is impossible to escape the surrounding cell phone signals, let alone the signals from a cell-phone tower.

Albert Einstein once said:
“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have not more than four years to live.”

The bees used their lives to tell us that if we do not reverse, we will be like them, disappearing suddenly. This is a matter of life and death and it is our choice.

Reference Documentary:
Resonance-Beings of Frequency, http://hbelc.org/about/objectives.html

The original Chinese article is published in the May 2013 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: