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Energy Harmonizing

a) Seven Colors Visualization

To visualize, look at a color and close your eyes. Recall the color, the clearer the better. Visualize different colors to heal what needs to be healed, whether physically or emotionally.

  • Red: Being at Ease, Creativity and Physical Strength.
  • Orange: Confidence, Courage and Wisdom.
  • Yellow: Joy, Being Organized and Self-consciousness.
  • Green: Growth, Healing and Wealth.
  • Sky Blue: Loving-kindness, Letting Go, Endurance, Ability to Create and Express.
  • Magenta: Inspiration and Healing of Emotions.
  • Deep Blue or Lapis Lazuli: Protection and Wholeness.
a) Sky Blue Visualization
  1. Visualize sky blue light. Its unconditional love cleanses all your negative memories. Recall events and people from your childhood, fill the whole image with blue light, visualize that you and your parents or guardians are in harmony. They give you love, respect and trust.
  2. For transformation, breathe in the blue light and send it to your whole nervous system and every cell, bringing your whole body peace and harmony.
  3. You can also visualize sending blue light to people with whom you can’t get along. Visualize that the light fill you and the other party, and you joyously send your blessing to the other party through the light.