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This is grown for Human Consumption

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Many years ago, at an agricultural academic conference, a medical doctor was invited to be the plenary speaker. He looked at the agricultural researchers participating in the conference, and made this admonishment: “Do not forget that agricultural products are meant to be consumed by humans. Many experts generally care about increasing crop yield and reducing costs, but forget that the products grown are meant for human consumption!”

Improving output is the major consideration in the modern agricultural industry. In the U.S., 99.5% of the agricultural products are grown from chemical fertilizers, and only 0.5% of the products are organically grown. In the past 30 years, many countries have followed the U.S. approach by abandoning traditional farming methods and converting to methods using chemical fertilizers. Perhaps, crop yield would improve in the beginning. However, chemical fertilizers damage the PH level of the soil, kill microorganisms and earthworms in the soil, and in the long run, reduce the fertility and the humic acid of the soil. In turn, this causes plants to have poorer immune system in the future, increases their susceptibility to harm from diseases and insects, and reduces production output. Humans and animals that eat such unhealthy plants and food polluted by chemicals will also become less healthy, and there will be a marked rise in various kinds of chronic ailments, immune system problems, and cancer. We only need to observe how, in the past twenty years, cancer has become the major cause of death in countries that have converted from traditional farming methods to “scientific” farming methods. The most recent addition to this group of countries is China, which follows the footsteps of Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, U.S., Australia, and New Zealand.

The way to transform this situation and let mankind recover their health is to start from the basics—restoring the health of the soil. The health of humans and the earth are interconnected.

The soil in the U.S. experienced the earliest damage, and also received the earliest attention from concerned parties. Robert Rodale made significant contribution to organic farming. When he was young, he had already made his fortune. Once, he listened to a health talk by Dr. Bragg, and became very inspired. He spoke to Dr. Bragg, and indicated that he was wealthy and desired to engage in some meaningful venture. Dr. Bragg asked about Robert Rodale’s interest, and he replied that it was in horticulture and farming. Dr. Bragg then suggested that he should go into organic farming. These words were to influence Robert Rodale’s life, and provided a major boost to the organic farming industry.

Nowadays, it is not difficult to purchase organic products in the U.S. In California, not only do the health stores carry organic products but the farmers markets are also venues to purchase inexpensive and fresh organic agricultural products. Farmers markets provide a way for small farms to directly sell their fresh healthy products to the consumer. The popularity of farmers markets in California is a result of the effort of many people.

Thirty years ago, California governor, Jerry Brown, was visionary in his promotion of farmers’ market, and many dedicated youths took part in natural farming. Thirty years ago, in Santa Barbara, one person who studied natural farming methods in the U.K started a farm within the city, and also commenced natural farming courses at the same time. The vegetables grown by these students needed retail outlets. At that time, one can easily see these organic farms on the open space at the periphery of the university. After six months of preparation by over twenty of these new natural farmers, they finally obtained the approval of the city council, and also obtained media coverage. The farmers market started at a tourist location next to an old church. Residents of the city and car loads of tourists were very supportive of the re-emergence of the farmers market after thirty years. Because of the limited stock and variety of agricultural products, the farmers market was open only twice a month. In recent years, it has become more regular and is on every Saturday and even almost every day of the week. The farmers market attracts farmers from within a two-hour drive, residents and tourists. Products for sale include vegetables, fruits, walnuts, almonds, dates, mushrooms and fresh flowers, and spices. These products are both fresh, and available at an inexpensive price. Through the years, consumers at the market and the farmers have developed friendship, mutual trust, and mutual support. Everyone is fully aware of whose melons are sweet and whose vegetables have high energy, and there is no deception.

The young farmers thirty years ago are now fifty to sixty years of age. Nevertheless, their joy and interest towards natural farming has not diminished. Land is expensive, and there are very few new young farmers (perhaps one or two) who are in the thirty-years old age range. In the future, when the existing group old farmers retire, our source of clean food will become a problem. At this time, across the Pacific Ocean, China is also facing an agricultural crisis. On the one hand, farm land is contaminated by chemical pollutants. On the other hand, in order to survive, farmers are leaving their villages in droves to work in the city. Furthermore, as the people’s income level improves, they begin to consume large amounts of meat, chicken, eggs, and milk, which exacerbate the rapid decline of grains. The gap between consumption and production is widening, and in the past decade, China has begun to become less self-reliant by importing more grains. The agricultural industry is the key determinant of a country’s rise and fall. How to encourage more farmers to return to the farm? How to counsel them to use a more sustainable approach to farming? How to increase consumers’ trust and confidence in organic and green products? These are questions that require urgent replies.

Perhaps, restoring the farmers market is a possibility. Thirty years ago, Chinese farmers were still preserving the fertile land left by their ancestors from 5000 years back. They used natural farming methods to protect the rice bowl and source of sustenance of their descendents. It is hard to imagine how, in a mere ten to twenty years, the use of chemical fertilizer has led to a precipitous drop in the soil’s fertility, so much so that it is now necessary to use pesticides to control damage by insects. Once the land has been poisoned, plants get poisoned, and so will humans. In the past, cancer was a rarity. Now, it has become widespread. In particular, in the past one to two years, many people have witnessed their friends and relatives around them dying from cancer. To solve this problem, we need to get to its root. We need to purify the contaminated earth, air, and water supply. Natural farming can purify the earth and fertilize the soil.

In the book “The Secret Life of Compost”, Malcolm Beck describes how he successfully developed from organic farming to selling compost. He used his neighbours’ organic waste and transformed them to useful compost. He emphasized that employing chemical fertilizer is not a smart thing to do, and that it is also wasteful. All it takes is to feed the microbes in the soil, and they will create fertilizers akin to nitrogen fertilizer free of charge. 78% of the atmosphere comprises nitrogen, and the microbes in one acre of the land can manufacture an average of 1000 pounds of nitrogen fertilizer in two and a half months. What they need is sufficient decomposed plants or humus. Agricultural experts claim that the nitrogen component in compost is low and of little use. However, all the microbes need is chemically-bound carbon and water (e.g., dry leaves and grass) as food, and they can then extract nitrogen and other nutrients from the air.

Plants or weeds found in the wild are key ingredients that maintain the fertility of the soil. Land that has weeds has energy levels that are several times than those without weeds. Once grass has been pulled out or killed using herbicides, the soil is subject to wind erosion, deterioration, and desertification. Northern California farmer, Bob Cannard, does not remove the grass on his farm, but merely trims them. The land next to his fruit trees are filled with weeds, but the trees produce the sweetest fruits.

While standing at the farmers market in Santa Barbara, I spoke to the farmer selling oranges. He was one of the founders of this farmers market thirty years ago.  I told him that the Chinese agricultural industry use large amounts of chemicals on their farms. He shook his head in disbelief. He could not understand why Chinese farmers, who have over 5000 years of farming wisdom behind them, can still be fooled. Perhaps, the Chinese need to import their traditional wisdom back from the U.S.

Translated by Singapore Lapis Lazuli Light.
Article originally published in Chinese in Lapis Lazuli Light magazine (May 2005 issue); available at http://www.lapislazuli.org/TradCh/magazine/200505/200505.html

Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis: Socially Respinsible Trade

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

In 2003, I visited 10 cities in Asia.  Wherever I went, there was always someone asking me about methods for treating osteoporosis and bent spinal cord.  As far as I know, consuming too much animal protein will lead to the loss of calcium.  Also the decrease in secretion of progesterone in women after menopause may also cause osteoporosis.  Additionally, cellular phones that people carry around, microwaves, radiowaves and electromagnetic waves may also lead to the loss of calcium.  However, I was still quite puzzled on why osteoporosis is so common in China nowadays?

After I returned to US, there was a huge fire in the forest of California.  The smoke was blown into the sky and for one week, the sun and blue sky could not be seen.  This scene reminded me of many of the cities I had visited during the trip.  Due to the pollution from industries and transportation, the sun and blue sky cannot be seen in the cities permanently.  But the generation of vitamin D which maintains the immunity of bones requires that the skin be exposed to the sunlight which is then absorbed by the body.  People living in an environment that is smoggy tend to lack vitamin D, and this is another cause for osteoporosis.

A friend who lives in the city of Shanghai told me that in recent years Shanghai has done a good job in protecting the environment.  After the removal of chimneys, the blue sky could be seen more often now.

Transportation is another source of pollution.  A university professor told me that the standard for emission control equipment in Japanese cars sold to China is lower than that in Japan.  The car emission control standard in California is higher than those in other states, so the cars sold to California require special installation.  I once asked a staff in a Taiwanese car company why they do not install emission control equipment of higher standard.  He said, “The cost will be slightly higher.”

Inadvertently I found other causes for osteoporosis in agricultural books.  The lacking of boron in one’s diet may cause osteoporosis.  If the fertilizer contains lots of potash fertilizer, it will cause boron in soil to “disappear”, and also cause magnesium, calcium and salt to “disappear”.  Early in the 20th century, Andr’e Voisin, a famous agriculturalist in France, was aware of this problem.  At the same time, he also mentioned that excess lime will cause manganese to “disappear”, yet manganese has a direct impact on the level of vitamin C in plants.  Phosphoric acid fertilizer may cause zinc to “disappear”, over-usage of nitrogenous fertilizer may cause copper to “disappear” and lead to over 30 times more nitrate content in spinach.

Obviously, the fertilizer used in modern farming can change the nutritional content in food and affect our health; this is reflected through our bones and teeth.  Dr. Voisin specifically emphasized that the agriculture industry should not use quantity produced as a standard, but rather the nutritional value (quality of the produce) should be used instead.

From this osteoporosis health issue, it can be seen that to thoroughly solve the problem, both the consumption and the production sides must be conscientious.  For our health and the survival of the earth, we will continually introduce socially responsible investments as a model.  Let us be the “friendly bacteria” that benefit one another and not the “parasites” of society and earth.

Translated by Singapore Lapis Lazuli Light.
Article originally published in Chinese in Lapis Lazuli Light magazine (Feb 2004 issue); available at http://www.lapislazuli.org/TradCh/magazine/200402/200402.html

Uses of Coloured Essential Oils

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Colour provides many benefits to our body and mind. Dinshah describes these in detail in the book “Let There be Light”. 100 years ago, the senior Dinshah doctor, used a kerosene lamp to shine a light through deep blue glass onto a dying patient. Three days later, the patient started to recover and was able to rise from bed. Another example of how colour can be life saving comes from Europe. A 150-year old house was built on top of an underground ley line, and people living in the house all suffered from cancer. The exception was that for 50 years, the residents carpeted the floor, and used a cobalt blue color for the carpet. Following this, the incidence of cancer stopped. Later, the carpet was changed, and the residents began to be afflicted with cancer again. It was then discovered that the cobalt blue colour can suppress the unhealthy energy from underground.

In our living environment, there are many harmful emissions such as electromagnetic waves, wireless waves, microwave, and radiation. We should carefully consider the use of cobalt blue colour to protect us.

Plants absorb sunlight and hence store the vibrations associated with different colors within them. Hence, their oil essences also store colour vibrations. Different plant-based oil essences have different vibrations. In general, plants that grow in the desert contain more red vibrations. It is common to find green vibrations in plants. Different oil essences can be combined to form different colour vibrations. Hence, I started to investigate the effects of different mixes of oil essence, and their usage under different circumstances based on their colour vibrations. For example, oil essence containing deep blue light vibrations can be applied to counter harmful emissions. Nowadays, people are harmed by electromagnetic and microwave radiation when they sit on airplanes, work in front of the computer, or use cordless phones or mobile phone in the city. These exposures to harmful emissions lead to fatigue, pain, swellings, ambulatory difficulties, coughs and other ailments. However, these ailments disappear when deep blue colour oil essences are applied on the palms, base of the feet, upper spine, or right above the navel. Friends who sit on planes after applying the oil essence find that they are less tired, and do not encounter much jet lag. In general, before I go out, I apply some oil essence on my palms and bottom of my feet, or the small hollow on my throat. Also, apply the oil essence on whichever area that is hurting. For those suffering from disturbed sleep patterns or insomnia because of interference from electromagnetic radiation, apply the oil essence on the crown charka and the third eye charka. Rudolph Steiner (PhD) had once foretold that during this period, we would discover the usefulness of colour light. Looks like he is right!

Translated by Singapore Lapis Lazuli Light.
Article originally published in Chinese in Lapis Lazuli Light magazine (May 2005 issue); available at http://www.lapislazuli.org/TradCh/magazine/200505/200505.html

Creation from joy, Upliftment from appreciation

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

It is extremely difficult to be joyful, happy, and appreciative when faced with natural disasters, human tragedies, illnesses, pain, and afflictions. Nonetheless, during such times, only the energy of joy and appreciation can transform such negative situations to positive ones.

Many years ago, one of my teachers shared with me on how she learned gratitude as part of her spiritual development. She would say “Thank you” no matter what she encountered, even if a bowl of soup she carried had slipped off and broken into pieces! She understood that the energy of gratitude and joy can create a better tomorrow. Regardless what seeds we have planted in the past, regardless what fruits we are harvesting now, creation of the future is still within our control. If we can plant the seeds of joy, then our future will naturally bear the fruits of joy.

We generally feel sympathetic towards people who are suffering, but not towards those whose circumstances are more fortunate. This is because our minds are limited by time, and we cannot see the past or the future. It may be that those who are encountering good fortune now are planting the seeds for future suffering, but they are not aware. In contract, people who are suffering now may develop the virtues of acceptance (in the face of adversity), patience, and loving kindness. In that case, their future will be better.

During the Ming dynasty in China, a gentleman by the name of Yuan Liao Fan learned from his life experiences that destiny can be changed by our thoughts and actions. When he was young, he encountered a capable fortune teller who predicted in detail how his life would turn out. Later, he found that no matter how much he wanted to change the fate that had been predicted earlier, he could not change it, including the results of his entrance examination. Hence, he decided not to think too much because everything had been pre-determined by fate. Later, he met a Zen master who taught him how to change his life. It was then he realized that fate can indeed be changed, but one must know the correct method. Originally, it was foretold that he would be childless and only live up to 53 years of age. Later, he not only had a son, but lived up to 74 years of age. He wrote down his experiences in a book for his son, which later became widely circulated and was known as “The Four Teachings of Liao Fan”. This book discusses four aspects: how to shape one’s life, how to change one’s life, how to accumulate merits, and the benefits of humility and virtue. This is a good book that is worth reading again and again. The reason why he had a son and had a long life was because he loved and protected the lives of animals and humans, and actively engaged in work that benefited other people. Joy comes from harmony and peace. When we are filled with love, do not harm other beings, and strive to benefit others, joy is the natural reward.

Le Gong (the practice of happiness) is a form of primordial chi gong that had been very popular in China. This is a therapeutic form of exercise that can be used for health and sickness. Many people have used this method and regained their health. This exercise is very easy to practice. All it takes is to be happy all the time. The quiet or passive form of exercise is to be happy when one quiets down. In contrast, the action mode is to maintain a happy mind when one is busy. Beginners start by thinking of an incident or person that brings them happiness, and then immerse in that feeling. If they cannot think of any happy event because of prolonged periods of suffering, they can start by pretending, that is, relax the entire body, and curve the corner of the tips upwards into a smile. This is using pretense to develop true happiness. Medical research has shown that actors’ bodily hormones and internal secretions changed when their facial expressions changed. This demonstrates that “pretending” to be happy can have benefits.

If joy cannot arise during practice, reflect on what obstacles prevent your ability to develope happiness within yourself. Does it have anything to do with not being able to release past memories? Is it about someone we can’t forgive? Do you have a sense of remorse? Does it have to do with wounds that need to be cleansed and healed? Many times, knots in our hearts can be disentangled by taking a different perspective. Learn to say “thank you”.

An American, Raymon Grace, took lessons from American Indian masters. He liked to help people, and applied what he had learned to relieve the sufferings he experienced in terms of health, life, and financial situation. He also taught others how to use principles of the universe to change their lives and fate. He found that every event and every phenomenon have their own frequencies. Changing these frequencies will lead to changes in these events and phenomena. For example, polluted water has its own frequency. When we are in a relaxed state, we can use our mental power to disrupt the frequency of polluted water, and then mentally transmit the frequency of clean water to this water. Drops of water that has been purified by Raymon Grace can be added and used to purify other polluted water from wells, rivers, sea, and swimming pools. This is because he had programmed all water to be purified if they come into contact with charged. There was a well that had been polluted by arsenic. After his treatment, laboratory examination indicated that the arsenic level continually decreased, even so after six months. Water purified by Raymon Grace also has therapeutic properties. His friends invited neighbours to swim in a swimming pool Raymon had treated, and they found that their bodily aches disappeared after swimming. In the book “Messages from water”, the author uses microscope to show that the crystal formation of water can be changed by human thoughts. A lake that was originally polluted was purified through the prayers of 300 people. This shows that Raymon Grace’s ability is possessed by everyone. His book “The Future is Yours” and “Techniques that Work for Me” are in the process of being translated, and will be available in Chinese at the end of the year. Raymon Grace is particularly concerned about water cleanliness because the supply of clean water on earth is diminishing while our demand for clean water is increasing. Thus, learning how to purify water is the way to solve this problem. He found that other than environmental pollution, water supplies can be polluted by man’s greed.

If water can be transformed using our thoughts, it is not difficulty to imagine that the entire material world can be influenced by us. This is because water covers a major part of the earth. Water comprises 70% of the earth’s surface as well as 70% of the human body. On December 26, 2004, the biggest damage caused by the earthquake on the seabed off Indonesia was the tsunami, which led to wide scale devastation. If a single person like Raymon Grace can purify water, and 300 people can purify a lake, then perhaps if millions and billions of people on earth unite in their efforts, they can moderate the earth’s erratic weather conditions, strengthen the earth’s fragile surface, and tame the furious oceans?

Many years ago when I was living in Houston, my teacher (who is now approaching 90 years of age) taught us how to tame an impending hurricane. She placed a bowl of water in the classroom to represent the ocean, and asked us to visualize sky blue light and send loving kindness to the hurricane. She said that hurricanes are attracted by human anger, but that loving kindness is an antidote that can transform anger. Maybe it was a coincidence, but the hurricane did not land on that occasion. I have also heard that on many occasions, Taiwan avoided the assault of impending hurricanes through the prayers of members of some organizations.

Since ancient times, Chinese people knows that heaven and earth that exist outside us are one and inseparable from our own internal heaven, earth, and mental thoughts. Our thoughts and emotions have enormous power, and can influence the occurrence of natural phenomena such as rain and wind, the growth of plants, and the purification of water supplies. Bob Cannard, a farmer, frequently emphasizes that the most important job of a good farmer is to send friendly messages and love to his plants and farm. During convalescence, it is useful to send love and friendly messages to our cells. In the Chinese language, there is a phrase that juxtaposes natural disasters with human misfortunes. The reason is that natural disasters occur after humans have erred and caused misfortunes on themselves. The human mind influences heaven and earth. The tsunami tragedy has shown us the devastating power and effects when nature strikes back. Human life is fragile and we can die anytime. Some people live a life where they scheme and engage in pettiness to get the upper hand. But then, what matters at death? It is a gift to be alive, and we have to learn to say “thank you”. This is because when we are happy and appreciative, we can plant immeasurable seeds of joy, improve ourselves and people around us, and create happiness for ourselves and all beings around us.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2005 Feb Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore

Always Be Ready To Meet The Challenges of Disasters

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

In recent days, I have been reading press reports on the tsunami disaster. What left a deep impression on me were the challenges faced by medical staff. Many survivors had not eaten clean food or water for over a week. Compounding this was the fact that their wounds had not been immediately disinfected and clean, and their lives were in peril. To save their lives, doctors resorted to amputating these patients’ arms or legs. However, because facilities and resources were limited, patients often died from loss of blood.

All these remind me that in our daily lives, we should have knowledge of first aid procedures, particularly with respect to materials around us that can be readily used in a disaster. Some of these materials are discussed below:

Medicine In The Kitchen

Salt: Salt has disinfectant properties. When injured, pour boiled salt water to clean the wound. If the arms and legs show signs of infection, immerse them in salt water for 15 to 30 minutes.

Soda powder: Most bacteria and viruses cannot survive in an alkaline environment. For external wounds, wash them with diluted soda powder, or directly apply dry soda powder on the wound. For insect or mosquito bites, immediately apply soda powder to stop itching. Soda powder can be mixed with salt, and used together in combination. Mix equal portions of soda powder and fine salt, and use to brush our teeth. This is beneficial to our teeth because bacteria that cause tooth decay cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

Green grass juice: wheatgrass seedlings, barley seedlings, rice shoots, and other green grasses can cleanse both wounds and blood. Grind the grass to a pulp, and apply on the wounds.

Lemon: Lemon has disinfecting and healing properties. Apply lemon juice directly on the wound. Although this will cause prickly and painful sensations, it will facilitate recovery of the wound. Essence distilled from lemon skins is very good for disinfecting the air. Put a few drops in water, and spray to achieve desired effects.

Green papaya: Green papaya helps wounds to heal faster. A hospital in the U.K. discovered that wounds that did not heal after surgery did so after application of green papaya juice.

Many spices used for cooking have anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties. These spices include: clove, cinnamon, thyme, lemon grass, mint, and purple perilla. Boil the spices with water, and apply to clean the wounds. Alternatively, use their oil essence. Clove has the property of eliminating parasites. Its oil can be used as a painkiller, and is especially good for toothaches.

Effective Microorganisms (EM): Every home should have EM. It can be used in the kitchen and farm, and is also a very effective cleaning agent, air purifier, and emergency rescue aid.

EM is helpful for treating scalds, bee stings, infections, and bruises. Some readers indicate that after a fall, immediate application of EM directly on the wound leads to faster recovery. This is so even if the skin is not broken. Once, I applied a mixture of EM and salt on the wound of a person stung by bees—the numb and painful feeling immediately disappeared after its application. Another friend was bitten on the hand by a cat. The wound became infected, and her entire hand became swollen. Later, she soaked her hand in somewhat diluted EM. As a result, the hot sensation on her hand disappeared, and her wound quickly recovered. I was once scalded, and experienced a painful sensation after I used cold water to wash the scalded area. I then applied EM immediately, and the pain immediately disappeared.

EM is composed of 80 types of friendly microorganisms. They create a high energy environment, and therefore have the ability to ward off bacteria and viruses, as well as treat biological pollution. In times of disasters, EM is very helpful in purifying water and food supplies.

In the aftermath of the Taiwanese earthquake, an EM manufacturer sent workers to the disaster area to spray EM and to get rid of the stench of excreta and waste. Similarly, EM can be used to remove the stench of corpses and pollutants at the tsunami disaster areas.

Use Of Essential Oil Essence In Emergency Procedures:

Many types of essential oil can be used to kill bacteria, remove fungus and mold, relieve pain, calm nerves, and raise immune systems. Essential oils are derived from the plants’ lymphatic systems. Hence, they can influence the circulation of our lymphatic system. The scent of oil essences enters through our noses into our brains, and can affect our moods. Below are some common essential oils used to raise our immune system and kill bacteria: lemon grass, eucalyptus, tea tree, clove, thyme, and lavender.

Lavender has the widest range of functions. Beginners who want to choose only one essence can use lavender. Research shows that good-quality lavender is especially beneficial to breast cancer patients.

Medical research reports the case of a patient who broke his shin. After a year of treatment, his shin became infected and could not be treated by any type of antibiotics. Later, doctors applied the following mixture of oil essences to his wound: lemon grass, eucalyptus, tea tree, clove, and thyme. They applied one millilitre of this mixture with alcohol (actual dilution ratio not reported) to the wound everyday. After 3 months, the infection went away and the wound healed. Doctors had originally contemplated amputating his leg! In London, medical experts discovered that common oil essences have anti-bacterial properties. The mixture used comprised: Italian fir tree, menthol, lemon, eucalyptus, pine tree, ravensara, palmarosa, and gully gum. A nurse used a 5% concentration of sweet marjoram oil essence (a spice), and successfully healed bedsores that could not be healed by western medicine. Readers who want to know more about the use of oil essences in medical treatments can refer to: Buckel, Jane, “Clinical Aromatherapy”, Churchill Livingstone, 2003.

The third kind of emergency aid is a qi adjustment approach that is known by few people, although those who have personally used it will testify to its incredible effectiveness. Use either an energy pendulum, or a metal chain or string with a relatively heavier object tied to its end. Parts of the body that are injured or not well have negative energy. Use the energy pendulum to discharge this negative energy or to replenish the positive energy. Place a hand on the area that is unwell, and use the other hand to hold the energy pendulum or metal chain in a relaxed manner. Let the chain rotate by itself. It will turn in an anti-clockwise direction when releasing negative energy, and in a clockwise direction when replenishing positive energy. The process is complete when the chain stops moving. Areas that are severely injured need to go through this process a few times. In most cases, the wound or bruise will heal very quickly after this qi adjustment. Even areas that are subjected to chronic pains will also heal. A patient who suffered from gastric pain fro two years had the pain completely relieved after this qi adjustment process.

The Power Of The Mind

Readers will recall Dr. Mitchell May who broke his bones in forty areas in a traffic accident thirty years ago. His savior was Jack Gray, who brought him to a healing space that transcended time and space. Jack used a flashing blue light to bring Mitchell to an Alpha wave state, and asked him to chant some verses together. At that time, Dr. May felt that this was strange, and did not chant along. A few days later, his pain miraculously disappeared. I asked Dr. May for the sound that Jack was chanting. He replied: Om Mani Padme Hum. This is the Six Syllable Mantra of Great Compassion that Asians are familiar with, and represents the power of loving kindness and compassion! This shows how the power of love can create miracles.

Mr. Masaru Emoto, who investigated messages contained in water, especially emphasized the power of love and gratitude. In the aftermath of the Asian disaster, his group established a plan centred on love and expressing gratitude to water. They sent letters emphasizing that at this moment, everyone needs to send out thoughts of love to eradicate fear, sorrow, anger, loneliness, helplessness, mistrust, and anxiety. Negative energy vibration facilitate infection. This group hopes that everyone will send out blessings every moment. In particular, everyone should send love and gratitude to those in the disaster areas. Readers who would like more information can check this website: http://thank-water.net/.

In summary, develop and train in the ability to meet the unexpected. Learn natural emergency rescue techniques. In particular, using materials that are easily obtainable. Live a life that is filled with gratitude and joy.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2005 Feb Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore

Releasing emotions, Releasing energy: Living at ease and with joy

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Many years ago, a wise teacher said: “Cancer is the tear that one couldn’t cry out.” A simple sentence, but one that articulates the essence of many years of medical research. Repressed emotions can cause cancer, while explosive emotional outbreaks can cause heart diseases. Appropriate release and expression of emotions is the key to good health. Emotions naturally arise, and if they are not appropriately expressed, they can interfere with our health and be hindrances to opening our hearts. They may even destroy harmonious relationships among people. Suppressed emotional pains can lead people to numb their feelings by watching television programmes, working hard, and even be addicted to food and sensual pleasures. Long-term emotional suppression can cause one to feel numb.

Our ways of expressing our emotions are conditioned by how we were brought up. When we felt hurt, wronged, sad, or frustrated, did our parents allow us to release our emotions? Or did they stop our crying and tantrums by distracting our attention, threatening us, beating us, scolding us, shaming us, or bluffing us? In doing so, our emotional hurt is buried deep within us.

These unreleased emotional pain that are stored inside our body can create problems. In general, boys are not supposed to cry, and girls are not supposed to express anger. As a result, many men have sorrows kept deep within them, and many women have repressed anger. The ways we are taught to suppress our emotions during our youths are passed on to the next generation. However, these unreleased emotions can be easily provoked and activated – it takes a simple sentence or event to cause one to plunge into sadness or fly into a rage. Once activated, these accumulated emotions can overflow like flood water, hurting ourselves and others.

When children express their emotions, what are our reactions? How do we release our emotions, and how do we teach children to do so?

Pam Leo is an expert in child psychology, and is also a childcare centre teacher. When children cry, she reminds herself that “crying is the healing and not the hurt”. Her experience is that children can release their emotions only under attention. This is particularly so for children who are crying or fussing. The following are two examples.

A little girl was crying in the car just before it reached the childcare centre. This was because when she left her home, she had left behind at the doorway some dolls and doll clothes that she had intended to bring to the childcare centre. By the time she realized this, the car was approaching the childcare centre. Pam held the crying girl and asked her what she had forgotten. The girl replied: “Dolls.” “What else?” “The doll’s blue skirt.” “What else?” “The red dress.” “What else?” The little girl cried as she spoke, and ten minutes later, after she had exhausted her tears under the watchful care and attention of Pam, she said, “I am going to play now”. Another girl had been told the day before that her parents were going to divorce. At that time, she had no emotional response. Her parents were worried that she might react at the childcare centre, and warned Pam to be on the lookout. When the children started playing with clay, this girl grabbed all of them and refused to let any other children play with it. Pam said: “This is for everyone to use”. After she said that, the girl started to cry loudly. Pam hugged her and asked her if she was sad about anything. As the girl cried, she said that her parents were going to divorce. She didn’t want daddy to move out, and wanted him to stay at home.

When a child is naughty, this is generally because of hurt and pain. If he beats other children, this may be because he has been beaten, or that he is hurting inside. Helping children to release their emotions is the right way to handle the situation.

Not only do children need care and attention to release their emotions, but so do adults. Pouring out one’s heart to another person is a most effective method, and the listener must try to listen and not express opinions.

It has been said that the pain from the loss of a loved one requires about 200 hours of care and attention from a companion before the tears can dry up. Everyone has accumulated pain and hurt, and once someone begins to talk heart to heart with us, we are eager to share our experiences and feelings. People who can sit quietly and listen to others have the most friends. Emotional responses are best felt when the mind is quiet. They are not felt when one is busy. This may be why many people are afraid to quiet down, and are always on the lookout for activities. A busy mind is unable to feel the emotions from within. If these emotions are not released, our energy will be stuck. Once we are able to release these emotions, our bodies and hearts will feel light and relaxed, and every aspect of our lives will improve.

Our eyes are closely related to our emotions. When we relax our eyes, we also relax our emotions. People with poor eyesight especially need to release their suppressed feelings. The following are some methods to relax our eyes and release our emotions.

Find a place and time where you will not be disturbed. Sit at the table, and rub your palms till they are warm. Place your elbows on the table. Cover your eyes with your palms, letting the finger tips cover the forehead. Relax the whole body, and visualize black colour. When the body is completely relaxed, it may shake, generate heat, or feel tingling. These are responses from emotional release. To release the experiences for the day, recall in reverse order the scenes of the day. In particular, for those that are involve intense emotions, let the body respond and move naturally. If you have time, recall events from the past week, month, year, or life, including the nine months in the womb. The memories stored by the body need to be slowly released. Keeping a diary, drawing, and exercise will also help in emotional release. The Peace Pilgrim mentions a person who would mow the lawn or clean the house whenever he is angry.

Eyeball rotation or light tapping of the body can also help. For further details, refer to my books “Returning to the bliss of the body and mind” and “Dr. Chiu-Nan Lai’s Health Tips”.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2004 Nov Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore

Mail Box For Questions On Raw Diet

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

At What Age Can A Child Be Put On A Raw Diet (Not Including Fruits)?
What Should Be The Amount Of Intake? Is More The Better?

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, an authoritative specialist on raw diet, suggested that when a child starts to eat solid food, try only one type of food on each meal, then observe the response, see if there is any allergic reactions such as itchiness, irritability, rings under the eyes and so on. Try another new kind of food after an interval of two to four days. It is best to breast feed a baby younger than seven months old, a baby seven months or older can start trying the following food, choose local and seasonal food such as: papaya, sapote (a type of fruit in South America), mango, coconut juice, peeled apple, peeled pear, cucumber, soft avocado, tender coconut meat.

Mash the food and add a little water until it becomes more liquid. It is best to serve the food close to body temperature, avoid serving the food cold. For an eight-month old baby, include almond milk, sunflower seed milk (seeds soaked and sprouted), broccoli and okra. Cut broccoli into tiny pieces and add a little olive oil.

For a nine month old, add spaghetti melon, asparagus, spinach, kale, sprouted buckwheat (blended); cucumber juice or vegetable juice may also be consumed.

The diet for a ten-month old may include various kinds of sprouts and other dark green vegetables.

For one year old, the child may try to take oranges, lemon, grapefruits and other types of food, each slowly added to the diet for trying out. Kids have basic instincts, they would spit out food that do not suit them; do not force children to take the type of food that they spit out.

Would Children On Raw Diet Be Intaking Bacteria?

Generally, cooked food placed in room temperature for some time will start to decay. However, unheated fresh fruits, sprouts or melons still remain fresh for many days. This shows that fruits and vegetables with life force do not get invaded by decaying bacteria; on the contrary fresh fruits and vegetables are the source of friendly bacteria, for example, for the bacteria that generate B12 bacteria, it is most important that the fruits and vegetables come from rich and unpolluted soil, and cultivated through unpolluted organic farming.

There Is A Saying That “Raw Diet Is Not Suitable For Orientals” Or That “It Is Not Suitable For Orientals To Take Large Quantity Of Raw Food.” Are These Sayings Correct?

Originally, natural foods for human beings were fruits and seeds. Leafy greens were basically medicine. Later on, due to the fact that human beings lost their original state of health and damaged the natural ecology, the green “medicine” has become the food of necessity, what is worse is that human beings have lost their capability to digest natural food and have to rely on cooked, baked or fermented food. However, this process is bad for the body so much so that it is rare to have people living up to 90 years old. Human beings should be able to live up to 150 years old.

People from Northern China eat raw garlic and raw onions and consume certain raw vegetables in large amount, they have stronger body constitution than people from Southern China. Southern Chinese like fine food and place emphasis on flavour, yet their health is not as good. Children in villages eat wild fruits picked from the mountains; they also eat fresh vegetables and fruits picked from vegetable farms. Therefore, the saying that “raw diet is not suitable for Orientals” is not totally accurate, it depends on the living environment and whether there is a source of fresh food. Ninety percent of the residents in Hunza of Himalaya eat raw fruits and vegetables, many of them are over 120 years old.

Eating cooked food over a long period of time will deplete the enzyme in the body; the enzyme in a body that is over 50 years old is one third of that in a young body, for an 85 year old body, only 1/30 of the enzyme is left. Aging and falling sick has to do with the enzyme level. Only by eating raw food that has enzyme will help the body sustain its enzyme, this is anti-aging and anti-disease. “Raw food” does not necessarily mean “cold food”, it is fine to warm up the food briefly or keep it warm in an electrical pot, this way the enzyme is protected and not spoiled.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2004 Aug Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore

Creating a pollution-free 21st century: Rescuing an ecologically-stressed home

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

The appearance of humans is merely a short moment in the earth’s 6.4 billion years of existence. Yet, the human population has rapidly increased shortly after humans learned to harness the power of stored solar energy: coal and fossil fuel. 10,000 years ago, the human population was 5 million; 2,000 years ago, it increased to 250 million; 1000 years ago, this has soared to 500 million. In the year 1800, humans discovered fossil fuel. Following this, the human population reached 1 billion.

In the latter half of the 20th century, the human population increased from 2.5 billion to 6 billion. During this period, food and water consumption increased threefold, while economic growth was an astonishing 7 fold. People earned more money, and the quality of their lives improved. However, there has been an unprecedented cost to the earth’s ecological well-being-much of the earth’s resources are now depleted due to our greedy consumption of its resources. During these fifty years, between 20,000 to hundreds of thousands of animals and plants have become extinct. Every 24 hours, over 20,000 acres of rain forest are continuously destroyed, and this leads to creation of deserts downwind. Every 24 hours, we release 13 million tons of toxic chemicals into the environment. During these 24 hours, 45,000 die of starvation, among which 30,000 are children. In Southern part of Africa, which suffers from some of the worst ecological damage, the spread of AIDS has reduced the average human lifespan from 62 years to 30 to 40 years. In other parts of the world, heart diseases, cancer, and other kinds of contagious diseases are rapidly rising.

Economic development has led to an increase of 25% in the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide level. `Global warming has moved from being a prediction to being a reality. The 16 hottest years in history occurred after 1980, coinciding with the increase in the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. The global temperature has risen by one degree during the last 100 years, and is expected to increase by 2 to 10 degrees in the next 100 years. Rising temperatures lead to drought, floods, and tempests, which in turn cause more deaths as well as financial and agricultural losses. Do we really have to wait till “Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realize that we cannot eat money?” This warning was issued by native American Indians in the 19th century.

For three consecutive years worldwide grain production has been lower than consumption, and this gap is getting bigger. Last year, it was 100 million tons, and every country’s stock of grains hit new lows. In China, its grain stock decreased from 300 million tons to 100 million tons in a few years, primarily because last year’s production fell by 70 million tons. Over the next two years, China will have to import grains from other countries. The problem though is that the entire world’s peak harvest is just over 200 million tons, and this is required to satisfy the needs of over 100 countries. Major grain producing countries such as Canada and the U.S.A. cannot raise their production levels due to weather, water, and soil erosion constraints. In fact, their production levels have been declining. During the drought of 2002, Canada stopped exporting wheat. Food crisis is a consequence of ecological damage. Unless we immediately take steps to rectify this, the consequences are unimaginable, and have been described as “hell” by David Orr, an ecology expert.

Even if we immediately stopped releasing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, it will take 100 years before the earth’s temperature will stabilize. This is because global warming is a delayed response. Our descendents will have to face the consequences of our choices and actions.

The photosynthesis process in plants stops when the temperature reaches 37oC and enters into a state of shock. The rice pollination process completely stops at 104 oF (40 oC), leading to zero harvest. Above 93 oF, every degree increase in temperature leads to a drop of 10% in yield. This implies that in the next 15 years, the yield will drop between 5% to 11%. At present, the three largest grain producers (China, India, and U.S.A.) are limited in their grain production by water and land constraints, so it is difficult for them to increase production. The midwest region in the U.S.A. produces 50% of the country’s wheat. However, the underground water supply needed to irrigate the land is quickly drying up-the water level has dropped by 30 meters, and over 10 million farms’ wells have dried up in the southern prairies. Soil fertility has also decreased by 50%, and the population there has fallen to a level equivalent to that of 150 years ago.

In the northwestern part of China, the ecology has collapsed, and large desert areas continue to expand and absorb the smaller deserts. Many of the 400 million cows, mountain goats, and sheep reared in China are found in the northwestern region, and these animals fight for the last blade of grass and the last drop of water. The remaining farming land is used to grow corn and sorghum.

In Hebei province, underground water levels have dropped by an average of 2.9 meters in the year 2000. In the vicinity of some cities, the drop is close to 6 meters. In Beijing, wells have to be dug up to 300 meters below ground before water can be found. This is exhausting the water supply for our descendents. India is facing similar problems. Major grain producing provinces such as Punjab and Haryana have seen water levels fall by about 1 meter. In Gujarati, water levels have fallen from 15 meters to 400 meters over a 30 year period, and its production level is anticipated to fall by 25%. The ecological damage around the world requires everyone to unite and undertake initiatives to repair the ecology. Stabilizing global temperatures is a major issue because grain shortage is a direct consequence of ecological damage. We can start with our eating habits. Plants are most efficient in absorbing the sun’s energy. Animals that eat plants can only use 10% of the sun’s energy. If humans eat animals, this utilization of the sun’s energy drops to 1%. If everyone starts to eat plants from today, there will be sufficient and, in fact, more than enough food. Before 1994, China was a grain exporting country, but it is now a grain importer because of the increase in animal consumption. Indians consume an average of 200 kilograms of grains annually. In contrast, this figure is 800 kilograms for Americans (70% is used to feed animals). Not only does this damage the environment, but it also leads to health problems. The U.S.A. ranks 25th in the world in terms of the heath of their citizens-half of all males are likely to die of cancer, and the other half of heart diseases. Medical research consistently shows that when rats’ food intake goes down by one-third or half, their lifespan increases and the incidence of cancer (whether caused by virus or carcinogenic products) significantly decreases. Heart specialist, Dean Ornish, discovered that in 90% of the cases, patients with serious heart diseases who changed to a 100% vegetarian diet showed an improvement one year later. Some people go a step further and completely switch to a raw/uncooked vegetarian diet. Effects are even better, with improvements seen in ailments such as hyperthyroidism, asthma, diabetes, learning difficulties, irregular heartbeats, and even cancer.

Experts believe that to stabilize temperatures and repair the ecology, market prices of commodities and products must reflect their true ecological cost. Food produced from chemical fertilizers and herbicides should reflect the costs of: soil into erosion, land turning into deserts, and medical expenses. The price of petrol should reflect the costs of air pollution, medical treatment for lung problems, acid rain damage to forests and lakes, harm caused to agricultural production, and damage from rising temperatures. Nuclear energy should also reflect the cost of handling nuclear wastes. However, some costs cannot be estimated. For example, if temperatures continue to rise, for every 1 meter that the sea rises, one-third of Shanghai will fall below sea level, and half of Bangladesh’s farms will sink into the sea, leading to 40 million victims. The price of wood should also reflect its real costs. In 1998, the floods of the Changjiang river led to US$30 billion of losses, grossly exceeding the income from selling wood. The government banned the cutting of trees because a living tree is worth three times that of lumber. The forest is a priceless commodity in terms of how it stabilizes the temperature. The amount of water that a tree absorbs and evaporates is equivalent to a lake with an area of 40 acres, and it also absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Although Venus is only 27% closer to the sun than the earth is, its temperature is 700oC because carbon dioxide is a major component of its atmosphere. The rain forests in South America can help evaporate three-quarters of rain water to the inner land, losing one-quarter of the water. If the trees in these forests were cut to become pastures or farmlands, three-quarter of the rain water will be lost, and only one-quarter will be evaporated to the inner land.

In terms of its tax policies and use of tax money, governments need to pay primary attention to ecology. Currently, the entire world is subsidizing petroleum-related enterprises such as petroleum and automobiles to the tune of US$700 billion. This money can be used to develop energy resources that do not create greenhouse effects, as well as wind-generated electricity, solar energy, and pollution-free natural farming. The wind energy generated electricity in three of America’s states is sufficient to supply the entire country’s electric needs. Its cost is also lower than nuclear energy. Economists also suggest reducing personal income taxes, but raising taxes on industrial and agricultural industries that damage the ecology. In educating the next generation, we need to teach them to repair the environment, and how to actualize ecologically-friendly pollution-free farming, ecologically -friendly industries, ecologically -friendly economies, and ecologically-friendly food habits. They also need to have a renewed recognition of the human’s place in the whole natural eco-system. Whether our current generation can save this ecological home that is facing destruction also determines whether there will be a next generation.

Seven generations or about 150 years ago, Europeans migrated to the prairies of America’s midwestern region. To meet the grain demands during World War I, they converted all the prairies to farmland so as to grow wheat. This led to massive soil erosion. In 1930, the sand storms blew all the way to Washington D.C., and alerted politicians of the need to promote preservation of the water and land. Still, destruction of the prairies’ wild grass with their deep roots led to a continued drop in the water level. Chemical-based agricultural practices led to a one-third loss in surface soil levels, and a 50% drop in the fertility of the soil. The wells dried up. Soon, the prairies returned to its desolate and wild state that it had been 150 years ago. The bisons returned, and the native American Indians also slowly made a come back. However, the descendents of the Europeans continued to decline to a very small number. Because of what their forefathers did to the prairies 150 years ago, their next generation did not have a land where they can live.

We also need to educate our next generation on ways to solve problems. They need to expand their consciousness, and learn how to enter into Alpha brain waves, which is associated with self-healing. Theta and Delta waves are brainwaves associated with problem-solving and intuition. They should avoid electromagnetic waves, microwaves, and wireless waves that interfere with the human’s brainwaves, particularly for children and fetus in the womb. Man-made electromagnetic waves in the environment are 100 to 2 million times that present a hundred years ago, causing tremendous harm to the entire earth’s ecology and to man’s health. These electromagnetic waves interfere with our brainwaves. In a natural environment, children from birth till 7 years of age have primarily Theta brainwaves; between 7 to 13 years of age, the primary brainwaves are Alpha waves; from 13 years of age till old age, their brainwaves are largely Beta waves. Because electromagnetic waves are at least 55 to 60 Hertz, they naturally raise the frequency of our brainwaves; the frequency of Alpha waves is only around 8 Hertz. Children have strong self-healing abilities because their brainwaves are primarily Alpha waves. However, they are harmed if they are exposed too early to televisions and computers at home and in schools. Little wonder that anthroposophical education strongly discourages children under the age of 14 from getting close to televisions and computers.

We claim to be supreme among all beings. Let us then actualize our highest potentials, and make wise choices that innumerable lives on earth and immeasurable future-generation descendents are counting on. We must not let them down.

Brown, Lester R. Plan B – Rescuing A Planet Under Stress And A Civilization In Trouble. W. W. Norton & Co., 2003.
Hartmann, Thom. The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight. Three River Prses, 1998.
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Solar Energy Meals that Conserve Resources and Nourish the Body

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

The sun is the most important energy on earth while water, air and soil are the sources of life in nature. Before man learned to cook with fire, we relied completely on energy from the sun. Plants store the solar energy and by eating the plants we also indirectly absorb the solar energy. Tropical forests close to the equator receive solar energy all year round. Thus the tropical area has the most bountiful solar energy meals, with many exotic fruits. Even tigers like to eat durians. People in the modern society live far away from the forests, the farm and the soil, how then can they enjoy a solar-energy meal?

Dr. Ann Wigmore had practiced living on solar-energy meals for many years in temperate climate of Boston. She sprouted various types of grains, legumes and seeds. Some of which are sprouted using soil whereas others simply with water. The sprouts are combined with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Despite the cold winter, fresh solar-energy meals are always available for consumption. Her specialty was high-energy soup which contained fruits, sprouts, avocado and seaweed. Her other specialities included wheatgrass, rejuvalec, seed cheese and sprouted wheat crackers, that are oven-dried at low temperature. She influenced the whole “food” culture.

Roxanne, a restaurant located in a small town north of Golden Gate of San Francisco, serves solar-energy meals and has been a highly popular dining place for food lovers since its opening in December, 2001. Before the restaurant’s expansion, the customers had to wait for months to get a reservation. The kitchen of this restaurant does not have any stove but only low temperature oven, juicer, etc. Most of the food supplied here are from Roxanne Klein’s three-acre organic farm. Roxanne, who has a formal chef training, has been a vegetarian since young and began to try a 100% raw diet after an introduction from her movie-star friend, Woody Harrelson. After being on a one-month raw diet with her husband Michael Klein, they both felt very good and started to follow a solar-energy diet. Roxanne Restaurant is her masterpiece. Her achievements have been well acknowledged by the gourmet food industry and she is listed in the current top ten chef in the U.S.. Roxanne has co-authored with Charlie Trotter, a famous chef in Chicago, a raw recipe book called “Raw”. Her innovation brings pleasant surprise – the popular Thai Noodles is made of soft coconut meat; sushi rice is made of parsnip and pine nuts; ice cream is made of nut milk. All dishes, ranging from soup to delicious cake, use ingredients such as fruits, nuts, dried fruits, vegetables and sprouts.

In October of 2003, Roxanne started a take-away shop so that those who do not get a space to dine-in can enjoy take-away food. According to Donna, the chef, one customer who was suffering from pre-existing cervical cancer started buying from them ever since the shop opened. Now she has completely recovered from the illness.

Actually, these famous cooks’ creativities are inspired by Dr. Ann Wigmore’s work. I would like to share with you the recipes I learned from Dr. Wigmore, integrated with my recent experiments.

Three Food Groups Of Solar-Energy Meals

  • Fat – coconut, avocado, flax seeds, olive, olive oil, sesame, sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, etc.
  • Minerals: different kind of vegetables, roots, especially dark-green leafy vegetable.
  • Sugar – fruits, sugar cane, sprouted grains etc.

If the above three groups are taken in correct proportion, there is a feeling of contentment. Generally, it is ideal if the weight of dried contents (after dehydrated) of the three groups are equal. For instance, nuts have low water content, thus the quantity needed is smaller.

If all seeds are pre-soaked and sprouted, the nutrient level will be higher and it is also easier to digest. For example, if nuts are pre-soaked and sprouted, then made into milk or butter, it becomes easier to digest. It is better to discard the soaked water for it contains chemicals that inhibit sprouting or tannic acid.

Ingredients that can be sprouted include whole oats (not oatmeal), buckwheat (raw, without shell), spelt (the original strain of wheat), quinoa, brown rice, millet, amaranth, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, flax seeds and all types of legumes. Although walnuts do not sprout, it also needs to be soaked for 8 hours to get rid of the tannic acid.

Rinse seeds, soak for 8 hours, then discard the water, leave at room temperature for 8 hours up to 3 days to sprout, rinse once every day.

Sesame seeds and flax seeds only require a 2 to 6-hour soaking, buckwheat 15 minutes. The following is the method to make seed sauce, first introduced by Dr. Wigmore:

Sesame Seeds and Sunflower Seeds Sauce
Sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, one cup each. Sprout for one day after soaking. Add in one cup of water and blend in a blender, keep in a muslin bag, leave at room temperature for one day. This becomes seed sauce which can be used alone or mixed with almonds and cashew nuts. If you have a Champion Juicer, use the “homogenization blank” and it is not necessary to add water as the sauce will be pressed out directly. A maximum of ¼ cup of rejuvelac may be added, also leave at room temperature for one day.

This is the basic ingredients for salad dressings, sweet mushu sauce, sweet and sour sauce and miso sauce. If finely chopped celery, parsley and carrots are added, it is also an ingredient for sushi and lettuce-leaf wrap.

Flax seeds may be used in many ways, such as in making cookies, porridge (combined with sesame seeds and walnuts). Flax seeds contain fatty acid, Omega-3, which is good for the brain, the heart and blood vessels. Soluble fibre stabilizes blood sugar, other fibres have the effect of preventing constipation. Lignans fibre has the function of controlling cell division. A research from Finland discovered that women suffering from breast cancer after menopause excrete very low level of lignans. Flax seeds contain high amount of lignans that can be as high as 800 times those from other sources.

Suggestions for breakfast

High Energy Porridge (or paste) for 1 person

  • 3 tablespoons of sprouted wheat, oat, buckwheat or quinoa
  • 1 tablespoon of flaxseed (pre-soaked)
  • 1 tablespoon of sprouted sunflower seeds or almonds
  • 1 tablespoon of sweet dates or other dried fruits (pre-soaked)
  • 1 cup of hot water (could be more or less)
  • Add hot water to sprouted grains and flaxseed. Use a blender or food processor to blend. Add other ingredients and beat into porridge or in the form of a paste.
  • Fresh fruits (sweet), for instance, pear, banana, and papaya can be added. Choose locally grown fruits. In places where coconut grows abundantly, young coconut meat may be added.

Flaxseed Paste

  • ¼ cup of flaxseed soaked in ½ cup of water (2-6 hours)
  • Add juice and make into paste
  • Walnut, sprouted oat, blueberries
  • 3 tablespoons of sprouted oat
  • 1 tablespoon of pre-soaked walnut
  • 3 tablespoons of blueberries
  • Mix together for a sumptuous breakfast.
  • Sprouted oat may be substituted with sprouted wheat or sprouted buckwheat. Grapes may be used instead of blueberries or other sweet dried fruits like fig, dates, plum and raisins which must be soaked before use.

Low-temperature Baked Cookies

  • 1 cup of flaxseed soaked in 2 cups of water for more than 6 hours
  • ¼ cup of sunflower seeds soaked in water and sprout for 1 day
  • ¼ cup of sesame soaked in water and sprout for 1 day
  • 2 tablespoons of orange rind – finely chopped
  • 2 tablespoons of barley malt or brown rice malt
  • Mix the above ingredients, place in low-temperature oven (not exceeding 108º) or use a sun oven, remove the lid of oven. When the top of cookies is dry, turn over and bake the other side. It takes approximately 12 hours.

Banana Cookies

  • 2-3 bananas
  • 1 cup of sprouted buckwheat
  • ½ cup of flaxseed ground into powder
  • Mash banana and sprouted buckwheat. Add flaxseed powder.
  • Each cookie is 1 tablespoonful. Place cookies in low-temperature oven. Bake for about 12 hours for the correct hardness. Other fruits which contain less moisture, apple for instance, may be used. Pulp from almond milk, sesame milk may also be added into cookie and baked at low-temperature.
  • Other than the fat group, there are plenty of ways to eat vegetables and fruits. Spaghetti squash and young coconut flesh may be used to make noodles and served with sesame-sunflower paste.
  • Dark green leafy vegetables may be cut into very fine strips and eaten raw or mixed with olive oil or flaxseed oil, making it easier to digest.

Natural Sauerkraut

  • 1 organic cabbage, cut finely
  • 1 bunch of dark green vegetables, for example, kailan, dandelion, kale, chard, etc, cut finely
  • 2 teaspoons of natural seasalt
  • 1 teaspoon of coriander seed, 1 teaspoon of fennel
  • Mix all ingredients. Press firmly into glass container using a wooden pestle. Allow juice from vegetable to cover the vegetable. If there is insufficient water, add a little Nariwa water. Cover the glass container, leaving a little space. Leave glass container at room temperature for 3 days until there is a slightly sour taste, then place in the refrigerator.
  • Sauerkraut may be added into salad, or served with hot soup, or mixed with seed sauce to make sandwiches, etc.

Due to climate or geographical location there are many ways to prepare solar-energy meals, the above are only some of my experiment for your reference.