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Uses of Coloured Essential Oils

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Colour provides many benefits to our body and mind. Dinshah describes these in detail in the book “Let There be Light”. 100 years ago, the senior Dinshah doctor, used a kerosene lamp to shine a light through deep blue glass onto a dying patient. Three days later, the patient started to recover and was able to rise from bed. Another example of how colour can be life saving comes from Europe. A 150-year old house was built on top of an underground ley line, and people living in the house all suffered from cancer. The exception was that for 50 years, the residents carpeted the floor, and used a cobalt blue color for the carpet. Following this, the incidence of cancer stopped. Later, the carpet was changed, and the residents began to be afflicted with cancer again. It was then discovered that the cobalt blue colour can suppress the unhealthy energy from underground.

In our living environment, there are many harmful emissions such as electromagnetic waves, wireless waves, microwave, and radiation. We should carefully consider the use of cobalt blue colour to protect us.

Plants absorb sunlight and hence store the vibrations associated with different colors within them. Hence, their oil essences also store colour vibrations. Different plant-based oil essences have different vibrations. In general, plants that grow in the desert contain more red vibrations. It is common to find green vibrations in plants. Different oil essences can be combined to form different colour vibrations. Hence, I started to investigate the effects of different mixes of oil essence, and their usage under different circumstances based on their colour vibrations. For example, oil essence containing deep blue light vibrations can be applied to counter harmful emissions. Nowadays, people are harmed by electromagnetic and microwave radiation when they sit on airplanes, work in front of the computer, or use cordless phones or mobile phone in the city. These exposures to harmful emissions lead to fatigue, pain, swellings, ambulatory difficulties, coughs and other ailments. However, these ailments disappear when deep blue colour oil essences are applied on the palms, base of the feet, upper spine, or right above the navel. Friends who sit on planes after applying the oil essence find that they are less tired, and do not encounter much jet lag. In general, before I go out, I apply some oil essence on my palms and bottom of my feet, or the small hollow on my throat. Also, apply the oil essence on whichever area that is hurting. For those suffering from disturbed sleep patterns or insomnia because of interference from electromagnetic radiation, apply the oil essence on the crown charka and the third eye charka. Rudolph Steiner (PhD) had once foretold that during this period, we would discover the usefulness of colour light. Looks like he is right!

Translated by Singapore Lapis Lazuli Light.
Article originally published in Chinese in Lapis Lazuli Light magazine (May 2005 issue); available at http://www.lapislazuli.org/TradCh/magazine/200505/200505.html