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Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Q: I have fibroadenoma on my right breast and cystic fibrosis (Cystic Fibrosis, CF) on the left breast. For the past six months, there has been a frequent throbbing pain in the left breast (not the whole day). Is there any massage therapy, oil rubs or using peat moss to attach to the left breast which can help alleviate or eliminate this pain? I have several friends, whether married or single who also suffer from this fibrocystic disease.

A: Breast cells are immature cells, it is matured only through the process of breast-feeding, so if the woman has not breast fed before, the cells in the breast can become diseased easily. Fibroadenoma or cystic fibrosis can be caused by chemical pollution or electromagnetic waves. The breasts belong to the liver meridian, so when the liver is affected by pollution, it will create problem for the breast. So in prevention and cure, the liver must be taken care of. Please refer to an article written a few years ago “Caring for your Liver; Protecting your Environment” available in the Lapis Lazuli Light Jun 2006 Issue or https://www.lapislazulilight.com/Founder/Index_Lapis_News_From_Founder_Article_47.html

Lancinating of the left breast is related to negative energy entering from the left. There are many published articles on electromagnetic waves, radiowaves, and the protection of electromagnetic waves. For instance, the Kuan Yin mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, Luce Del Sole essential oil, placing cobalt blue colour (#866) filter sheet on a photograph and so on will help and using pendulum or any metal chain to discharge the negative energy of the left palm help alleviate pain. Use colour filter sheets, magenta in the left palm and green in the right palm to balance the body’s bio-magnetic field. There are people who find improvement by placing the Water Magnetizing Energy Enhancer (magnet facing out) on the painful area. In short in today’s very unnatural environment we need to protect ourselves using different methods, including some methods from beyond the three-dimensional space. Recently a friend shared with me how she placed salt on the photograph of a friend. The salt’s energy turned negative, she kept changing the salt until its energy became positive. Her friend’s conditions improved and she felt much better.


Q: I am suffering from cutaneous amyloidosis of the lichen (PAP) [Translator Note: Cutaneous Amyloidosis is skin conditions resulting from errors in metabolism, one of the symptoms is itchy rash] for nearly ten years, and would like to ask how it is caused, internally and externally, and how it can be treated, Can I use any kind of health products?

A: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the skin belongs to the lung meridian and is interrelated with the colon and therefore defective elimination of air and faeces will be reflected in the skin. The liver meridian belongs to metal element and the metal element particularly absorb electromagnetic and microwave. Electromagnetic waves and microwaves are unavoidable in daily life now, and they are indirect cause of skin problems. And because of that, many people, especially young infants suffer from skin problems.

Of course, there is a little-known saying that in nature there are a lot of other beings that are invisible. After being interfered by pollution, they would retaliate. One of the more common occurrences is skin problems. These beings usually live underground where there is water. So if the water source near where we live is contaminated, we would experience skin problems.

Prevention is better than cure. Improve the air quality in the home and avoid excessively high electromagnetic waves and radio waves. Whatever that is within your control, change first. Whatever that is beyond your control, use various protection methods that were introduced. Opt for organic fruits and vegetables in your diet, take friendly bacteria which nourish the intestines, Lightning Enzymes, Supa Boost will help with digestion and excretion. Maintaining the free movement of the large intestine is crucial for the maintenance of healthy skin. Avoid eating meat which nourishes harmful bacteria. Spring clean your life, clean up your intestine, and then the wastes from the intestine will not be eliminated through the skin.


Q: I have been a vegetarian for many years, why is it that recently I started itching, then it stopped for a while and then started itching on another part. I am not a diabetic.

A: When the city I previously lived in started to install cellular towers, all my skin started to itch and was scratched till it bled. Later, I put oat, lavender and mullein roots into a cloth bag and soaked it in hot water and rubbed my skin with it. 80% of oat, 10% each of lavender and mullein roots. You can also apply Bentonite clay, a beauty care product used for detoxification, on the skin and then wash it off. When cooking, add some curry spices or others stomach-warming spices such as star anise, Szechuan pepper, ginger, turmeric. In the diet, pay more attention to eat foods that are mildly alkaline, reduce sugar intake. Grains and beans must be sprouted and eat more fresh vegetables.


Q: Why is there body odor or smell of sweat? How to prevent it? How to treat it through diet or get rid of it?

A: When there are insufficient friendly bacteria in the large intestine, there is body odor. Friendly bacteria are vegetarians, so eating more fresh fruits and vegetables will improve the body odor. If the long-term accumulation of the wastes in the large intestine is not eliminated, it will result in body odor. Try to eat only fruits and vegetables for one or two days per week and do not eat other food in order to eliminate the toxins from the intestines.


Q: Why do some vegetarian ended up with rheumatism?

A: Rheumatism is related to the lack of trace elements and minerals. If the soil lacks minerals and trace elements, one may be on a vegetarian diet, but the food taken does not meet the body’s needs. Crops grown using chemical fertilizers generally contain only one-tenth of the minerals that should normally be there. This is why natural farming is so important to the health of the body. Supplement by eating some wild plants and kelp, seaweed, deeply rooted type of plants, unprocessed grains, eating less white rice, white flour and white sugar type of food.


Q: What is the natural therapy for Hyperthyroidism?

A: Hyperthyroidism is related to pollution. Pesticide residues, air pollution, electromagnetic wave and microwave pollutions can cause hyperthyroidism. Detoxification of the body, chakra harmonizing (Translator’s Note: Refer to page 55 in Dr Lai’s Health Tips), and the use of light therapy would be helpful (Please refer to “Let There Be Light”).


Q: I am 50 years old, and did an ultrasound scan 2 months ago. There was a slight enlargement of the breast gland, due to water retention. What is the cause? Please advise.

A: Water in the breast is a precursor to tumor; perhaps the breast has some blockage or there is accumulated chemical contamination, causing inflammation. Treatment methods are the same as cancer prevention, taking care of the diet, environment and emotions.


Q: I suffer from nasal allergies and my hands and feet are afraid of cold. Everyday (365 days) I sneeze a lot and there is a lot of nasal mucus. How should I treat these? Also, recently I had my pulse taken and the doctor said that my colon is congested, retarding the flow of blood in both legs. That is why hands and legs are afraid of cold. Please advise how I should treat these problems.

A: Eat more high-fiber vegetables, brown rice, etc., will help clear the debris in the intestine, especially shredded carrot salad which acts like a broom brushing the intestines. White flour products such as noodles, bread, cakes and pastries stick easily to the wall of the intestines. Also, high protein food such as meat which cannot be fully digested will accumulate in the colon. Taking walks frequently will also promote peristalsis of the large intestine.


Q: Can diseases caused by “karma” or “genes” use alternative chemotherapy treatment?

A: If the disease is caused by karma, it must be compensated through repenting and accumulating merit. For example, eating a vegetarian diet is an act of “liberating lives”, “protecting lives”. This will naturally compensate for the “karma” of killing lives in the past. If you want a healthy long life, then you need to protect lives at the same time. “We reap what we sow”. When we care for lives, we will naturally enjoy long life. Similarly, if the disease is genetically caused, making such adjustments will still be helpful.


Q: I was woken up in the morning by a numbness that stabbed on my hands and legs. What causes that?

A: This happens when there is poor blood circulation and the body is not warm enough, all pollutions, especially electrical ones, make the body cold. Pay attention to protecting yourself from electromagnetic waves and tap the dantien 100 to 500 times a day. At night, a hot foot bath and rubbing the soles of the feet will also help the body warm up. Oil bath will also warm the body. (Please refer 《回歸身的喜悅》.)

Q: I am thirty-five years old, and suffering from lupus erythematosus, may I know what kind of food or what causes lupus?

A: Lupus is a reaction caused by the body being too acidic and also from consuming too much salt. A diet supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables, especially vegetable juice, green juice will neutralize the acidity and balance the over-consumption of salt, and plant food contains lots of potassium. It is best to have a light diet, do not add salt, and supplement with high potassium soup (refer to {Dr Lai’s Health Tips} and {Total Health of Body, Mind and Spirit (Chinese Book 《身心灵整体健康》)) or {Pursuit of Life} for the Table of Potassium and Sodium Contents of Common Foods}.

Q: Dr. Lai, to a cancer patient, when we begin to think that an ill-omen is like death, fear creeps into our heart, is there any best way to drive away or eliminate this fear?

A: The fear of cancer in society is very common. When we hear about cancer we immediately link it to death.   If there is a proper understanding of cancer and with the fundamental treatment, then many cases would have improved or even recovered. Understanding of cancer is the first step in overcoming the fear. In the past few years I have many articles and lectures which were intended in understanding cancer. The second step is to overcome the fear of death; at the same time, we need to deeply understand that death is the birth in the spirit world. Everyone has his time of death, it is not within our control, and the best blessing is to hope that the patients are liberated, feel free, and maybe regain their health or maybe death.


 Q: Does water have energy? Does water with energy give great help to the human cells?

A: Living water in nature has energy. Clean water draws energy from the stars, the moon and the sun. This living water can purify the environment and human cells. Unfortunately, the water in the city is transported through the water pipe and is bleached and disinfected, and also has been environmentally polluted, so it is no longer living water. Not only that the tap water does not have energy, it actually contains negative energy which is harmful to the body and thus could not achieve its original effect. But good mind, gratitude and good wishes can enhance energy. Compassionate mantras such as OM MANI PADME HUM and the Great Compassion Mantra and prayers of other religions can increase the energy of the water.   For further information on proven experiments by Mr Masuru Emoto of Japan regarding the energy of water, please refer to the article Water—the Source of Life, the Source of Illnesses in the Lapis Lazuli Light November 2006 (Chinese Edition) and March 2007 (English Edition) Issue. 

Q: How to treat myopia?

A: Eye exercises and relaxation are the main methods to cure myopia. Emotions can also affect vision. Many children start displaying symptoms of myopia in the third grade (Primary 3) due to the pressure of homework. Relaxing the eyes and emotions can help to improve vision. Rub both hands together to warm the palm, cover the eyes and then completely relax for 20 minutes daily. Blinking frequently can also relax the eyes; avoid “staring”. After looking at objects nearby for a long time, look far away. By alternating between looking far away and nearby, it allows the eyes to rest.


Q: How to treat terminal cancer patients?

A: If we say “cancer is an incurable disease,” it is to say, “Life is a terminal illness,” because each of us must die. Having cancer does not mean dying soon. Cancer is a chronic disease and need to be treated from the source, from improving eating habits, lifestyle, to clearing traumas and emotional recovery and so on. It needs to be done in a holistic way. Some people recover after solely going on a natural organic vegetarian diet. Some need to clear emotional traumas, others need to re-discover the joy of living, and some need to change their subconscious death wish, etc. All information in Dr Lai’s books “《回身的喜悦》、《回心的喜悦》 and “Dr Lai Health Tips” is helpful for cancer patients.


Q: After undergoing abdominal surgery when can one start to discharge the after effects of anesthetics?

A: Immediately.


Q: When lying on bed, the ears buzz, as if there are a few tiny bits rolling around. The same happened when I was on the plane too, and it is very painful. What can be done?

A: The ear is related to the kidneys. Do the Wutaishan Eight-Step Exercise and also using the hands to cover the ears and then relax, repeat several times.


 Q: How to alleviate shoulder pain? (15 years old)

A: Shoulder pain is related to electrical, electromagnetic or radiowaves. If you can reduce exposure to electricity, cut down the use of computer, mobile phone, or TV, but instead go for walks in the forest, check if the shoulder feels better. If it is an electrical injury, you may need to do the chakra harmonizing (Translator’s Note: Refer to page 55 in Dr Lai’s Health Tips), and also use light therapy, green on the right and purple violet on the left. Once I was giving a lecture in a big city and my left shoulder was injured by electricity and was painful for a few weeks.   It was later cured after using light therapy.


Q: In addition to caring for the natural environment, how can we protect the kidneys?

A: In the Wutaishan Eight-Step Exercise, soaking the legs and rubbing the Yongquan pressure point (Translator’s Note: this point is at the sole of the feet) is good for the kidneys. Kidneys fear cold so avoid drinking drink ice water as the kidneys are located behind the stomach. High protein foods such as meat also harms the kidneys, anxiety and emotional stress also injure the kidney. Releasing fear and a vegetarian diet are beneficial to the kidneys.


Q: I have been taking anti-depression medicine for a year, so how?

A: Depression may be related to electromagnetic waves and radiowaves in the environment. Due to the pressure the waves have on the body, long-term exposure will cause a decline in the adrenal gland. Depression is generally related to the decline of adrenal condition. Practicing the Wutaishan Eight-Step Exercise, supplementing with Vitamin B Groups (sprouts, rejuvelac, etc.) and protection from microwave will help.


Q: There is a lump under the left armpit and is painful. If it is not surgically removed, are there any other ways to remove it?

A: The lump pain may be due to lymph nodes, when the body has inflammation, lymph node appears. In the diet, reduce food which may cause inflammation, for example animal food, such as chicken, duck, fish, meat and also contaminated food. Eat more natural organic fruits and vegetables and grains. These are introduced in the books and magazine.


Q: I would like to know how to help a patient with mood disorder (ie biplor disorder) using natural therapies to recover.

A: Factors causing mood disorder could be congenital or acquired. Practicing natural therapies may be helpful, natural diet, protection from electromagnetic waves and microwaves; chakra harmonizing, clearing emotional disturbances will be helpful.


Q: How to treat tinnitus?

A: Hot water compress on the kidney for 30 minutes. Sometimes the condition improves after doing it once or twice, sometimes seven or eight times may be needed.

Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D

Question: When my child was in the womb, part of the brain was not fully developed (the doctor failed to discover it). At the time of birth, the delays in delivery caused hypoxia and ischemia brain injuries, and so my child has cerebral palsy. Dr Lai, please tell me how I can help my child, whether in lifestyle, diet, practising and dedicating merits and/or others. Any suggestions from you would be very much treasured.

Yours gratefully

A broken-hearted mother (my child is currently one year old)


Dear Mother:

Brain development in children before the age of seven, is still very important. Congenital deficiencies can be remedied after birth.

  • Let’s start with the spiritual practice. Pray for blessings from the Medicine Buddha. There are many Medicine Buddha’s Practice, one of which is Bhagavan Medicine Buddha Sutra, available at Ruyi Moni and Jing Xu Fa Lin centres [Translator’s Note: These two centres (in pinyin) are located in Taipei]. Reciting Medicine Buddha mantras or reading the Medicine Buddha’s Sutras is also helpful.


  • In addition to following a complete vegetarian diet, supplement with some sea minerals, such as adding one or two drops of Pure Aussie into drinking water or also adding just a little Sea Minerals Hawthorn. Complete minerals are very important to the body’s development (especially the brain). Among the nuts, hazelnut is very good for brain development. If you can buy fresh (raw) ones, make them into milk for your child to drink. Milk made from sesame seeds and sunflower seeds can also be added. Porridge made from organic grains like rice, barley, millet, oatmeal, etc. is another option. Observe the child’s responses. Choose clean natural fruits and vegetables with no pesticide contamination.


  • Try your best to have electromagnetic and microwave protections. Do not have wireless facilities, such as mobile phones, microwave ovens, and wireless internet access at home. We have been introducing the importance of protection as well as the methods of protection. Pay special attention to the sleeping area.


  • Please refer to the articles in the Lapis Magazines 2011 May (Chinese) or for English, Lapis News October 2011 issue “Sensory Learning And Autism, Brain Injury, Vision And Learning Ability”, available online https://lapislazulilight.com/Founder/Index_Lapis_News_From_Founder_Article_61.html on how to stimulate the nervous system.   Use different colour filters with sunlight or small light bulb for the child to look at. Follow a weekly cycle. Choose one colour per day, starting from magenta, followed by red the next day, then orange, yellow, turquoise, violet for each following day. Twenty minutes each time, once or twice a day. At the same time, it may also be helpful to sing or recite the Medicine Buddha mantra when rocking the child in a cradle. This will simultaneously stimulating the visual, auditory nerves and brainstem.


  • Energetically, use the Brazilian toe massage (introduced in Chinese in the Aug 2007 Lapis Magazine and available online: http://www.lapislazuli.org/TradCh/magazine/200708/20070802.html ) [Translator’s Note: For English there are many websites teaching this technique for example http://worldtantra.org/braziliantoe.html] and Metamorphic Technique, the latter was introduced in a workshop. It would be better if you could ask the participants in the July 2010 workshop in New York to demonstrate the technique to you. The main focus is to ease the energies that were stuck inside the womb. This method is very helpful to retarded children. The technique is as follows:

1.Activate Energy: Start by touching the hairline of the forehead. Gently move towards the crown three times.

2.Start with the right foot of the child. Use your thumb or index finger, gently touch the tip of the big toe, and then move along the inner side of the foot, until you touch the heel. The child can place the foot on the adult’s lap. When doing this, relax and do not deliberately do anything, intuitively moving slowly, pausing longer in certain places, but not longer than ten minutes at any spot. Continue with the left foot after the right foot is done. After all these are done, close the energy on the head by touching the posterior hairline, gently move towards the crown. Do it three times. Doing the Metamorphic Technique once every few days or once a week is very good.

3.The mother or father can place their palms on the right and left side of the child’s head. The energy of love will travel from the hands to the head. The effect would be even better if light visualisation is incorporated. Use the light visualization techniques which have been introduced in Lapis magazines recently.

Best wishes to you!

Chiu-Nan Lai


The original Chinese article is published in the Aug 2011 issue of Lapis magazine