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Light Up You and Me, Light Up Our Lives

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Sunlight is an indispensable source of nourishment for all forms of life on earth, particularly plants. Animals and humans derive sunlight through plants. Recently, research shows that agricultural methods can influence the luminosity of plants. The luminosity of plants grown through chemical fertilizers is only 10% that of plants grown in the wild, and 10% of plants grown using natural agricultural methods. Our health is also associated with light. Those who are healthy emit more photons than those who are ill. The luminosities of humans and plants can be revealed by taking photos using the Kirlian method. A previous issue of the Lapis Lazuli Light magazine published Kirlian photographs of plants used in Synergy products.

Our eyes may not be able to see a product’s luminosity, but it influences our health. Many years ago, a cancer recuperation centre found that only naturally grown organic products have healing properties. We now know that these products differ from other products not only in terms of nutrition (particularly minerals) but also luminosity as well.

Using the dowsing method, I made further investigations into colour spectrum of plants.
In general, fruits and vegetables grown with chemical fertilizers have very limited colour spectrum (perhaps one or two colours), compared to the multitude of colours associated with those grown using natural organic methods. Spices that have a warm nature tend to have red, yellow, and orange colours, while those with cooling nature tend to have more blue and green colours. To maintain a healthy body, it is essential to absorb the full spectrum of colours in the food we take.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Penang again. Coincidentally, I found that people use spices that contain the full colour spectrum, and almost all of these spices are grown naturally or found in the wild. Generally, spices are grown without chemical fertilizers. In my visit to Penang ten years ago, I met a local herbalist who used wild plants to heal many cancer patients. People’s experience was that drinking the water of boiled pandan leaves can prevent and cure cancer.

I also checked the colour spectrum of many seasoning ingredients found in the market, as well as that of blue flowers, turmeric, nutmeg, ginger, lemon grass, small tangerines, peppermint, tangerine leaves, including many unrecognized green plants which were used as spices. I found that many of these have the full colour spectrum. Of the two types of peppermints that I examined, the one with the smaller leaves contains the full colour spectrum, while the other contains only part of spectrum. The former was a species grown in the wild, while the other was what people commonly use. Why would green plants possess the full colour spectrum? I believe that the aura of plants cannot be seen by the naked eye. Thus, differences in the colour spectrum between plants grown using chemical fertilizers and those grown organically are not apparent on the surface, and can only be detected using special photographic techniques or equipment. Sometimes, our eyes can make this distinction. I recall that every time I go to Bob Cannard’s farm, I sense that his fruits have an indescribable luminosity. Similarly his plums just look different.

Currently, food generally do not possess much radiance. Thus, it is helpful to supplement our food with spices, wild plants and naturally grown agricultural products that have luminosity. When I was visiting Hualian in Taiwan, I searched for plants with the full colour spectrum. In Hualian, it is possible to obtain wild or half-wild vegetables sold by the aborigines. I discovered that many types of vegetables have the full colour spectrum; these include red leaf vegetables, small bitter melon, huangong tsai, and others such as stinging nettle, and “lung quae” also possess more than five colours. Ginger has nine colours, while wild yam has red, purple, and blue colours. “Zhaohe” grass has the greenish-blue colour only—it is unclear whether this is due to chemical fertilizers in the ground or its genetic origin. During Japanese Occupation, seeds are thrown and scattered from the planes.  These seeds are most likely originated from Japan. Stinging nettle leaves also contain many colours. Peppermint grown in one of the local farms also has the full colour spectrum. In contrast, some of the wild plants grown on the roadside do not possess any colour, possibly due to pollution from the exhaust fumes of vehicles passing by. In Taiwan, fallen leaves from the “ganren” tree can be boiled in water to treat liver problems. These leaves possess yellowish-red and orange colours, while its fruits possess the remaining colours in the spectrum. In combination, the leaves and fruits contain the full colour spectrum.

Books on light therapy indicate that red light is good for the liver. When I returned to America, I also measured the colour spectrum of organically grown spices such as sage, oregano, marjoram, chervil—these have the full colour spectrum. The fragrance of a product and its colour spectrum have a close association. Traditionally, products such as fruits and vegetables have a fragrance but nowadays, many of the hybrid fruits have neither the fragrance nor the colour of the past, even though their sizes are large. Taking food that has no fragrance can cause us to lack the radiance of the colour spectrum. What are the symptoms if we lack many colours in the spectrum? This question needs further investigation. I once tested the photograph of a child who was suffering from autism, and found that he lacked many colours in the spectrum. His mother also lacked the colour green. I am curious whether his condition would improve if the missing colours were replenished.

Besides using wild and natural agricultural products to supplement our colour spectrum, we can also use light therapy and colour visualization. Dr Mitchell May, whose recuperation from a serious accident was a medical miracle, was in the intensive care unit for nine months. His daily homework was to visualize that his entire body was filled with light. Both light therapy and visualization help to heal parts of our body that have been damaged by electromagnetic waves. A few years ago, I was injured by high voltage electromagnetic radiation and my left shoulder was in pain for three weeks. My tests indicated that the right side of my body needed green colour, my left side needed magenta colour, my head needed green colour, and my chest needed magenta colour. During the day, I would use light emitted through the magenta colour film to shine on my left shoulder, and the pain would go away. At night, the pain would return when I didn’t use the colour film. This personal experience left a deep impression of the effects of light on our body.

The invisible parts of our body influence the visible parts. Light or qi nourishes our physical body. If we have this understanding, we will be able to truly achieve holistic health of our body, mind, and spirit. Otherwise, we will focus our attention only on the visible body, assuming that it encompasses every aspect, just like a machine. This is influenced by Newtonian physics. From the perspective of energy in the field of quantum mechanics, if we raise the energy of our entire body, our physical body will also transform from an unhealthy to a healthy state. Thus, although visualization is a mental activity, it can influence the energy of our entire body.

Below, I describe a visualization using green and magenta colours and also incorporate Harold McCoy’s method of using liquid light to nourish the qi in our body. This is particularly important after chemotherapy. In a sense, all of us have undergone chemotherapy—there are over 400 man-made chemicals in our body, and the entire earth has also been subjected to chemotherapy. Hence, in our final visualization, we also visualize the earth going through a colour bath.

The following two visualizations were introduced during the November 2009 Taiwan talk, and one can do these visualizations by following the instructions in the DVD (see note below).

Green and magenta colour visualization
Relax the entire body, and take a few deep breaths. Breathe in into the belly and count eight times, then stop for eight counts before breathing out eight times. Visualize that there is a green sun above our head, shining into our head and nourishing our head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and teeth. The green light further fills our throat, chest, arms, abdomen, and legs. It fills our entire body, flowing into our bones and blood circulation system, lymphatic system, our internal secretion system, internal organs and genes. It heals all that need to be healed, rejuvenate all that need to be rejuvenated. Then, leave the green light on the right side of the body.

After that, visualize a magenta sun on top of our head, and its light entering our head and shining on our head, then our throat, and chest. It specially shines upon our lungs, heart, and then our abdomen and legs, followed by our blood circulation system, bones, internal organs, flesh, and especially the left side of our body.

Colour bath visualization

In front of us is a crystal bathtub that contains liquid of many colours—green, yellow, red, blue, violet, orange, and lapis lazuli, etc. Step into the bath, and let the body immerse into the colourful fluids, absorbing all the colours that our body needs. Absorb the colours either individually or all at the same time, till the body has absorbed all that it needs. Then leave the bath. Let the bathtub become immeasurably large, and let the earth immerse in the bath, washing away the earth’s filth from the highest mountains to the sky. Allow the earth to absorb all the colours it needs, and let its water, air, soil, plants, animals and human beings return to their original brilliance.


The DVD containing Dr. Lai’s talk “Joy in welcoming the return of the new earth’s spirit” is now available.

Translated by Pei Yee.
Article originally published in Chinese in Lapis Lazuli Light magazine (Feb 2010 issue); available at http://www.lapislazuli.org/TradCh/magazine/201002/20100201.html

Healing Energy of the Earth

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Many years ago, I introduced walking barefooted on the grass.  If you can walk barefooted for 20 minutes, the static electricity in the body gets discharged. Insomniacs will be able to fall asleep again. Many people who tried it found this to be effective and the quality of their sleep improved. In fact, improvement of sleep is just one of the many benefits.

In the book, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?, Ober, Sinatra and Zuchker conducted an in-depth analysis and documented the influence of Earth’s surface on human health. Contact with the earth does not only discharge static electricity from the body, earth is also the source of negatively-charged free electrons and the mother source of healing energy. Earthing (or grounding) balances the body’s metabolism and protects organs and all bodily functions. Precision electronic appliances, such as the computer, need to be grounded to protect it from being damaged easily, the human body works the same way too.

Modern lifestyle has increasingly separated humans from contacting the flow of Earth’s electrons. We are wearing rubber-soled shoes, sat in cars with rubber tyres, live in high-rises, and are disconnected from the Earth’s surface. This disconnection from Earth’s surface only emerged in recent time. Just like electrical appliances are damaged easily, our bodies have surfaced many problems. When we reconnect with earth, health problems (such as inflammation, pain, stroke, hypertension, respiratory problems and insomnia) would dramatically improve. In fact, we only need 20-30 minutes of earthing for the body to absorb sufficient negatively-charged free electrons and energy to begin its healing process.

Because it is a modern problem, most medical experts have not associated health with earthing and explored their relationship. lowa University conducted a study over 12 years and they found that the rate of stroke incurrence among residents living in high-rise housing was 40% higher than among those living on landed houses.  Another study found that there were more city-dwellers suffering from terminal-stage cancers than those who live in the suburbs and countryside. The differences may be due to economic factors and age segregation, but it is difficult to explain the differences between the groups for lung cancer. It is possible that city-dwellers who live in high-rises take in more pollution from positively-charged electrons, and lack negatively-charged free electrons.

When a person stands barefooted on the ground, his body merges with earth’s electrons (ie. body’s electrical potential becomes equalized with the Earth’s electrical potential). External electromagnetic waves cannot interfere with the body’s internal bioelectrical environment, and the body is naturally connected with the Earth’s biological clock. When long-distance travellers connect with the earth immediately upon arriving at a new place for 20-30 minutes, they will discover a reduction in jetlag.
When man is disconnected from the Earth’s surface over a long period of time, his bodily functions lose its normal structure, become confused, and are no longer able to distinguish between “I” and the external. One such example is when the immune system becomes dysfunctional and attacks the body’s own cells, tissues and organs.

Earthing is so fundamental to the functioning of a human body that everyone should try to do it as much as possible, and observe the reactions. Standing barefooted on the earth, and sitting on the ground or on stones are some of the simplest ways to do earthing. Do it for more than 30 minutes, preferably. You can wear cloth shoes, straw sandals, or leather shoes (with leather soles).

Taking a stroll at the beach and swimming in the sea are also ways of earthing. People who are sick could try these and observe if there are any improvements in their health.

When I was living in Hawaii in my younger days, I liked to hike barefooted, with only an orange or two for a whole day, and never feeling hungry or thirsty.  In retrospect, I was taking nourishment from the earth. During those times, I also enjoyed sleeping outdoor on the lawn at night.

There are long-distance runners who run barefooted and do not appear to suffer foot injuries. There was an athlete who wore shoes in a race, and his feet blistered.  He took off his shoes and continued running. When he reached the finishing line, the blisters were gone. Many athletes have earthing experience – their muscle functions strengthened and recovery from sports injuries are also accelerated. Many of the participants in the world famous Tour de France practise earthing and it is the secret to their success.

Who would have thought that a simple method like earthing allows modern man to reclaim health once again?

Improvised methods:
People with mobility difficulties could have their bed or sitting place connected to ground. Pull a wire over your window to connect with a grounding metal post outdoor, or connect to the ground pin of an electrical outlet. (Do not switch on electricity.) Find conductive fabric (containing metal) or wire mesh, and then connect with wires and plugs into a grounded outlet. It is recommended to get an electrician to determine whether electrical outlets in your building are properly grounded.

There should not be any electricity within seven feet of your body. Switch off all power supplies in the bedroom and the adjoining rooms.

It is better to earth with separate wires connecting to the ground directly and not going through the electrical circuit in the house, because sometimes the wires may not be properly connected. Do not use water pipes for grounding, as water pipes are connected to other house units and may carry electricity. That said, the best way to do grounding is still to get your feet onto the earth.


References and for further information:

  1. Earthinginstitute.net
  2. Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?, by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra. MD and Martin Zuchker. Published in 2010, by Basic Health Publications, Inc.


(Trsl.) Florence Tan. Original Chinese article is published in the Aug 2011 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at:

Healing Experiences with Earthing

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

A lady living in California who recently heard about the concept of earthing or grounding immediately referred to the original English source of information and  bought earthing bedsheet and grounding cord. Surprisingly, within a night, she solved her problems of irregular heartbeat and insomnia that had been plaguing her for many years. She had consulted numerous doctors and had taken different medicine, but to no avail. Yet, such a “natural” method unexpectedly proved to be effective.

For all these years I have introduced many different approaches to health.  Many people experienced good effects after trying them. We would like to hear from everyone’s experience and insight as this is a simple and effective way to increase our collective learning experience. For instance, a visually impaired Malaysian lady followed the method that a person who suddenly went blind used to regain his eyesight. (described in the Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine, September 2009 issue of Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine, “Recovering One’s Health from Electromagnetic Radiation Harm”)  She regained her vision within three weeks. If there had been no sharing by that person of how he successfully recovered, she would not have persevered wholeheartedly in applying the methods suggested.

At this point, I would like to invite those who have benefited from applying a particular method to share their stories with others. These stories can be short and need only describe the experience.

For instance, take the concept of earthing. Many years ago, I had introduced this idea and also tried it but did not continue. It was not until I read the many cases described in the book “Earthing” that I understood the importance of earthing at a deeper level. I took out the grounding cord and conductive fabric that I acquired some time back. I placed them on my bed, and also turned off the electrical main. Our copper water pipe is not connected to those of our neighbours, and hence, I connected one end of the electrical wire to the fabric, and the other end to the copper pipe. This approach is unsuitable if the water pipe is connected to the neighbours’ water pipe. The reason is that the water pipe can be a conduit for electromagnetic and wireless signals from our neighbour to our own bed.

Using the dowsing method, I found out that when we are connected to the earth, our energy level is substantially higher. This is another benefit apart from discharging static electricity. At the same time, upon checking the colour spectrum, it turns out that while normally the copper wire possesses yellow ray, after being earthed it contains all the colours in the spectrum. This comes about because the earth absorbs light from the sun and then reflects it back.  Everyone needs light nourishment. This type of qi is visible to some people with special abilities. Towards the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, chemist Baron Karl Von Reichenbach investigated the qi phenomenon by using people with special abilities who could see the light and colours emitted by magnets and crystals. One of the experiments involved connecting a copper wire from outside the window to a completely darkened room. When the copper wire was placed in the sunlight, these people inside the dark room could see light entering through the copper wire. This light was different from the sunlight. Hence, what is transmitted through the earth is likely similar to this qi.

This knowledge is necessary to understand many of the healing stories associated with earthing. Below are some cases mentioned in the book “Earthing”. Many people who are healthy do not take care of their bodies. They are completely unaware of the harm inflicted when they use electronic equipment. They have a rude awakening when they completely lose their health.

A clear example is the case of Step, the son of Dr. Sinatra, one of the authors of the book “Earthing”. In the book, Step explained in detail how he got injured and his recovery process. He decided to share his experience because there are many healthy young people who are unknowingly being injured. When Step was about 20 years old, he was a stockbroker on Wall Street. He shared a large office with a hundred people, and was surrounded by a hundred computers, phones, and electrical appliances. In 1997, he started to use the mobile phone, and used it frequently. He stayed in an apartment on the 43rd floor of a building in Manhattan. He made quite a lot of money, but was unknowingly being harmed by electromagnetic and wireless radiation. During the four years he worked on Wall Street, he was constantly in a “wired” state and slept very little. Gradually, he felt something was wrong with his health, which became more serious over time. His eyes, ears, and nose all had problems, and he coughed incessantly with lots of phlegm in his lungs. However, he continued with his work because the income was good. Once, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. His father, a doctor, believed that this was a symptom of a heart problem. At that time, Step was only 25 years old. He quit his job and went to Colorado to start his own investment business. His small office had a computer with wireless internet access and mobile phones. He worked and slept in his office, and was inundated by electromagnetic radiation day and night. He continued to lose weight, and he could not eat many kinds of food due to his weak digestive system. He had muscle pain, was easily injured, and had insomnia. He saw many doctors, nutritionists, and acupuncturists, but no one could identify the cause of his ailment. He went for medical tests, but these only revealed a problem with his endocrine system but nothing specific. Step was very susceptible to infection by parasites and to heavy metal poisoning.

In 2007, Step went to a clinic to treat his parasite infection. He took a three-week course of anti-parasite medication along with detoxification diet comprising of raw food. He lost 35 pounds, and many of his bodily functions shut down. He could no longer eat or drink, and had to be on intravaneous feeding to sustain his life. Doctors gave him a 1% chance of survival because his body was devouring itself, with little functions left. When visitors used their mobile phones, he would have the urge to vomit. If someone showed him photos on a computer, he could only withstand it for a minute. He was extremely sensitive to electronic devices. One night, he choked when he drank water and almost stopped breathing. At that moment, he realized that he created his fears, dreams and everything. He prayed to God for his life, and aspired to dedicate his life to benefitting others.

Step did make the divine connection, and he started to recover. It was only in 2008 that he was able to leave the hospital. At that time, his father introduced him to the notion of connecting to the earth’s energy. When the weather turned warmer, he would either sit, stand or walk barefooted on the ground. He started to regain his stamina. Step also ensured that there were no electrical devices around him. Once someone installed a wireless phone and internet access in his room, immediately he became infected by Salmonella bacteria. Also, after being admitted to the hospital, he carried along with him an electromagnetic field detector, and removed many electrical devices from his room. His sleep started to improve. After his discharge from hospital, he avoided using the computer and the mobile phone for nine months, using them only in emergency situations. He used fixed lines for his telephone and internet access. He also slept on grounded fabric. His spirit improved, and his weight came back to 150 pounds. Step decided to share his personal experience in the hope that others do not have to go through unnecessary suffering before they awaken.

The illustration above shows that some common ailments such as bacterial infection, food allergy, and flatulence are related to harm from contact with electricity, and that these ailments can be improved through earthing.

The book also shared the experience of a chiropractor who routinely recommended many of his patients the grounding technique. Many of his patients reported improved sleep with clear dreams and relief from pain. He also noticed some of his female patients in their forties got pregnant again. His own wife could not conceive for eight years before her current marriage to him, and also for the six years after marrying him. However, she became pregnant within a month of being earthed, and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Although she was already 35 years old, her child could speak simple sentences when he was 18 months old, and knew about 100 words. He was also taller than average, even though his parents were of normal built. This doctor also observed that his female patients’ menstrual cycles and hormonal changes became normal.

Earthing has a significant positive impact on our autonomic nervous system, heart, blood circulation, and ATP (our cells’ energy source). The earth is the source of high-energy electrons, and ATP (our body’s energy source) requires a continuous supply of high-energy electrons. Modern living entails various kinds of pollution. In particular, electromagnetic and wireless pollution over stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. When our body is under chronic stress, this gives rise to high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat, and sudden deaths. Earthing for 45 minutes leads to improvement in regulating our heartbeats, reflecting the stabilization of the nervous system. Our autonomic nervous system governs the operation of our heart, lungs, stomach, endocrine glands, urinary system as well as other systems. Earthing reduces our stress levels, and aids in the stabilization of our automatic nervous system. Hence, earthing is critical to our overall health.

Human beings evloved as part of nature. The functions of our body and mind cannot be separated from nature. Once we become separated from nature, our survival becomes an issue. Earthing is an important discovery. I hope that everyone will give it a try, and observe the changes in his/her body and mind.

Note: Currently, there are some buildings in Taiwan that have electrical sockets that have a ground connection for safety reasons. You can ask your electrician to test whether the ground wire is properly grounded, and also add a 100KW resistor on the ground cord between the plug and the earthing material. Readers from other countries can adapt this procedure based on their countries’ circumstances.


Translated from Chinese: