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Healing Energy of the Earth

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Many years ago, I introduced walking barefooted on the grass.  If you can walk barefooted for 20 minutes, the static electricity in the body gets discharged. Insomniacs will be able to fall asleep again. Many people who tried it found this to be effective and the quality of their sleep improved. In fact, improvement of sleep is just one of the many benefits.

In the book, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?, Ober, Sinatra and Zuchker conducted an in-depth analysis and documented the influence of Earth’s surface on human health. Contact with the earth does not only discharge static electricity from the body, earth is also the source of negatively-charged free electrons and the mother source of healing energy. Earthing (or grounding) balances the body’s metabolism and protects organs and all bodily functions. Precision electronic appliances, such as the computer, need to be grounded to protect it from being damaged easily, the human body works the same way too.

Modern lifestyle has increasingly separated humans from contacting the flow of Earth’s electrons. We are wearing rubber-soled shoes, sat in cars with rubber tyres, live in high-rises, and are disconnected from the Earth’s surface. This disconnection from Earth’s surface only emerged in recent time. Just like electrical appliances are damaged easily, our bodies have surfaced many problems. When we reconnect with earth, health problems (such as inflammation, pain, stroke, hypertension, respiratory problems and insomnia) would dramatically improve. In fact, we only need 20-30 minutes of earthing for the body to absorb sufficient negatively-charged free electrons and energy to begin its healing process.

Because it is a modern problem, most medical experts have not associated health with earthing and explored their relationship. lowa University conducted a study over 12 years and they found that the rate of stroke incurrence among residents living in high-rise housing was 40% higher than among those living on landed houses.  Another study found that there were more city-dwellers suffering from terminal-stage cancers than those who live in the suburbs and countryside. The differences may be due to economic factors and age segregation, but it is difficult to explain the differences between the groups for lung cancer. It is possible that city-dwellers who live in high-rises take in more pollution from positively-charged electrons, and lack negatively-charged free electrons.

When a person stands barefooted on the ground, his body merges with earth’s electrons (ie. body’s electrical potential becomes equalized with the Earth’s electrical potential). External electromagnetic waves cannot interfere with the body’s internal bioelectrical environment, and the body is naturally connected with the Earth’s biological clock. When long-distance travellers connect with the earth immediately upon arriving at a new place for 20-30 minutes, they will discover a reduction in jetlag.
When man is disconnected from the Earth’s surface over a long period of time, his bodily functions lose its normal structure, become confused, and are no longer able to distinguish between “I” and the external. One such example is when the immune system becomes dysfunctional and attacks the body’s own cells, tissues and organs.

Earthing is so fundamental to the functioning of a human body that everyone should try to do it as much as possible, and observe the reactions. Standing barefooted on the earth, and sitting on the ground or on stones are some of the simplest ways to do earthing. Do it for more than 30 minutes, preferably. You can wear cloth shoes, straw sandals, or leather shoes (with leather soles).

Taking a stroll at the beach and swimming in the sea are also ways of earthing. People who are sick could try these and observe if there are any improvements in their health.

When I was living in Hawaii in my younger days, I liked to hike barefooted, with only an orange or two for a whole day, and never feeling hungry or thirsty.  In retrospect, I was taking nourishment from the earth. During those times, I also enjoyed sleeping outdoor on the lawn at night.

There are long-distance runners who run barefooted and do not appear to suffer foot injuries. There was an athlete who wore shoes in a race, and his feet blistered.  He took off his shoes and continued running. When he reached the finishing line, the blisters were gone. Many athletes have earthing experience – their muscle functions strengthened and recovery from sports injuries are also accelerated. Many of the participants in the world famous Tour de France practise earthing and it is the secret to their success.

Who would have thought that a simple method like earthing allows modern man to reclaim health once again?

Improvised methods:
People with mobility difficulties could have their bed or sitting place connected to ground. Pull a wire over your window to connect with a grounding metal post outdoor, or connect to the ground pin of an electrical outlet. (Do not switch on electricity.) Find conductive fabric (containing metal) or wire mesh, and then connect with wires and plugs into a grounded outlet. It is recommended to get an electrician to determine whether electrical outlets in your building are properly grounded.

There should not be any electricity within seven feet of your body. Switch off all power supplies in the bedroom and the adjoining rooms.

It is better to earth with separate wires connecting to the ground directly and not going through the electrical circuit in the house, because sometimes the wires may not be properly connected. Do not use water pipes for grounding, as water pipes are connected to other house units and may carry electricity. That said, the best way to do grounding is still to get your feet onto the earth.


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