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Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Q: Hello Dr Lai, I have been reading the LLL Magazine for more than 20 years. In May 2012, when I had a “tuina” massage, I was told that there was a problem in the liver reflex zone. An ultrasound showed a 1 cm polyp growth in the gallbladder. The doctor said the polyp was glandular in shape, and it would be best to surgically remove the gallbladder otherwise the possibility of it turning malignant is very high. I live in fear and confusion for the past ten months. I do not know what to do. Please advise. Thank you very much.

A: It is really wonderful that you have come into contact with these holistic resources over the years. The environment we live in have changed tremendously over the last three decades. That is why I need to continuously research and look for answers. The basic conditions we rely on for survival is very difficult to obtain now: clean water, air, food and a place with no electromagnetic wave and microwave interferences. If you look up the article I wrote “Caring For Your Liver: Protecting Your Environment” (Lapis News, June 2006 and online), you will then understand why even when you are so careful with your health, you can still have polyp in your liver.

The liver is the “weather station” and it resonates with the external environment. As long as there is poor-quality water in an area, the liver of the local residents will be injured. Radiowave signals are becoming stronger, and their frequencies have increased. Even if we do not use wireless internet, cell phones and cordless phones ourselves, the neighbours are using them. This makes it very hard to guard against it effectively. Recently, many people in a big city suffered from insomnia after a 4G system was used. There was a woman who wanted to vomit whenever she got onto the bus. Some people found it necessary to strengthen some of the anti-electromagnetic wave measures in order to be able to sleep. For example attaching the #866 Cobalt Blue Colour Filter on the window or use the newly tested #877 Turquoise Colour Filter. The combination of both colours in the room is more effective. (the color filiters must be used in separate area of the room)

You can re-read the article “Water ─ The Source Of Life, The Source Of Illness,” (Lapis News, March 2007 and online), to understand how the structure of water is disturbed due to electromagnetic waves. Once the function of water is damaged, the body’s metabolism, digestion, excretion, blood circulation and lymphatic system will be blocked. When nutrition cannot be distributed to the cells and tissues, waste toxins from the cells and tissues cannot be discharged. Then it will be chaotic. No wonder there are problems with the liver. That is just a warning, more attention is needed.

The diet must be slightly alkaline. The usual vegetarian diet is not enough. Grains and seeds such as sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, etc. must be soaked in water and sprouted before eating. After sprouting, they become alkaline. In “Grandma’s Kitchen”, the cookbook presents some methods for preparing grains.

Discharging stones from the liver is necessary. I often mention the book “The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush”. It is not enough to discharge the stones once or twice. The liver has an average of several thousand stones and needs to be discharged more than ten times before stones are all expelled. The author mentioned that a liver cancer patient recovered after doing the flush for nine times.

Generally do the flush once every one or two months. It is better to avoid doing it during winter. Continue doing the flush until there are no more stones for two consecutive times. Then change to flushing every 6-8 months.

Particularly those who no longer have their gallbladder need to discharge stones. You can use the “jin qian cao” (gold coin grass) prescription (Note I). Take the “jin qian cao” for two to three weeks before taking Epsom salt and olive oil. One of my friends who had her gallbladder removed used the “jin qian cao” method as well as with Epsom salt and olive oil. She discharged a lot of stones. The amount was more than those in the gallbladder when she had her cholecystectomy. The most amazing thing is that her emotions which were blocked for many years were cleared.

Use all of the emotional clearing techniques that you have learned through all these years. It will be beneficial for the liver. The liver is the body’s hottest organs, approximately 41 degrees Celsius. Warming the liver also helps the liver function. This was mentioned in the book “Hui Gui Shen De Xi Yue” (Note III).

The liver cools off when breaking down toxins. Air pollution, pesticides, etc. can cause the liver temperature to drop. Nowadays, there are many hidden man-made chemical components such as MSG which can hide in other ingredients. At least in the United States, there are some manufacturers who add additives into processed foods and do not declare them.

Swish the mouth with cold-pressed sunflower oil or olive oil or sesame oil for 3 to 4 minutes. Then spit it out. Repeat several times. Finally brush and rinse with salt water or bicarbonate of soda. Swishing the mouth with oil helps remove toxins from the blood, and reduces the burden on the liver.

Colour therapy can also be done at the same time. Please read “Let There Be Light”. Lemon colour helps with chronic diseases. Then direct red colour on the liver area, followed by magenta which increase the qi. (Colour filters are available at Lapis Lazuli Light Centre).

Finally do not forget to thank your liver. Gratitute is a very powerful healing energy.

Bless you!


Q: Dear Dr Lai, Hello! My son (born in 1990) began having blood in the stool from November 2011. He was hospitalised in September 2012. We then found out that he has one of the autoimmune diseases: ulcerative colitis. After being discharge, he has to pay regular visits to the hospital (taking anti-inflammatory drugs, iron and having suppositories inserted into the rectum). His diet consists of 5-grain powder, Chinese yam and pearl barley powder, and supplements from Lapis Lazuli Light, mainly Bliss Delight , Pure Aussie, Radiance C, supplemented with “000 Protein Powder”. He still has blood in his stool; the quantity of his stool is very little and is loose. His weight has decreased.

I would like to ask Dr Lai how we can help him improve the condition, even to recover his health. Thank you for continually teaching us to care for our health. We wish you health and safety!

A: Autoimmune problems are getting increasingly common.

In the previous Dr Lai’s mailbox, I mentioned about the importance of natural B12 and the secretion of enzyme from insulin.

Autoimmune problems are related to the lack of B-12 and digestive enzymes. When the gastrointestinal function is poor, it cannot absorb B-12. That is why I recommended taking sauerkraut and rejuvelac to supplement enzymes and friendly bacteria. (Please refer to “Grandma’s Kitchen” or “Dr Lai’s Health Tips”.)

In his growing years or even from the womb, you son may have been exposed to man-made pollutions: contamination from chemical drugs as well as electromagnetic field (EMF), microwaves, etc., and vacinnation which may have injured the gastrointestinal and nervous system. It is common for youth today to use cell phones, computers and wireless internet. When eating out, they may have eaten food that contains additives or has been microwaved. I know a very outstanding young man. When he was in graduate school, he used the microwave oven to heat his meals. After a few years, he kept losing weight. His health also declined. In my second article on Earthing (“Healing Experiences With Earthing” available on April 2012 issue of Lapis News as well as on the website), I mentioned that one of the authors’ son was harmed by EMF and microwaves. He nearly lost his life. He had a variety of problems including parasites. After eight years, he slowly recovered. When he was ill, he avoided all electrical appliances such as mobile phones and computers, but he also did earthing. (Note II)

Microwave can close down the chakras. The health of the body would then be disturbed. Please refer to the passage “Harmonizing Chi” in “Dr Lai’s Health Tips”. Personally, I must do it once a day.

If the energy of the body changes from crossing over to parallel, the overall energy will be reduced by half. There is a simple method of changing back the energy as introduced in the book “Energy Medicine”. The following is a simple method:

Step 1: Place one hand on the navel, the other hand massaging the area below the nose and chin for 30 seconds each. Change hands and repeat.

Step 2: Leave the hand on the navel, the other hand massaging the edge of the concave at the throat for 30 seconds. Change hands and repeat.

Step 3: The last step is placing one hand on the navel, and the other hand massaging the coccyx for 30 seconds. Change hands and repeat.

Usually, when there is a problem with the body, it is because the energy is no longer crossing over.

You mentioned about supplements. I only know of Bliss Delight, Pure Aussie, and Radiance C. They supplement colours and minerals. I would like to know what he eats for his main meals. If he is eating the kind of food you mentioned: 5-grain powder, Chinese yam and pearl barley powder. These are all processed foods, not fresh fruits and vegetables. If he can be a vegetarian, especially natural vegetarian, it will improved the gastrointestinal system. His condition did not develope in one or two days, so the recovery will also take more than one or two days. Fundamental lifestyle habits have to be altered. His daily schedule and three meals as well as taking protection measures against electromagnetic field are all very important.

He must go to bed before ten o’clock at night. Have a light and early dinner, preferably already digested before going to bed.

For the three meals, I would suggest that you refer to the recipes I have provided in the book “Grandma’s Kitchen”, published by Lapis Lazuli Light. Focus on eating fresh fruits and vegetables, naturally-made sauerkraut, rejuvelac, and high energy soup. There are also many methods taught in books like “Hui Gui Shen De Xi Yue” (Note III). If your son does not actively participate in restoring his health, what you can do as a mother is limited. Your son is already an adult. He must take responsibility for his health.

Avoid wheat products such as noodles, bread and also dairy products. Some children are sensitive to dairy products, their intestines would bleed. Strictly eliminate wheat and dairy products. See if there is any improvement after a few weeks. Some children are harmed due to inoculation. They are unable to digest gluten and milk protein. They must completely abstain from these products. LLL Magazine has previously published a lot of information in this area.

For cooking, steaming or stewing over low heat makes digestion easier. Preferably do not add oil. This can be supplemented with sauces made from sprouted sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and other seeds and nuts.

The emotions you have when eating also play an important part in digestion. Choose a few methods to eliminate stress and practice them. Even taking deep breaths can relax the body and mind. I have introduced many techniques in my book “Hui Gui Xin De Xi Yue” (Note IV). Being close to nature is a good tonic. In short, we need to make big adjustments in the quality of life in order to have good health. Without good health, the rest is zero.


Note I: “jin qian cao” prescription: (This is my own formula)

  1. Take 1 teaspoon concentrated “jin qian cao” (gold coin grass or lysimachia christinae) powder (5:1) with warm water in the morning; or
  2. 1 part concentrated “cai hu” (Bupleurum chinense) powder to 3 part concentrated “jin qian cao” (gold coin grass) powder. Mix them together, preferably in a bottle. Take 1 teaspoon before breakfast.

Note II: Earthing means walking barefooted on land or lawn or wearing shoes with soles made from natural materials. It also means walking or lying on the beach at least several times per week, for at least 20 minutes each time. The more the better.

Note III: The book “Hui Gui Shen De Xi Yue”, meaning “Return to the Bliss of the Body”, is available only in Chinese.s

Note IV: The book “Hui Gui Xin De Xi Yue”, meaning “Return to the Bliss of the Mind”, is available only in Chinese.


 The original Chinese article is published in the May 2013 issue of Lapis magazine  

Dr. Lai’s Mailbox

Dr Chiu-Nan Lai

Question: I am 57 years old. In recent years because of my job my lifestyle has been against the rhythm of nature, such as using computer, spending long hours working under electrical light, occasionally staying up at night, and minimal exercises …… and so on. As a result within two years, my eyes suffer from floaters [Muscae volitantes ] and cataracts. I also suffer from insomnia due to anxiety caused by the need of eye surgery. The frightening thing is that this has led to autoimmune rheumatoid problems. The doctor said xerosis is “Sjögren’s syndrome” When appear in the eyes is most serious and painful: burning, a sandy sensation, pain, stickiness, sore, light sensitivity, tiredness and dryness …Now, I must take half of the regular dosage of pills for anxiety and sleeping.

For the last six months in order to heal myself, I have followed the LLL Magazine introduction of the raw diet of Japanese women, eating only a small amount of cooked food occasionally, taking friendly bacteria, Bliss Delight, Pure Aussie, and doing light therapy. I quit my job, exercise every day, and no longer use computer, cell phone, seldom switch on the light, washing my eyes with wheatgrass juice ……, I scrape my tongue daily. The coating on the tongue now is pale yellowish, more towards white in color.

Answer: Thank you for sharing the difficulties you are facing. The seemingly complex symptoms and long scientific names of illnesses are becoming more common in recent years. Illnesses that were seldom heard of in the past is now becoming more ordinary. I must also strive to study and research to find the answers. Sjögren’s syndrome that you are suffering from is one of the many immune system illnesses. This is mainly caused by disorders of the autonomic nervous system. Autonomic nervous disorders are related to modern living environment. These are triggered by the work pressure you felt, unnatural lifestyle plus the harm from computers. To be healthy, there are a lot of aspects to work on. You have already done a lot, and this is a very good start. I would supplement with the following suggestions:

1.The nervous system needs protection and repair. Use many of the methods of protection from electromagnetic field and microwave. For example, the Flower of Life pattern, Crystal Grid and many others recommended in the recent issues of LLL Magazines.

2.VitaminB complex nourishes the nervous system, but is also most easily lacking. Unprocessed sprouted grain, fermented food and seaweed have the highest content of B vitamins. If there is a lack of Vitamin B12, B1 cannot be absorbed. And B1 is needed by the nervous system. Also, if the secretion of digestive enzymes is not enough, even if there is adequate intake of B1 2, it still cannot be metabolised. As you grow older, the digestive enzymes secreted by the pancreas are greatly reduced. In this case, increase the intake of naturally fermented food such as sauerkraut, rejuvelac, naturally fermented grains, miso, etc. I would recommend that you make your own sauerkraut, which is introduced in my book. The new “Grandma’s Kitchen Cookbook” (Note) also has many methods of making naturally fermented sauerkraut, seed and grain milk, and grains. Any grains such as millet, oats, barley, and ancient wheat such as spelt, pearled barley and rice, and so on can be used to make rejuvelac. I would not use modern wheat varieties, as these varieties have been altered. The grains used to make rejuvelac can be added to bread or porridge for consumption. Eating sauerkraut with high protein food helps with digestion. In warm areas, make tempeh, natto and other fermented beans. Any beans can be used, but avoid soybeans as the majority of soybeans are not of the traditional varieties.

Essential trace elements and minerals are necessary for repairing the body and the mind. Regrettably most of the soils do not have enough trace minerals, which is why, even when you eat more of the produce from this kind of soil, it still cannot supplement the necessary trace minerals. Fortunately Pure Aussie can be used to supplement the mineral needs. The friendly bacteria and yeast in rejuvelac, sauerkraut, all fermented food can activate these minerals, increasing the colours of the food. Of course it is even better if we can supplement these marine minerals by growing our own vegetables or sprouts. I have previously mentioned that when making rejuvelac and sauerkraut, generally add one teaspoon of Pure Aussie to four cups of water. Grains used for cooking rice and porridge can also be fermented. Soak for six to eight hours, drain the water. Certain components of grains and legumes inhibit the absorption of nutrients, so discard the first round of soaking water, then add water again and soak for another day before cooking. Soaking for 24 hours is okay but may result in a sour taste in the rice and porridge. The nutritional value is higher but some people do not like the sour taste.

A woman suffered from systemic lupus erythematosus for many years. After supplementing her diet with sauerkraut for ten days, her facial erythema disappeared. She collected many medical studies, and discovered that in all immune function disorders, B12 and pancreatic enzymes are the important common missing factors, and B12 is not easily supplemented. The entire digestive tract must first be repaired before B12 can be metabolised, thus naturally fermented food is the answer.

Reference: Autoimmune Cause and the Cure by Annesse Brockley and Kristin Urdials http://www.naturehaditfirst.com/

Note: Grandma’s Kitchen Cookbook (Chinese) published by Lapis Lazuli Light (Malaysia).

The original Chinese article is published in the February 2013 issue of Lapis magazine

Dr Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Q: When I was pregnant at the age of 32, varicose veins appeared on my right foot and the groin. They receded after my child was born but are slowly making a comeback. As time goes by, the symptoms became more and more obvious. I have consulted with the Chinese and Western doctors, and they said that without surgery, it would not heal. Recently I found signs of varicose veins on the feet of my 10-year-old daughter. Why is it so? How can we improve the situation? Is there a therapy that can heal?

A book mentioned that problem on the right side is related to the men in our lives. Is that true? If so, what can we do to improve the situation?

A: There are several factors that cause varicose veins; one of which is the effect of fatty acid Omega-3 and Omega-6 on vascular health. Supplement your diet with sufficient fresh sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and linseeds. Another factor is inflammation due to excessive positive charge in the body and the accumulation of static electricity. Pay attention to measures that reduce electromagnetic waves and microwaves – especially having more contact with mother earth. Walking barefooted, or wear cloth-soled or leather-soled shoes serve conductivity. Sitting on the ground, on stone, or leaning against a tree are also ways to discharge static electricity and neutralise the positive electricity in the body. In the bedroom, it is best if you switch off all power sources, including those in the adjoining rooms. When you have time, take regular strolls on the beach or on lawns barefooted. Wishing you both well with prayer and blessing.


Q: What is the treatment for chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis)? How can autoimmune disorders return to normal? [Translator’s note: Autoimmunity is the failure of the immune system in distinguishing between self and non-self properly, thus attacking parts of the body.]

A: Thyroid belongs to the throat chakra, while the throat chakra is related to the root chakra. I would suggest harmonising qi to ensure that every chakra is open. At the same time, pay attention in protecting against electromagnetic waves. The book “Let There Be Light” introduces the use of colours. Use the sound ‘AH’ to open the throat chakra; speak out if you have something to say and not swallow your words. Try to look after all aspects of health holistically; for example, adopting a natural organic diet, releasing pent-up emotions, etc.

Please refer to the article on Earthing. It describes how our journey of self-healing can begin with connecting with qi from the earth.


Q: How can nasal allergies and high blood pressure be treated?

A: There are many methods introduced in the book “回歸身的喜悅” (Hui gui shen de xi yue) — from diet to detoxification, protection against electromagnetic waves, flushing liver stones and gallstones (“The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush” by Andreas Moritz) – that are beneficial for nasal allergies and high blood pressure.

There are many reasons that cause high blood pressure, like kidney diseases, diabetes and also electromagnetic waves. Sometimes, earthing can effectively lower blood pressure (pay special attention to minimize contact with electromagnetic waves and to turn off power supply in the bedroom.)


Q: From the time she was 6 months old, my daughter suffers from atopic dermatitis, and there were rashes all over her body. Later I found out that has food allergies – she cannot consume soy beans, milk and nuts. Cheese and red beans also cause itchiness, but seed portion is alright with her. 

Now she is four years old. As long as she does not eat those foods she is allergic to, basically the itchiness is very minimal. However, since we are vegetarians, we are hoping to improve her constitution, but we do not know what kinds of products can be used to strengthen her constitution. I read on Lapis Lazuli Light website that someone uses EM, and some said we should take probiotics. So I would like to seek your advice. Hope to hear from you.

A: To radically improve constitution, we must start from our maternal grandmother. The conditions surrounding the nine months in the womb becomes the health blueprint for a whole life. (Detailed description was published in previous issues of the Lapis Lazuli Light magazine). After birth, we can only compensate or complement the congenital conditions. For example, if the mother or maternal grandmother met with famine during pregnancy, the metabolism of the foetus had to adapt to food deprivation. After birth, if the child eats too much fish and meat, stomach and digestion will face problems.

Take a look at your own fingerprints to determine whether you have enough nutrition when you are in the womb. If there are a lot of whirls on your fingerprints, generally you do not have enough nutrition; if the fingerprints are arches or wave-like, it means you have better nutrition. Nature is the only nourishment for our bodies. Living in an environment that has clean air, soil and water is the best way to improve our physical conditions. Have more contact with the earth -step barefooted on the earth is very important, especially for sensitive constitution. In addition, reduce electromagnetic waves and (wireless) radio waves around you, especially in the bedroom. In all aspects of life in areas of basic necessities, reduce the use of man-made materials and additives.

However, for those living in big cities, it is very difficult to obtain the nourishments from nature. Hence, these years, Lapis Lazuli Light has been supplying and introducing supplements and products that indirectly draw nourishments from nature. For example, foods and minerals that contain radiance of life force – Bliss de Light, Pure Klamath Crystals, Pure Radiance C, Lightning Enzymes, and so on. At the same time, we have House Energy Enhancer that increases energy of the environment. Water and Food Magnetizing Enhancers improve the energy of water, food and items in daily life. These are all helpful in improving physical constitution.

Most importantly, Lapis Lazuli Light introduces the green lifestyle in the hope that everyone has access to radiance and colours in nature, and absorbs the nature’s force directly – through eating wild and organic foods, connecting with natural environment. This will also build a strong foundation for the physical constitution of our future generations of children.

 Translated from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2011 Nov Issue