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Dr Chiu-Nan Lai

Question: I am 57 years old. In recent years because of my job my lifestyle has been against the rhythm of nature, such as using computer, spending long hours working under electrical light, occasionally staying up at night, and minimal exercises …… and so on. As a result within two years, my eyes suffer from floaters [Muscae volitantes ] and cataracts. I also suffer from insomnia due to anxiety caused by the need of eye surgery. The frightening thing is that this has led to autoimmune rheumatoid problems. The doctor said xerosis is “Sjögren’s syndrome” When appear in the eyes is most serious and painful: burning, a sandy sensation, pain, stickiness, sore, light sensitivity, tiredness and dryness …Now, I must take half of the regular dosage of pills for anxiety and sleeping.

For the last six months in order to heal myself, I have followed the LLL Magazine introduction of the raw diet of Japanese women, eating only a small amount of cooked food occasionally, taking friendly bacteria, Bliss Delight, Pure Aussie, and doing light therapy. I quit my job, exercise every day, and no longer use computer, cell phone, seldom switch on the light, washing my eyes with wheatgrass juice ……, I scrape my tongue daily. The coating on the tongue now is pale yellowish, more towards white in color.

Answer: Thank you for sharing the difficulties you are facing. The seemingly complex symptoms and long scientific names of illnesses are becoming more common in recent years. Illnesses that were seldom heard of in the past is now becoming more ordinary. I must also strive to study and research to find the answers. Sjögren’s syndrome that you are suffering from is one of the many immune system illnesses. This is mainly caused by disorders of the autonomic nervous system. Autonomic nervous disorders are related to modern living environment. These are triggered by the work pressure you felt, unnatural lifestyle plus the harm from computers. To be healthy, there are a lot of aspects to work on. You have already done a lot, and this is a very good start. I would supplement with the following suggestions:

1.The nervous system needs protection and repair. Use many of the methods of protection from electromagnetic field and microwave. For example, the Flower of Life pattern, Crystal Grid and many others recommended in the recent issues of LLL Magazines.

2.VitaminB complex nourishes the nervous system, but is also most easily lacking. Unprocessed sprouted grain, fermented food and seaweed have the highest content of B vitamins. If there is a lack of Vitamin B12, B1 cannot be absorbed. And B1 is needed by the nervous system. Also, if the secretion of digestive enzymes is not enough, even if there is adequate intake of B1 2, it still cannot be metabolised. As you grow older, the digestive enzymes secreted by the pancreas are greatly reduced. In this case, increase the intake of naturally fermented food such as sauerkraut, rejuvelac, naturally fermented grains, miso, etc. I would recommend that you make your own sauerkraut, which is introduced in my book. The new “Grandma’s Kitchen Cookbook” (Note) also has many methods of making naturally fermented sauerkraut, seed and grain milk, and grains. Any grains such as millet, oats, barley, and ancient wheat such as spelt, pearled barley and rice, and so on can be used to make rejuvelac. I would not use modern wheat varieties, as these varieties have been altered. The grains used to make rejuvelac can be added to bread or porridge for consumption. Eating sauerkraut with high protein food helps with digestion. In warm areas, make tempeh, natto and other fermented beans. Any beans can be used, but avoid soybeans as the majority of soybeans are not of the traditional varieties.

Essential trace elements and minerals are necessary for repairing the body and the mind. Regrettably most of the soils do not have enough trace minerals, which is why, even when you eat more of the produce from this kind of soil, it still cannot supplement the necessary trace minerals. Fortunately Pure Aussie can be used to supplement the mineral needs. The friendly bacteria and yeast in rejuvelac, sauerkraut, all fermented food can activate these minerals, increasing the colours of the food. Of course it is even better if we can supplement these marine minerals by growing our own vegetables or sprouts. I have previously mentioned that when making rejuvelac and sauerkraut, generally add one teaspoon of Pure Aussie to four cups of water. Grains used for cooking rice and porridge can also be fermented. Soak for six to eight hours, drain the water. Certain components of grains and legumes inhibit the absorption of nutrients, so discard the first round of soaking water, then add water again and soak for another day before cooking. Soaking for 24 hours is okay but may result in a sour taste in the rice and porridge. The nutritional value is higher but some people do not like the sour taste.

A woman suffered from systemic lupus erythematosus for many years. After supplementing her diet with sauerkraut for ten days, her facial erythema disappeared. She collected many medical studies, and discovered that in all immune function disorders, B12 and pancreatic enzymes are the important common missing factors, and B12 is not easily supplemented. The entire digestive tract must first be repaired before B12 can be metabolised, thus naturally fermented food is the answer.

Reference: Autoimmune Cause and the Cure by Annesse Brockley and Kristin Urdials http://www.naturehaditfirst.com/

Note: Grandma’s Kitchen Cookbook (Chinese) published by Lapis Lazuli Light (Malaysia).

The original Chinese article is published in the February 2013 issue of Lapis magazine