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Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Q: In 2010, I had an ultrasound and discovered a 6mm polyp in the gallbladder. In 2012, it increased to 8mm. Another examination in 2013, the doctor believed the polyp to be a lesion and has scheduled a cholecystectomy for me on the 7th of July.

I do not want to remove the gallbladder. I am afraid of side effects. For instance, the liver, gallbladder and the gastrointestinal digestive system may be affected. I am also fearful that in the future, I may be tied to the toilet all the time, affecting my work and daily life. On the other hand, I am worried that the polyp may mutate. I am very distressed.

Dr. Lai, is there a cure? What would you suggest? I believe your insights can help solve my problems. I look forward to your reply.

A: The liver is the “weather station”. Environmental pollution harms the liver and gallbladder. Microwaves in the big cities, radio waves and electromagnetic waves are very strong and several million times more than that of nature. The body is completely unable to function properly. Thus modern problems continue to emerge. Even among children, some suffer from depression and lack of energy.

Firstly, protect ourselves to the best of our abilities. Change all cordless phones, wireless Internet into cabled phone and Internet. Choose organic, fresh, unprocessed food for consumption. There are some suggestions for a natural diet in “Grandma’s Kitchen”. Almost all processed foods contain GM food ingredients such as, soy oil, soybean oil, corn oil and canola oil. Generally, 90% of the foods in the market are contaminated by GMO. Avoid using microwave technology completely.

Absorbing radiance from food is an important principle in healthcare. Wild, organically grown foods have the most colours. Meat and fish have no colour because they are corpses. Nowadays, most of the animals are unhealthy due to antibiotics and other drugs which are added into their feed.

Eat clean food, drink clean water and consume naturally fermented sauerkraut. Ingredients must be organic vegetables which are not grown with pesticides. Refer to “Dr. Lai’s Health Tips” and “Grandma’s Kitchen” for the methods.

There was a medical research which studied patients with colorectal polyps eating a pound of sauerkraut a day. Four to six weeks later, the polyps disappeared. Organic vegetables and natural sea salt must be used. Nuclear radiation contamination in the environment can be expelled quickly by consuming naturally-made sauerkraut using the German method. Refer to “Grandma’s Kitchen” (Note II).

Gallbladder meridian starts at the centre of the eyebrow. If facing the computer regularly, the acupoints of the entire face will get the negative energy, especially in the gallbladder meridian. Touch the centre of the eyebrow with the fingers of one hand (must do both sides). Let the other hand drop and move naturally (see picture for illustration). When getting rid of negative energy, the hand will turn anti-clockwise. When supplementing positive energy, the hand will turn clockwise. Do it after using computer every day.

Polyps in the gallbladder were rare in the past but are more common now. This is because the environment we live in is destroyed. It is also related to using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to grow food, genetic modification, etc. This problem cannot be resolved in a few simple words nor can it be settled using one or two remedies.

Please refer to Taiwan Lapis Magazine Feb 2013 where we have introduced noxious earth energies, and geological fault lines, and the article “Why Are Bees Disappearing? Why Is The Incidence Of Cancer Rising Rapidly?” (Taiwan Lapis Magazine May 2013 or Singapore Lapis News Oct-Dec 2013).

 You can also refer to the following articles: “Water – The Source Of Life, The Source Of Illness” (Taiwan Lapis Magazine Nov 2013 or Singapore Lapis News Mar-May 2007) and “Caring For Your Liver; Protecting Your Environment” (Taiwan Lapis Magazine Feb 2006 or Singapore Lapis News Jun-Aug 2006).


Q: I have learnt meditation for a year and now I am very afraid of cold and I am very sensitive. In the recent months, the body is very itchy and medication is useless. Is there any other way?

A: If you meditate correctly, the body should feel warmer -not colder- unless you have sat too long and the base chakra is closed. Moving around daily helps maintain an open base chakra. Reaction in the body may be directly related to electrical pollution. From the perspective of anthroposophy, when the nervous system is stimulated, the body would turn “cold”. Exercise and doing more hands and feet movements can warm up the body. Electromagnetic waves and radio waves stimulate the nervous system, and this causes the body to cool down.

Nowadays, common diseases, cancer and the hardening of the arteries are “cold” diseases. So is being afraid of the cold. Pruritus is related to electromagnetic pollution. Too much histamine secretion in the blood causes allergic reactions. Pay attention to reducing information received from wireless sources such as, cell phones, cordless phones and wireless Internet access.

Taking more walks in nature, grounding and oil baths are effective ways to warm-up. For more details please refer to the book “Hui Gui Shen De Xi Yue” (Note I).


Q: Both my knees were injured after four accidents. I just discovered that now when I squat down, there is a “popping” sound. There is a feeling of weakness especially on the left knee, as the injury on the left was more severe than on the right. How can I protect my knees and prevent them from worsening?

A: If you do not clear the trauma after a car accident, it is easy to experience another car accident. You have gone through four car accidents and you need a good clearing of the trauma for each accident. Research in traumatic experience shows that “trauma duplicates trauma” and your experience confirms this phenomenon.

When you calm down, deliberately recall the most recent car accident and observe the body’s responses. Let the body release the panic prevailing at that time. You may need to recall the memories several times until the panic is almost cleared. Only then can you start recalling the third car accident. In this way, clear the trauma of every car accident. Also, practice the “shaking off” exercise to shake off trauma and fear.

After the car accidents, you may have been anesthetised and anaesthetic residues have to be cleared. Dr. May has shared using visualisation to heal himself after his accident. He specially taught visualising that you have 18 hands and the hands reaching towards the sun to absorb the radiance from the sun. And then bringing that radiance to your own body and massaging the injured parts. Recently, a reader was seriously injured in a car accident. She could not move her neck and her knees required surgery. She remembered the above method. In less than two to three days, she could turn her neck and her knees no longer needed surgery. You can seriously consider doing that.

Another recommendation is to supplement with nutritional products that are beneficial for bone marrow. Try “Renewal of the Ancient (Bone Renewal)”, a product researched and developed for many years by Dr. May’s Company.


Q: If we can change the energy of material, then we can choose non-organic fruits and vegetables and then just chant a mantra to the food to improve the food energy. Then why should we pay more to buy higher-priced organic fruits and vegetables?

A: The reason we buy organic fruits and vegetables is that in addition to eating food that is clean and without pesticides, if the soil has complete minerals and trace elements, only then can we also get the nourishment of colour. Energy measurement only gives a rough measure, it cannot measure details. Additional testing is required to measure the energy of colours. For food that has good original energy, the chanting of mantra can further increase its energy. Whereas in the case of the originally low energy foods, the improvement is limited.

In the absence of choice, in order to enhance food energy, chanting can at least turn negative energy into positive energy, which can influence our body. But when there is a good choice, we would choose the food grown from natural farming. This gives us more colourful, more nutritious and higher-energy food and reduces air and water pollution. Thus, we preserve a clean and fertile land for our offspring.


Q: For almost a year, I am unable to sleep soundly. Without good sleep, I wake up feeling very tired. I suffered from nocturia and have to get up a few times at night. How can I solve these problems? I feel depressed and unhappy. My four-year old child suffers from nasal congestion (not from cold) in the morning and evening and the skin is prone to itching. How can the condition be improved?

A: The situation you talked about is connected with microwaves and radio waves in the environment. Please refer to the article “Why Are Bees Disappearing? Why Is The Incidence Of Cancer Rising Rapidly?” in October 2013 issue of Lapis News.

Sleep is related to the increased secretion of melanin. However, the pineal body cannot distinguish between light and man-made radio waves. Thus, the melanin secretion at night is just the same as in the day. This in turn affects your sleep pattern.

Meanwhile radio waves harm kidneys and adrenal glands. Higher urinary frequency is one of the body’s responses. In addition to reducing electromagnetic waves and microwaves at home and at work, you can try the visualisation method for recovery taught by Dr. Mitchell May. Imagine that you have 18 hands, stretching towards the sun. After absorbing the solar energy, massage different parts of the body, such as the liver, kidney and the head. Electricity is “yin” energy and the “yang” energy from the sun can help.


Q: Why does the base chakra of the elderly feel cold and how can the condition be improved?

The energy of the body is directly connected to the base chakra. If the base chakra is closed, the body tends to have problems. There are a few reasons as to why the chakra is turned off: radio waves, anesthetics and coccyx injuries during childbirth will close the base chakra. Balancing the qi daily is one way (Refer to Dr. Lai’s Health Tips).

The crane walk in Waidangong is also effective, so is the swinging of the coccyx back and forth, the exercise taught by Dr. Mitchell May. Legs standing apart, hands on the hips, squat down and then stand up for a couple of times is also another method. If the base chakra is closed as a result of anesthetic, you need to use the anesthetic discarding approach. If it is due to coccyx injury, then you need to adjust the coccyx.



Note I: The book “Hui Gui Shen De Xi Yue”, meaning “Return to the Bliss of the Body”, is available only in Chinese.

Note II: The cookbook “Grandma’s Kitchen” is available only in Chinese.

The original Chinese article is published in the August 2013 issue of Lapis magazine

Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.


Q: Why are teachers prone to illnesses such as retinal detachment, high blood pressure and dry eyes? How can we prevent and treat them?

A: Teachers usually face groups of students. These groups are usually big given the number of students at schools. Almost every student carries a cellular phone, so when everyone sits together, the harm from the cellular phones are enormous. I suggest that teachers remind students to switch off their cellular phones whenever they enter the classrooms. Do not even allow for vibration as the radiation from the vibration is even stronger.

Through dowsing, you can test who has not turned off their cellular phone because the pendulum will definitely turn anti-clockwise. Students can also be asked to deposit their cellular phones in a common area when they enter the classroom, and collect them when they leave. Emphasize to the students the importance of this practice. All who work with groups of people will need to do this for their protection, and this may also set a new trend for students to focus on study when they come to school, where they do not need to bring their hand phones along.

The cellular-phone culture has altered the interactions between people. Recently while I was in China having a meal gathering with a big table full of people, we could have taken the chance to chat and get to know each other, but there were cellular phones ringing here and there, and everyone ended up talking on their phones. Although we were sitting together around the same table, we were actually not together. Take a glance into the restaurants where families hardly get together to have meals. Each individual family member is busy talking on their own phones. I feel that the entire culture, togetherness and the interpersonal care and warmth have greatly diminished.

Everyone cares only for themselves. Parents due to their worries insist that their children carry cellular phones for easy contact. This is why children have hand phones, but the actual time spent between parents and children are sadly little. These parents think that as long as they can easily reach their children, they then need not worry for their whereabouts. Parents may not actually have the intention to spend time with their children.

I think this culture has to be revalued – what is important, what is not, what is precious – the gathering among people, the interactions with one another, whether you are fully present to interact with them. It is really a matter of quality — the quality of time. This is a matter of spending high quality time. I think this is about one’s value system in life.

Now, about improving the eyes. In our US workshops, we invited a teacher, Meir Schneider, who was once completely blind but had later regained his eyesight. Meir had cataract since young and basically could not see. When he was about 16 or 17 years old, a 19 year old teenager taught him some natural eye exercises, and he regained his eyesight.

Retinal detachment may be due to many reasons, one of which is looking at the computer screen for too long or watching TV, where the peripheral vision is not used at all. Generally, modern people’s peripheral vision has deteriorated, as we normally look towards the front. Hence there are methods on stimulating the peripheral vision. For example, when watching our hands move in the 4 directions around our heads, we are stimulating the peripheral vision. For some short-sighted people, this exercise can be practiced for as far as their peripheral vision goes. In the past, people used to have very far distanced peripheral vision, but nowadays, this is no longer true. That is why some people designed a ball that is intended to test their peripheral vision as they move their heads. Taking a walk on a very dark night can also train the peripheral vision.

How do we practice looking far away by ourselves? Go outdoors and view the sceneries. Look at nature far away then near. Continue the exercise by alternating between the two distances – far and near. We, people of this modern age, have all over used close distance viewing of the fluorescent screen, whether through computer or the television. We have over extended and harmed our optic nerves. So get outdoors and look far away whenever possible. By alternating between looking far and close, allows the optic nerves to relax. Letting the sun shine on closed eyes also helps in improving our eyesight, as sunlight has a nourishing effect.

Also relax. At work or upon returning home, rub the palms warm, and cover the eyes with them. Allow the optic nerves to completely relax. Note if the color black can be seen. Seeing the color black indicates that the optic nerves have completely relaxed. If only other colors are seen, it means that the optic nerves have not relaxed fully. Therefore, if you have problem with the optic nerves, regardless of whether it is short-sightedness or aging, try to do this exercise for 20 minutes daily or whenever you have time. The teacher that I mentioned earlier did this continuously for three months, before his optic nerves finally relax enough for him to see the color black, and the window for the first time. Hence for people whose optic nerves are not in good form, the relaxation will take a while to happen. Upon full relaxation, the vision will recover. Thus, allow the optic nerves to relax whenever you are free.

Modern people over use the eyes, whether from viewing the computer or television. I believe many teachers face the computers frequently. This is very hurtful for the eyes. Appropriate relaxation is a must. Body relaxation, especially on the eyes. Have some outdoor sun. In addition, a half hour can be spent daily on using “vision training glasses” and let the peripheral vision nerves around the eyes exercise. You can also place the Ancient Light Crystals on your eyelids to charge the energy field of your eyes. In addition, it is better to use LCD computer screen than the computer screens and CPUs of the olden days which are very harmful.

Besides using LCD flat screens, we should also consider protecting ourselves against electromagnetic waves. We have many articles on protection against electromagnetic waves, various methods discussed can be found in Dr Lai’s Health Tips and in articles from the Lapis Lazuli Light Magazines. You may also try mantras which some people feel is inconceivable. However, mantras do have a protective effect. One may use different methods. Peat moss also possesses the protective effect against the electromagnetic waves.

Those with high blood pressure are also generally affected by the electromagnetic waves in the environment. Modern people would also often feel stressed out. Regarding the relaxation method mentioned above, one may think of light to stay in a relaxed state at any time. When our body needs healing, we may visualize golden light filling up our eyes. All parts requiring healing are all light. If we may use energy to heal ourselves many times daily, just thinking that our whole body is light, possibly without even thinking about nourishment then when you are teaching, thinking that your entire body is light, you are healing all the time, thus, allowing yourself to be unharmed.

The same applies to the dry eye disease. Radiation or electromagnetic waves from cellular phones are especially harmful to the smaller parts of our body like our eyes and ears.

Although we may not directly feel the harm in our eyes, our genes have already absorbed the radiation. Genes generally absorb 400 times more of the radiation than any other organizational parts of our body. Hence our eyes and ears are the most vulnerable to harm.

In Kaohsiung of Taiwan, a young man suddenly lost his vision and ability to walk one day. He was sent to the hospital. The doctor could not do anything as the cause was unclear. His father called his sister in the United States, and complained tearfully. His sister then found me. My first question was if her brother uses a cell phone. She then related that this young man talks on the cell phone, for eight hours daily due to his job, for the past ten years. Moreover, this child loves to eat meat, barbequed and deep-fried, and does not eat vegetables.

Under such circumstances, I did not know if his optic nerves are toasted and whether they could recover. I have no idea. We just had to do our best. Certainly, he has to stop using any cellular phone, to not touch any computers or cellular phones again. After which I taught him to use energy work. At that time, I encourage him to drink good quality water, eat organic fruits and vegetables, and take nutritional supplements with high energetic vibrations, to change his diet completely. A few months later when I met his sister, she wept and thanked me. She said that five weeks after the changes, her brother’s vision recovered by 60% and was able to walk. Thereafter, he fully recovered. This is a true story.

There are more than 40 of such cases in Kaohsiung. Doctors were unable to diagnose what happened. Nowadays, many people have over-used these products. Hence, bringing upon the rise of many different strange illnesses. Dry eye disease is the result of the eyes being harmed by radiation. Radiation causes dehydration to the body, including the eyes. This problem can be solved by drinking more water; water of good quality.

Then there is liver which governs water in the body. If liver is hurt, the transportation of blood throughout the body will also be affected. For the above mentioned, protecting our environment is protecting our liver. I have written before on taking good care of your liver, treasuring your liver, and loving your environment, because liver and the environment is closely related. This is a big issue that concerns all and is no longer an individual matter! 

The original Chinese article is published in the May 2008 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at:



Q: I am 57 years old. In recent years, due to my job, my lifestyle has been going against the rhythm of nature, such as, using the computer, spending long hours working under electrical light, occasionally staying up at night and doing minimal exercises.

 As a result, within two years, my eyes suffer from floaters [Muscae volitantes ] and cataracts. I also suffer from insomnia due to anxiety caused by the need of eye surgery. The frightening thing is that this has led to autoimmune rheumatoid problems. The doctor said xerosis is “Sjögren’s syndrome”. When it appears in the eyes, it is very serious and painful: burning, a sandy sensation, pain, stickiness, soreness, light sensitivity, tiredness and dryness. Now, I must take half of the regular dosage of pills for anxiety and sleeping.

For the last six months, in order to heal myself, I have followed the Lapis Lazuli Light (LLL) Magazine‘s recommendation of the raw diet of Japanese women, eating only a small amount of cooked food occasionally, taking friendly bacteria, Bliss Delight, Pure Aussie and doing light therapy. I quit my job, exercise every day and no longer use the computer and cell phone. I seldom switch on the light and wash my eyes with wheatgrass juice. I scrape my tongue daily. The coating on the tongue now is pale yellowish, more towards white in color.

A: Thank you for sharing the difficulties you are facing. The seemingly complex symptoms and long scientific names of illnesses are becoming more common in recent years. Illnesses that were seldom heard of in the past is now becoming more ordinary. I must also strive to study and research to find the answers.

Sjögren’s syndrome that you are suffering from is one of the many immune system illnesses. This is mainly caused by disorders of the autonomic nervous system. Autonomic nervous disorders are related to the modern living environment. These are triggered by the work pressure you felt, unnatural lifestyle plus the harm from computers. To be healthy, there are a lot of aspects to work on. You have already done a lot and this is a very good start.

I would supplement with the following suggestions:

1.The nervous system needs protection and repair. Use the many methods of protection from electromagnetic field and microwave such as, the Flower of Life pattern, Crystal Grid and others recommended in the recent issues of LLL Magazines.

2.Vitamin B complex nourishes the nervous system but is also commonly lacking. Unprocessed sprouted grain, fermented food and seaweed have the highest content of B vitamins. If there is a lack of Vitamin B12, B1 cannot be absorbed. And B1 is needed by the nervous system. Also, if the secretion of digestive enzymes is not enough, even if there is adequate intake of B1 2, it still cannot be metabolised.

As you grow older, the digestive enzymes secreted by the pancreas are greatly reduced. In this case, increase the intake of naturally fermented food such as sauerkraut, rejuvelac, naturally fermented grains, miso, etc. I would recommend that you make your own sauerkraut, which is introduced in my book. The new “Grandma’s Kitchen Cookbook” (Note) also has many methods of making naturally fermented sauerkraut, seed and grain milk and grains. Any grains such as millet, oats, barley and ancient wheat such as spelt, pearl barley and rice can be used to make rejuvelac. I would not use modern wheat varieties, as these varieties have been altered. The grains used to make rejuvelac can be added to bread or porridge for consumption. Eating sauerkraut with high protein food helps with digestion. In warm regions, make tempeh, natto and other fermented beans. Any beans can be used, but avoid soybeans as the majority of soybeans are not of the traditional varieties.

Essential trace elements and minerals are necessary for repairing the body and the mind. Regrettably most of the soils do not have enough trace minerals, which is why, even when you eat more of the produce from this kind of soil, it still cannot supplement the necessary trace minerals.

Fortunately, Pure Aussie can be used to supplement mineral needs. The friendly bacteria and yeast in rejuvelac, sauerkraut and all fermented food can activate these minerals, increasing the colours of the food. Of course it is even better if we can supplement these marine minerals by growing our own vegetables or sprouts.

I have previously mentioned that when making rejuvelac and sauerkraut, generally add one teaspoon of Pure Aussie to four cups of water. Grains used for cooking rice and porridge can also be fermented. Soak for six to eight hours, drain the water. Certain components of grains and legumes inhibit the absorption of nutrients, so discard the first round of water used for soaking, then add water again and soak for another day before cooking. Soaking for 24 hours is okay but may result in a sour taste in the rice and porridge. The nutritional value is higher but some people do not like the sour taste.

A woman suffered from systemic lupus erythematosus for many years. After supplementing her diet with sauerkraut for ten days, her facial erythema disappeared. She collected many medical studies and discovered that in all immune function disorders, B12 and pancreatic enzymes are the important commonly missing factors and B12 is not easily supplemented. The entire digestive tract must first be repaired before B12 can be metabolised, thus naturally fermented food is the answer. 

Reference: Autoimmune Cause and the Cure by Annesse Brockley and Kristin Urdials http://www.naturehaditfirst.com/

Note: Grandma’s Kitchen Cookbook (Chinese) published by Lapis Lazuli Light (Malaysia).

The original Chinese article is published in the Feb 2013 issue of Lapis magazine