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By Understanding The Truth About Life, A Medical Miracle Was Created: A True Story

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Dr Mitchell May is the CEO and founder of The Synergy Company. His life changed thirty years ago, when he narrowly escaped death in a car accident. He was 21 years old then, and shortly before that fateful car accident, he had prayed that he would not waste this life and that he would realize the truth about life. Right after that prayer, the car that he and his friends were in had a head-on collision with another car. Both his legs were crashed through the car window, but interestingly, other than Mitchell, none of the other passengers were seriously injured. Medical aid workers at the scene of the accident pronounced him dead. His consciousness had left his physical body, and met three other higher-level consciousness who said that his mission on earth was not completed yet, and that he had to quickly return to earth.

Doctors found that his legs were broken in forty places, and his right leg was short of three inches of bones and nerves. There was no flesh below his knee cap; only bones remained. Serious internal injury, along with blood and bone infections, caused him to drift in and out of coma. The doctors insisted that his right leg be amputated to prevent the spread of infection, and to stop the excruciating pain that could not be stopped by any medication. A team of doctors predicted that he would never be able to walk, and that his eyes and ears would never completely recover their functions. Today, Dr. May can fully walk with ease. Not only has his health fully recovered, but he is also helping countless patients recover their health. How did he do this?

After the accident, Mitchell’s parents transferred him from the Tennessee hospital to the Medical Centre of the University of California, Los Angeles, where his father was a university Professor in the department of engineering. A team of seventy specialists worked on saving his endangened life. He intermittently drifted in and out of comas, but always insisted on not amputating his leg every time he regained consciousness. He withstood twenty four hours of excruciating pain daily, a pain (termed Causalgia in medical science) inflicted on the nerves that cannot be stopped by anesthesia. This torment went on for two months, and Mitchell’s weight fell from over 100 pounds to 87 pounds. His mother could not bear to see her son in agony, and in a moment of inspiration, sought help form Professor Thelma Moss (Ph.D) of UCLA’s Parapsychology Department. At that time, one of the participants in Professor Moss’ research was Jack Gray, a person gifted with healing powers. A day before Mitchell’s mother approached Professor Moss, Jack had predicted that someone would seek help, and that he would assist only if it was part of a research program. The following day, Jack showed up in Mitchell’s hospital room after a long day’s work. Jack requested that Mitchell’s parents be present because it was important that Mitchell connected with his parents’ energy during this recovery. Jack approached Mitchell’s bedside, carefully avoiding the space beyond Mitchell’s right leg. Jack used his hands to outline Mitchell’s aura, an action that immediately attracted Mitchell’s attention-prior to this, every time a doctor or nurse walked past his right leg, Mitchell would scream in pain as if someone had stepped on his physical body. At that time, the doctors did not have any knowledge about auras, and thought that his reaction arose from fear and anxiety. On the other hand, Jack seemed to be able to sense that Mitchell’s right leg was leaking energy. Jack gently put his hand on Mitchell’s forehead, and said: “You are created in the image of god, and you possess everything you need to recover.” That night, Jack stayed for twelve hours. He showed Mitchell how to use his mind to control his body’s reaction. Jack could put his hand over fire and not have any reaction, as well as prick his skin with needles and control the bleeding. Jack used a flashing blue light and sound from the Dantian area (below the navel) to bring Mitchell beyond time and space. Jack also placed his hands over Mitchell’s body to repair the latter’s aura. Jack did this for three consecutive nights. On the third morning, a miracle happened. Mitchell’s pain stopped-this is the first medical case of pain stopping spontaneously after a person’s nerves had been injured. Mitchell later recalled those days, and made the following observation: “If we restrict ourselves within the “small I” and normal consciousness, we will feel pain, fear, doubt, and limitation. On the other hand, if we think about our “Greater Self” and the dimension beyond time and space, we can connect with spiritual creative power and healing energy.” Mitchell also learned how to regenerate new flesh, nerves, and bones, and rewrote his life story.

A few months later, Jack expressed interest in having Mitchell as an apprentice so that Mitchell could carry on his work. Mitchell studied with Jack for seven years until the latter passed away.

Mitchell’s recovery was an arduous process. He spent nine months in the intensive care unit of the hospital, two years in a wheelchair, and two years using a crutch. Four years after the accident, he was able to use his right leg. Since then, he takes regular mountain hikes, and can walk as normal. His bone specialist, Dr. Edgar Dawson, considers his recovery to be a miracle and impossible from a medical perspective-X-rays taken after Dr. May’s recovery showed that his ankle had re-grown; also, he should have been in constant pain because his hip joints, knee caps, and ankles do not have cartilages.

During his recovery, Mitchell investigated plants that can raise one’s energy levels. Integrating eastern and western medical knowledge, he combined green algae, sprouts, Chinese and western herbs, and particularly mushrooms and fruits to create a high energy green powder. In the early days, he supplied this to patients of doctors he knew. After these doctors noticed that Mitchell was full of energy, they tried the powder themselves with good effects. They encouraged him to supply this powder to the public, and this led to the creation of The Synergy Company.

After Jack passed away, Mitchell took over the care of his patients. At one point in time, he was tending to patients twelve hours a day. Later, because the demand for his services exceeded his capacity, he focused his attention to creating high energy products. Some of his views on healing are described below.

Human beings have five bodies: physical body, emotional body, mythological body, energy body, and luminous body:

  • Physical body: Our cells contain billions of years of life force. We are made of stars, planets, and the galaxies. The physical body is the physical manifestation of the spirit.
  • Emotional body: This body reflects the influence of our family history, relationships, and society. It is inseparable from the physical body, and is the body most in need of healing in this culture.
  • Mythological body: This body is not constrained by time and space. It operates in the arena of our subconscious and the primal creative energy. It is the world of dreams, shamans, and miracles. We communicate with the unseen world through this body.
  • Energy body: This is the body where we connect with our spirituality. It is the source of health and recovery, and it is as old and expansive as the universe.
  • Luminous body: This body provides us with the nourishment from the cosmos and the spirit. It contains the source of life energy, and has the capacity to heal and nourish. It is also a conduit for communication with the other bodies. It is through this body that we learn the language of energy.

How To Enter The Space Of Healing

Dr. May emphasizes that healing comes from the dimension that transcends time and space. We enter this dimension through breathing, movement, thoughts, or feelings. The key point is to direct our attention away from the daily life. People generally spend most of their time focusing on daily activities, family and work affairs. Healing goes beyond time and space. Once we have a personal experience, it becomes the support for our lives. The most basic definition of healing refers to the breaking free from old habits and views. Although patients seeking heap from Mitchell only want to heal their physical bodies, Mitchell’s aim is to let every patient find freedom. Generally, when people experience physical, emotional, or interpersonal problems, it is the time when they are most ready to take a fresh perspective of life and to accept the real nature of life.

Experiencing the real nature of life can happen anytime in ordinary life. It is like learning to play the flute-if we practice for fifteen minutes everyday, we will reap fifteen minutes of reward. We need to be relaxed and practice frequently. The practice of silent contemplation is like drip irrigation. We will experience success only when we contemplate on our true nature bit by bit every day on a regular basis. Regulating our breath, taichi, yoga, qigong and so on can help assist restoration of our health. The images we hold in our consciousness have a significant impact on our energy levels and flow throughout the body. When we breath, direct the breath to the pelvic region, and let the tailbone naturally move back and forth. Abdominal breathing will automatically massage the spine. The tailbone is also a source of energy. If we use this method to breath for ten times or more a day, our body and mind will improve.

Eat Your Way To Health

What we eat and drink should increase our energy level. Plants and herbs can regulate our entire body’s energy. Unfortunately, most foods now tend to exhaust our life energy. This is because unnatural food does not harmonize well with the body, and this depletes our energy and hurts our health. Our energy is used on survival in a polluted environment, and not in nourishing our body and mind. It is estimated that about seventy percent of chronic illnesses such as heart attacks and respiratory ailments are related to diet. Commercial agricultural practices that destroy food quality are unethical and criminal. Many people who change their diet, as well as engage in deep breathing and exercises, have seen their ailments miraculously healed. Dr. May is aware of several medical cases where patients who undergo complete recovery within three weeks to six months by eating food grown organically or biodynamically.

How To Survive In A Polluted Environment

We should avoid or reduce our exposure to pollutants. In our home, try to use organic products, and avoid chemicals, radiation, electromagnetic fields, insecticides, and so on. If we are exposed to unavoidable or insidious pollutants around us in the environment, we can only use our consciousness to raise our energy level, visualize ourselves as light and vast as the space. In this way, the pollutants will not remain in our body, but merely pass through it. In the past, Dr. May frequently visited the hospital, and come in contact with people who have serious ailments. If he is in his ordinary consciousness under such circumstances, he could be hurt. Be in consciousness that transcends time and space, even serious ailments can be released. We should be aware that some people and children are particularly susceptible to harm through pollutants in the environment. Many irresponsible and unethical enterprises spread pollutants over the entire earth, and these pollutants have long-term adverse effects on the earth, humans, animals, and plants. Genetic engineering of agricultural products is a very irresponsible approach. It is extremely dangerous to release these genetic codes to the environment as they have very long term effects. May be some of these genetic modification have benefits, but these need long term experimentation and monitoring in a controlled environment. Unfortunately, production of these genetically modified products is currently motivated by greed and not concern for public welfare.

Say “Yes” To Life

Many people do not really live in the present moment, or live within their bodies. They want to escape from this earth the moment they arrive, and therefore are insensitive toward their body. As a result, they easily fall ill. Accepting life is to experience living within the body. Everyday, do some activities that allow the body to feel joy; such activities include sports, massage, qigong, taichi, yoga, dance, deep breathing, etc. The physical body is a manifestation of the spirit, so don’t neglect it. Develop care and concern towards the body, especially areas that have experienced injury or ailments. Send your greatest sense of love to your entire body, especially areas that are in need of this love. Dr. May’s friend fell from the stairs, and her legs were blue-black and swollen. When she fully felt and sent love to the injured part, the swelling disappeared after twenty minutes, and she was fine the next day.

Healing Emotions And Re-Writing Life’s Script

If life is a stage, then each of us is acting out a different script. When we are immersed in the script, we do not realize that this is after all just a script. We have long forgotten how the script was written-perhaps, it was written in our childhood or past lives. When we clearly recognize the story that we are playing, we can choose to make changes to it. Jack taught Mitchell to recognize his own life story, and then to alter this story. After Mitchell had re-written his story, his health not only improved, but his life experiences also changed. Prior to this, his script was that the earth was unsafe and dangerous. During the healing process, we have to confront all our negative emotions and release the energies trapped within our bodies. Once this is done, we will have more energy and wealth. Otherwise, our emotional responses become blind, and will be absorbed by unreleased energies within us. Once these emotions are released, our energy level goes up, and we will be able to treat ourselves and others with forgiveness and compassion. We will also be able to have the courage to face our emotions, which will then allow us to heal the holes in our emotional bodies.

A sense of guilt can take us to unfinished business, unreleased energy, and incomplete experiences. Where is it stored within the body? Similarly, where is fear stored within the body? Fear and emotional wounds trap lots of energy within our bodies, and these need to be released. The energy we need is stuck within these unreleased emotions. Releasing these emotions also unlocks the energy for recovery.

True forgiveness and repentance can only occur when we truly feel and experience the emotions associated with various life experiences. Dr. May reminds us that we have to accept life and face life. We have to accept life with equanimity, and with a mind that does not discriminate between good and bad experiences. It is through life that we can grow and become free.


Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2003 May Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore