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Rise and Set with the sun

An environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, and healthful solution. Many years ago, a lady told me that she and her family had lived for nine years in a natural environment without electricity. When they first moved back to the city, she had great difficulty adapting to an electricity-permeated environment. She was constantly tired, and had to switch off the refrigerator at night before she could sleep. Bob Cannard, a farmer in Northern California, works all day in the farm and has few opportunities to step into the house. He also firmly refuses to watch television, even good programmes. He says that even if he watches television for a little while, in the following three months, he is unable to see the aura of plants (an ability he possesses that enables him to ascertain the needs of plants).

Actually, the use of electricity in our daily lives has an impact on our mental and physical health. When the alternating current in our bodies exceeds 20 mV, it will interfere with our brain waves and our hearts’ biological current. People who are under electrical lighting or cables are usually exposed to 3 V of alternating current. Because we are constantly living in an electricity-permeate environment, we have no basis to compare the loss and diminishment in our innate abilities (e.g., seeing plants’aura) resulting from this exposure.

To experience what it feels like to live without the influence of an electricity-filled environment, we experimented rising and resting with the sun’s movements. We rested when the sun set, and woke up automatically when the sun rose. We cut off the electricity in our bedroom and office. Within days, we noticed a difference. Our quality of sleep improved, and we needed fewer hours of sleep. Our minds were clearer in the day, we felt more serene, and our productivity increased. We also felt the nourishing influence of sunrise. When we rise and set with the sun, we also appreciated the daily natural rhythm, and the four seasons. This practice of rise and set with the sun came at an opportune time. There was a power shortage in California and power shutdowns were rotated throughout the state. The practice is environmentally friendly, keeps us healthy, and saves money. Last month, our electrical bill was halved.

There has been a rise in the number of people suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities. The estimate is that 30% have such sensitivities, with the percentage expected to rise to 70% in the future. This rise is attributable to damage to the environment, deforestation, and pollution to the air and water. The people with such sensitivities are also likely to be sensitive to electromagnetic fields. Some scientific research has found that electromagnetic fields and chemical pollution harm humans in similar ways, and that the presence of one accentuates the harm caused by the other. In the presence of electromagnetic field interference, it is easier for chemicals to enter the brain and to overcome the blood-brain barrier.

People sensitive to electromagnetic fields frequently have these symptoms: headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, prickly or numb feeling on skin, hot feeling on the eyes, inability to focus, memory loss, pain in the muscles or joints, and irregular heartbeats.

Since November 1996, many American cities have installed transmission stations for mobile phones (for 2GH digital services). This has led to people having an unprecedented exposure to electromagnetic fields 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. A survey found that within 6 months of these installations, many people have these reactions: pressure on the back of the eyeballs, sore throats, dryness and swelling of mouth, headaches, vomiting, insomnia, loss of appetite, chest discomfort or pain, pain in the ovaries or testicles, pain in the legs or feet, shaking, muscle cramps, agitation, memory deterioration, fever, red swellings, nosebleeds, sight deterioration, and dry eyes. People living near these transmission stations frequently have sinusitis and bronchitis.

A lady was working in a building that had a transmission tower installed on the top of the building. She did not know when the station would start operating nor was she prepared for its effects. One day at work, she had symptoms of a cold and dizziness – she was fine one moment, and totally unwell the next. She walked to the front of the door, and asked the people working outside: “Has the transmission tower started operating yet?” The workers were surprised and answered: “It was activated half an hour ago. How did you know?” The lady’s colleagues were also adversely affected by the electromagnetic field interference, and the whole work unit was forced to re-located to another place.

Recently, I observe that there are many strange ailments including mental illnesses, phobia from hearing voices in the head, etc. Electromagnetic field interference and chemical pollution harm the adrenal gland, which is impaired by stress. The adrenal gland works intimately with other endocrine glands and the brain. When the adrenal gland is impaired, the body and mind undergo changes. Many mental illnesses arise from the impairment of the adrenal gland.

Modern civilization has an increasingly adverse impact on our health. Only with everyone’s cooperation can we avoid this. Rise and set with the sun is a good start.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2001 Aug Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore