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Cantonese Style Porridge

Half cup (1/2) of brown rice (70 gm) – Wash clean and soak.
1 handful of dried straw mushroom – soak, clean and cut into cubes.
3 pieces of dried mushroom – wash, soak and cut into cubes.
50 gm – red carrot – cut into cubes
10 pieces of french beans – cut into cubes
1 tablespoon of fine ginger slices.
Corriander – cut into thin fine slices
1 tablespoon of organic oil
Sesame oil – suitable amount
4 and half (41/2) bowls of water

Sea salt
Light soy sauce

1) Boil water and gradually add in brown rice, sea salt, oil, straw mushrooms, dried mushrooms. Use a ladle to stir to prevent sticky rice at the bottom. Cover pot and cook over small fire for one and half hours.
2) Add in carrots, French beans and continue to boil for approximately 1 hour.
3) Add in seasoning and switch off fire.
4) Serve with garnishes – sesame oil, ginger slices and corriander.