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Creations From The Unseen – On Crop Circles

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

The first record of the appearance of crop circles came in the form of wood carvings, as early as the 17th century. The local people believed that this was the work of gremlins. In the 1980’s, many of these had circles as the main theme, and hence, they were generally labeled as crop circles. The degree of complexity in the design of these twenty-plus crop circles has far exceeded that of a circle. Many of these are patterns from ancient cultures, such as the yin-yang diagram.

Although these mysterious patterns also appear on sand, snow and ice, the ones that are most popularly known appear on farm land in Southern England. Among these, the largest concentration of crop circles appears in Stonehenge and Avebury in the Wiltshire County, where ancient stone circle monuments of more than 5000 years old can be found. In 2011 alone, there were 40 to 50 pieces of work. The appearance of these crop circles is not constrained by weather conditions or time of the day. Some appear within 15 minutes in broad daylight, while some appear at night and are discovered only in the daytime. The dimensions of these circles vary from 30 feet to 1500 feet. They are formed by the compression of the crops. The crop is not cut during the formation of the crop circles. If the crops are compressed in spring, they continue to grow. If the crops are matured and compressed in fall, they no longer grow.

People who enter these crop circles generally feel a strange energy. Balls of light sometimes appear on photos taken, even though these light balls are not visible to the naked eye. At night, some people see light descending onto the ground from above, and crop circles appear the following day. Pilots drive past the land to fetch passengers, and see crop circles 15 minutes later on their return journeys.

There are many different views on these crop circles, but in short, it is a difficult-to-explain mystery. Why do they appear frequently in Wiltshire County in southern England?  Glenn Broughton, who organizes annual tours to these crop circles in southern England, believes that there are special reasons. These crop circles all appear near ancient sacred sites, almost as if to remind people to know about these sites. At the same time, the farms in southern England are all located on hill slopes, and are easily visible from public access roads. Also, because these appear annually, they attract people’s attention, and tour groups are organized every year specially to view these crop circles. If this were a form of communication between those from the unseen world and humans, it has to appear in a location where it is visible to be effective. If it appears in uninhabited places, it would be meaningless. Glenn’s experience is that it is possible to connect with this unseen energy.

Once, a group of 19 people in England deliberately wanted to invite an “unseen” painter to produce a crop circle. Five of them had doubts and did not make sincere prayers. In the end, the crop circle that appeared had a “flower of life” pattern with 19 points, amongst which the connecting lines for five of these points were unclear. Hence, the overall pattern was also unclear. Glenn shared this story with participants at the 2011 American Society of Dowsers conference in the northeastern state of Vermont. At that time, the participants were willing to communicate with the “unseen” painter. A group of them sat and prayed in the space between two circles outside the conference venue. The next day, a similar crop circle appeared in a farmland in England. These crop circles are means of communicating with humans, and contain information. Readers can experience this by holding pictures of these crop circles to their chests, or by silencing the mind.

According to Glenn, every time a tour member enters these crop circles, they experience strong sensations. After returning home ten days later, they would write letters to their relatives and friends to share changes in their lives, as if they are starting all over again. Some marry, some divorce, and others change their jobs. Could it be that these crop circles appearing in the last 20 years were designed to help human personal enhancement and transformation?

Stephen Alexander (www.temporarytemples.co.uk), an English man who has been taking photos of crop circles for the past 20 years, observed that crop circles have an association with numbers and geometry. For instance, a circle equals 1; two intersecting circles equal 2; a triangle equals 3; and so on up to 13-sided polygonal shapes. These geometrical shapes appear in nature, and are inseparable from us. In ancient times, buildings, especially those used for worship purposes, are built according to these geometric proportions. They have a certain impact on our bodies and minds.

An octagon (see Figure 1) is common in Chinese culture, and has a peaceful energy. The number “8” also represents the beginning and end in the sound spectrum. Ancient Egyptians use half an octagonal shape to cleanse energy and man-made contamination. An octagonal shape folded ninety degrees into half produces two semi-octagonal shapes (Figure 2). These semi-octagonal shapes have transformational properties, and can be placed inside the room, or on top of the refrigerator, or on food and daily necessities. The hexagram has a special significance in ancient Western culture in that two alternating triangles form the Star of David.


Crystal when placed in specific formation or array can be used to enhance the environment. It is best to use crystals that have been blessed. The crystals provided at Lapis Lazuli Light centres have been blessed by sacred objects. Their enhanced energy can be transmitted simply by contacting them with other crystals or mineral stones.

Based on reference materials and my own experiments, I found that the energy of the crystals can be greatly enhanced by following these steps. First, make this prayer:

May the perfect light from the universe enter my heart.
The light is in my heart.
I am light.

After repeating the prayer three times, move in a clockwise direction to activate the energy. The energy field will greatly increase. Placing these crystals in the room, or near computers or routers can have healing purposes.

The procedure is as follows:

Use the crystals or other mineral stones such as tourmaline to form a hexagon shape. You can use non-toxic glue or double-sided adhesive tape to fix them in a clockwise direction onto a thick piece of paper. Normally, a diameter of around six to eight inches (15 cm -20 cm) will be sufficient.  After that, make the following prayer three times: may light enter my heart; the light is in my heart; I am light. This light is the creation by the perfect wisdom and compassion of the universe.  After that, use a crystal that has its energy enhanced through blessings. Move the crystal from the centre of the hexagonal formation while visualizing that the light is connecting from the centre to the lower right corner (4 o’clock position). Then, follow the crystal clockwise in a circular motion to the next crystal, and then return to the centre. Use this visualization to link all the crystals together (see Figure 3). Crystals that have been activated have protective and energy enhancement properties.

During our tours this year, we had the chance to use some protective objects, including the crystal formation. Nowadays, hotels have wireless connections and the interference signals are very strong. Once I enter these premises, my body will have a reaction such as immediate skin itch, pain on the top of my head, or insomnia. Other than taking out some of my special protective objects I carry along, I will also use some crystals to create a few crystal formations. Once the crystals have been activated, my physical discomfort disappears. Someone told me that when she stayed in the hotel for a night, she got a pain on the top of her head, followed by cold symptoms. These days, some colds are not the ordinary ones we know, but are caused by wireless interference.

People desire fast internet connections and therefore, these wireless signals have also become stronger, leading to greater harm to humans. As a result, protective objects also have to be stronger. By forming another hexagon outside the original hexagon base, we form a “Flower of Life”. This name originates from ancient cultures which believe that this shape is related to the creation of life.
This “Flower of Life” pattern creates very peaceful energy and has protective functions. It can be placed on the body, in the room, or on photos, computers, or telephones. It can also balance any disharmony caused by chemical pollutants.

Flower of Life
Geometrical patterns that have colour added to them are even more useful. A green film placed on the crystal formation provides good nourishment for the body. You can place your photo or your family members’ photos on this green crystal formation. In addition, the colour blue has special protective properties. However, this energy cannot be leaked outside, and so, you can only place the photos in the centre or within the region that needs protection. Place the crystal or mineral stones in deep blue colour bottles and place them in a hexagonal formation, with a bottle in the middle. Then use the same method previously discussed to activate them.

In the past year, my friends and I have been trying these protective objects and obtained good effects. The manifestation of crop circles in the form of geometrical patterns is also designed to elevate the energy of the earth and its life forms.

The photos of crop circles are reprinted with the permission of Stephen Alexender, and come from his website www.temporarytemples.co.uk.


Original Chinese article is published in the Feb 2012 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: