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Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Letter From A Malaysian Reader        

Q: Four or five months ago, I suddenly discovered that the dark birthmark on the right side of my waist turned much lighter. And the complexion around the birthmark turned white. Two white patches occurred on my right leg and they are expanding now. I am afraid that the patch might expand to my face because many of my friends have such problem: there are pieces of white patches on the face, as well as other parts of the body.

A: I have asked dermatologist about this problem. He said it was the skin “depigment” caused by the destruction of melanin producing cells, which was the result of the dysfunction of auto immune system. And this problem could not be cured. Meladinine and protopic cream could be used for treatment. But this caused skin hypersensitivity. So my questions are as follows:

(1) What causes this disease?

(2) How to prevent and cure this disease?

(3) How to prevent further aggravation?

I’ve checked the medical book. The condition most similar to your case is “vitiligo” . In such case, the cells, which produce melanin in certain locations, are attacked by the auto immune system with unknown reason, leading to white patches. Generally speaking, one third of people with such disease have something wrong with their thyroid gland. In addition, people with diabetes, pernicious anemia, Addison’s disease or sun-burned skin tend to have such problem. Sometimes, this disease would be automatically cured by the body itself. This is not a severe disease. But it will cause psychological discomfort. Additionally, the white patch is easy to get burned by the sun and it needs protection from the sun.

Illness on the immune function is a disease of the whole body. It is closely related to the nervous system, problems of blood pH and the functions of liver, spleen and thymus. In particular, an article in the August 2006 issue mentioned the maladjustment of neural system, which is caused by microwave, can lead to the dysfunction of immune system. Thus, protection from electromagnetic-wave and microwave needs special attention. The article “Take care of your liver, protect your environment” in the February 2006 issue provides many methods. When the liver functions well, the blood can nourish all cells, including melanin producing cells. Skin is exposed directly to the outer environment and thus is easiest to be injured by chemical pollution, electrical pollution and excessive ultraviolet radiation. When the body fluid is depleted, the body is easy to get hurt by the sun. Among all food, the wild or naturally cultivated fresh vegetables, fruits and seeds contain antipollution nutrient ingredient, which can nourish the body fluid, enrich the blood and protect the body. Currently, chemical fertilizer cultivation cannot supplement trace element and thus there is a lack of trace elements in the food. Therefore, it is very essential to appropriately supplement with sea vegetables and wild plants from the forests, so that the body can get what it lacks and regenerates quickly.

Recently, I have introduced low salt concentrated sea minerals from an Australian farmer to my friend, who recovered within just to weeks and he can grow vegetables now. His friend had Parkinson’s disease. After supplementing with the above mineral for only one week, his mouth didn’t tremble any more and he could sleep well in the night. We have introduced the relationship between AIDS and selenium in the articles. In the areas where there is enough selenium, the incidence of AIDS is very low.

The diseases caused by the environment need care in every way. These problems cannot be solved by a simple folk remedy.

Only through thoroughly practicing the approaches, which we have introduced in recent years, to health care and environmental protection, can the various strange diseases be prevented and overcame.


Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2006 Aug Issue

Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore