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Dr Lai’s Mailbox

Dr Lai’s Mailbox

Dr Chiu-Nan Lai

Question: How serious is the impact of contaminated water on people?

Answer: Water has an incredible influence and whether it is good or bad, it can amplify the influence. Electromagnetic waves and microwaves can turn the energy of water counter-clockwise. If the energy of the water in the pipe is negative, it can influence us tremendously. Attach the Water Magnetizing Energy Enhancer or Ancient Light Crystal to the pipe. By doing this, it not only purifies the energy of the water in our home, it also purifies the energy of the building we live in. Water polluted by electromagnetic waves is in the form of macromolecules, and thus cannot enter the cells, resulting in the reduction of the body’s transport function. Although we may eat a lot, the nutrient cannot be delivered to the places where it is needed. Calcium settling down causes problems such as rheumatism and bone spurs, etc. Nowadays, many sicknesses are due to the water problem in the body. If we say “Thank you” to water, the energy field of the water will improve, which is why you can also paste “Thank you” on the water pipe. Someone attached the words “Thank you” on a swollen leg and the swelling disappeared. In addition, the energy of the mantra OM MA NI PAD ME HUM and the Shakyamuni Buddha Mantra “OM MUNI MUNI MAHA MU NAYE SOHA” is much higher than “Thank you”, so you can paste the mantras on water pipes, power supply, or replace it with prayers of your own beliefs.


Question: Can we do the Brazilian massage on ourselves?

Answer: Using the energy of others would give better results.


Question: Someone added the water with message into Cheng Cing Lake, but the expiry date of the water has passed. Is that still effective?

Answer: Water has memory, and can lead the other contaminated water to become positive. That is why when our own energy field heightens, it can also convert the energy field of the people around us into positive energy. As long as there is still water that contained messages in the container, continue to add water to the container. The messages in the water will continue to be passed on. Put the water in glasses, porcelain or earthenware containers. Keeps adding water, continue drinking and let the message transmission carry on.


Question: After chemotherapy, how can we restore our health?

Answer: In the forties, experts in Austria said that when water gets cancer, people will also get cancer. How does water get cancer? He observed that the people who lived furthest away from the water source got cancer more frequently. In an area where the quality of water is not good, the liver of the local residents also is not good. Water has very lively molecules. It is like a waterfall. The water flows constantly to absorb the energy of the universe. Stagnant water needs to be stirred forming swirls so that it can absorb the energy of the universe. Adding a few drops of the ocean minerals (Pure Aussie) into the water can also increase the energy of the water. It varies widely with or without minerals, because if there are minerals, the body can resonate with the universe and absorb its energy.


Question: How do we adjust our interaction with the opposite sex in this day and age?

Answer: This society inevitably inherits ancestral habits. China in the past has gender inequality, and was male-dominated. But this era is the time to repair the earth, where energy of a mother’s love and care for the earth is needed to demonstrate a gentle energy. When men who lose power they may panic. At this time, men can respect women, demonstrating the gentle side of their love for lives. This is a special era, the era of materialistic and spiritual choices. We can choose to be materialistic or spiritual, and we need to respect the choices of everyone. Although some people choose to be materialistic, but when he faces setbacks, he will wake up. The important part is that we have to release the energy to control others.


Question: My menstruation went haywire after giving birth. How can this be remedied?

Answer: Electromagnetic waves and microwaves can interfere with the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland controls all the body’s internal secretion. When the endocrine system is interfered with, it results in menstrual disorder. Pay attention to whether you are frequently using mobile phones, computers, or constantly exposed to fluorescent light. Due to the energy field being disturbed, the energy of the crown chakra of many people show counter-clockwise when dowsed. This is due to the energy field being disturbed. Visualise the golden sun on top of your head to regulate the crown chakra. This will balance the internal secretion.


The original Chinese article is published in the Nov 2007 issue of Lapis magazine