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Dr. Lai’s Mailbox

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D

Dr Lai, Hello

After reading your magazines, I had a lot of thoughts.

I wrote this letter today hoping that you could give me some advice of which I would be very grateful.

Question 1: I suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and moderate osteoporosis (-31). For the last ten years or more, the soles of my feet, thigh muscles and fingers would swell occasionally. After three to five days, the swellings subside and revert back to normal without using any medication. That was alright. But in the last three to four months, there were more swollen parts, the finger joints, elbows, knees, etc. Sometimes it’s bearable but sometimes it’s bad. The pain comes and goes, particularly upon waking in the morning.The fingers stiffen and look like tiger’s claw and cannot hold anything. They only get better after some slow movements, but the pain is still there.   Recently, I started to have problem with turning the neck, and the rotations triggered off headaches. It has been almost two months, and I cannot cope with it any more.

I am a 63-year-old woman. I do not smoke or drink, and do not use the internet or computer. I live the normal life of a housewife, only watching television, going to bed mostly at 10:30pm and waking up at 6:00am. In the daytime I would take a walk at the 18 Eagle’s Nest (a mountain in Taiwan) for about one hour. Even though my diet is not entirely vegetarian (family opposition and my own willpower), I do pay attention to my health.

For the last ten or more years, I had only tried two rheumatoid arthritis treatments (quinine for three months, sulphonamides for three months). That was six years ago. Recently the condition worsened, I am now taking quinine and have a steroid injection once a month.

Answer: The causes for rheumatoid arthritis and moderate osteoporosis are more complex than before. When the body is acidic it results in the above diseases. Oxygen, fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouted grains, millet, fruits that are not sweet and all kinds of sea vegetables will restore the body’s acid-alkaline balance. Deforestation increased the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thus reducing oxygen level. In addition exposure to electromagnetic field and radio-waves are on the increase. Even if you do not use a mobile phone or wireless internet, you arel still affected as long as someone near you is using them. These invisible waves cause a lack of oxygen in the body, resulting in acidification. Therefore, insist on a slightly alkaline diet, especially fresh green juices. Green leafy energy soup, cucumber and ginger are more alkaline. All animal meats when consumed cause an acidic reaction; beef, pork, and some seafood are the most acidic. Sugar, un-sprouted beans and grains (except millet, quinoa and amaranth) also make the body slightly acidic. You can buy pH test strips to test the urine and see whether changes in diet can change the acidic reaction. In the morning, the body is most acidic, which is why the hands became swollen. Drinking fresh lemon juice with warm water, or umeboshi (plum) paste, green juices etc. in the morning can make the blood more alkaline. For dinner, choose vegetables or sprouted grains. Avoid eating meat and carbohydrate for dinner.

It is very good to take a walk in the forest every day and breathe in large quantity of oxygen. If the condition did not improve, try going to a place with little electromagnetic waves for a week. If the situation improves as a result, you may need to take measures to protect yourself against electromagnetic field. You might even consider moving to a place where you feel comfortable. Reduce electrical appliances particularly in the bedroom. It would be best if all power is switched off at night. When sleeping, the least you can do is switch off all wireless internet, wired internet and mobiles.

Question 2

Hello, Dr Lai

A family member who is 35 years old usually used to have 2-3 bowel movements a day. Last year [2009] in September due to blood in the stool, he went to the hospital for a check-up and was told that he had internal haemorrhoid and also a slight inflammation in the colon. We were thinking of using natural healing and minimal medication for him.

In April this year [2010], the number of bowel movements has slowly increased to the extent that one day there were more than 10 bowel movements and there were also blood in the stool. At night, he would frequently wake up feeling the need to defecate, sometimes 2-3 times (including excreting some stool and blood when farting). So he went back to the hospital for x-ray of the rectum (near the anus) and had a biopsy done. The result showed a rare form of colitis (the doctor said it was a rare and major disease). After taking the doctor’s prescription for less than a month, there is already a symptom of abdominal pain.

This family member had been a vegetarian for more than a decade. He meditates daily (approximately the length of time to burn a stick of incense), lead a normal lifestyl, goes to bed before 10pm every night. Due to his prostate problem, he gets up at night often to urinate. As a result he does not sleep well.

Answer: In this era, rare diseases have become more and more common, because the living environment is becoming less and less natural. The body is under a lot of stress and inflammation is the body’s response to stress. We live and work in an environment which seldom see the sun, and have air-conditioning. Chemicals and electromagnetic field and radio-waves fill the space. Although the environmental friendly light bulbs save electricity, they generate strong electromagnetic waves and radio-waves. The new generation of wireless communication systems is stronger than ever before. Changes in the environment mean that almost everyone uses a mobile, and almost everybody accessing the internet. Each convenience actually hurts the body and causes harm to each other.

Recently, many people found their existing health problems have worsened or new problems have appeared. We need to decide to reduce harm to each other by changing wireless internet access to cable access, avoiding mobile phone usages, and in case of emergency, using the pager. Particularly in meeting places, where many people gather, such as classrooms, lecture halls, etc., everyone needs to take care of each other and switch off their mobiles. People who frequent public places can easily get hurt if they do not pay attention.

Take care to protect your own homes. Lapis magazines have provided information in this area. Use cobalt blue light for treating inflammation and drink water that has been exposed to the sun through a blue colour film [one hour under the sun]. To supplement the ‘qi’, use purple colour; for chronic disease, use lemon colour (For detailed description, please refer to the book “Let There Be Light”). Every day, harmonize your ‘qi’ and practice relaxation methods like Alpha Breathing, emotionally release your hidden pressures and stored emotions. Put your photo on a white paper with “Om Mani Padme Hum” written in blue ink.

As the environment deteriorates, we must learn to better use our brain as well as many other ways to enhance and protect ourselves


Original Chinese article is published in the Aug 2010 issue of Lapis magazine