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Dr. Lai’s Mail Box


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Question 1: Since cancer patients are not recommended to take meat, during chemotherapy treatments, what dietary intake of nutrients is suitable as replacement? Especially to maintain normal counts of platelets, red and white blood cells for subsequent treatments.  

Answer: Meat-based diet is not originally natural for humans. It is not solely due to cancer that patients are recommended to abstain. If the patient chooses to go through chemo-treatments, he needs to take extra care in replenishment, requiring even more nutrients. Because chemotherapy is harmful to liver, kidney and all fast-growing cell bodies; it doesn’t only kill cancerous cells. Inclusive of natural, organic vegetarian diet that I have been introducing for many years, there is a need to take in more green leafy vegetables that’s rich in chlorophyll, like high energy (mineral) soup or green juicing methods. Have sufficient high quality protein, germinating seeds like sunflower seeds and sprouts. High quality fats/oils is also important, especially Omega-3 of which flaxseeds/linseeds and sesame seeds are a good source. Pure naturally-produced coconut oil can be taken in appropriate amount. It’s essential to have diverse nutritional intake and foods with high energy so that you do not go hungry.


Question 2: I suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia (facial nerve pain) of the right face for 4-5 years. Each time it will be painful for 7-8 months, and then stop for a few months. I’ve consulted Chinese and Western medical practices and both have not been effective. Please advise on how I can cure this.

Answer: Cause of Trigeminal Neuralgia may be related to use of mobile phones. A few years back, a friend started to use mobile phone and felt pain on the whole half of her body because nervous system developed chronic inflammation from the harmful effects of microwaves. Cordless phone is equally harmful. Wireless means radiation. First step is to stop using mobile phone. Then practise daily the energy exercises described in Dr Lai’s Health Tips. Healing can be expedited if you have the opportunity to breathe in natural air at the seaside or forest. For your diet, take in more fresh, organic vegetables, especially dark leafy ones and sprouts. It is necessary to have sufficient B vitamins from food source.


Question 3: A 6-year-old child has been in father’s custody since her parents’ divorce. How can we help her release the anxiety and fear from losing her biological mother?

Answer: For a child, losing one’s mother is the greatest fear. For the sake of her physical and psychological health in the long run, it is best to arrange opportunities for them to stay together or keep in contact. If conditions do not allow, gentle tapping of her whole body can help. Yet the child’s deep longing for a mother’s love can never be compensated. Father should spend more time with the child – visit places in nature, tell stories, etc – these are important. Strictly do not badmouth or start fault finding the mother in front of the child.


Question 4: Please explain how we can maintain healthy kidneys.

Answer: The keys to maintain healthy kidneys are: eat clean food, drink clean water, breathe in clean air and have a relaxed attitude towards life. These are real challenges for life in modern day. In addition, modern workplaces and home environments are saturated with electromagnetic waves, microwaves and wireless radiation. These are harmful to kidneys. Diet with high proteins, especially meat-based proteins like meat, chickens, etc are weighing on kidneys too. Chinese traditional foods to protect kidneys are black beans, black sesame, and polygonum multiflorum, etc in Chinese medicine. Various energy (qi) exercises are also helpful. Before sleep, taking warm feet bath, followed by rubbing palms across soles helps strengthen kidneys’ functions. (See Wutaishan 8-step Exercise [page 39] in Dr Lai’s Health Tips.)


Question 5: I followed your steps in removing gallstones naturally, but it has not been successful. Why is that so?

Answer: The success rate for using apple juices to remove gallstones is 90%. Hence there will be a small number of unsuccessful cases. You can try to start taking the apple juice or apples 5 days before full moon. It means that when you drink Epsom salts, lemon juice and oil, it is 1 day after full moon. Our liver usually detoxifies on full moons, thus it is more effective to choose this time. At the same time, warm the gall-liver region before sleep (Refer to method explained in The Pursuit of Life).


Question 6: May I ask Dr Lai, does sunflower oil and flaxseed oil share the same benefits? Can I swallow the oil after rinsing my mouth, especially for throat cancer patients?

Answer: The rationale for using sunflower oil to rinse mouth is to use high energy

clean oil to absorb the toxins in our saliva. Hence, it is also fine to use flaxseed oil or high quality coconut oil and olive oil. Once toxins are absorbed into the oil, it is important to spit it out, and rinse the mouth again with warm water. Please do not swallow it.


Question 7: Organic foods and diet help to improve our health and heal illnesses. Do we need to insist in producing organic foodstuff to improve our health and physical environment? Farming is exhausting, losing out on manpower efficiency and time. It’s difficult to receive recognition. (from an organic farmer)


Answer Eating food produced from natural farming methods serves people, earth soil and nature well. Over the years, I’ve observed that when conventional farming is switched to chemical fertilizing methods, after 20 years, the occurrence of cancer diseases is a booming straight line increase, becoming the main cause of mortality. This is an observable fact from worldwide studies in countries with high cancer rates. If we want health, if we want to leave behind rich and clean land for our descendants, the only way is organic farming. It is a very meaningful mission to be a natural organic farmer. But perhaps it needs the support from society, from consumers who are willing to support and affording the farmers what they deserve. This is a long term investment. We may covet short term gains, but we pay a very high price in the long run, leaving the debts to our children and grandchildren.


Question 8: Is it due to psychological fear that a child is bedwetting (enuresis)?

Answer: Bedwetting may be due to shock or fear, and also possibly, weak kidneys. To release shock/fear, we can use gentle tapping and eyes rolling techniques. One cause of weak kidneys is interferences from electromagnetic waves and microwaves. Unplug electrical appliances in bedrooms, especially TVs and computers. Preferably, the whole power supply can be switched off. If not, bed should be 6 feet away from sockets and internal wiring behind walls. Do not sleep on metallic bed because metals absorb microwaves. It is best to change beds with springs to other materials. Soak feet in warm water and rub soles also help strengthen kidneys.


Original Chinese article was published in Lapis magazine (February 2009 issue)

Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D

Question: I would like to ask you questions regarding early puberty. My daughter is in Primary One and her breasts have already started developing.   She is much taller and heavier than her classmates. I would like to know what causes this early development. She has a normal lifestyle and is not a picky eater. She lives in China on and off for about two years. Does it matter if she is eating non-genetically modified soy bean products like soy drink, bean curd or tofu?

She has difficulty falling asleep every night.

Answer: The early development condition in your daughter is an increasingly common phenomenon in the United States. Changes in the environment and changes in the way food is produced are the reasons why. Most of the farmed animals like cattle, pigs, chicken and fish are fed with genetically modified corn, soy beans, etc. To induce the animals to grow faster, growth hormone and antibiotic are added into their food. These foods are not natural. Even though the animal grows very quickly after eating these foods, it is actually “puffiness”. Sometimes when the chicken grows so quickly, their bones are unable to support their weight and as a result many of these chicken suffer from bone fractures. When humans eat these dead bodies, they are also consuming growth hormones and antibiotics. This is particularly injurious to children. On one hand, they cannot get the nutrition their bodies need, on the other hand they are being poisoned, resulting in endocrine disruption. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, genes are referred to as “essence”, genetically modified food changes the “essence” of the food. So when consumed, it also harms the “essence” of the consumers.

I suspect that in the growing process, your child must have eaten these unhealthy foods. Now, I can only suggest that to let the child eat only organic natural vegetarian food, avoid meat, chicken, fish etc which may contain growth hormone. Milk and soy bean products should also be avoided. Even if the soy bean is not genetically modified, you still have to be careful. If you eat a small quantity, make sure the beans are sprouted first. Food made from black soybeans, like black soybean milk, can be consumed. The variety of soybean grown in the United States is not the same as those eaten by our Chinese ancestors. The amino acid distribution of these beans is not balanced, but these beans can still be eaten if they have been sprouted.

Difficulty in falling asleep is associated with the electromagnetic waves in the environment. Take measures to reduce electromagnetic field exposure. Please refer to articles “From Founder” for the last few years, for example “Opening the Loving Heart, Welcoming 2012” Lapis Magazine May 2010 Issue [Chinese] Oct 2010 (English) or https://lapislazulilight.com/Founder/Index_Lapis_News_From_Founder_Article_54.html. 

You can also try using colour therapy to restore balance to the body, purple light and green light has the property of balance. The head is the control center of the endocrine, use green light to balance and magenta light on the chest and abdomen. Using violet light on the forehead before going to bed will help falling asleep. (Please refer to the book “Let There Be Light”)

 Also teach the child to harmonize her ‘qi´. Make sure that all the chakras are open. Take frequent walks and exercise in the forest and breathe in oxygen, absorbing the essence of nature. It is even better if there is perspiration. A lot of toxins can be discharged through perspiration. All the best to you.


Question: My niece’s daughter was diagnosed with diabetes when she was only two years old. Her glucose level has risen to over 10 points and needs 4 insulin injections every day. Her father disappeared before she was even born and I would like to know if that would have caused her any harm.

Answer: The mood of a pregnant woman affects the health of the fetus. If the father disappeared, the mother would definitely be very sad, anxious and think of him often. This yearning will affect the spleen (pancreas) meridian. Post-natal emotions of the mother would also affect the child. The energy (qi) of the child and the mother is one and if the mother uses the methods introduced to clear her longings and worries, it will be helpful to the health of the child.


Question: Why does a 12 years old boy still wet the bed? How can this be treated?

Answer: Bedwetting is related to the kidneys, and kidneys are connected to fear. If we protect the kidneys and get rid of fear and trauma, this problem may be solved. Also ensure that the bedroom has no computer, television, electrical appliances and the bed does not have coil springs (metal attracts microwaves easily). The bed must not be near any electrical switch. All these interfere with the kidneys.


Question: After birth, the baby suffers from severe jaundice. What can be done in an emergency and how to cope with it?

Answer: In the United States, hospitals use phototherapy (light treatment). The baby is placed under blue light which is directed on the body.   In an emergency, blue light bulb or blue colour filter film can be used to shine on the baby.


Question: After drinking milk, a five year old kid would cry from abdominal pain every morning, but after a while the pain is gone. What is the reason?

Answer: Oriental children generally lack the enzyme to digest lactose, because traditionally Chinese people did not drink milk, thus there may be reactions such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and even intestinal bleeding. Obviously milk is not suitable for your kid, stop giving your kid milk. (The milk that is available in the market is usually pasteurized which is even much harder to digest.)


Question: May I know how a two-year old child can be on a vegetarian diet healthily?

Answer: Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine has details introducing how to feed a small child in the May and August 2005 issues [Chinese] or April – June 2008 issue [English] of the Lapis Magazines or


As your present residence is in Malaysia, choose easily digestible grains, vegetables, fruits and melons, etc. which are locally grown and suitable for the climate. Children can draw energy from the atmosphere so they do not need to eat much. As long as the food is natural and not processed, let your child have more choices then decide according to the child’s response to the food he/she likes. Every time let the child try one type of food and observe the response. Do not use too many different ingredients each time. Normal adult’s sense of taste tends to be strong, so for the children, it may be too sweet, too salty or too spicy etc. The tongue of the child has not yet been numbed, so we must not choose according to the palate of an adult. In tropical areas, give more fresh fruits such as papaya, coconut milk, coconut water to the child. Grains such as barley, brown rice, red rice can be cooked into porridge or milk, melons such as winter-melons, spaghetti-melons, cucumbers, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes can be steamed and mashed. Avoid plants which have toxins such as eggplants, green capsicums, and potatoes. Fresh beans can also be cooked for the children, the amount must be little. Every place has its own special food; ask the older folks for their experience.


Question: After a baby is born, he/she will be vaccinated at different stages. Now, there is a six-in-one vaccination which is recommended by the pediatricians to the parents. Does this comprehensive vaccination harm the baby and have any side effects?

Answer: Before inoculation became popular, there was already a drastic decline in childhood diseases all over the world. As long as there is an increase in standard of education, improvements in public sanitation and living conditions, these diseases will disappear.   Contradictorily, inoculation itself causes many repercussions, especially in the case of poor health and malnutrition, inoculation may cause fever, autism, hyperactivity, disability, and even death. In the early years when Australia started to inoculate the children of the Aborigine, one in every two infants died. With the lack of Vitamin C in their diet, inoculation causes fever and infection. Deficiency in Vitamin C in the body is very dangerous, especially now with the three-in-one, or six-in-one inoculation, the harm to the infant will be more severe. In their natural growth, children do not at the same time come into contact with three or six kinds of childhood infectious diseases, especially in the first six months, the infant body cannot produce an antibody which is why inoculation has to be done repeatedly. Inoculation is directly related to why modern people are constitutionally weaker and also why chronic diseases are so common.

The original Chinese article published in the November 2010 issue of Lapis magazine


Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Q: How did you find the purpose of your life, while letting go of the worries about practical constraints?

A: We face different smaller goals at different junctions in our lives, but the main life purpose generally does not change. According to Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the astrological positions of the Sun, Moon and Earth at the moment of our birth will repeat itself every 18 years and 7 months. If we forget our life purpose, we will receive strong reminding signals at every 18th-year-7th-month. We only need to allow ourselves to quieten, and listen to our heart’s innermost feelings and external opportunities. Our intuitive calling and inner guidance is very strong; if we do not heed it, we will often meet obstacles, and do not feel happy. When we meet certain difficulties in life, take a break to ask ourselves if we have missed the direction? Have we taken a misguided path at the crossroads of our life?

Many decisions in my life came from inner guidance; I might not know exactly why I was doing what I did, but I came to understand much later. Inner guidance has been strong and irresistible, and I need to let go of practical constraints – whether it was converting from a meat-based to a plant-based diet, giving up research work and going India to explore the meaning of life, or letting go of secluded quiet lifestyle and founding Lapis Lazuli Light and dedicating myself to teaching. If the big direction and purpose of our life is in benefitting others, we need to learn letting go of our small-minded judgments, habits and worries. Be flexible in letting go or taking up (new roles) when opportunities arise, only then can we accomplish our big life goal.


Q: Dr. Lai, there are certain descriptions of the dying process in Buddhist teachings that may create fear in people. Take the example of the Pure Land tradition, it encourages that dead bodies be left untouched for 8 hours so that the deceased will not feel pain or ensuring that the eight levels of consciousness have left the body. Due to this, some people do not dare to donate one’s organs after death. Some people even described that the spirits of people one has wronged in the past will come disguised as spirits of loved ones to lure the deceased to suffering lower realms. These descriptions do not align with western research on Near Death Experiences (NDE) and Life after Death, which feels that death is not a frightening experience. How do we reconcile the contradictions?

A: There are also frightening anecdotes in NDE research. Some people from NDE returned from ‘hell’, though such cases are fewer. Those who experienced such frightful episode were not very willing to share. Such occurrences of patients returning to life after pronounced clinical death are rare in medical history; hence they are considered special cases. These people started their dying process, but consciousness and body are not totally split, so they are able to return to life. What Buddhist teachings described are all possibilities of human experiences; positive or negative experiences are dependent on individuals. People who are not prepared for death in their lives or who do not have a spiritual practice, will often feel tremendous fear and suffering upon this body-consciousness split. Losing our loved ones or possessions in life is suffering enough; it is not difficult to imagine the pain of losing our precious body upon death. Confronting our usual fears and problems is inevitable upon death, why don’t we prepare ourselves earlier? Western understanding of NDE and Buddhist teachings do not contradict each other. People with a spiritual faith will see the icons of their faith; Jesus Christ, Buddha, etc will appear.


Q: Is meditation able to bring about healing?

A: There are various meditation techniques. Counting breath calms one’s mind. If this is complemented with insight/mindfulness practice (vipassana) – when we relate to all body sensations, emotions and thoughts with equanimity – suppressed emotions will surface and resolve. For past wounding that is stored in our brain stems, we need to use specific techniques for healing it, like tapping, rolling eyeballs, etc. Meditation alone do not access to brain stems.


Q: Do lyrics in modern popular songs affect our body and consciousness adversely? What kind of negative impact? Most pop songs contain negative contents.

A: What we see, hear, smell always affects our body and mind. Hearing especially, it affects our emotions and thoughts. It’s important to protect our ears, only listen to positive uplifting messages.


Q: I’ve once consulted a Homeopathy Practitioner. She said that illness is an outcome; the root of illness originates from emotional states, like sadness, stress, fear, etc. How do I know the causes of my illness?

A: Emotional states and physical health are related, but it is not the only cause. There are other factors like environment, diet and prenatal conditions. Hence, we have been publishing different techniques of healing and preventing illnesses in books and magazines all these years. First, cure your illness, then take time to find its root causes. In my book ‘Reclaiming the Joy of Mind’, I’ve included a questionnaire that lists various events or circumstances that our body or mind experience that could be possible causes of illnesses. It is a reference, and in answering the questions, you may perhaps find the causes.


Q: By not accepting vaccination, is this bringing greater benefit to our body?

A: Yes. Please refer to article ‘The price of vaccine inoculation’ published in Lapis magazine (February 1999 issue).


Q: My mother is diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and currently undergoing the standard treatments. Prior to cancer, she is also suffering from symptoms likened to Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), of which doctors in rheumatology still could not confirm the diagnosis. The clinical observation only verified that it’s not a dislocation of bones. Please advise on ways of care-giving to my mother who has these illnesses. I observed that she has brief and faint in and out-going breaths. How can I improve this condition in order to prevent implications resulting from insufficient oxygen intake?  

A: 1. Wireless radio waves and dirty electricity (electrical pollution) in the environment will cause the problems your mother is facing. These few years, our magazines have described these. First, apply the ways to protect oneself: Aura-soma, electric-magnetiser (energy enhancer), mantra, writing 6-syllabled mantra around a drawing (refer to article ‘Living Beyond Space & Time in 21st Century’, in May issue of Lapis magazine), convert all wireless devices in the house to cabled (eg. Mobile phones, land line telephones, internet cables), give away your microwave oven, place a piece of cobalt blue colour (#866) filter paper on a photograph of your mother as a measure of protection.

Beside these, do breath- and-visualisation techniques (refer to book ‘Dr. Lai’s Health Tips’) and use pendulum to clear the dull energy around an uncomfortable spot in body. Magenta colour filter sheet aids breathing if you put it on your chest. Place cobalt blue colour filter sheet on your water bottle/container and sun it for an hour; water from the container has protective function. Choose organic and natural vegetarian food in your diet. Supplement diet with Lightning Enzyme (Synergy company).

  1. Use pendulum to relieve energy from your palms and soles will perhaps helps breathing. (refer to article ‘energy resuscitation’ in February issue of Lapis magazine).

If your mother has a spiritual faith, remind to think of uplifting spiritual practices. For example, reciting the name of Amitabha Buddha, 6-syllable mantra, compassion mantra, practice of Medicine Buddha (a copy of it can be obtained from Lapis for free). Visualisation practice of Medicine Buddha in your heart is a very effective technique.

Dr. Lai’s Mailbox

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D

Dr Lai, Hello

After reading your magazines, I had a lot of thoughts.

I wrote this letter today hoping that you could give me some advice of which I would be very grateful.

Question 1: I suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and moderate osteoporosis (-31). For the last ten years or more, the soles of my feet, thigh muscles and fingers would swell occasionally. After three to five days, the swellings subside and revert back to normal without using any medication. That was alright. But in the last three to four months, there were more swollen parts, the finger joints, elbows, knees, etc. Sometimes it’s bearable but sometimes it’s bad. The pain comes and goes, particularly upon waking in the morning.The fingers stiffen and look like tiger’s claw and cannot hold anything. They only get better after some slow movements, but the pain is still there.   Recently, I started to have problem with turning the neck, and the rotations triggered off headaches. It has been almost two months, and I cannot cope with it any more.

I am a 63-year-old woman. I do not smoke or drink, and do not use the internet or computer. I live the normal life of a housewife, only watching television, going to bed mostly at 10:30pm and waking up at 6:00am. In the daytime I would take a walk at the 18 Eagle’s Nest (a mountain in Taiwan) for about one hour. Even though my diet is not entirely vegetarian (family opposition and my own willpower), I do pay attention to my health.

For the last ten or more years, I had only tried two rheumatoid arthritis treatments (quinine for three months, sulphonamides for three months). That was six years ago. Recently the condition worsened, I am now taking quinine and have a steroid injection once a month.

Answer: The causes for rheumatoid arthritis and moderate osteoporosis are more complex than before. When the body is acidic it results in the above diseases. Oxygen, fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouted grains, millet, fruits that are not sweet and all kinds of sea vegetables will restore the body’s acid-alkaline balance. Deforestation increased the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thus reducing oxygen level. In addition exposure to electromagnetic field and radio-waves are on the increase. Even if you do not use a mobile phone or wireless internet, you arel still affected as long as someone near you is using them. These invisible waves cause a lack of oxygen in the body, resulting in acidification. Therefore, insist on a slightly alkaline diet, especially fresh green juices. Green leafy energy soup, cucumber and ginger are more alkaline. All animal meats when consumed cause an acidic reaction; beef, pork, and some seafood are the most acidic. Sugar, un-sprouted beans and grains (except millet, quinoa and amaranth) also make the body slightly acidic. You can buy pH test strips to test the urine and see whether changes in diet can change the acidic reaction. In the morning, the body is most acidic, which is why the hands became swollen. Drinking fresh lemon juice with warm water, or umeboshi (plum) paste, green juices etc. in the morning can make the blood more alkaline. For dinner, choose vegetables or sprouted grains. Avoid eating meat and carbohydrate for dinner.

It is very good to take a walk in the forest every day and breathe in large quantity of oxygen. If the condition did not improve, try going to a place with little electromagnetic waves for a week. If the situation improves as a result, you may need to take measures to protect yourself against electromagnetic field. You might even consider moving to a place where you feel comfortable. Reduce electrical appliances particularly in the bedroom. It would be best if all power is switched off at night. When sleeping, the least you can do is switch off all wireless internet, wired internet and mobiles.

Question 2

Hello, Dr Lai

A family member who is 35 years old usually used to have 2-3 bowel movements a day. Last year [2009] in September due to blood in the stool, he went to the hospital for a check-up and was told that he had internal haemorrhoid and also a slight inflammation in the colon. We were thinking of using natural healing and minimal medication for him.

In April this year [2010], the number of bowel movements has slowly increased to the extent that one day there were more than 10 bowel movements and there were also blood in the stool. At night, he would frequently wake up feeling the need to defecate, sometimes 2-3 times (including excreting some stool and blood when farting). So he went back to the hospital for x-ray of the rectum (near the anus) and had a biopsy done. The result showed a rare form of colitis (the doctor said it was a rare and major disease). After taking the doctor’s prescription for less than a month, there is already a symptom of abdominal pain.

This family member had been a vegetarian for more than a decade. He meditates daily (approximately the length of time to burn a stick of incense), lead a normal lifestyl, goes to bed before 10pm every night. Due to his prostate problem, he gets up at night often to urinate. As a result he does not sleep well.

Answer: In this era, rare diseases have become more and more common, because the living environment is becoming less and less natural. The body is under a lot of stress and inflammation is the body’s response to stress. We live and work in an environment which seldom see the sun, and have air-conditioning. Chemicals and electromagnetic field and radio-waves fill the space. Although the environmental friendly light bulbs save electricity, they generate strong electromagnetic waves and radio-waves. The new generation of wireless communication systems is stronger than ever before. Changes in the environment mean that almost everyone uses a mobile, and almost everybody accessing the internet. Each convenience actually hurts the body and causes harm to each other.

Recently, many people found their existing health problems have worsened or new problems have appeared. We need to decide to reduce harm to each other by changing wireless internet access to cable access, avoiding mobile phone usages, and in case of emergency, using the pager. Particularly in meeting places, where many people gather, such as classrooms, lecture halls, etc., everyone needs to take care of each other and switch off their mobiles. People who frequent public places can easily get hurt if they do not pay attention.

Take care to protect your own homes. Lapis magazines have provided information in this area. Use cobalt blue light for treating inflammation and drink water that has been exposed to the sun through a blue colour film [one hour under the sun]. To supplement the ‘qi’, use purple colour; for chronic disease, use lemon colour (For detailed description, please refer to the book “Let There Be Light”). Every day, harmonize your ‘qi’ and practice relaxation methods like Alpha Breathing, emotionally release your hidden pressures and stored emotions. Put your photo on a white paper with “Om Mani Padme Hum” written in blue ink.

As the environment deteriorates, we must learn to better use our brain as well as many other ways to enhance and protect ourselves


Original Chinese article is published in the Aug 2010 issue of Lapis magazine