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Dr. Lai’s Mailbox

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Q1: My daughter is 8 years old. Her breasts have begun developing and I am worried about her precocious puberty. Is there any method to slow down this premature development?

A: Nowadays, many children develop too early. This is a sign of premature aging and is related to agricultural and industrial pollutions, particularly the unnatural and unclean sources of food. In natural organic vegetarian products, there are less industrial and agricultural residues especially antibiotics and hormones. Let the children eat natural organic vegetarian foods, avoiding all kinds of processed foods, including sugar and processed oils.

Incorporate the combinations of a variety of foods as mentioned in the book Grandma’s Kitchen. Supplement by eating naturally-fermented saukeraut.

In the environment, there are many contaminated synthetic hormones, so minimize contact with synthetic materials. Drinking clean water, eating clean food, and breathing clean air will help the body to discharge pollutions. Frequent exercising in nature will help expels pollution through sweat.




Q2: I am 48 years old, and have very serious presbyopia eyes problems. The eyes feel tired, and there is pain when my eyes rotate. I cannot read the words in a book if I do not wear the presbyopia glasses. I went for an eye examination. The doctor said that I not only have presbyopia, but also farsightedness. He also said that there is a big difference in the visual acuity between both eyes, and recommended that I wear corrective lenses for hyperopia. Is it helpful if I do not wear these glasses? My eyes feel very uncomfortable when I wear them. Is there any other way to help regain my eyesight? What nutrients should I supplement with??

A: Vision For Life (Note) is a good book published specifically for eye care. Try to do the exercises in the book. Modern people abuse their eyes, especially when staring at the computer screen for a long time. Overstraining the eyes makes it easy to injure the eyes. At the same time, microwaves and electromagnetic waves in the environment are especially harmful to the eyes. As the eyes are small, the microwave absorption is greater. Take all measures to prevent electromagnetic waves. Over the years, we have constantly introduced various methods: Crystal Grid, Flower of Life, Energizer and so on. It is important to look at scenery far away to allow the eyes to relax. Recently Dr May’s Synergy Company produced a product that nourishes the eyes. It is worth a try.

Bless you!


Vision for Life: Ten Steps to Natural Eyesight Improvement, by Meir Schneider, Ph.D., L.M.T, Published in October 2, 2012 by North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA.

The original Chinese article is published in the Feb 2015 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20150209.html

(Questions 1-2) 

Q3: I am a reader of Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine. There are several questions I would like to ask Dr Lai. Since I began puberty (13 years old), I suffered from oily hair and alopecia (hair loss). I have also consulted with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor and had tried hair care centre. I have spent a lot of money for scalp care, but it was not effective. After I turned 30, the oil secretion from my scalp is still very bad (I shampoo every day). My hair is thinning, and baldness has begun. I hope Dr Lai could give me some advice.

A: The condition of the hair depends on many factors. If there were some symptoms since childhood, then it is genetically inherited. There are several organs or meridians related to the blood. The blood that nourishes the hair comes from the “essence” of the parents and affects the kidney function. As the person gets older, this “essence” is consumed and the hair turns white and hair loss occurs. To protect our “essence”, reduce stress; reduce exposure to pollution and avoid excess consumption of nutrients such as concentrated animal protein and fat. Pay attention to your intake of fat. Please refer to the article “A Difficult Topic: Consuming Oil” (Note 1). Pay attention to a balance intake of Omega 3 and Omega 6. Avoid processed oil (usually Omega 6). Green leafy vegetables and wheatgrass have very good Omega 3 and they also nourish the blood. Wild amaranth is also blood-nourishing.

Pancreas and spleen are closely related to the blood. Focus fully when doing something. Do not get distracted and/or think too much. Avoid consuming too many sweets, especially white sugar and its products.

Electromagnetic waves and microwaves hurt internal organs, including the spleen and liver. Thus make it a priority to protect against electromagnetic waves and microwaves. Usually when the mobile phone and computer is not in use, the energy is still negative if the power is still on. Be sure to take some protective measures. Recently I have introduced the use of jump rings (Note 2), or Flower of Life (Note 3); other previously introduced methods can also be used as protection.

Physical health is very closely related to the root chakra. Ensure that your root chakra is open. The easiest way is to visualize yourself sitting on top of the sun with another sun on top of your head. This can help opening root and crown chakras that are closed. Then do the qi harmonizing exercise, and all the chakras will open. Also visualizing green colour on the right side of your body and purple colour on the left side; this can help balance the energy of the right and left side of the body.

Every part of our body reflects the overall health status. Regulating the entire body will improve the condition of the hair. Remember also to drink enough clean water with small molecules. Lack of good water dehydrates the blood and thus the hair does not get nourished.

A problem is connected to many others. Colour therapy can also strengthen the liver, spleen and kidney function. Please read Let There Be Light (Note 4).


Q4: Hello Dr Lai! I was born in 1954. When I was about 4 years old, I suffered from meningitis which was incurable at that time. Fortunately, after undergoing a long painful treatment, I overcame the disease. 

Three years ago, my right foot began to ache and was weak. Two years ago, I was walking unsteadily and appeared unstable and lame. An MRI showed that I have hydrocephalus. The doctor believed that this was the sequela of the meningitis I had when I was young.

Western medical treatment uses cerebral shunts (placing a ventricular catheter into the cerebral ventricle). A few friends and relatives of my friends have received this treatment but found the result not ideal. So for the past two years, I have been drinking Chinese medicine (decoction). When I first took the decoction, I was able to walk smoothly. But six months ago, I limped badly very suddenly. Another MRI showed that the hydrocephalus area has not improved from three years ago.

 I do not know what to do. I hope Dr Lai can give me some advice and guidance.

 I wish you peace and joy!

A: You can proceed in several ways:

Refer to the book “Let There Be Light” on the treatment on meningitis (page 70) and hydrocephalus (page 51). Begin by visualizing green light on the head and also magenta colour. You can utilise sunlight shining through the window to do colour therapy. You can also visualize colours on the head.

The reappearance of these old sicknesses in the recent three years could be caused by electromagnetic waves and radio waves. Avoid using cell phones and cordless phone. Refer to all articles on protection from electromagnetic waves and radio waves. For example, make a cloth belt embroidered with blessing quote or mantra and/or Crystal Grid (Note 3); also, use jump rings as anti-electromagnetic measures as I recently wrote (Note 2).

In your diet, eat more organic natural vegetables and drink green juice. Do not eat animal products which promote inflammation and avoid processed foods, sugar and processed oil. Avoid foods that cause acidic reaction in the blood. In today’s unnatural environment, ensure a more stringent check for a clean diet. Please refer to 婆的廚房 2 [Wàipó de Chúfáng 2 (Grandmas Kitchen 2)] (Note 5). Also reduce intake of white rice and white flours. You could eat more buckwheat.

Bless you! 


Q5: Does dehydration cause motor neuron disease (MND)? Or are there other causes? How to effectively cure this disease?

A: Dehydration is definitely one of the causes for this disease. Microwaves and radiowaves can cause the cells to dry out. It is useless to just drink plenty of water and not protect ourselves against electromagnetic waves and microwaves. In a microwave environment, even good water can become “bad water”. If you place the blessing quote or mantra (blue words in a white triangle-shaped paper), it can protect water from turning bad. Wearing a belt with the blessing quote or mantra also prevent the water in the body from turning bad.

Another very important reason is that radiowaves and microwaves can close the chakras. Almost all the chakras of many people are closed. Eventually, the body stops functioning properly. So harmonise the qi (please refer to the latter part of this article) every day and visualize sitting on top of the sun with another sun on top of your head. In addition, visualize green colour on the right side of your body and magenta colour on the left.

At least let the body functions recover. Light therapy is also very helpful. Please refer to “Let There Be Light”. Preferably do not use mobile phone and wireless internet. Best wishes to you!


Q6: I am 30 years old this year and suffer from nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Eight years ago, I went through 35 times of radiotherapy and 4 times of chemotherapy. Recently, there is a gradual weakness and muscle atrophy of the bilateral shoulder and arm. After the doctor’s inspection, it was found that the radiotherapy caused radiculopathy and fibrosis in C5-6. The doctor said that this is quite rare, and currently there is no cure. He said that I just need to take more vitamin B complex and have therapy. I have tried my best to follow all these recommendations but my conditions still continue to deteriorate. I really do not know what to do. Dr Lai, please help! Thanks!

A: Regarding the atrophy of the nerve in the hand after radiation, you must take fresh organic fruits and vegetables, especially green juice and high energy soup in your diet. Processed snacks and meat is best avoided. Please refer to the book “外婆的廚房 2 [Wàipó de Chúfáng 2 (Grandma’s Kitchen 2)]” (Note 5). Supplement with Bliss De Lite and Lightning Enzymes. Harmonize your qi every day. The method in harmonizing the qi is as follows.

1.Bottom of the feet: visualize on inhalation that the breath enters through the bottom of the left foot, up the leg across the waist. On exhalation, the breath travels down the right leg and out the bottom or the right foot. Repeat ten times.

2.Bottom of the feet: visualize on inhalation that the breath comes in through both feet to the heart. Upon exhalation, the breath goes back the same way, out the bottom of the feet. Repeat ten times.

3.Knees: On inhalation, breathe in through the knees to the heart. On exhalation, breathe out through the knees. Repeat ten times.

4.Root Chakra: Breathe in through the Hui-Yin point (between urinary and rectum openings) to the heart. Breathe out through the Hui-Yin points. Repeat ten times.

5.Dan-Tien (Hara): Breathe in through the abdomen to the heart. Breathe out from the heart back out to the lower abdomen. Repeat ten times.

6.Navel Chakra: Breathe in through the solar plexus (just above the navel) to the heart. Breathe out through the solar plexus. Repeat ten times.

7.Heart Chakra: Breathe in through the heart, and breathe out through the heart. Repeat ten times.

8.Throat Chakra: Breathe in through the indentation in the center of the collar bone to the heart. Exhale through the throat chakra. Repeat ten times.

9.Brow Chakra: Breathe in through the forehead in the middle of the eyebrows to the heart. Breathe out from the heart to the eyebrow chakra. Repeat ten times.

10.Crown Chakra: Breathe in through the top of the head to the heart; breathe out through the crown. Repeat ten times.

11.Breathe in through the feet and through all the chakras and out the crown. Repeat three times.

12.Breathe in through the feet and crown together to the heart. Breathe out from the heart to the feet and crown. Repeat three times.

Visualize energy flowing from opposite directions (such as up and down, left and right, back and forth and so on) going into the part of the body which needs repair. After the above exercise, the qi can flow throughout the whole body and nourish the entire body.

Furthermore visualize the body filled with light according to the spectro-chrome therapy taught in the book “Let There Be Light”, Page 82, No 256. It may take some time to recover. 

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The original Chinese article is published in the Aug 2015 issue of Lapis magazine

(Questions 3-8)