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Wake up—for your sake and the sake of the next generation

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Recently, one of my friends told me that her son started behaving strangely after he returned home from his studies in the U.K. He would lock himself in the house, not speak a word, and throw tantrums. Another friend’s daughter had also returned from her studies in the U.K. She seemed to be confused mentally in the way she dealt with things, and suffered from insomnia. At the same time, I also heard of a few cases of people with sudden blindness or defective immune systems. Two or three years ago, I counseled a young person who suddenly couldn’t see or walk. His doctor could not identify the cause of his aliment nor help him. Over the past ten years, for work-related reasons, this person had been using the mobile phone more for eight hours a day and eating fried meat products. His sister managed to contact me, and I proposed that he stop using his mobile phone and computer. I also suggested that he go on a diet of organic vegetables, fruits, and grains, take Bliss De Light, drink magnetized water, and do some exercises that harmonize his qi (From Dr. Lai’s Health Tips). After five weeks, he recovered 60% of his vision, and was able to walk. He continued to recover, and was able to resume work. His doctors were surprised. This young person was very lucky because the microwave radiation had not permanently damaged his vision’s nerves. These examples have become more common recently. Five years ago, in two consecutive issues of the Lapis Lazuli Light magazine (May 2001 and November 2001), I repeatedly warned of the harm caused by exposure to electromagnetic and wireless radiation. I referred to materials from Russia, Europe and the U.S.—these showed that exposures to such radiation damage our body’s nervous system, and also compromises our mental and emotional functions. Some symptoms include: bad temper, sense of unhappiness, fear, worry, being withdrawn and suicidal, and hearing imaginary voices. Research on humans and animals has shown that at the early stages of interference by wireless radiation, the nerves thickens. Later, it loses its capacity to function, and the resulting ailments include impairments to the immune system, immobility of the arms or legs, cancer, etc. I have observed that during the SARS crisis a few years back, SARS was most serious in areas where the use of mobile phones was most popular and had the longest history.

The use of wireless communication has now extended to wireless internet access, and many cities have completely converted to wireless internet access systems. Thus, regardless of whether or not we are using the computer, we are now bombarded by strong wireless radiation. I have heard of instances where a child started itching whenever his father was using the internet. He would itch for an hour if his father was on the internet for an hour. His parents are now trying to move out of this wireless-connected district. Another eight-month old girl started having red and itchy rashes (that bled when scratched) two months after she was born. She lived in a city with strong electromagnetic and wireless radiation. The two people that I discussed at the start of this article were graduate students in the U.K,, where the defined safety threshold level for wireless radiation is 10 times higher than that in the U.S., and 1000 times higher than that in Russia.

Because I am sensitive to electromagnetic and wireless radiation, I do not need research to inform me of the harm inflicted by this radiation. When computers were first marketed, I couldn’t use them as I would get a headache each time I used them. I was able to use computers only with LCD monitors, along with protection from energizers. Even then, I could only use the computer for a short period. Once, I arranged to meet a friend at an eatery that had wireless internet access. As I reached the entrance of the eatery, I felt unwell and was unable to enter. We changed our plans immediately, ordered takeaway food, and ate at a nearby park. I know of a person who is also sensitive to electromagnetic and wireless radiation. Once, she returned to office after a vacation, and got a headache as she entered the office. She asked her office staff if there had been any changes in the office while she was away, and found out that a wireless internet access system had just been installed. Fortunately, she was the manager in charge, and she immediately ordered that the system be returned. She would rather lose some money and re-install the previous system. Many working people do not have this option. Hence, people in charge have the responsibility to safeguard the health of their employees. When we cause others to be harmed, we also fall ill ourselves. There was also another lady who could not get pregnant after many years of marriage. Later, she suspected that this could be due to her work station being surrounded by computers. She successfully requested for a change in work station and less frequent use of the computer. She got pregnant soon after.

Many people convince themselves to accept the present undesirable circumstances for the sake of their business, work, studies, convenience and many other reasons. Why don’t we make a small change of reducing our actions that harm ourselves and others? Do we really want to ignore these risks and potential harm, and make a precarious dash towards the edge of the cliff? It will be too late to regret when, one day, our eyes cannot see, we lose our mind and our immune system becomes impaired.

Nineteen years ago, when I was doing cancer research in Texas, I felt that I was boarding a train that was heading towards the edge of the cliff. I tried to warn those aboard this train, but to no avail. I could only jump off the train, and head in the opposite direction. At that time, my future was uncertain as there was no well-trodden path to follow. Nevertheless, I have gradually found a path, accompanied by others who have also jumped the train. With each step on this path, I feel happier and more convinced that my initial decision had been correct.
One of my former colleagues in Texas found much success in his research after I left. His research support was increasing, and at one stage, his annual research funds reached US$ 200 million. In recent years, the economic slowdown in the U.S. led to a drastic slash in government funds allocated to research. Private funds also experienced a reduction in income. Within a short period of time, his research funds plummeted from U$200 million to zero. The train had fallen off the cliff.
You need courage to walk your own path. My own experience is that when you walk a road that you are meant to walk, you will receive help and you will not starve. When you see that the train or bus that you are boarding is heading towards the edge of the cliff, you must have the courage to jump off. It doesn’t matter how comfortable or luxurious the enjoyments are inside —they are short-termed. One day, the train or bus will fall off the cliff.
Nowadays, there are increasingly more people who fall off the cliff. Hence, we need more people for emergency rescue missions. These people need to possess a wide range of knowledge, skills and lots of love. They also need to continually uplift themselves in order to undertake this mission.
During these years, while I am continually researching and learning, I am also training people to do emergency rescue work. However, I feel that the demand for such help has greatly increased, and only if there is such rescue stations in every place would the demand be met. Hence, there is a need to systematically train more of these people. This has motivated me to aspire to set up a Lapis Lazuli Light Training Centre. Beginning next August, there will be classroom facilities in Taipei that provide these training activities (details in the May 2007 issue of Lapis Lazuli Light magazine). In the future, I hope that there will be a school that enables interested people to have a good environment to further develop themselves. I also hope to have a practical training facility, whether for natural farming or green building methods. In the future, our daily needs must be met in a fashion that is kind to ourselves and to the environment. Only in this way will we be able to live healthily on this planet.
All of us need to adopt a way to keep our bodies and minds healthy. Our diet should comprise of clean naturally grown products, and when needed, high quality supplements such as Bliss De Light and Radiance C. We should reduce our use of electricity, and electrical products such as computers, mobile phones, and internet. Every day, maintain the smooth flow of our energy, harmonize our qi, and follow the exercise routines in the book “Energy Healing”.
For your own sake and the sake of the next generation, it is time to wake up—we are at the edge of the cliff! I also sincerely hope that you will join the emergency rescue mission of this time.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2006 Aug Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore