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Experiencing our true selves through nature

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

In June 2007, Lapis Lazuli Light conducted a ten-day workshop at Crestone, located next to the ancient restorative mountains of the American Indians. The theme of the workshop was on harmonious living and eating.

In this distant mountain, everyone was enjoying the gift of nature—fresh air imbued with the fragrance of pine leaves, high-energy water, and the mysterious highly-charged energy of the mountains. The faces of the participants from all over the world were filled with joy and vigor, and bear testimony to the importance of nature on the health of our body and mind.

It was in this environment that we experienced Dr. Mitchell May’s teaching on healing that transcends space and time, and on the true self. We actually feel the energy when we quieten our minds to experience the energy of the land and the true self. Dr. May asked everyone if they frequently remember to absorb this form of nutrition. The Drip Meditation method (see note below) that he introduced is an example of nutrition that is available any time. He says that the light body nourishes the body. Forty years ago, he had a serious road accident, and was hospitalized for nine months in the intensive care unit. During this period, he met his teacher Jack Gray, who taught him many self-healing techniques. One of them was to visualize light penetrating his entire body’s cells, structure, organs, and bones. He would use this visualization method for a few hours everyday to dissolve into light and rebuild his bones, flesh, and nerves.

Another method Mitchell used was to visualize himself lying on the beach, with the turquoise tide flowing to the shore, immersing him in the sea water, and washing away his ailment, pain, fear, and anxiety. When the tide ebbed, these impurities would be evaporated by the sun. Jack also taught him how to repair his light body on some parts of his bone structure. He would visualize himself with 24 arms reaching for the sun to recharge, and then, he would use these hands to massage his bones and nerves. The purpose of visualization was to use his imagination to influence his light body and physical body. After a few months, doctors concluded from X-rays taken that Mitchell’s bones had started growing again. They suggested that Mitchell try to stand up. When Jack found out about this, he was furious. Jack said that this was only the healing of the light body, and that the physical body had not grown back. If Mitchell were to stand, all the prior effort would be wasted. Jack used his hands to penetrate part of Mitchell’s leg to prove that the physical bones have not grown yet. It was after a while later that the bones did indeed grow again.

During the course, participants learned how to release prenatal and childhood blockages. These blockages will cause the body’s tissue structure and internal organs to harden or loosen. The method is as described below. Breathe in deeply, and see if you can breathe in to your toes. If there is blockage midway, articulate the sound “Ah” to clear the blockage. There will be improvements after a few attempts, and some memories and emotions may surface.

The aura of our life force reflects our experiences in life as well as interpersonal relationships, particularly those that are very close, in particular spouses. If there are wounds, similar experiences will be repeated later in life. The path to healing is to take responsibility for one’s own experiences and feelings.

Ask yourself: What kind of feelings needs to be healed? Use deep breathing and the “Ah” syllable (or other methods) to release them. Butterfly massage (involving light massage from head to feet) or Brazilian toe massage can also help. The term, Brazilian toe massage, came about because this method is commonly used in Brazilian hospitals. It has the ability to soothe and clear auras and to clear blockages, including emotions blocked during the period in the womb. The method is simple: the masseur uses his fingers to press the patient’s toes, and starts by using his little finger to press the patient’s little toe, and then, one by one, using the corresponding finger (up to the thumb) for each associated toe of the patient. The patient can sit or lie down. The masseur uses his thumb to support the bottom of the patient’s toe, with the other fingers pressing on the top of the toe. The corresponding toes on each leg are massaged simultaneously.

  1. The masseur uses his little fingers and thumbs on both hands to press the patient’s little toes on each leg for three minutes.
  2. The masseur uses his fourth fingers and thumbs on both hands to press the patient’s fourth toe on each leg for three minutes.
  3. The masseur uses his middle fingers and thumbs on both hands to press the patient’s third toe on each leg for three minutes.
  4. The masseur uses his index fingers and thumbs on both hands to press the patient’s second toe on each leg for three minutes.
  5. The masseur uses his index fingers and middle fingers together with his thumbs on both hands to press the patient’s big toe on each leg for three minutes.

Effects are optimal if both masseur and patient can be completely relax and experience their true selves during the massage. During the training, some people invariably have special experiences and feelings. This may be due to the release of emotional blockages from the womb and childhood periods, or from the release of energy from the body.

In introducing the cause of ailments and the function of the immune system, Dr. Incao first explained spiritual development of humans over the last 5000 years. According to Dr. Steiner’s research, humans have been drifting further away from the spiritual world over the past 5000 years. Humans from ancient civilizations receive guidance from the spiritual world, but humans in the modern world have difficulty receiving messages from the spiritual world because they are deeply incarnated into their physical bodies. The period around 1859 was the nadir of their spiritual connectivity, but after that, humans started to steer anew towards developing their spirituality. Dr. Steiner also started teaching anthroposophy after that period, and helped the human race find its lost spirituality. Humans have a choice in terms of their spiritual aspirations. They can continue to pursue material needs or to develop their spiritual nature. At this time, the opposing nature of both forces can be very strong. Those who continue to pursue their material aspirations will encounter physical and mental sufferings, perhaps in the form of ailments. Then, in the midst of these sufferings, they return to the spiritual path. Consequently, the force of their spirituality is strongest at this time.

During this workshop, there was time set aside for relaxing activities such as soaking in the hot springs, mountain climbing, walking in the sand dunes of the nearby national park, being buried in the sand dunes, etc. Participants shared their experiences elatedly. Many found that they had improved sleep and warmer bodies. Crestone is very cool at night. One participant had a sore on her finger, and immersed it in the sand. When she pulled it out, the finger was healed. When another participant climbed up the sand dunes, she felt that her heart naturally opened and she spontaneously sent continuous waves of loving kindness to the entire universe.

We will naturally be happy when we are immersed in the energy fields of nature. Nick, an Australian participant, felt moody after enduring the long air and land travel to arrive at the workshop venue. However, the moment he arrived, he couldn’t help himself from smiling, and he felt that there was a warm feeling in this heart. This is the reason why the American Indians called this place the Peaceful Mountain Valley. People who visit this place open their hearts, and they are then able to heal their emotional wounds. Naturally, they no longer have disputes with others.

If more people can come to this place and bring this peace and joy back to their family and society, it will help transform the current disharmonious environment. This is the current motivation behind the setting of a Lapis Lazuli Light school (centre) at Crestone. We will conduct another workshop next June, and gradually provide more learning opportunities. We welcome people who are interested to jointly create a harmonious and joyous earth.

The contents of Dr. Mitchell May’s prior workshops have been compiled into a book titled “Drip Meditation” that will be published by Lapis Lazuli Light on August 15, 2007. The price is fixed at NT$280.

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Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine Aug 2007 Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore