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Water And Cancer Prevention

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

The incidence of cancer has accelerated in the 21st century. Cases of young people contacting cancer are increasing. These are generally malignant cases, so that metastasis has set in by the time cancer is diagnosed. The body’s blueprint of health and diseases are influenced by the nine months spent in the womb, as well as environmental factors experienced later on in life. To understand why young people develop cancer, it is necessary to identify whether the fetus in the womb had contact with contaminants, whether there were nutritional deficiencies, and whether the baby consumed its mother’s milk within 12 hours of birth. A baby’s lifelong immune system, digestive ability, and enzyme formation in the stomach are dependent on the special nutrients and antibodies found in the milk that it first suckles.

A dentist, whose parents died from cancer, conducted intensive research on the causes of cancer. His research spanning thirty years showed that all the cancer patients he examined did not drink their mother’s milk within twelve hours of birth. Of course, this finding does not mean that all people who did not drink their mother’s milk would get cancer, but it does indicate that the likelihood of contacting cancer is higher. Perhaps, this may be the reason why the incidence of cancer in America is so alarmingly high-only 4% of U.S. mothers breastfeed their children.

This dentist discovered that, among other external environmental factors, lack of water among cell structures is a common feature among cancer patients. If the patient’s cells can rehydrate, he/she can easily recover. However, does it mean that drinking more water will enable the body’s cells to absorb more water? This is not necessarily the case: if the water is polluted, or if the water inside the body is acidic, the body’s cells will automatically block the absorption of such water to prevent the entry of toxins. Such toxins can come from outside the body, or they could be uric acid that the metabolic system cannot discharge from the body. Chronic lack of water can lead to aging and other diseases.

The book “Messages from Water” documents how the crystalline structure of water can change through contamination. Microwave radiation can harm the crystalline structure of water. Water inside the cells is a form of liquid crystal, and changes in its liquid crystalline structure influence the functions exhibited by genes from the cell nucleus, as well as whether cells divide and grow (or stop growing). If the crystalline structure of cells is somehow disturbed, these cells may continue to divide and grow, leading to the development of cancer. Many years ago, I conducted laboratory experiments which showed that when potassium was added to a cancer cell cultures, these cancer cells changed to normal cells. After the potassium enters the cells, the liquid crystalline structure and genetic structure of the cells change and lose their “cancer” characteristic.

The key point to preventing and curing cancer is to recover the cleanliness of water inside the body, and to nourish the body’s cells with the necessary minerals. Eating clean food, drinking clean water, and breathing clean air are important aspects. In today’s environment, it is also important to avoid sources of radiation (e.g., mobile phones, computers, televisions, and microwave ovens) that disrupts the water’s crystalline structure. This may be a coincidence, but the young people I heard who got cancer are also those who frequently use mobile phones or who live with people who do so. One day, we may treat the use of mobile phones the same way we treat cigarette smoking – second hand smoke and second hand radiation are both harmful.

We can also understand the importance of water through a person’s energy or qi. Qi belongs to the water element, and lack of water will weaken the body’s qi and lead to illnesses (including cancer).

Many years ago, Dr. Yoshitaka Ohno, a Japanese doctor, started to search for a cure to chronic diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, asthma, and diabetes. His research indicated that water is a major causal factor. To verify his theory, he searched for different sources of water. While conducting his research in Japan, he found a rare magnetic mountain with a source of naturally-magnetized water that can effectively treat chronic diseases. A renowned local doctor successfully treated many kinds of modern chronic diseases using this water. In the past, Russia, China, Japan, and the U.S.A. had reports of the healing properties of magnetized water.

Research shows that naturally-magnetized water can accelerate cellular absorption of water, supplement minerals in the body, protect cells, maintain normal blood circulation and PH levels, discharge pollutants in the cellular structure and fluids, as well as control free radical formation. People who have consumed naturally-magnetized water find an increase in bowel movement frequency and that their faeces have unusual smells. It is also possible that the more we drink this water, the thirstier we become. This is because normal water typically cannot be absorbed by the cellular membranes, and the body’s cells have been deprived of water for a long time. Discharge of mercury is also accelerated six hours after amalgam in the teeth has been removed. People with chronic diseases generally see positive effects of drinking this water within two to four weeks. Magnetized water is also helpful in protecting friendly bacteria in the body, discharging harmful bacteria and toxins from the body, and preventing infection. This water is called Nariwa, and further information can be obtained from this website www.ohno.org.

Over 70% of our body is made of water. In this polluted environment, water that can help our cells begin to absorb the water they need is indeed a treasure, regardless of whether the water comes from organic vegetables or magnetized water.

In preventing and treating cancer and modern chronic diseases, it is important to consider the effect of the environment. Water is one such important factor. Of course, to fully recover our health and happiness, it is important to be with nature as much as possible, and learn how to discharge negative emotions. Finally, it is necessary to develop and cultivate our spirituality.


For more information, please contact Lapis Lazuli Light (Singapore).

Life That Transcends Time and Space in the 21st Century

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Many of the books published by Lapis Lazuli Light introduce the concept of harnessing our ability to transcend the limits of time and space. These books include “Techniques of Pendulum Dowsing” (by Bill Cox), “Captain Juta’s Remarkable Journey” (by Don Ingram, Jack Schwarz), “Stone Age Farming” (by Alanna Moore), “The Holographic Universe” (by Michael Talbot), “The Future is Yours: Do Something about It” (by Raymon Grace), “Ultimate Healing: The Power of Compassion” (by Lama Zopa Rinpoche), as well as our latest publication titled “Drip Meditation” (by Mitchell May). These books can help us go beyond the constraints of three-dimensional thinking, and create miracles in our daily lives, our physical bodies, as well as art and technology.

Three-dimensional thinking is a product of materialistic thinking in western society. People who are scientifically trained or those in contact with scientific thinking are easily constrained by three-dimensional thinking. However, the accomplishments of great scientists transcend time and space. Einstein is a most familiar example. The creations of great musicians are also inspired from beyond time and space. Mozart’s compositions were those that he “heard” and were not products of three-dimensional time and space. Once people go beyond their own boundaries, these time- and space-transcending inspirations and energy will surface. Release your prior views, past experiences, worries, and fear; let your mind quieten down. These will facilitate your entry into the realm beyond time and space. In particular, this is necessary when we encounter problems that cannot be resolved in three-dimensional time and space. In his book “Captain Juta’s Remarkable Journey”, Jack Schwarz highlighted the problem of doubt—when we believe that something is impossible, we have broken the link with our transcendental intuition.

I recall an incident that occurred a few years ago just when the book “Captain Juta’s Remarkable Journey” was about to be published. Qiu Lihui, the person in charge of Lapis Lazuli Light in Taiwan, was vexed by a last-minute change in the venue of my large-scale lecture in Kaohsiung. The date of the lecture was drawing close, and it was then that we realized that the venue (which could hold five thousand people) would have to be changed—the air conditioning system was far too noisy and would adversely influence the sound quality of the lecture. At that time, the only alternative was an outdoor stadium that could accommodate 20,000 people. Based on Lihui’s past experience, she figured that with the date of the impending lecture drawing near, there was no way to significantly increase the number of audience in such a short time. However, as she was reading Jack Schwartz’s book, she came across the part about putting aside one’s doubts. Hence, she decided to change the venue. That lecture was attended by almost 30,000 people! Interestingly, there was no rain at the outdoor stadium where the lecture was held; in contrast, there was a heavy downpour a short distance away.

Six years ago, my father was injured and had to be warded in a critical condition at the hospital’s intensive care unit. The doctors were planning to inject a highly toxic medicine directly into his veins. We generally have little contact with the hospital, and faced with this situation, we could only rely on an approach beyond time and space to rectify the circumstances. I visualized white dew drops entering the medicine bottle, recited Om Mani Padme Hum, and used to contact the medicine bottle. The doctors were perplexed as to why my father did not have the typical discomfort that other patients had. I also remember that a friend taught another person who was ill to visualize the doctors and nurses as manifestations of Avalokiteshvara, and the chemotherapy needle as dew drops. In the end, she did not experience any adverse side effects from the chemotherapy treatment.

Many years ago, I investigated the effects of electromagnetic and microwave radiation, and realized that many people’s health would be harmed by this radiation. I was also affected when the city where I lived started to install transmission towers.  I suffered from sudden weight loss, red itches on my skin, insomnia, as well as loss of energy when I was in the outdoors. I tried many methods to protect myself, including sleeping within a silver wire mesh. I started to have a feeling that I wouldn’t last on this earth. I was particularly averse to going to big cities because my head and throat would hurt. I could only rely on prayers.

My prayers were answered, and many protection methods continually started to appear. I also introduced these methods to others. Many of these methods transcend time and space, and include: peat moss, numerology, color essential oils, energizer enhancers, mantras, etc.  Although our brains cannot understand how these methods work, the fact of the matter is that they are effective.

Last September, I was giving lectures in Taiwan, and heard many questions from people who were harmed by electromagnetic, microwave and wireless radiation. These people had relatively low energy. I had an intuition then. I asked them to first measure their energy levels, and then draw a picture of their bodies on a piece of paper. They were to write down the words of mantra Om Mani Padme Hum at least seven times around the picture of their bodies. They also had to use a blue pen to draw three circles around the picture of their bodies. After doing all these, they measured their energy levels again. Everyone experienced an increase in energy level, with some experiencing a tenfold increase. One participant mentioned that a transmission tower had been built on the eighth floor of the building that she lived in, and protests by residents were to no avail. I suggested drawing a picture of the building, writing the words Om Mani Padme Hum on the eighth floor, and drawing blue circles to surround the building from the eighth floor downwards.

This intuition is the result of many years of learning and experience. The origin was a speech by a female lecturer who knew dowsing. She used a blue pen to draw on paper to block negative energies. For example, she drew a picture of a house. She assessed the source where negative energy was entering the house, and drew a U shaped curve at the entry point to block its entrance. She had this intuition from a former member of the American Society of Dowsers, who used to work in the transportation department. At that time, he found that there was a stretch of road where there were frequent road accidents. He and his colleague brought a road map to investigate the road conditions. He used a blue pen to mark every accident spot on the map.  Strangely, this stretch of road did not have any more accidents after that. This map was kept in the office until it was destroyed when the office shifted elsewhere. Thereafter, the accident rate on that stretch of road went up to its previous level. This is a puzzle. After hearing this story, I started using a blue pen to block off electromagnetic and microwave radiation. The effects are even better when a mantra is added. One reader in Paris would add the mantra words Om Mani Padme Hum on the house’s pillars when he renovated his house. Although the mantra could not be seen after the walls were erected, the energy of the house greatly increased. I also discovered that writing the words Om Mani Padme Hum on the rooftop also increased the house’s energy. Writing the words Om Mani Padme Hum around a picture of the house also worked.

During our workshop at Crestone this June, we invited Harold McCoy, an intuitive healer to teach us transcendental healing. He has nearly 30 years of experience, and participates in medical research studies. He has over 7000 cases, including human and animal clients. He can use the power of his mind to remove tumors, and create a protective shield that filters out toxic pollutants for people who are allergic to environmental pollution. His favorite visualization relates to white dew drops that embody the universe’s most complete love—this can erase the unhappiness from one’s childhood, anger, and fear. He once saved a young drug addict who was brain dead, and at the same time, erased the rage from his childhood. When this young man recovered, he never took drugs again.

The ability to be healed beyond the constraints of time and space is something that mankind possesses since ancient times. Ancient medical studies (e.g., Chinese medicine) also have such records. Modern mankind need only put aside the constraints of their three-dimensional thinking of time and space to develop this ability.

A gentleman who claimed he has no healing ability was able to significantly increase the energy level of a glass of water merely by visualizing white light entering the water. He once sent white light to a friend who had suffered from leg pain. Subsequently, his friend’s leg was healed. This may be a coincidence, but note that his friend had suffered this leg pain for a long time.

In the book “Drip Meditation”, Dr. Mitchell May mentioned that there are unexpected benefits from sending blessings anytime and anywhere. All the life forms in this world need our blessings, no matter where they are. When we truly experience that life transcends time and space, we will be very careful in how we direct these time- and space-transcending thoughts—these thoughts are to be used in a wholesome way to develop ourselves and all living beings.

Translated from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine, 2008 May issue

The World from a Single Positive Thought – Heart-to-Heart Dialogue with Dr. Lai

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

So often we heard, “We reap what we sow.” What we experience in return is what we contributed. The phenomenal world follows this natural rhythm of cause and effect.

Today, we witness global warming, epidemic, drought, flood and heat waves.
Today, we feel empty and lost in the hectic pursuits of material comfort, draining our most valuable inner resources
Today, as we witness what’s happening on earth and in the mindset of mankind, do we want to continue, or take a step to change its course?

Today, we hear the words of Dr. Lai, “As we work hand in hand together, all is not too late, because miracles do happen!”

It was 9.30 in the morning in Malaysia, and 6.30 in the evening across the oceans at Santa Barbara, United States. Worrying that Skype communication may fail us, I attempted to reach Dr. Lai for the overseas interview originally scheduled at 10am.

The line connected, and we heard a crisp and full of vitality “Hello!” on the other end. It was Dr. Lai. My first response was, “Dr. Lai, when will you visit Malaysia again? We miss you.” Dr. Lai, laughing, replied, “I just returned from Asia, spending the whole month giving talks in China and Taiwan.”

Advocating for pro-environmental awareness and reclaiming the joy of life have been the work of Dr. Lai. For all these years, she has been incessantly on the move to spread these messages so that more people would wake up to the cause, congregating more efforts towards positive change on Earth.

December 1 – 8 [2007], Dr. Lai facilitated a programme in Austin, Texas that demonstrated how a green enterprise can combine the use of solar energy and eco-biosystem to increase the energy field of houses and reduce negative energy in oneself.

Meat Consumption: Global Warming and Fatal Implications 

“The root of all diseases lies in the act of killing” – this is an enlightening statement. The greatest challenge for mankind in this century is the endless onslaught of diseases. While we are concerned about catastrophic hits on Earth, or maybe this never crosses some of our minds, all these are a result of killing..

Perhaps you would say, “Killing? Not me!” In actuality, meat consumption is an act of killing. When you indulge in the single one hamburger in a busy shopping mall, our earth has to sacrifice — deforestation of 55 square foot of rainforest. In America, 90% of grains are cultivated to feed animal livestock. The irony is, in third world countries, 40 thousand children die of hunger each day.

Dr. Lai emphasized in full earnest, “It takes each person, one small act to begin the reverse course of global warming, and that is ‘a vegetarian diet’.”

According to a study in the States, Dr. Lai informed, meat consumption is one main cause of global warming. For a person who regularly eats meat or fish, the amount of gases he/she contributes to global warming is 2 tonnes per year. A vegetarian contributes nil. Hence, in learning to adjust to vegetarian diet, one is caring for the earth. “Eating less meat means feeding the people, who are dying from hunger each day in the third world.”

For us to eat 1 pound of beef, we exhaust 12 pounds of corn. But we do not eat them directly, we use them to feed livestock, and in planting the crops, we deforest. This in turn causes water and soil erosion, and extinction of many species, and implicating other problems. To produce 1 pound of potatoes, we need 24 gallons of water; to produce 1 pound of apples, we need 49 gallons; but to produce 1 pound of beef, we need 5000 gallons! When we happily decide to eat the plate of steak or hamburger, we are unconsciously deciding the fate of our earth.

Animal livestock that are raised to feed the demands of humans cause serious environmental pollution by the sheer amount of excrement and waste.

Today, we are consuming our earth. We are exhausting the precious natural resources that are meant for our future generations. Today, what will you decide to eat? &

Reviving the Environmental Movement, You can be Hybric !

With a time lapse of 15 hours, the interview was carried out in the morning of Malaysia and the evening of the States. I held on to my laptop, even in the heat of weather, only the fan was switched on. I understand that the effort of an individual is limited. Mentioning environmentalism, way back more than 10 years ago, Dr. Lai has been tirelessly promoting individual recycling efforts in saving the earth.

“If everyone begins pro-environmental efforts now, miracle can still happen, we can save the earth.” Today we experience global warming, which is a post result of 50 years of exhaust emission and carbon dioxide. Even if we stop emitting carbon dioxide from this moment onwards, effects of global warming will persist for 100 years because of the accumulation up till now. This is a cycle of cause and effect, Dr. Lai said.

“But we are not even reducing emission; on contrary, we are increasing.” This is a helpless exclamation of one environmental activist. Many people think that one person less in environmental efforts will not pose much threat. Yet uniting everyone’s participation is the hope of reviving the environmental movement.

Global warming causes temperature to rise, and we blast the air-conditioning in response, resulting in an endless vicious cycle. Dr. Lai offered a suggestion: when the weather gets too hot, we can try immersing our feet in cold waters. This will readily bring a cooling effect. I laughed; this is a good idea for a hot Malaysia.

Start with saving electricity – you can play a part in saving the earth. Dr. Lai remarked, “Now I am speaking with you, the whole house is unlit except for a light bulb for reading. Little actions like this go a long way in affecting the earth.”

For example, cultivate the habit of sleeping and waking early. Sleep when the night arrives; this is a natural cycle. We can save on resources by not turning on the lights at night, and we wake early to start our day. “Another example, I will plan my route in advance when running the errands so that I do not drive more trips than necessary. This helps to save on fuel.”

Research and writing are Dr. Lai’s main work but she seldom uses the computer, hence reducing contact with electrical appliances. In line with recycling principle, she usually re-uses waste papers. “There are scientific papers sent from overseas, when we flip over, they can be used for writing. I have not bought new papers for years.” When others are throwing away, Dr. Lai is recycling the waste. “Our household does not have the habit of throwing rubbish, even if we need to, we consider carefully before we throw.”

Cancer Cells Grew Double Under Electrical Light

Research studies showed that humans are facing 1-2 million times more electromagnetic waves than the past. Chatting with the cell phone for long period of time is equivalent to chatting with one’s head placed inside a microwave oven. Someone even predicts that brain tumor is the epidemic disease in future.

Modern lives revolve around computers, as if life cannot be complete without computer and internet. Dr. Lai expressed that computer and wireless internet are resources-draining tools. “Nowadays, people make use of internet to fulfill one’s desires, like chatting, listening to music, watching movies. This is wasting. Not only does it harm the environment, it also harms our health.”

More than 20 years ago, a medical research reported that growth of cancer cells increased twice- fold when placed under electrical light for 12 hours. This means that if we allow our bodies to be exposed to electromagnetic radiation for long periods without restraint, we are like moths heading for the flames.

Meditation: Nourishes the Spirit, Fulfills Life Purpose 

A habit of squandering and wasting material resources comes from an empty heart. An unfulfilled, empty heart propels us to seek more and more from the outside.

Our life is characterized by impermanence, and every minute of it is filled with change and possibilities. When we embrace life with gratitude and earnestness in fulfilling our mind-spirit, life will not be an empty shell.

“When we reach the destination of our life, our last day, no one will lament how much work is left undone, how much money have not been earned. No one will think about these. Instead, people regret about not spending enough time on relationships, not spending more time with loved ones.” This is the observation made by professionals who spent years working with dying patients.

Truly, towards the last stretch of our lives, we cannot bring any material possessions with us. We come empty-handed, and we depart empty-handed. “Many have walked towards the end before realizing that they have placed their life focus on the wrong target. One day, when you turn back, when there is no more time ahead of you, you realize that all the material pursuits you fervently absorbed in are no longer important. What’s important is whether you have loved, shared your love, and whether you have contributed something positive to the world, or have left behind only pollution and impurities.”

Dr. Lai encouraged self-reflection and inner dialogue. Though humans have abundant material life, we have lost the direction of our heart. Emptiness, anxiety, depression – these seem to be the buzzwords of modern living. She introduced the book “Drip Meditation” by Dr. Mitchell May. In it, he describes a meditative practice that is suitable for spiritual nourishment for busy modern people.

I mused over the purport of Drip Meditation, which lies in the meditative composure between drips. It is crucial to step over and beyond words to enter the realm of calming stability. Dr. Lai explained that ‘Drip Meditation’ is a way to listen inwardly, and in the inner silence, uncover the nature of our true selves. “We see the Big ‘I’, our original Higher Self in the quietness of our being. Big ‘I’ encompasses and embraces everything. Small ‘I’ has only fears.”

Only small ‘I’ is absorbed in endless frantic pursuit of material comfort, but the real Big ‘I’ is selfless and all-embracing. “Whether it is for 1 or 2 seconds of silence, allow ‘Drip Meditation’ to become a habit. Quiet down to face what’s going on inside us, and to cleanse the hindrances and impurities. Before each action, learn to come into the present moment for 1 second. You will discover that 1 second of meditative calmness helps to develop mental clarity and sensitivity. And it creates the space for inspiration.”

The universe always functions to support the best benefits of mankind. If we are willing and accepting, it will always help us. Meditation allows us to appreciate and learn ways of contributing to the Universe.

Life Returning to the Source of Nature

Coming into contact with Dr. Lai makes one want to hold her hands. Listening to her talks motivates one to be willing to make changes. The presence of Dr. Lai radiates an energy that exemplifies life returning to its most natural source.

Value environmental-friendliness in lifestyle. Value health in one’s diet. These naturally bring joy and nourishment to our mind and spirit.

Dr. Lai proposed local and seasonal food sources for diet, and the best is uncontaminated crops. Ideally, there should be a variety of unpolished rice, whole wheat, job’s tears and others, complemented with flowers, fruits, roots, stems, leaves and others that make up a holistic range because these ingredients are rich with all types of nutrients.

“In preparing my meals, I consider nutritional balance and simplicity. I usually boil or steam.” For raw diet, Dr. Lai prefers fruits and vegetables as main ingredients for salads, or to juice them, maximizing the amount of enzymes and vitamins. She eats simply and nutritionally, does not like shopping, except to go fresh markets.

Born with an over-sensitive constitution, 19-year-old Dr. Lai chanced upon a book in the States on health and fresh vegetables and fruits written by medical professionals. She tried natural cooking and this changed her health ever since.

To her, adopting a vegetarian diet is a gesture of friendship and love towards oneself and the environment. “This is something that everyone can achieve immediately. To solve the problems that the earth is facing now is complicated, but at personal level, we can start by changing our diet.”

Treat the world with love, and the world will love you back umpteen times more. This is a joyous cycle, and a law of nature. Hence, to have a healthy body-mind, refrain from harming lives, protect natural resources on earth!

Like what Dr. Lai envisions, “Start now, everything is not too late!”

The interview lasted an hour and a half. From a deep place long forgotten, something stirred and moved me. My mind whirled, resonating with the messages from the interview. I allow myself to calm down for 1 second, learning to look inwards. Writing this article has taken the longest time in purview of my journalist career, as I worried that I did not convey the gist of the interview. But this article is written with the deepest wish that it would awaken everyone to contemplate and participate in pro-environmental efforts. With unity, it is all not too late! For more [Chinese] articles relating to Dr. Lai’s cause, please visit     http: //www.lapislazuli.org .


Original article published in Lohas magazine《乐活志》, 2007 December issue.
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light (Singapore)

Creating from Joy, Upliftment from Appreciation

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

It is extremely difficult to be joyful, happy, and appreciative when faced with natural disasters, human tragedies, illnesses, pain, and afflictions. Nonetheless, during such times, only the energy of joy and appreciation can transform such negative situations to positive ones.

Many years ago, one of my teachers shared with me on how she learned gratitude as part of her spiritual development. She would say “Thank you” no matter what she encountered, even if a bowl of soup she carried had slipped off and broken into pieces! She understood that the energy of gratitude and joy can create a better tomorrow. Regardless what seeds we have planted in the past, regardless what fruits we are harvesting now, creation of the future is still within our control. If we can plant the seeds of joy, then our future will naturally bear the fruits of joy.

We generally feel sympathetic towards people who are suffering, but not towards those whose circumstances are more fortunate. This is because our minds are limited by time, and we cannot see the past or the future. It may be that those who are encountering good fortune now are planting the seeds for future suffering, but they are not aware. On contrary, people who are suffering now may develop the virtues of acceptance (in the face of adversity), patience, and loving kindness. In that case, their future will be better.

During the Ming dynasty in China, a gentleman by the name of Yuan Liao Fan learned from his life experiences that destiny can be changed by our thoughts and actions. When he was young, he encountered a capable fortune teller who predicted in detail how his life would turn out. Later, he found that no matter how much he wanted to change the fate that had been predicted earlier, he could not change it, including the results of his entrance examination. Hence, he decided not to think too much because everything had been pre-determined by fate. Later, he met a Zen master who taught him how to change his life. It was then he realized that fate can indeed be changed, but one must know the correct method. Originally, it was foretold that he would be childless and only live up to 53 years of age. Later, he not only had a son, but lived up to 74 years of age. He wrote down his experiences in a book for his son, which later became widely circulated and was known as “The Four Teachings of Liao Fan”. This book discusses four aspects: how to shape one’s life, how to change one’s life, how to accumulate merits, and the benefits of humility and virtue. This is a good book that is worth reading again and again. The reason why he had a son and had a long life was because he loved and protected the lives of animals and humans, and actively engaged in work that benefited other people. Joy comes from harmony and peace. When we are filled with love, do not harm other beings, and strive to benefit others, joy is the natural reward.

Le Gong (the practice of happiness) is a form of primordial chi gong that had been very popular in China. This is a therapeutic form of exercise that can be used for health and sickness. Many people have used this method and regained their health. This exercise is very easy to practice. All it takes is to be happy all the time. The quiet or passive form of exercise is to be happy when one quiets down. In contrast, the action mode is to maintain a happy mind when one is busy. Beginners start by thinking of an incident or person that brings them happiness, and then immerse in that feeling. If they cannot think of any happy event because of prolonged periods of suffering, they can start by pretending, that is, relax the entire body, and curve the corner of the tips upwards into a smile. This is using pretense to develop true happiness. Medical research has shown that actors’ bodily hormones and internal secretions changed when their facial expressions changed. This demonstrates that “pretending” to be happy can have benefits.

If joy cannot arise during practice, reflect on what obstacles prevent your ability to develop happiness within yourself. Does it have anything to do with not being able to release past memories? Is it about someone we can’t forgive? Do you have a sense of remorse? Does it have to do with wounds that need to be cleansed and healed? Many times, knots in our hearts can be disentangled by taking a different perspective. Learn to say “thank you”.

An American, Raymon Grace, took lessons from American Indian masters. He liked to help people, and applied what he had learned to relieve the sufferings he experienced in terms of health, life, and financial situation. He also taught others how to use principles of the universe to change their lives and fate. He found that every event and every phenomenon have their own frequencies. Changing these frequencies will lead to changes in these events and phenomena. For example, polluted water has its own frequency. When we are in a relaxed state, we can use our mental power to disrupt the frequency of polluted water, and then mentally transmit the frequency of clean water to this water. Drops of water that has been purified by Raymon Grace can be added and used to purify other polluted water from wells, rivers, sea, and swimming pools. This is because he had programmed all water to be purified if they come into contact with charged water. There was a well that had been polluted by arsenic. After his treatment, laboratory examination indicated that the arsenic level continually decreased, even so after six months. Water purified by Raymon Grace also has therapeutic properties. His friends invited neighbours to swim in a swimming pool Raymon had treated, and they found that their bodily aches disappeared after swimming. In the book “Messages from water”, the author uses microscope to show that the crystal formation of water can be changed by human thoughts. A lake that was originally polluted was purified through the prayers of 300 people. This shows that Raymon Grace’s ability is possessed by everyone. His book “The Future is Yours” and “Techniques that Work for Me” are in the process of being translated, and will be available in Chinese at the end of the year. Raymon Grace is particularly concerned about water cleanliness because the supply of clean water on earth is diminishing while our demand for clean water is increasing. Thus, learning how to purify water is the way to solve this problem. He found that other than environmental pollution, water supplies can be polluted by man’s greed.

If water can be transformed using our thoughts, it is not difficult to imagine that the entire material world can be influenced by us. This is because water covers a major part of the earth. Water comprises 70% of the earth’s surface as well as 70% of the human body. On December 26, 2004, the biggest damage caused by the earthquake on the seabed off Indonesia was the tsunami, which led to wide scale devastation. If a single person like Raymon Grace can purify water, and 300 people can purify a lake, then perhaps if millions and billions of people on earth unite in their efforts, they can moderate the earth’s erratic weather conditions, strengthen the earth’s fragile surface, and tame the furious oceans?
Many years ago when I was living in Houston, my teacher (who is now approaching 90 years of age) taught us how to tame an impending hurricane. She placed a bowl of water in the classroom to represent the ocean, and asked us to visualize sky blue light and send loving kindness to the hurricane. She said that hurricanes are attracted by human anger, but that loving kindness is an antidote that can transform anger. Maybe it was a coincidence, but the hurricane did not land on that occasion. I have also heard that on many occasions, Taiwan avoided the assault of impending hurricanes through the prayers of members of some organizations.

Since ancient times, Chinese people knows that heaven and earth that exist outside us are one and inseparable from our own internal heaven, earth, and mental thoughts. Our thoughts and emotions have enormous power, and can influence the occurrence of natural phenomena such as rain and wind, the growth of plants, and the purification of water supplies. Bob Cannard, a farmer, frequently emphasizes that the most important job of a good farmer is to send friendly messages and love to his plants and farm. During convalescence, it is useful to send love and friendly messages to our cells. In the Chinese language, there is a phrase that juxtaposes natural disasters with human misfortunes. The reason is that natural disasters occur after humans have erred and caused misfortunes on themselves. The human mind influences heaven and earth. The tsunami tragedy has shown us the devastating power and effects when nature strikes back. Human life is fragile and we can die anytime. Some people live a life where they scheme and engage in pettiness to get the upper hand. But then, what matters at death? It is a gift to be alive, and we have to learn to say “thank you”. This is because when we are happy and appreciative, we can plant immeasurable seeds of joy, improve ourselves and people around us, and create happiness for ourselves and all beings around us.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2005 Feb Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore

How Buildings Impact Our Health

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

A year ago, I read a book that introduced the views by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, a pioneer in anthroposophy, on architecture. According to Dr. Steiner, buildings are not only places for habitat, but they also influence our consciousness. Round or crescent shaped buildings can stimulate our astral bodies (i.e., influence our emotions), while buildings with sharp points have adverse effects on us. Good buildings can positively impact our minds, empowering liars to refrain from lying, and evildoers from doing unwholesome deeds. Buildings can be the throat of devas.

Ever since reading Dr. Steiner’s prophecy that we need buildings to positively alter the human consciousness in this era, I started to focus on investigating how buildings can enable devas to talk. What I wanted to know was how buildings can achieve environmental protection and energy conservation while raising our consciousness and promoting well-being. In the past year, I’ve come into contact with concepts that I’ve never heard before, learned a lot, and discovered that there is much more to learn.

Chinese architecture has a long history, and its concerns are those that the modern man cannot understand. Ancient carpenters use Luban rulers. Luban was a carpenter in ancient times who discovered that different length measurements vary in their degree of auspiciousness. Furniture and houses that are made in accordance to auspicious measurements provide a sense of harmony. Currently, only some carpenters continue to use Luban rulers.

I use the dowsing method to measure the energy of Luban rulers, and found that auspicious measurements are indeed associated with clockwise energy movements, while inauspicious measurements are associated with anticlockwise energy movements. Our feelings of comfort or discomfort upon entering certain places may be related to this.

I have on occasions seen models in garages or storage sheds, and found that storage sheds space would have positive or negative energies simply due to differences in their dimensions. Modern buildings generally do not consider the harmony of its dimensions, which is possibly why one doesn’t get a good feeling in the city.

Buildings in ancient China generally consider the “harmony” factor in their design. The upward curves at the edges of the roofs are to avoid having the sharp “killing” energy of the edges pointing downwards. Viewing an upward curving roof also elevates the mind.

When I was in Austin, I became acquainted with George Swanson, an architect who is knowledgeable about ancient Indian fengshui (or vastu). According to George, Chinese fengshui and Indian fengshui share similarities. Like the Chinese, ancient Indians also distinguished between auspicious and inauspicious measurements and length-to-width ratios. Ancient Indians consider the north and east to be auspicious directions. The south is associated with the source of energies that exhaust us, while the west is also not a favorable direction. Hence, ancient Indian buildings tended to have thicker walls and smaller windows facing south, while windows facing the north and east tended to be larger. Rooms have skylight roofs in the middle for better ventilation and lighting. The interior of the house also has a small natural open area directly in contact with the earth.

In contrast to the Indians, Chinese generally consider the south to be an auspicious direction. Why is there such a huge difference between these two cultures? One possibility is that the Himalayan mountains are located to the north of India and to the south of China. This mountain range is the source of high-level energy. Furthermore, India is a warmer country, and its northern area is cooler. Fengshui beliefs can be different because of differences in weather and geography.

In December 2007, Lapis Lazuli Light organized a workshop in Texas, Austin that focused on how our health is related to our diet and living conditions. We specially invited George Swanson to talk about environmentally friendly building construction.

Some workshop participants asked him why he became so interested in the relation between green buildings and health. He replied: “Thirty years ago, I designed an energy-efficient house in the central part of the United States. The heating bill for the house costs only a few dollars per month. I used a very thick thermal insulation to seal the house. The house was awarded several prizes, but I failed to consider the chemical toxins emitted by the carpets. Because the house had poor ventilation, these toxins caused my wife to fall ill, and my child also died as a result of these toxins. After that, I went to Germany to learn about building biology (termed bau-biologie in German).” I finally understood the driving force behind George’s interest in environmentally friendly buildings.

Building biology started in Germany after the World War II. At that time, people were concerned with the damage caused to the ecology and the environmental problems associated with industrial development and started to promote building biology. The German government recognized the close relationship between health and buildings. As long as a patient had a medical doctor to certify that his house caused his illness, the government will provide funds to rebuild or renovate the place. Germany has social medicine, and the government discovered that it was more economical to spend money to detoxify a residence than to spend money on medical bills. George mentioned that one company in Amsterdam (Netherlands) has its building conform to the building biology principles, and its employees never took medical leave.

Germany has a regulation that prohibits workers from working on cement floor for over one work-hour per day. A person who stands on cement floor easily gets tired because cement conducts electricity. Batteries placed on cement floors will have electrical leakages. Similarly, humans will also leak electrical impulses when they stand on these cement floors. In this book (published in the U.S. in February 2008), George suggested two ways to mitigate this problem. One way is to mix some wood shavings with the cement before laying the cement floor so that the cement will draw electricity from the wood shavings. The other way is to place a thin layer of magnesium oxide cement or magnesium oxide board (MgO board) over the cement.

Building biology came to the United States in 1987. Its main concerns relate to how the building industry can avoid common problems that endanger human health: (i) mold, (ii) chemical toxins emitted by building materials, (iii) fiberglass, (iv) electromagnetic and wireless radiation, as well as microwave radiation. Any of these factors can lead to serious health problems such as allergies, headaches, chronic fatigue, pain, lung infection and even cancer. Many people are not aware that health problems can originate from their homes or work places. Once the source of these ailments is eliminated, the ailment will go away.

People are generally aware of chemical toxins emitted by building materials. Toxins from paint or rubber can cause health problems. Fiberglass is currently the most popular material used for heat/cold insulation. Its disadvantage is that it is not breathable, gets damp easily and does not dry up easily. This creates an environment conducive to the growth of mold. At the same time, in a humid environment, its insulation capacity is reduced. In a very cold environment (e.g., below 20 degrees Fahrenheit), its ability to insulate against the cold is greatly compromised. The comfort of a home is associated with the appropriateness of its interior temperature, and also related to health issues. Interior temperatures should not fluctuate too much within 24 hours. In designing a house, it is best to select breathable materials that can also moderate the wall temperature so that it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Also take note of where the sunlight enters the house. For example, in winter, allow sunlight to enter from the windows or roofs facing the south; in summer, when the sun is higher in the sky, let its rays be blocked by the roof; in winter, the most comfortable source of heat comes from the walls or the hot water pipes running beneath the floors (heat from the walls is most comfortable). To cool down the interior of the house during summer, it is possible to use the cold water pipes to absorb the heat.

Most heating facilities in the United States come from forced air. This kind of warm air is not conducive to health. Experts investigating this issue list five limitations: (i) it only warms the surface of the skin but the bones are still cold. Radiant heat from hot water pipes or wood stove have long wavelengths, and its warmth can penetrate our skin and reach our bones; (ii) there is a great temperature gradient between the walls, and between the floor and ceiling. It is uncomfortable to live in such an environment. (iii) the flow of air is amplified and leads to discomfort; (iv) there is reduction in beneficial negative ions; (v) dust and mold will be blown into the air. For further information, please refer to www.healthyheating.com.

Air conditioners generally cool down the skin. On the other hand, the cool air from cold water pipes can reach the bones. The coolness from standing by a waterfall or by the sea is derived from long wavelengths. Many years ago, Dr. Ann Wigmore introduced a simple way to cool down our body—by immersing our feet in a pail of cold water. I was then living in Boston where the summers were very hot. I didn’t have a fan or air conditioner, but found that this method worked very well.

The building industry plays an instrumental role in protecting our eco system, environment, health and social harmony. May all the professionals in this industry open their minds to factors other than energy efficiency and economic factors, and consider issues such as building biology and ancient fengshui.

Reference for building biology: www.buildingbiology.com

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2008 Feb Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore

The Heart of The Loving Mother and A Child’s Entire Life

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

The medical field offers many perspectives related to the fetus and the development of a newborn child. These perspectives offer weights and answers to parents, teachers, doctors, and society. Some of these questions include: Why do children deprived of love grow up as adults with poorer health than those who were loved as children? A 35-year longitudinal study of Harvard graduates showed that 81% of those who indicated that they had not received maternal love as an undergraduate suffered from chronic ailments at middle-age; in contrast, only 25% of those who indicated that they received maternal love had these ailments at middle-age.

Why is it that those who do not receive love when they are young do not know how to receive love when they grow up? Why do children who are neglected when young grow up with poorer ability to handle pressure and suffer from more ailments?

When a pregnant mother feels safe and loved, the newborn child’s neocortex will be better developed, the hind brain (which is most primitive) will be smaller, and intelligence will be higher. On the other hand, when a mother feels threatened and unloved during her pregnancy, the child’s will have a smaller neocortex, larger hind brain, larger physique, but lower intelligence.

While giving labour, a mother will feel more relaxed if she receives mental and physical support accompanying female friends, relatives, and a mid-wife. Her delivery will be smoother and shorter, the pain she feels reduced by 30% to 40%, and the likelihood of Caesarean section reduced by half (based on U.S. research). If the accompanying person leaves her for 5 minutes, the mother requires an hour before she resumes her relaxed condition. Also, if the mother breastfeeds her child immediately after delivery, both mother and child will secrete bliss-inducing hormones that also reduce feelings of pain. The prenatal and early experiences have critical influences on the development of the child’s brain, body, and mind. Below is a comparison of some old beliefs and new findings.

  1. Old Belief: Genes have a definitive influence on the development of the brain.

New Finding: The development of the brain is interactively influenced by genes and the child’s experiences.

  1. Old Belief: A child’s experiences before the age of three have limited influence on the brain’s development.

New Finding: A child’s early experiences (including the period in the womb) from the blueprints for the brain’s development.

  1. Old Belief: The person caring for the child only provides an environment for the child’s growth.

New Finding: The person caring for the child directly influences the brain’s development.

  1. Old Belief: The brain’s development is linear over time.

New Finding: The brain’s development does not follow a linear function. There is an optimal time for the development of each of the brain’s function. It is difficult to compensate for this once the optimal time has lapsed. For example, the dextrocerebrum (right brain) largely develops before the age of two.

  1. Old Belief: A child’s brain activity is less than that of an undergraduate.

New Finding: A child’s brain activity is three times that of an adult, and decreases after adolescence.

For a newborn child, the mother’s emotional expressions are the biggest catalysts for the brain’s development. A child is attracted by the mother’s face, and mother and child communicate with each other through facial expressions. A child laughs when the mother laughs, and becomes serious when the mother becomes serious. During this “conversation”, many hormones are secreted. The feelings between mother and child are developed under these circumstances. During its development, the right brain stores many memories of the mother’s rich emotional expressions (note that facial expressions devoid of emotions do not have similar effect). The development of the brain directly influences the heart, the entire nervous system, and internal secretions. In the last decade, western medical research has found that the heart is not merely a pump that pumps blood.

New neurocardiology research considers the heart and brain to one. The Chinese culture has always associated thoughts and emotions with the “heart”. Likewise traditional Chinese medicine puts the heart and the brain on the same meridian channel. The latest Western medical research reveals similar findings: 60% to 65% of the cells in the heart are identical to those in the brains; the heart is an important organ for internal secretions; it is the centre for thoughts and emotions; and, resonating with the limbic brain (responsible for part of the emotional processes), the heart produces the body’s most important electromagnetic field.

The newborn’s heart is connected with his mother’s heart. When the child is next to the mother, his heartbeat follows the rhythm of his mother’s heartbeat. When the child is separated from his mother, his heartbeat becomes irregular and cortisol (stress hormones in the blood) increases. The mother’s heartbeat forms the blueprint for her child’s heartbeat. A child’s learning, from the beating of the heart to emotional expressions and internal secretion, are influenced by environmental factors after his birth. A child immersed in love as he grows up will know how to give love and receive love. A child who has been played with will know how to play. In contrast, a child who do has not been loved will not react to love when he grows up, as both his brain and the electromagnetic field in his heart do not respond. This probably explains why some people are unresponsive to human love.

According to the Chinese literature, “heart” includes the consciousness and emotional activities. This perspective is at odds with old western medical beliefs, but is closer to new medical research findings.

At the beginning of the last century, Dr. Rudolf Steiner predicted the western medical science will discover that the heart is not just a pump. This prediction has now come true. He also said that the heart is the meeting point of the nervous system, the digestive system, and the excretion system. The heart is a sensing organ, so that when the eyes see a colour, the body’s reaction depends on the heart to feels. This is akin to what we mean when we say “inner feeling”.

The psychology of the fetus and the child, along with neurocardiology research, are new scientific findings that support the role of a mother’s instinctive feelings. A mother has a definitive influence on the child’s entire life. Family members and society are making the best investment for the future if they can value and support a mother’s sacred role during pregnancy, delivery, and post delivery. May every new life grow up in love, and may every mother be loved and cared for.


Extract from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2002 Feb Issue
Translated by Lapis lazuli Light Singapore

The Use of Oil in A Vegetarian Diet

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Seeds from plants and fruits are the best source of oils. Plants that grow in hot climate produce oils which are of a ‘cool’ nature, those that grow in cold climate produce oil which are of neutral nature. Coconuts that grow in hot climate are of a cooler nature. Olive which grow in the warm climate of the Mediterranean have a neutral nature, but sesame are of a hot nature. Nuts and grains are also sources of oils, for example soybean oil, rice bran oil etc.

It is best to take oils directly from unprocessed seeds. If one needs extra oils, choose cold pressed or expeller pressed oils and not oils extracted with chemicals; bottled oils after opening should be kept in the refrigerator. Also avoid buying huge bottles of oils and keeping them under room temperature because oils after oxidization will produce compounds which are harmful to the body.

Oils are especially important to women after middle age because the secretion of progesterone also occurs through fat cells in the body. After menopause, the secretion of progesterone is greatly reduced, thus obtaining reasonable amount of oils is necessary.

The following are recipes of seeds and nuts provided for suggestions:

Oats Porridge with Nuts

1 cup of oats
3 cups of water
8-12 almonds
1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds
1 tablespoon of Chinese wolfberry
4 Chinese honey dates
4 dates
4 red dates


  • Soak almond and sunflower seeds in water overnight, then pour away the water.
  • Cook all above ingredients. Cook over a small flame for 15 minutes, then leave it to brew for 1 hour.


Muesli with Nuts

8 cup of oats
1/2 cups of buckwheat
2 cups of wheat germ
2 cups of coconut bits
1 cup of sunflower seeds
1 cup almond or walnut (soaked in water overnight), cashew nut
1 cup of sunflower seed oil or sesame oil

Mix both together and pour into a baking pan. Bake at low oven temperature (150 F or 65 C) for one to two hours. Stir a few times. Store in a glass jar after cooling. Can be served with warm water, soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, sweet fruit juice, or sesame milk. Those who like to have it sweet can also add dates.


Almond Milk

½  cup of almonds
2 cups of water (warm to hot)
4 dates


  • Place almonds which have been soak overnight (with skin removed) into the blender and blend with ½ cup of water. Add remaining ingredients and the balance water to blend.
  • May also use sunflower seeds, walnut, sesame or cashew nuts for substitute.


Sesame and Millet Waffle

1 cup of millet
½ cups of sesame (ground)
2 tablespoon oil


  • Add millet which has been soaked in water overnight to 1½ cups of water to blend. Leave under room temperature for 8 hours to ferment. Add sesame powder and 2 tablespoon oil. Pour into a waffle mould to cook.
  • May add moderate amounts of malt sugar or brown sugar syrup to taste.


Coconut Milk, Black Glutinous Rice, Green Bean, Black Bean Porridge

1/2 cup of green beans
1/2 cup of black beans
1/2 cup of black glutinous rice
10 cups of water
½  of a fresh coconut


  • Soak beans and rice in water overnight. Pour away the water. Add 7 cups of water to cook. Use another 3 cups of hot water to blend with coconut meat and strain out the pulp, the add coconut milk to the cooked porridge.
  • Those with sweet tooth may add back sugar.


Note: Before consumption, it is best to soak almond and walnuts in water for 8 hours or soak in hot water for 1 hour and pour away to remove tannin.

The above are mainly for breakfast. Food contains fat are best consumed before lunch for easy digestion.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2000 Nov Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore

Experiencing our true selves through nature

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

In June 2007, Lapis Lazuli Light conducted a ten-day workshop at Crestone, located next to the ancient restorative mountains of the American Indians. The theme of the workshop was on harmonious living and eating.

In this distant mountain, everyone was enjoying the gift of nature—fresh air imbued with the fragrance of pine leaves, high-energy water, and the mysterious highly-charged energy of the mountains. The faces of the participants from all over the world were filled with joy and vigor, and bear testimony to the importance of nature on the health of our body and mind.

It was in this environment that we experienced Dr. Mitchell May’s teaching on healing that transcends space and time, and on the true self. We actually feel the energy when we quieten our minds to experience the energy of the land and the true self. Dr. May asked everyone if they frequently remember to absorb this form of nutrition. The Drip Meditation method (see note below) that he introduced is an example of nutrition that is available any time. He says that the light body nourishes the body. Forty years ago, he had a serious road accident, and was hospitalized for nine months in the intensive care unit. During this period, he met his teacher Jack Gray, who taught him many self-healing techniques. One of them was to visualize light penetrating his entire body’s cells, structure, organs, and bones. He would use this visualization method for a few hours everyday to dissolve into light and rebuild his bones, flesh, and nerves.

Another method Mitchell used was to visualize himself lying on the beach, with the turquoise tide flowing to the shore, immersing him in the sea water, and washing away his ailment, pain, fear, and anxiety. When the tide ebbed, these impurities would be evaporated by the sun. Jack also taught him how to repair his light body on some parts of his bone structure. He would visualize himself with 24 arms reaching for the sun to recharge, and then, he would use these hands to massage his bones and nerves. The purpose of visualization was to use his imagination to influence his light body and physical body. After a few months, doctors concluded from X-rays taken that Mitchell’s bones had started growing again. They suggested that Mitchell try to stand up. When Jack found out about this, he was furious. Jack said that this was only the healing of the light body, and that the physical body had not grown back. If Mitchell were to stand, all the prior effort would be wasted. Jack used his hands to penetrate part of Mitchell’s leg to prove that the physical bones have not grown yet. It was after a while later that the bones did indeed grow again.

During the course, participants learned how to release prenatal and childhood blockages. These blockages will cause the body’s tissue structure and internal organs to harden or loosen. The method is as described below. Breathe in deeply, and see if you can breathe in to your toes. If there is blockage midway, articulate the sound “Ah” to clear the blockage. There will be improvements after a few attempts, and some memories and emotions may surface.

The aura of our life force reflects our experiences in life as well as interpersonal relationships, particularly those that are very close, in particular spouses. If there are wounds, similar experiences will be repeated later in life. The path to healing is to take responsibility for one’s own experiences and feelings.

Ask yourself: What kind of feelings needs to be healed? Use deep breathing and the “Ah” syllable (or other methods) to release them. Butterfly massage (involving light massage from head to feet) or Brazilian toe massage can also help. The term, Brazilian toe massage, came about because this method is commonly used in Brazilian hospitals. It has the ability to soothe and clear auras and to clear blockages, including emotions blocked during the period in the womb. The method is simple: the masseur uses his fingers to press the patient’s toes, and starts by using his little finger to press the patient’s little toe, and then, one by one, using the corresponding finger (up to the thumb) for each associated toe of the patient. The patient can sit or lie down. The masseur uses his thumb to support the bottom of the patient’s toe, with the other fingers pressing on the top of the toe. The corresponding toes on each leg are massaged simultaneously.

  1. The masseur uses his little fingers and thumbs on both hands to press the patient’s little toes on each leg for three minutes.
  2. The masseur uses his fourth fingers and thumbs on both hands to press the patient’s fourth toe on each leg for three minutes.
  3. The masseur uses his middle fingers and thumbs on both hands to press the patient’s third toe on each leg for three minutes.
  4. The masseur uses his index fingers and thumbs on both hands to press the patient’s second toe on each leg for three minutes.
  5. The masseur uses his index fingers and middle fingers together with his thumbs on both hands to press the patient’s big toe on each leg for three minutes.

Effects are optimal if both masseur and patient can be completely relax and experience their true selves during the massage. During the training, some people invariably have special experiences and feelings. This may be due to the release of emotional blockages from the womb and childhood periods, or from the release of energy from the body.

In introducing the cause of ailments and the function of the immune system, Dr. Incao first explained spiritual development of humans over the last 5000 years. According to Dr. Steiner’s research, humans have been drifting further away from the spiritual world over the past 5000 years. Humans from ancient civilizations receive guidance from the spiritual world, but humans in the modern world have difficulty receiving messages from the spiritual world because they are deeply incarnated into their physical bodies. The period around 1859 was the nadir of their spiritual connectivity, but after that, humans started to steer anew towards developing their spirituality. Dr. Steiner also started teaching anthroposophy after that period, and helped the human race find its lost spirituality. Humans have a choice in terms of their spiritual aspirations. They can continue to pursue material needs or to develop their spiritual nature. At this time, the opposing nature of both forces can be very strong. Those who continue to pursue their material aspirations will encounter physical and mental sufferings, perhaps in the form of ailments. Then, in the midst of these sufferings, they return to the spiritual path. Consequently, the force of their spirituality is strongest at this time.

During this workshop, there was time set aside for relaxing activities such as soaking in the hot springs, mountain climbing, walking in the sand dunes of the nearby national park, being buried in the sand dunes, etc. Participants shared their experiences elatedly. Many found that they had improved sleep and warmer bodies. Crestone is very cool at night. One participant had a sore on her finger, and immersed it in the sand. When she pulled it out, the finger was healed. When another participant climbed up the sand dunes, she felt that her heart naturally opened and she spontaneously sent continuous waves of loving kindness to the entire universe.

We will naturally be happy when we are immersed in the energy fields of nature. Nick, an Australian participant, felt moody after enduring the long air and land travel to arrive at the workshop venue. However, the moment he arrived, he couldn’t help himself from smiling, and he felt that there was a warm feeling in this heart. This is the reason why the American Indians called this place the Peaceful Mountain Valley. People who visit this place open their hearts, and they are then able to heal their emotional wounds. Naturally, they no longer have disputes with others.

If more people can come to this place and bring this peace and joy back to their family and society, it will help transform the current disharmonious environment. This is the current motivation behind the setting of a Lapis Lazuli Light school (centre) at Crestone. We will conduct another workshop next June, and gradually provide more learning opportunities. We welcome people who are interested to jointly create a harmonious and joyous earth.

The contents of Dr. Mitchell May’s prior workshops have been compiled into a book titled “Drip Meditation” that will be published by Lapis Lazuli Light on August 15, 2007. The price is fixed at NT$280.

Purchase the following three items together for NT$ 1468, or a special price of NT$ 1280 (until October 30, 2007): “Drop Meditation”, “Dr. Mitchell May’s Path to Transcendental Health Recovery DVD” and “Life’s Healing DVD”

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine Aug 2007 Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore