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Harmful effects of radio waves, electromagnetic waves, dirty electricity, radio waves and The protection offered by sunlight and red light

Chiu-Nan Lai, PhD

In September of 2018, I listened to a seven-day summit on “EMF and health”. The host was Lloyd Burrell, who lives in France. He was injured from using his mobile phone and became extremely sensitive to electricity overnight. For two years, he sought medical treatment everywhere, but the doctors could not detect any problems. Lloyd felt uncomfortable whenever he used his mobile phone.  He explored different healing approaches and recovered his health. He no longer uses a mobile phone, and he can tolerate using the internet for a short time.  He devotes himself wholeheartedly to educating and assisting other people who have been unknowingly injured by electricity. His educational website is electricsense.com.

The summit invited 34 experts from the United States and Canada, including doctors, researchers, authors, journalists, building biologists, and experts on electricity. Some people engaged in research and education after being injured by electricity.

Lloyd Morgan, an electrical engineer, has 40 years of work experience. One day, he suddenly experienced cramps for 45 minutes and then passed out. He was in the intensive care unit for 14 days. The doctor removed a big tumor from his brain. He asked the doctor about the cause, and the doctor said “electromagnetic fields”. Lloyd was shocked to learn about this as he had never heard of it before. He loved working with electrical appliances since high school, and played with a wireless radio after school. He went back to all the places where he had worked and lived in order to measure the electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the environment. As a result, he found that in the bedroom that he had lived for 30 years, the electric clock at the top of his bed had a reading of 14 milligauss. The clock was just 4 to 6 inches away from his head. Generally, 2 milligauss will increase the risk of blood cancer and brain cancer. The safety range is below 0.1 milligauss.

Another victim was Jack Kruse, a neurosurgeon. The reason he delved into the relationship between EMF and health was that he had a sudden meniscus tear of his knee at the age of forty when he stood up to give a  lecture.  He went to the library to find the answer, and then realized that because he had been working under a fluorescent lamp (blue light) since he was 24 years old, his body’s biological clock was completely out of sync. In a natural environment, the blue light and the red light are present at the same time. Sufficient sunlight exposure is the primary factor in restoring and maintaining health. In the fifteen years since then, he has not missed one day of sunshine at sunrise. Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., the ultraviolet light is stronger, and it is best to avoid direct sunlight during this period.  He educated his members to expose their skin to the sun, and to hide their skin from electric lights at night. If he goes out at night, he always wears long-sleeved clothes, even on hot days. He believes that blue light is the main factor that interferes with health.

Nowadays, the light emitted by all energy-saving bulbs, mobile phones, TVs, computers, iPads and other screens are blue light waves. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) not only have mercury but they also emit radio waves, so it is best  to use incandescent light bulbs. The damage to health from using these energy saving devices is not worth it. The important thing is to turn off the lights when you are not using them and to minimize the amount of lights used in the house..

In terms of safety the next best choice is the Halogen incandescent light bulb.  It is an energy-saving bulb but not a blue light bulb. After sunset, blue light will suppress the secretion of melatonin. Melatonin helps with sleep and is also directly related to our immune function. If you work and live under electric lights during the day, you will lack exposure to red light. It is mentioned in the book “Let There Be Light” that red light nourishes the liver. People’s livers are generally not good now, and it may be related to this factor. If you have to sit in front of the computer for a long time, buy a yellow filter and place it in front of the screen, You can add a small red filter to balance the blue light.

In addition to regulating the biological clock, sunlight also creates Vitamin D3 and breaks down the sugar in the body into carbon dioxide and water. Oxygen is also needed in the process.  This water is different from ordinary water. It protects the genetic materials inside the cell.  However, the electromagnetic environment damages mitochondria.  Cellular respiration and production of energy depend on mitochondria.  When damaged, low level of oxygen results.  Normal metabolism is converted from respiration to glycolysis or fermentation.  This can lead to cancer.  Sunlight also has a protective effect by separating the red blood cells that have become bound together due to EMF. Grounding also has the same effect. The qi from the earth is also light as the earth absorbs and reflects sunlight.

Experts summarized the harm caused by electricity:

  1. Attacks the nervous system, causing neurological and mental harm.
  2. Impairs the endocrine system.
  3. Causes oxidative damage and related ion damage. All chronic diseases are related to this (fat oxidation harms the liver and gall bladder).
  4. Invades genetic structures, causing split genes and injury to mitochondria.
  5. Causes cell death, leading to neurological decline and infertility.
  6. Reduces the fertility of men and women, increases the chance of miscarriage, and harms the genes in sperm.
  7. Raises calcium content in the cells, and excessively stimulates the calcium signaling. Taking magnesium in the form of sea mineral balances the effect of excess calcium stimulation. Only magnesium chloride from the ocean or ancient sea deposit can be retained in the body).
  8. Attacks the body via 15 different processes, leading to cancer.

Although we cannot do without electricity in our daily lives, people generally know very little about the connection between health and electricity.  Many doctors and electronic engineers are also ignorant of this. The electromagnetic and radio waves in the current environment are 1017 times that of 10 years ago; minimal contact is no longer possible. 24-hours exposure at this level is equivalent to exposure to 1,600 X-rays. Using a mobile phone for 30 minutes every day can increase the risk of brain cancer by 40%. Children, babies, and fetuses suffer the most. The key point is that short-term exposure alters genes and can injure the next generation.

Uninformed parents install monitors near their baby’s crib, as well as wireless devices to detect when their baby turns its body, and whether the diapers are wet or dry. Parents allow children to treat their mobile phones as toys, and even put them into their mouths. Children’s brains have more fluids and more easily absorb electromagnetic waves and microwaves.  An Israeli study found that cancer of the Parotid gland in the mouth has increased significantly, with children accounting for 20% of these cases.

If men put their mobile phones in the side pockets of their pants, the vitality of their sperm is greatly reduced. A person in charge of the sperm bank said that in the past, nine out of ten young people who came to sell their sperm met the required standard. Seven or eight years ago, only one out of ten people met the requirements. The vitality and health of sperm have declined globally. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt pointed out that the most popular Internet and mobile phone frequency is 2.4GHz, which is the most effective frequency to prevent people and organisms from reproducing.

If men put their mobile phones in the back pockets of their pants, it will cause a large rise in rectal and colon cancer among young men. It is best for men to carry their mobile phones in a hand-held bag, and to not let the mobile phones contact their bodies. Furthermore, put the phone on airplane mode when it is not in use.

Building biology has always been aware of the harm that EMF and radio waves pose to the human body.  Oram Miller who is in charge of building biology education program in North America provides important information on his website www.createhealthyhomes.com .  There are four types of electromagnetic waves that we are most often in contact with. The first two types, EMF and electric field originate from alternating currents in the wires at home. The electrical current in North America and Taiwan are 60 Hertz, a frequency of 60 times per second,. In Europe, it is 50 Hertz.  EMF and electric field are to be measured separately. If the reading measured by the Gauss meter is very low, it does not mean that there is no problem. Generally, the wires from the walls and electrical appliances will have an electric field that extends 6 to 8 feet beyond the wires. Sleeping around these 60-wave-per-second electric field at night can interfere with sleep and body repair. Therefore, the electrical power in our sleeping area must be turned off at night. Use a flashlight instead. Many people’s sleep problems are related to this.

The third category is radio waves and microwaves, which can come from wireless devices (e.g., so-called smart TVs, smart washing machines, etc.), mobile phones, computers, routers, wireless phone bases, wireless phones, smart meters, meters for water and natural gas, mobile phone towers, TV/radio broadcast towers, airport radars, etc. There are also radio waves emitted by hundreds of thousands of satellites.

Because many electrical appliances have wireless capabilities and can connect with the electrical meter anytime, uplug applicances when not in use. Alternatively, install a toggle switch that can turn on or off the power supply; it only costs about $4. For instance, the wireless phone base emits strong radio waves at any time. Energy-saving light bulbs such as CFLs and LEDs also have chips that emit radio waves. In places with WIFI on all the time, there are radio waves 24 hours a day.

The fourth category that cannot be ignored is dirty electricity through the wires. This is a resonant frequency higher than 60 Hertz, and is most harmful between 2,000 hertz and 100,000 hertz. This comes from waves generated by the turning on and off of electrical appliances and also from computers converting from 60HZ to direct current, and so on. Martin Grahm and Dave Stetzer, who have more than 40 years of experience in this area, have developed filters to remove these frequencies of dirty electricity. The Soviet Union had long been aware of the harmful effects of these frequencies  on the human body, and invited them to go to the Soviet Union many times to study a treatment method. They made a test meter and filtration device that the average person can afford. A home needs 10 to 20 of these devices to remove dirty electricity. Purchases can be made, and information can be found at these websites: Stetzerelectric.com or electrahealth.com.  (In some cases the filters cannot remove the dirty electricity)

These electromagnetic waves around us interfere with the natural sunlight that nourishes life, and destroy the structure of water molecules in the body. Water is the basis for life. Once the water is destroyed, all water-dependent life forms including microbioms: the over one million bacteria, viruses, and mold. In high EMF enviroment, beneficial bacteria also become pathogens, so the effect on the environment is the most critical.

Dr. Klinghardt, as mentioned earlier, said that the leading cause of female deaths in the past two decades is no longer cancer or heart disease, but neurological diseases. Anxiety and chronic fatigue increased by 663%. What is more important to know is that these waves interfere with brain secretions. When we take a mobile phone call, the microwave emission will stimulate the secretion of dopamine, which is associated with addiction and induces the same reaction as sniffing heroin. Each secretion strengthens addiction. This can explain why people carry their mobile phones with them, and even bring them to bed.  A young woman had a large cancerous growth on the side of her face where she listens to her mobile phone.  The growth was removed after eight hours of surgery. She used to sleep with her mobile phone under her pillow, but she still couldn’t stop this addiction, and continued to do so. The cancerous growth came back and she had another surgery. After that, she needed plastic surgery. I know of two friends who needed to check the weather forecast over ten times a day. When the secretion of the addictive dopamine increases, the secretion of citicolin, which is related to memory and thinking, decreases. If this deterioration goes on, dementia occurs.

Each of us can do our best to reduce the production of EMF.  EMF gets trapped in the earth atmosphere. That is a significant and increasing accumulation of EMF in the earth’s atmosphere. I personally feel that this will interfere with the sun’s rays reaching the earth. Sunlight is not only the light wave that our eyes can sense, but there is also the qi aspect. Dr. Steiner said that light has four aspects in the same way that our body has the physical body, etheric body, astral body and the ego body.  Ancient Chinese used the term “yang qi” or sun energy to describe another aspect of sunlight. Electricity is “ying qi” which is opposite to “yang qi”. People living in environments with high EMF have cold hands and feet, poor circulation and poor digestive ability.  All are related to the fact that electricity is “yin“.  At sulight at sunrise  has a special energy. The author of “Biogeometry” mentions that the sun’s rays at that time belongs to the “gold” element, and is a harmonious energy. Thus, to recover from the damage caused by electricity, you can bask in the sun at sunrise; you can also open the window, face the sun, and recharge yourself.

Dr. May once suggested that absorbing the nourishment of light is more important than eating. This nourishment of light can be obtained by visualizing light. Remind yourself during the day to supplement yourself with light nutrition.

Some additional suggestions:

*Essential oils such as lavender and rose can nourish vitality, and the spice rosemary can be frequently used.

*A veterinarian recommended yellow dock (American fleeceflower root).

*I previously mentioned that magnesium is a very important supplement.

* Vitamin B3 or Niacin can repair split genes.

*The amino acid tryptophan is the raw material for making melatonin. A balanced intake of food containing tryptophan is best. This includes millet, seaweed, green algae, black beans, other beans, beetroot, corn, white radish, bananas. nutritional yeast, almonds, pumpkin seeds, etc. Because tryptophan is easily damaged by heat, it is necessary to ingest some food that can be eaten without heating.

*It is good to include foods high in vitamin K2 such as natto.

There is still a lot of information from the EMF Summit that remains to be shared.  I have aimed to share the highlights.