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My Experience in Body-Mind-Spiritual Practice

Shen Xin

I was once seriously indulging in food and entertainment, so much so that it led to my painful sufferings from gout. Dr Lai is the person that I must thank most for my transformation into a person who is happy, healthy and living a life of purpose. Only after meeting Dr Lai, my life started to change, I had the chance to learn different methods and meeting different teachers. In 1991, Dr Lai wished that all lives be free from illnesses and sufferings, and that all be healthy and happy. As a result, the Lapis Lazuli Light organisation was founded. Since then, Dr Lai continually prayed for the blessings; a broad range of body, mind and spiritual information keeps presenting themselves. Compared to the past, we now face many more complicated and everchanging factors that affect our body, mind and spirit. So, only if we are able to select the best ways will we able to help ourselves and others, and live a healthy and happy life.


I. Understand External Sources of Pollution

Water, air and food can all be a source of pollution. In taking medicine, we must also understand if it only takes care of the symptoms while creating side effects. Also, be aware of the impact of microwaves, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and negative emotional energy (please refer to the book “Warning: The Electricity Around You May Be Hazardous To Your Health” by Ellen Sugarman). Recently, my friends and I visited a company, three of us felt very agitated and unwell. We then noticed that there were wireless online computers all around, one on each of the office desks in that small office!

II. How to Detox

When you feel tired, unwell or agitated, most likely your body has been polluted. When you are affected by negative emotions from an external source (for example, someone is angry at your workplace, or in receiving sad or fearful news after visiting the hospital or funeral home), your energy field will be affected. Take an apple cider or Epsom salt bath when you go home.

Apple cider vinegar bath: Add 100cc of apple cider vinegar into the bath tub filled with half a tub of very warm water, soak for 20 minutes.

Epsom salt bath: Add three to four pounds of Epsom salt into half a tub of warm water, soak for 20 minutes. If the interference is from EMF or microwave, other than using the protection gadgets suggested by Dr Lai on a daily basis, take a very warm sea salt and baking soda bath.

Sea salt and baking soda bath: Add one pound of sea salt and one pound of baking soda into a half tub of water, soak for 20 minutes. However, if it is impossible for you to avoid long hours of computer usage at work, take a Blessed Clay Bath. One time I accidentally used a microphone that had electrical leakage. My hand was so painful that I could not raise my hand. Later, I recovered only after I bought volcanic clay mixed with some herbs and soaked in hot springs.


Those who are on medication to treat their chronic illnesses, consider using various body-mind-spirit natural methods to thoroughly regulate the body (see Note 1).

Proper Food Choice

In daily living, learn to use pendulum to test the energy of food. Choose nutritious food that has high energy. Organic vegetables, miso, kelp, brown rice, high fibre, low protein, low fat, low salt, minimal processed food are all good selections.

Choose supplements that have high energy and full of radiance. Dr Mitchell May said that food with high vibration gives us better clarity of mind and enables us to think better and meditate better, and overall we become healthier and stronger and can contribute more. A friend of mine who practises meditation very well could feel the energy vibrating throughout his body right after taking Bliss DeLight, and the energy rose swiftly to his throat chakra. No wonder friends who do not feel too happy or have tendency of depression experience improvement in emotions right after taking Bliss DeLight. According to Dr May, in addition to supplying nutrients to our physical body, the radiance of high energy food also enhances our energy field and releases the blockage of energy in our body.

Last year, a group of us with over 100 people travelled to India. Due to the big difference in temperature in the morning and night, the travel fatigue, poor air and water quality, many of us fell sick. I immediately took out the treasures I brought along:

    1. Lightning Enzymes (it increases the activity of cells; the tests by Dr May indicated that the activity of Lightning Enzymes is 10 to 100 times that of an ordinary enzyme.) One time, one of Dr May’s employees fell and broke his leg bone and suffered from serious infections. The doctor announced that his leg must be amputated. Dr May suggested that the worker takes 27 capsules of the Lightning Enzymes; the infection very quickly went under control and there was no more inflammation. The worker recovered without the amputation!
    2. Pure Radiance C (main ingredients are from the tropical forests of the Amazon River; Pure Radiance C contains wild camu camu berries that have the highest source of vitamin C.)
    3. Sea Minerals (sourced from the Australian Great Barrier Reefs ocean; it is not only rich in minerals, but also has very strong antibacterial effect.) In one of the US workshops, one participant, Dr Huang, was on the verge of catching a flu; his tonsil was so painful that he almost could not talk. I used 5cc of the Sea Minerals diluted with 100cc of warm water, and asked him to swallow to the painful area and to gargle; the pain went away shortly after that.

Overall, the day following the use of these treasures, almost two-thirds of those who were ill recovered. I use these treasures everyday, which costs me about Taiwanese NT$99 (about S$4.30 at the exchange rate of NT$23.2 per S$ as in July 2010.) This is such a good health investment!

Exercises that Enhance Energy Flow

    1. Brisk walking (see Note 1).
    2. The WuTai Mountain Eight-Step Exercise (see Note 1).
    3. Hand-swinging exercise (see Note 2).
    4. Stepping on clean grasses that are slightly warmed by the sun. Step with bare feet for 30 minutes or longer.Methods to strengthen energy:
    5. Tapping three places, cross-crawl, etc (see Note 3).
    6. Methods to adjust spine (see Note 4). (Once there was a woman who had very weak lumbar such that she could not get up after sitting on the toilet seat. After she practised this method daily, she can now walk quickly and vigorously!)


The state of our emotions affects our body from moment to moment. If we want our body to produce relaxing mental morphine, rather than letting our body becoming toxin-producing factor, when we are getting angry or agitated, we must practise:

    1. 8-8-8-4 breathing exercise – inhale deeply for a count of eight, hold for a count of eight, exhale for a count of eight and hold for a county of four. Repeat three times (see Note 5).
    2. Walk away from the scene for a while.
    3. Eye movement exercise: intentionally recall the emotions that you want to release, move your eyeballs clockwise for three rounds, then anti-clockwise many rounds (see Note 6).
    4. Visualising sky-blue light – cover yourself and the person that you want to reconcile with blue light, visualise that you are smiling to each other in the blue light of compassion.
    5. Tapping acupressure points to release negative emotions (see Note 7).
    6. Practising “Zero Limits” (Ho ‘oponopono [which means to make right or to correct an error]). When our thoughts bring negative emotions, whether towards people, matters or things, say the following four phrases:

The above methods help alter the emotions quickly.


How do we increase our spiritual frequency? Dr May suggests that we always bring the energy of blessing and gratitude with us to everywhere that our feet reach. The energy of giving blessings stretches beyond time and space.

Upon rising in the morning, visualise sending blue light from your heart chakra, bless every life: may they all have love, warmth and food, may all be healed. When you go out, allow your five senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching to return to good feelings, and stay in touch with the pure energy of nature. When you see blue sky and white clouds, or even a young leaf, thank them and bless them. When you hear the birds singing, thank them. When you are touched by the breeze, thank the breeze; when you smell the fragrance of flowers, thank them! Thank every bite of food you eat. At night, when you lie in bed, thank all the people, matters and things that you have encountered throughout the day. Send blue light to those who have hurt you and forgive them; to those that you have unintentionally harmed, ask for forgiveness and bless them, then enter your dreamland.

In his book “Drip Meditation”, Dr May mentioned a wonderful and happy monk whose entire body kept emanating radiance. The monk said his spiritual practice was to say “Thank You”, including during times when he had a flat tire or even when he fell down, he would still say “Thank You”! Perhaps one day, we can also be filled with gratitude when we encounter any difficulty.

The state of inner peace is described in the “Steps Toward Inner Peace” booklet (see Note 9):

In facing problems, one is able to act according to circumstance and no longer worry about gains and losses.

Live in the present freely.

Loss of interest to fight.

No longer worry about one’s ability.

Continual strong flow of gratitude.

Feel intimately close with nature and all things.

Smile frequently.

Gradually allow things to happen naturally and no longer pursue forcefully.

Continually increase in care and love for the surroundings, and naturally emanating care and love.

We need to understand that we are of a vibrating frequency. Different frequencies connect with different time-space. Only by allowing our mind to return to peace will we be able to enter the state that is beyond time-space, to transcend time and space.

At one time, I had to handle many things all at once. As I began to worry, I allowed my mind to return to inner peace quickly. Amazingly, what normally would take me three hours was completed within 30 minutes!

All the above methods help us transform our troubled mind into peace. This article only introduces some of the methods taught by Dr Lai. If you are interested, you are welcome to search for more treasures from Lapis Lazuli Light information sources. May you be well and let us all enjoy these life-giving treasures.

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The original Chinese article is published in the May 2009 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: