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Natural Therapy for Flushing Gallstones

Compiled from Dr Lai’s Sources

The liver and gallbladder are connected. It is beneficial for people who have liver problems to clean their gallbladders. Although many people did not show any symptoms, their gallbladders may still have stones. Gallstones are usually a result of overeating, strong flavourings, and especially, excessive consumption of fats, sugars and refined starchy foods. People who do not like to drink water are also susceptible to gallstones problems. (Editor’s note: the persons mentioned in the article above are vegetarians who ate little refined and processed foods. So for most people in modern lifestyle, gallstones could be a common problem because of the pollutions on the environment and drinking water.) Further, medication prescribed for lowering blood pressure that are used as a diuretic, can easily contribute to the formation of gallstones.

For those who are above 30 years old, whether you feel it or not, tend to have some gallstones, and in those who suffer from flatulence easily after a meal. The method of discharging stones described below uses apple juice. This method has been tried and tested by thousands of people, and they have shown that we do not need surgery to get rid of gallstones; it’s definitely a less painful and less expensive way. Even if you do not have stones, it is harmless and safe method to try. Personally, my family and I have tried this flush and it works.

Gallstones, whether large or small, can be discharged using this method. They could be as big as strawberries or small as fine sands. If you discharge a lot of stones at anyone time, you will need to do it again after a week (or repeat a few months later). This is to ensure that the stones have been completely flushed out of the body; thereafter, you may repeat the flush once a year.


Day 1- Day 5:

Use 10 fresh apples (about 1-1.5 kgs) daily. Eat directly or juiced them; or drink bottled organic apple juice (100% in content). Drink a cup (approx. 250ml) in the morning, noon, evening and night-time — four cups a day make up to 1 litre per day. Drink before meals or in-between meals. Continue for five days; eat normally but maintain light meals with less oil during these five days. The purpose of the apple juice is to soften the stones for easier discharge. (Note: the quantity of malic acid content in organic apples must be

sufficient for this method to be more effective.)

Day 6:

After 1 pm, start fasting. Stop drinking apple juice, and abstain from food.

∗ No food from 1 pm onwards until the next morning when diarrhea stops. Observe the following at specified time:

    1. 6 pm – use 1 teaspoon (5 grams) of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) and dissolve in 250cc of warm water, and drink it.
    2. 8 pm – Repeat procedure at 6pm.
    3. 10 pm – juice 1-2 medium-size lemon, and add to 120ml of cold- pressed olive oil. Mix well and drink.

(Note: The lemon juice softens the stones; olive oil induces bile duct to secrete large quantity of bile to flush the stones out of the gallbladder.)

Day 7:

In the morning, stones will be flushed out when defecating. The stones will float on the water and are green, round and oily.


1.If the discharge of stones was large or in huge quantity, you may experience discomfort. Just rest for one or two days.

2.After discharging the stones, appetite will improve. But please do not overeat immediately, to prevent injuring the stomach.

3.Epsom salt is magnesium sulphate; it is very effective and cheap. Be mindful not to use too much.

4.If you had gallstones previously and had undergone cholecystectomy, but still found stones at the bile duct, it is worthwhile to try this method.

5.This method is NOT effective for stones in the kidneys or bladder.


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