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On Cancer And Suicide A Forum On “How To Avoid The Killers Of Our Lives” (Conclusion)

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Dietary habits can be changed anytime

Wang:   Can people change their dietary habits? How do we eat more healthily to avoid illnesses?
Lai:       I had been eating a traditional Chinese diet till I was nineteen when I changed to a vegetarian diet.

To change our diet, we can start with eating vegetables and wholegrains. In general, the wholegrains refer to rice or wheat, but the Chinese have many varieties of grains, including millet, buckwheat, and barley. These can be taken depending on the season. Eat a variety of grains. It is advisable to eat every part of the vegetable. In this way, we will naturally not rely on sweets, biscuits, and other processed food, and the temptation to eat meat will decrease. If we develop this habit from young, we will not have the desire to take junk food.

The diets of adults can also be changed. I have always wanted to be a vegetarian from young, but my parents were against it as they feared that a diet without meat would inhibit growth. It was when I turned nineteen that I found out from books that we do not need to consume meat for our nutrition. The natural diet of humans ought to be the wholegrains, vegetables, and fruits. This had been the traditional diet of Chinese for thousands of years.

Animal fat contains all kinds of harmful farm chemicals and environmental pollutants. For example, polar bears have problems producing offspring because they eat seals, which in turn eat fish, and pollutants get transmitted through the food chain. Eskimos have been found to have the world’s highest pollutants in their bodies, and this is also because of the food chain.

Some people think that since they should not eat land animals, they can eat the ocean fish. However, pollutants and toxins can accumulate in the flesh of animals and fish. For example, whales eat small fish, and the amount of chemical pollutants in the whale’s body is equivalent to that of a toxic waste dump.

In addition, avoid food that has been artificially processed. For example, food that has been irradiated or genetically modified is against nature.

Wang: You have previously conducted research related to wheat grass, chlorophyll, and cancer. How do wheat grass and chlorophyll relate to cancer?

Lai:       My research is not related to cancer treatment, but to cancer prevention. I investigated the types of chemicals that would cause sudden genetic changes, and those that are carcinogenic.

I discovered that when measuring the impact of carcinogens, and wheatgrass is added to the carcinogens, the chlorophyll in the wheatgrass can suppress the operation of the carcinogens. Scientific reports have also documented that smokers who frequently eat carrots or green vegetables have a lower incidence of intestinal or lung cancer. This is because chlorophyll has some protective function.

Wang: Besides vegetables, what other common food can prevent cancer?

Lai:       Vitamin C can reduce the incidence of stomach cancer. For every meal, it is best to consume some fresh vegetables or fruits that have not undergone cooking; the vitamin C in them can help protect the stomach linings. In the past, when I visited Beijing, I found out that Chinese like to cook a pot of meat and eat it over a week. This will encourage bacterial growth and increase the production of nitrosamine which can lead to stomach cancer. Thus, it is best to not eat leftover rice or food.

Cancer is the result of imbalance energy flows

Wang:   In terms of clothes, we observe more and more artificial fabrics in the market. Would this have any impact on the incidence of cancer?

Lai:       The body and mind are one. The things we are exposed to (including furniture, decorative items, and electrical appliances) will influence our qi. The Chinese have investigated the subject matter of qi for thousands of years. From the perspective of modern science, our bodies have their own electromagnetic fields. When we wear artificial fabric, there is no flow of energy current, and our qi will be weakened. Research by Dr. Valerie Hunt found that when people wore synthetic fabric, their strength decreased to one-third or half their original levels. However, if they were in a natural environment or wore natural fabric, their strength increased. This means that when we go to a forest or a natural habitat, our qi will increase. Thus, we will not feel tired when we walk in a forest, but we will feel exhausted if we shop for the same period of time. This shows the impact of the environment on our qi.

Cancer can be said to be an illness related to qi. My research has shown that the electromagnetic fields of cancer cells are different from those of normal organs. Cancer can be viewed as some imbalance in the energy flow. Therefore, maintaining our qi in a healthy condition can help prevent cancer.

Wang:   How do we strengthen our qi? Can you give examples?

Lai:       I have conducted experiments measuring people’s electromagnetic fields. One day, I found that my assistant’s electromagnetic field potential was reversed and was very low. I asked her what had happened. She told me that her husband had lost his job. Thus, an emotional distress alone could adversely affect her electromagnetic field. Our emotional states can influence our electromagnetic fields, which in turn influence our bodies. When you are with relatives and good friends, you can happily chat for long hours and not feel tired. When we are happy or appreciate something (e.g., appreciating the flowers in mountain), we will be in a good mood and our qi will be strong.

Be with nature in our daily lives

Wang:   Overall, how do we reduce the incidence of cancer?

Lai:       Try to live naturally as much as possible. When we grow up in an urban environment, we may forget what nature means. It is best to spend at least one day a week to breathe in fresh air. If your home has a park nearby, go there everyday to breath in fresh air or to exercise.

Eat natural food whenever we can. Select food that has no additives. It is possible to purchase organic food now in Taiwan. Select food that is natural, high in fibre so that your bowel movements are normal, and carcinogens do not accumulate in your intestines.

In terms of sleep, sound sleep plays a very important role in cancer prevention. Sound sleep helps to maintain the health of the body. Before you sleep, try not to do things that you have been busy working on during the daytime. Give yourself some time to slow down your pace and relax. I encourage everyone to paint or listen to music before you sleep. This is because the arts can release the tension in a busy lifestyle.

Soak your feet in hot water—when we engage in too much thinking in the daytime, blood will flow to the brain. After soaking for ten minutes, rub the soles of the feet, and rub both left and right feet for a few times. It is also possible to add some aromatic oil or lemon juice to the water. This will help one to sleep better. Eyeball rotation is also a good way to discharge disturbances. Rotate the eyeballs clockwise a few times, and anti-clockwise a few times. This is a good way to release tension, and to forget the unhappy occurrences during the daytime.

It is best to sleep without lights. Use dark coloured curtains to block out the light from outside so that our five senses can completely quiet down. Use natural cotton for the bed; if we use artificial fabrics, our sleep quality will not be so good. Do not keep electrical appliances in the bedroom. Have it as natural as possible, and with as few man-made disturbances as possible. In addition, we should learn to hibernate like the animals. During winter, sleep earlier and longer. To conserve our qi, we need more sleep. If we cannot avoid keeping late nights, we can supplement our diet with friendly bacteria, and observe a simple light diet.

Spend adequate time with loved ones. This is because a warm, loving relations will help improve our immune system.

Suicidal tendencies originate from childhood experiences

Wang: Recently, there have been many suicides in Taiwan. Do you have any views on this psychological problem?

Lai:       Suicides can occur because of several reasons, some long-term and some short-term. There are a few possible long-term reasons. Neonatal psychology, a field developed in the west, has found that when a person goes through a traumatic experience during childhood, his/her brain secretions are different from those who have not undergone childhood trauma, and will also have less ability to handle stress.

The trauma we refer to need not necessarily refer to violent behavior. Sometimes, neglect, lack of love, or constant criticism can cause great emotional harm to the child, who will then be less able to handle stress.

Andrew Feldman, a Canadian psychologist, has investigated four cases where the mothers were unsuccessful in their abortion attempts. When the children were in their teens, they had suicidal tendencies every year at a particular month. The chemicals and tools used in these suicide attempts were similar to those used by their mothers in their abortion attempts. Thus, these suicidal tendencies were hidden in the children’s subconscious minds. When they knew the source of these tendencies, they no longer wanted to commit suicide.

Also, those who live in especially high-rise apartments may have some strange suicidal tendencies because they are unable to be in touch with the earth’s 8 Hz magnetic field. When we live everyday within steel and concrete structures, we are separated from the earth’s magnetic field. In addition, when we are exposed to radiation from computers and mobile phones, we may slowly lose our ability to judge.

Wang:   Modern society has made tremendous progress in technology and economic development. However, interpersonal relationship seems to be under pressure. How do we handle this?

Lai:       I feel that the best method is also the simplest method. Get closer to nature, so that our bodies will be massaged by nature’s magnetic field.

How do we adjust our electromagnetic field to a serene level, given the constraints in our daily lives? Deep breathing is one method. During our free time, notice our breath: is it too hurried? Are the muscles relaxed? When our breaths are hurried and tense, our brain waves will certainly be fast and tense.

Another method that I will introduce is that of colour visualization. Visualizing blue light can improve our interpersonal relationships. Blue represents unconditional love. We are continually and mutually communicating with each other through our minds and thoughts. Therefore, when we find ourselves in a strained relationship with poor communication channels, we can visualize sending clear, sky blue light to the other person. You will find that within a short time, your communication will improve as you have sent out positive vibrations.

Our own bodies also need love, so we must not forget to periodically send love to ourselves. After visualizing sky blue light, absorb them into the cells of our bodies. We sometimes forget to appreciate our hands, legs, nose, digestive system, liver, and other organs. Therefore, we can spend some time everyday to send love to our body, mind, and spirit. Our bodily functions and organs will improve.

The importance of clearing emotional wounds

Wang:   Besides colour visualization, are there other methods to avoid suicidal tendencies?

Lai:       Learn some methods to clear our emotional wounds. Otherwise, these wounds will lead to impulses that will be impediments to good human relationships; they will also weaken the immune system. Clearing our emotional wounds is a very important homework, and is something that I have focus my study in recent years. I can introduce some of these methods.

Many people have been subjected to anaesthesia, or undergone surgery. In particular, surgery has very strong after effects on the body, qi, and emotions. Some of the people suffering from panic attacks are the result of trauma of surgery. Emotional wounds are generally hidden from our memories, and we do not seem to remember them. In actual fact, they are stored in our right brain stem, which controls our breathing, blood circulation, and essential bodily functions. Thus, emotional wounds can influence our physical health.

If a patient shivers after an operation, the surgeon will inject some medicine that will stop the shivering. As a result, what should have been discharged via shivering is stored within the body and mind, and this can lead to anxiety attacks.

Dr Peter A. Levine found that although wild animals undergo life-and-death encounters everyday, their brains are able to discharge the negative emotions and prevent them from being stored in their bodies and minds. After a wild animal has successfully escaped from its predators, its body will shiver to dissipate the fear away.

How then does a person elicit deep emotional wounds that have been forgotten? The right brain stem is related to bodily feelings. Therefore, if you gently tap the whole body, you may hit a spot and begin shivering, upon which the fear from past surgeries will suddenly be evoked. You should let the shivering continue, and let the unpleasant memories be discharged. I have a friend who was tapping his body, and when he hit his hand, he suddenly remembered an occasion when his dentist did not give him anaesthesia and he had seen lots of blood. He was able to discharge the unpleasant memory through this exercise.

Do not overlook a mere fall, as this may also lead to shock.  People have a tendency to rush over to help a person who has fallen down. This is not a good practice. After a person has fallen, let him calm down and allow his body to discharge his fright through shivering. Then, let him slowly get up. Similarly, in emergency cases, those who are given the opportunity to calm down and keep warm have a higher survival rate. Do not rush to move the victim’s body.

There are also some harmonizing energy (qi) methods that not only are able to release stress, but increase our potential as well (see related article in 2001Sept issue of Lapis News). By practicing these methods once a day, we can also be more grounded in our work.


Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2001 Nov Issue

Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore