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Opening the Loving Heart, Welcoming 2012

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Last year, a Mayan shaman from Guatamala, who is the 13th lineage holder, broke the five hundred year silence in regard to 2012. He sought the help of a westerner, Drunvalo Melchizedek, to announce the Mayan prophecies for this time. The Mayans predicted that this is a time for the earth to undergo a dramatic change, and hope that more people will be prepared in order to minimize harm and fear. Their culture preserved the memories of their ancestors from 26,000 years ago.  They believe that we need to know the past in order to know the future. These ancient ancestors have been waiting for people from this generation to connect with their wisdom and experience.
According to the Mayans, every thirteen thousand years the north and south poles of the earth will shift their axis. Science has documented that the earth’s poles have shifted hundreds of times. The scientific explanation is that the earth’s magnetic fields will first weaken then become zero. At this time, the rocks beneath the earth’s crust would melt and the crust could then rotate, shifting the two poles. According to the history of the Mayan culture, it takes 30 hours for the magnetic field to become zero. During this time, the earth will become completely dark.  People will not be able to see the light of the stars, moon, or sun.

After the change in the equator’s position, the climate for each region will change. It is important to observe the new climate conditions and make suitable adjustments to avoid being overly cold or hot.
According to the Mayans, 2012 marks the end of two cycles of 26,000 years. Before December 21, 2012, the two poles of the earth will definitely shift. This is consistent with the observations of scientists who have been observing the diminishing magnetic fields of the earth.  They also warned of the impending shift of the north and south poles.

On November 24, 2007, a comet exploded in outer space, creating a blue star that is larger than the sun. According to American Indian’s prophecy, this signifies that the earth is approaching the end of a cycle, and that this will be followed by tumultuous changes. The human consciousness will elevate and enter into a higher level. Most importantly, people must embrace loving kindness to survive this dimensional shift. The earth will enter the Fifth World (there are nine worlds in total). The Fifth World is the balancing point for the meeting of all the worlds. Mankind will no longer be addicted to material things, but will live freely in loving kindness.

The Mayan prophecy had predicted that when technology reached its apex, it is also the time when our consciousness would transform. After this transformation, people will no longer need these technological “toys”. The Mayans also have other predictions. Man will fly in metallic boxes, and will be obsessed with technological toys.

Currently, new technological products abound and progress at an astronomical rate, especially developments in telecommunication and electronic games. Adults and children are obsessed with these new toys. Unfortunately, these toys tend to harm both humans and nature. The detrimental effects of electricity on man’s health have been noted for about a century, with the negative effects exacerbated in recent years. For the last ten years I have been discussing these issues in the Lapis Lazuli Light magazine (e.g., see May 2001 issue; August/November 2006 issues, etc). In the past few years, there have been more research reports on the harmful effects of electricity. In 2007, a group of experts summarized over 2000 research reports, and published a report on the negative effects of electromagnetic and wireless radiation on human health.

EMF, microwaves and radio waves can interfere with the human body in the following ways:

  1. interfering gene and protein expression.
  2. damaging our genes.
  3. create stress reaction, and cause cells to produce stress proteins.
  4. interfering  our immune system.
  5. interrupt our nervous system, behavior and attitude.
  6. cause cancer such as leukemia in children (see www.bioinitiative.org)

There is an association between exposure to electrical sources and common modern-day illnesses such as brain tumor, malignant skin cancer, asthma, heart problems, weakened immune system, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, sleep disorders, headaches, dementia, and hyperactivity. The harm caused to children and youths are generally more serious. A Swedish research report indicated that the incidence of brain tumor is five times higher among users mobile phones who started in their teens compared to those who started in their adult l.

Exposure to electromagnetic and wireless radiation is relative new for living systems.  The defense mechanism of living cells will immediately cause the microtubules (channels through which nutrients and toxins enter or leave the cell) to close, preventing nutrients from entering and toxins from leaving. This invasion to the living systems occurs 24 hours, and the cells have no way to recover their normal functions. In the long run, this will cause diseases to occur. Research studies showed that cells produced stress proteins in response to this harm.  This can lead to many illnesses such as high blood pressure and stroke.

Electromagnetic radiation can also damage the molecular structures of water, interfering with its solubility and transporting functions. In the November 2006 issue of Lapis Lazuli Light magazine (“Water: Source of Life, Source of Illnesses”), I mentioned that Mr. Masaru Emoto took photographs of frozen water crystal structures and showed that pollution and mobile phone exposure can damage these crystalline structures. When the function of water is interfered with in our bodies, our cells will lack water and toxins cannot be discharged.  Dehydration is one reason for signs of aging.
Living in these times, we can take protective steps against this radiation, starting with our sleep environment. The field of building biology makes the following recommendations:
1. use battery-operated alarm clocks instead of electric clocks.
2. turn off the electric power to the bedroom where we sleep at night.
3. avoid the use of metals in bedding, such as box spring mattresses.
4. check to see that the electromagnetic radiation in the bedroom is low (it is best that the bedroom is furthest away from the sources of electromagnetic radiation);  turn off and unplug all electrical appliances, other than the refrigerator, especially stereo systems, television, and the computer, to avoid remnant radiation from them.

After the 1970s, many new electrical appliances such as the television, fax machines, and stereo systems caused electrical wires to carry “dirty electricity” of the frequency above 1 kilohertz. The adverse effects of electricity on our health generally come from this “dirty electricity”. For instance, some types of diabetes and hypertension are related to this. Sleep is a critical way by which our body repairs itself, and hence, minimizing interference from electromagnetic and microwave radiation during sleep is very important. Many people have discovered that turning off the electrical mains at night improved their quality of sleep. They slept less and wake up feeling refreshed and happy. Their dream were also more lucid.  Even their digestive systems and bowel movements improved.

In the past few years, other than suggesting that people reduce the use of electrical appliances and locate a safe sleeping area, we have also introduced many other ways of protecting ourselves from radiation: use of peat moss, cobalt blue color films or cobalt blue glass bottles, numbers, electrical energizers, mantras of compassion, crystal mineral stones, etc. Recently, I have a new inspiration—perhaps, as prophesized by the Mayans, we will soon enter a higher-consciousness world, and methods originating from outside our three-dimensional world would appear.
All of us can try the following experiment to see if it is effective. Take photographs of cell phone towers, electrical cable poles, and buildings with WI-FI. Place Om Mani Padme Hum writings on these photographs. Write the mantra in the triangular formation. It is best to use blue ink to write the mantra; the more the better. If you have a prayer wheel with many mantras, put the photographs beneath the prayer wheel; every photograph should have a mantra. My initial experimentation produced very satisfactory outcomes.

The Mayan culture believes that the world is a creation of our consciousness. Hence, loving kindness can change the unsatisfactory aspects of our world. The mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, is the switch that turn on the loving kindness in the universe. We should use it more often.

Regardless of whether the Mayan prophecy will happen, it is clear that the world will benefit if we open our hearts to loving kindness, and elevate our consciousness.


Translated by Singapore Lapis Lazuli Light.
Article originally published in Chinese in Lapis Lazuli Light magazine (May 2010 issue); available at http://www.lapislazuli.org/TradCh/magazine/201005/20100501.html