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Walking Out of Fear and Embracing Health

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

A lady who had terminal pancreatic cancer consulted health specialist, Dr. Stephan Anthony (chiropractor), whose treatment method involves finding the source of an illness. Through his experience treating patients over the years, he has identified fear and stress as the common sources of illnesses. Fear causes acidity in the body, an environment that illnesses such as cancer thrive in. Removing this fear as well as the subconscious beliefs to develop fear is the first step to recovery. He used a muscle testing method to assess whether her subconscious is in agreement with the statements “I love myself” and “I want to live” (refer to the book “Energy Medicine” on the muscle testing method). People with serious illnesses generally are subconsciously denying these two statements. As expected, when this lady uttered these two statements, her muscles became weak, which indicated that her subconscious did not agree. Dr. Anthony led this lady to enter into a condition where her left and right brain are in balance. While crisscrossing both her left/right ankles and hands, she softly said “I love myself”. After her body accepted this new thought, the thought “I will live” was inputted into her subconscious. During the session, other negative emotions such as guilt and regret surfaced. The whole process lasted two hours. A few months later, this lady called to say that her doctor could not find any more traces of cancer in her body.

Dr. Anthony uses the analogy of a hard drive to refer to the subconscious mind. Before the age of five, the conscious mind does not  filter one’s life experiences. Whatever he sees, hears or experiences all go straight to the subconscious. For example, our parents’ views of life and of us will form part of our own views of life and of us. These limiting views and emotions such as fear, anxiety, and worry become the driving forces behind our life experiences.

Muscle testing techniques can be used to assess the beliefs contained in the subconscious mind. During testing, keep the eyes looking down. We can test some of our attitude towards life and other views. When our subconscious agrees, our muscles become stronger; when it disagrees, our muscles become weaker. Other than the two statements tested above, others include: (1) the universe has a system, (2) the universe is chaotic, (3) my needs are fulfilled, and (4) life offers me happiness and abundance.

The following example shows how negative emotions can cause negative reactions from the body. About thirty years ago (1980), a psychiatrist, Dr. Roger Callahan, counseled a patient who had water phobia. This lady experienced headaches, nightmares at night, and a poor digestive system. She had sought medical help for many years, and this psychiatrist had counseled her for over 1.5 years without any signs of improvement. At that time, Dr. Callahan was learning the Chinese meridian system. On that day, this patient had some digestive problems. In a moment of inspiration, he used his fingers to tap below her eyes (which contained an acupuncture point on her stomach meridian). To his surprise, her fear towards water immediately disappeared, and so did her headache. She immediately ran to the side of a nearby swimming pool to wash her face, and did not experience any more nightmares. Dr. Callagan used this method of tapping on acupuncture points to cure many other patients of their illnesses. This simple method has been used by many other psychiatrists with very good results. Seventeen years ago, Gary Craig, an engineer who graduated from Stanford University, learnt this method and then simplified it to one that anyone can use. He feels that one can tap on major acupuncture points for a minute each, without identifying the specific acupuncture points where the emotional energies resided. This was how the Emotional Free Technique (EFT for short) was born.

Craig’s explanation is that negative emotions arise because of blockages in the meridians. If these energy blockages are not cleared, the emotional issues will continue to surface. Tapping on acupuncture points is a simple way to clear these blockages. As an example, last year, a singer was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She spent five days to tap on her acupuncture points to eliminate the chaos, confusion and conflicts that she had experienced in life. When her surgeon operated on her five days later, he could not find any trace of cancer. This singer had invited her friends to be witnesses, and assist her in getting rid of her blockages.

Craig used EFT to counsel many patients whose bodies and minds had been greatly wounded. These patients included war veterans from the Vietnam and Iraq wars. These veterans were physically and mentally wounded during the wars, and images of the war kept surfacing in their dreams. Fear, shock, anger, guilt, and self-reproach filled their entire consciousness, and prevented them from leading normal lives. EFT was able to remove many of these symptoms within minutes. After a few sessions, they were able to lead normal lives. Their transformation is nothing short of a miracle. Many car accident victims also experienced aftereffects, but were able to recover after using EFT. There was a lady who needed to use crutches to walk and had chronic headaches. She survived a road accident many years ago. Her family members were in the car during the accident, but her injuries were most severe. To heal her headache, he asked her to tap the outside edges of her hand (or press the two sore points located on the upper left and right of her chest). As she had tapped on these points, she said: “Although I have a headache, I completely accept myself”. After that, she repeated “I have a headache” and tapped on the major acupuncture points on her face around her eyebrows, corner of her eyes, between her nose and lips (renzhong acupuncture point), lower jaw, and areas below her armpits that she can reach. After a few rounds, her headache became less severe. Then, she changed her verse to: “Although I am still having a little headache, I completely accept myself”. After a few minutes, her headache disappeared. She then turned to healing her inability to balance herself in walking. She said: “Although I cannot balance myself when I walk, I forgive myself”. Craig may have guessed that she was blaming herself for the accident because she was driving the car at the time of the accident. After a few rounds of tapping on the acupuncture points, she no longer needed crutches to walk. Upon a further few rounds, she was able to stand up on one foot. She found it hard to believe the speed of her own recovery.

In his new book, The EFT Manual, Craig emphasized that the method works best when there is a specific goal in mind. Those who fear heights can perform the tapping while recalling standing on high altitude. Those who want to clear the blockages from being beaten, scolded or harmed have to think about the actual scenes when these incidents occurred, and clear the blockages one by one. Although we may not remember some of the incidents, the associated blockages can be released during the clearing session.

Based on Craig’s experience, 70% of people only need to tap on the acupuncture points mentioned earlier to clear their blockages. However, the remaining 30% need to tap on additional point called the Gamut point, located on the back of each hand, half an inch behind the midpoint between the knuckles at the base where the fourth finger and little finger meet toward the wrist. As they tap on the Gamut point continuously, they have to perform the following nine actions:

  1. close their eyes
  2. open their eyes
  3. eyes turn toward the right corner of the eyes
  4. eyes turn toward the left corner of the eyes
  5. eyes turn clockwise
  6. eyes turn anti-clockwise
  7. hum two seconds of a song such as “Happy Birthday”
  8. count 1 to 5
  9. hum two seconds of a song again

Here are some verses for your reference when going through the treatment: “Although I am afraid of snakes, I completely accept myself”, and “I deeply love and accept myself, even though … ”. Other than the methods introduced by the book, you can also consider using other wholesome thoughts. You can chant a mantra, visualize light, or invoke some thoughts that bring you comfort such as “Please bless me, Avalokiteshvara”. All incidents that lower our energy levels can be subjected to the tapping treatment. Similarly, when one is feeling emotional, the treatment can be used immediately to prevent the accumulation of the emotions within the meridians.

Many events that we no longer think about can interfere with our energies. These include: moving, changing schools, war, giving birth, quarrels, falling out of love, getting lost, accidents, and being ostracized. The EFT method can also be used to remove body ailments such as blocked nose, gastric pains, headaches, fatigue, allergies, as well addictions to liquor, cigarettes, and food. It is also possible to do the tapping on behalf of others. Imagine yourself as someone else and then tap the acupuncture points. There was a case of a lady who was woken up by her husband’s snoring. She tapped on her acupuncture points on his behalf, and in a short while, her husband’s snoring stopped.

Falling sick is an opportunity for healing and awakening ourselves. It can eliminate the emotions and experiences that limit us. The way we view ourselves and life may be inherited from the way our parents look at us—is it with respect? acceptance? welcome? without worry? or is it anxiety? rejection? control?

The negative can be changed to become positive. When the left and right brains are in balance, input new ideal scenes into our consciousness. Our parents are looking at us with welcome, respect, acceptance, and without worry. Only when this message is completely accepted is the transmission considered complete. Sometimes, difficulties may be encountered when inputting the new message. One lady said that she had trouble visualizing being loved by her mother because she had never received love from her mother.

I suggest that it is possible that her mother may not have received love when she was young, so one way is to visualize herself as her grandmother who is giving love to her mothers. This may be an easier way to change this negative attitude towards one’s mother, and to input the feeling of being loved. Another lady said that both her parents had been adopted, and did not know who her paternal and maternal grandparents were. I suggested that she use the power of her mind to bring the energies of the three generations together. A few days later, on the day that the June workshop ended, she emotionally told me that she had succeeded in doing this. She could feel the energies of her paternal and maternal grandparents connect with those of her parents.

Another student asked me why her ailments tended to be on the right side. In general, the right side is associated with one’s father, and the left side associated with one’s mother. Hence, I enquired about her father’s condition, and she replied that her father was generally in good health and died in his nineties. I then asked her about her relationship with her father. She said that it wasn’t good—her parents had an unhappy marriage, and through the influence of her mother, she could not relate well to her father even though he loved her very much. It was only after his death that she felt regret. I told her that even though her father was no longer in this world, she could still send her love and blessings to him as one’s consciousness does not die.

One of the teachers at the Crestone workshop was Harold McCoy, who learnt about the power of the mind through dowsing. He later investigated about the nature of the mind and its utilization. He once used the dowsing method to find a stolen harp, even though he was in Arkansas and the harp was in California. He also used the dowsing g method to locate a little girl lost in the forest. He can cause a tumor to quickly disappear, help a brain-dead young man come to life, and even enabled a cat to grow new teeth.

In his distance healing, he first cleanses the mind of its negative energies left by negative emotions. He does this by visualizing a tube filled with white liquid light, allowing unconditional love from the universe to cleanse the mind of fear, anger, sorrow, etc.

This November, he will conduct a course in Asia on how to develop one’s ability to heal oneself, other people, and the earth.  During class everyday, we performed distance healing on the earth, cleansing her and helping her to recuperate. We will send love from the universe in the form of light to earth, and the colours include white, green, blue, golden, and the seven rainbow colours. We made arrangement everyday at Taiwan time 7 a.m. and California time 3 p.m. (solar time) to spend five minutes blessing and healing the earth. We welcome everyone to join us in sending our blessings to every life form on earth.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine Nov 2008 Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore