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Releasing, Creating, and Welcoming the New Earth

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

The Mayan Indian culture in Central America came to an abrupt end in the 13th century. What they left behind were some ancient ruins such as astronomical observatories, pyramids,  sacrificial altars, drawings, scripts, and mysteries. They left behind a calendar that ended in 2012. Some people have interpreted this to mean that the world will end in 2012, while others believed that the new world begins thereafter. This mystery will be solved in a few years.

The Hopi Indians in North America also have a prophecy for 2012: Many cyclical phenomena will end in 2012, and this is preceded by signs, many of which have occured—the appearance of the Blue Star; increase in disasters of water, wind and fire as well as earthquakes that will destroy many man-made buildings; this is followed by a year of darkness.  During this time of darkness, one can only continually pray, and send out blessings and love.

In the 20th century, Dr. Steiner also had prophecies for this era. He said that that 21st century will see the demise of the western materialistic culture.

Our earth cannot sustain our present conditions forever. The growth of the human population far exceeded what the earth can support, and this has led to destruction of nature. Many species have become extinct, and nature’s response is earthquakes, fire, floods, and storms. This has led to significant losses in human lives, wealth, and loved ones, resulting in immense pain and suffering. How do we go through this change, adapt and evolve with Mother Earth?

Rowena Kryder, now in her seventies, is an extraordinary innovator, artist, architect, and nature observer. She has published over ten books about her insights and observations. She emphasizes that 2012 is not the end, but is an occasion when the earth enters into a new phase of higher dimensions and frequencies.   She has deep insights into the process by which the old earth transitions to the new earth. She has studied extensively of world religions, cultures and sciences, and also has many years of meditation experience. In her meditation she entered other dimensions of time and space.  She experienced sound, color and geometric diagrams as manifestations of different energies in nature, and there the common language that transcends culture.

Many people cannot live in silence, and as a result, make their lives very busy. Actually, the world experienced in silence is very rich and full,  allowing us to investigate the secrets of the universe and to receive creative ideas and inspiration. The ordinary consciousness can only experience three-dimensional time and space. During meditation, she experienced time and space that transcend the ordinary three-dimensions. She feels that if scientists can meditate, they would have greater insights into nature. Einstein’s intuitions came from meditation.

When the old earth enters into the new era, four aspects will be transformed: the spiritual world, the human world, the world of nature, and the cultural world. Everything has to go back to its source. This source is the origin of all creations, and is none other than great love and great joy. Different cultures and religions use different words to express this: God, Creator, the Way (Dao), Emptiness, etc. The difficulties, pain and conflicts in the old earth arise because people do not connect with this source but pursue its offshoots. Happiness and joy come from this source, and not from external attributes such as wealth, status and close relationships. During this time when the old and new meet, people are forced to release that which belong to the old earth, and thereby encounter many losses. In experiencing losses, trust and love are needed—trust that this is the process of transformation, the darkness before dawn—in order to connect to the source. What is worn out and unnecessary in life need to be released: restrictive thinking,  negative emotional reactions, non-meaningful work, unsafe living places, companionships where the karmic conditions have ended, and especially negative emotions such as sorrow, anger, and fear. Emotions cannot be suppressed, and can be released only by facing and experiencing them. Methods of release that have been introduced before include tapping, rotating one’s eyes, visualizing blue light, etc.

Rowena recommends that taming one’s emotion states is akin to training a puppy or kitten, and requires patience. Only by releasing fear and worry can one connect to the source, be inspired, and renew one’s energy. Taking a stroll in nature and then meditating is a way to release worry and anxiety, and connect to the source.

Rowena’s insight is that with release one then can receive new inspirations. After that, one needs to think about or formulate actions in order to manifest the new creation.

To act upon one’s newly-obtained inspirations requires courage. Many people fear failure and mockery by others, and take a step backwards. In order for the earth to be transformed, everyone must act on their inspirations. If a person does not honestly express his inspiration, it is as if he has not truly lived—it is like living as a walking corpse and his life force will diminish.

When we fall ill and experience pain and suffering, we need to quiet down and ask: what are the old aspects that need to be released? What are the inspirations or dreams that we have not had the courage to actualize? Connecting to the source enables us to connect to energy, vitality, and joy.

Welcoming the new earth requires our participation. Remember to connect with the source, and remember that we have no limits. Let our hearts be filled with light, peace, warmth, love, optimism, trust, and joy. In this way, inspiration will naturally come. Let our heart rest in silence. Begin with small releases, small actions. Step by step, bit by bit, we will arrive in the new earth.


Translated by Singapore Lapis Lazuli Light.
Article originally published in Chinese in Lapis Lazuli Light magazine (Nov 2008 issue); available at http://www.lapislazuli.org/TradCh/magazine/200811/200811.html