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New Generation of Children’s Health Care

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

A friend of mine who lives in a big city recently observed that her friends’ children are suffering from skin allergies, red rashes, and problems of the respiratory tract. I had a chance to ask Dr. Philip Incao about it, who is a pediatrician.  He thinks that children of the current generation are facing a major health crisis, the main causes are overuse of antibiotics and excessive vaccinations.

Dr. Incao is often invited to the Waldorf Schools to speak with parents and teachers about children’s health.  The following are the main points highlighted in his speech to them:

How to treat illnesses related to inflammation?

The best doctors are Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet  and Dr. Merryman.

Inflammation is the most common ailment in childhood. ‘Infection’ is not an appropriate description as it assumes that pathogenic bacteria are the source of the illness. This is a misunderstanding. We are constantly in contact with germs. Our bodies also contain bacteria, yet we are sick only occasionally. Why do we fall sick only at certain occasions?

From birth till death, our bodies are growing and changing constantly. Health is the balance between mind and body. Childhood is body’s fastest period of growth, where the body goes through many major changes. Old cells die and become waste. The immune system breakdowns the old cells, then fever and inflammation digests them. Germs are not the cause of illnesses; they are merely dependant on the nourishment of the waste products of the old cells.

Doctor Diet

When the body is purging toxins, it is best not to have to digest too much food. Avoid food with high protein when one is down with acute illnesses. The patient can take vegetable soup, herbal teas, vegetable and fruit juices. Beverages should be taken at or above room temperature. Fruits, cooked vegetables and grains can be taken.

Doctor Quiet

During illnesses, children require a quiet, harmonious and peaceful environment. It is best that parents comfort and support the child calmly. When a child is sick, it is often the best opportunity for strengthening parent-child bonding and communication.

Doctor Merryman

Fever should not be viewed as an unhealthy and dangerous bodily reaction. It is a message from the body. It is the body’s reaction in its process of purging toxins and foreign substances. Studies in recent years showed that anti-fever medications repress the immune system and increases toxins in the body. They are actually harmful to the body as they may protract or even complicate the illness.

Many parents have great fear about fever. Towards such great unknown force, it is natural to be fearful. However, inflammation and fever are healing energies. Do not regard flu or fever as disturbances, and feel frustrated, worried or anxious. We can consider them as the function of a deeper wisdom. A positive attitude can help in quicker recovery.

Dr. Incao has a young patient of 5 years old. At the most critical moment of his illness, he told his mother, “Don’t worry, mama, I am just growing.” All the growth in nature requires the initial earth loosening, then fertilization. This is likened to the fever and inflammation of a child.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine Feb 2008 Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore