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Restoring our radiance and creativity Persevering for ourselves, our future generations and Mother Earth

Chiu-Nan Lai, PhD

I would like to thank Dr. Betty Dabney for her article “The Last Autumn” published in the previous issue of the Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine. In her article she described in detail the climate catastrophe faced by all life forms on earth and how this crisis is directly related to the fact that atmospheric carbon dioxide has exceeded critical thresholds. Rising temperature has deleterious effects on life forms on the surface of the earth and in the oceans. Recent data indicates that on the west coast of U.S.A., the number of cod fish is down to 10% of its previous numbers. and they are close to extinction. In October 2015, the temperature of the sea water near Southern California was as high as 80 F, about 10 degrees higher than normal. At the beginning of October 2015, the temperature in Santa Barbara, known for its cool weather, hit a high of 105 F.

Trees, green plants and green algae are instrumental in preventing the earth’s temperature from rising. Nonetheless, drought in many places have killed many trees, and tropical rain forests continue to be rapidly deforested. Recently, the Malaysian press reported that Malaysia ranks number 1 in terms of the speed of deforestation between 2000 and 2012. Around 43,094 square kilometres of forest, an area larger than Denmark, was lost during this period, out of which 25,970 square kilometres were used to grow rubber trees, oil palm trees and other crops. Mudslides, landslides, soil erosion and flash foods immediately followed after deforestation.

Planting rubber trees and oil palm trees make an originally diversified forest become mono crop plantastions, resulting in ecological instability. This aspect, in addition to the massive use of pesticides and herbicides, resulted in severe damage to the soil, water, air, and natural growth of plants. The resources of the forest are rich beyond our imagination. For instance, many species of life-saving herbs, some of which have yet to be discovered grow in the forest and are priceless treasures necessary for the sustenance of the earth.

Some state government in Malaysia allowed forests to be cleared for rubber plantations. This is a major cause for the large-scale disappearance of forests. Other than the Amazon rainforest in South America, the rainforests left on earth are largely located in South East Asia such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. These rainforests are also disappearing.

Forests, especially rainforests, affect the welfare of everyone. Hence, it is our responsibility to bear the cost of protecting the forests. This can be in whatever form—money, effort, or new ideas—depending on our capability. Organizations can adopt forests, or buy ecologically-damaged forest land to enable it to rehabilitate. Nature has a very strong ability to rehabilitate under normal circumstances. In particular, if the damaged land is near a stretch of undamaged forest, the seeds of trees would be blown by wind to the damaged land, allowing plants and trees that were originally there to regrow. In areas where pesticides and herbicides had been used, spraying the land with EM bokashi helps. The EM Research Organization in Thailand once used EM bokashi to rehabilitate an entire mountain of forest.

Many years ago, Lapis Lazuli Light Malaysia, through the support of many people bought a piece of land that had partially been deforested to grow rubber trees, with a portion of the original forest still intact. The forest land had been exposed to pesticides and herbicides. The motivation for purchasing this land was to rehabilitate it. After many years without the use of pesticides and herbicides, the plants and trees that were originally part of the forest came back, with the rubber trees still growing in the forest. Rubber trees and oil palm trees originally are part of the forest. It is just that having a forest of one single specie leads to ecological imbalance. To preserve the forest on a sustainable basis, no more than 10% of the trees can be cut annually. In this way, the forest can continually renew itself.

I recently came across a touching story of a Taiwanese man who persisted in planting trees for over thirty years. Known as Taiwan’s “Tree King”, Mr. Lai Peiyuan spent NTD 2 billion over thirty years to plant 30,000 trees. The saplings he planted were those of trees native to Taiwan, including the Formosan cypress tree and the cedar-incense tree. He incurred a debt of NTD 300 million on his tree-planting project. This kind of activity done on behalf of all living beings to save the earth deserves more participation and sponsorship from everyone. At least we should help him pay his debt and learn how to plant back the original saplings of trees that had been cut down.
There have been international groups who have been working hard towards preserving the rainforests. At that time, the general public were not alerted to the seriousness of this issue. In addition to preserving the current forests, there was also a need to grow plants to green the desert. This required organizing the participation of many people. The Lapis Lazuli Light magazine once published an article by Bob Cannard, who described the process of greening the desert. There have been some students who experimented with this approach in the northern deserts in China, and achieved some initial success.

Bob Cannard has a long-standing wish to green the Gobi desert in Asia and the Sahara desert in Africa. Simply put one starts the process by piling rocks secured by wire mesh to slow down the flow of runoff. Over time the sediments are collected and one can plant native plants in the soil. One can also add rock powder and beneficial soil bacteria (such as EM1). One would starting the process from the edge of the desert and work towards the centre of the desert. Some desert land does not lack water, but the soil has lost much minerals and organic matter. There are plants that can grow in the desert. First transplant plants that have a strong life-force before growing trees. This is a multi-generational work, but it makes a great contribution to all life forms on earth.

To accomplish this work that benefits living things on earth, we need to recover our light in order to receive inspiration and creativity
The sun is the source of human being’s light. In fact, the earth’s creatures and plants obtain their light from the sun. Light that hit our body is absorbed by our physical and subtle bodies through the rotation of the light chakras. These chakras are located from the bottom of our feet to the top of our head, including the space above our head. Every chakra has a direct connection to our body and mind. The intuition and guidance we receive depends on the chakras that act as a conduit. Because human beings tend to live further and further away from nature, many of the abilities they originally possed have deteriorated or even disappeared. This applies not only to the five sense organs but also to feelings, judgment and the ability to have intuition. The reason the earth is in the present predicament is that a large number of people have lost connection with their inner guidance and direction.

This disconnection has worsened as a result of radio wave and microwave radiation permeating the atmosphere in recent years. In a recent workshop, I detected that even though some participants took organic food regularly, they still lacked certain frequencies of the light spectrum, including red, yellow, and orange. These people tend to feel cold, have weak digestive systems, and have many allergies. Further questioning indicated that they use computers and mobile phones every day, or worked in an environment where they had high electromagnetic and microwave exposure. As a result, several of their chakras were closed, particularly those chakras that had close proximity to computer monitors, namely the crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra and heart chakra. There has been research showing that those who work in a high electromagnetic environment have poor creativity. This could be because the third eye chakra is shut. To recover one’s light spectrum and one’s own antennae, the following methods can be used.

One approach is a previously-taught method that involves first open our chakras through chakra breathing. Then, visualize that the top of our head, bottom of our feet, and tailbone are suns. Nowadays, the increasing frequencies of radio waves are shutting down more subtle chakras. These chakras are located at the distance of about the length of one head, two heads and three heads above our physical head. Use our palm to lightly tap nine times in space so as to tap these chakras. Some people with abnormal psychological conditions generally have their uppermost chakras closed. These chakras are the channels through which we connect with our spiritual nature. Without these connections, we will lose our direction and become susceptible to the interference of external negative forces. One can also obtain the help of other people to open the chakras above our head. It is best to do so every day because of strong electromagnetic and microwave exposure in the environment. It is also necessary to use the method discussed in the article titled “Can we transform the negative impact of electricity to a positive force?” published in the last issue of this magazine.

After opening the chakras, it is necessary to supplement colours lacking in our body. There are a few methods to do so. The first method is to visualize colours, using the Pyramid Visualization approach described in the book “Dr. Lai’s Health Tips”. The second method is to shine filtered light on ourselves using Dinsha’s colour filters. First determine the colours that are missing using dowsing method similar to that used for testing food. The left hand holds the colour filter being tested, and the right hand holds the dowser. The test can be conducted at the side of the person being tested. If the dowser rotates clockwise, the body has that colour; if it rotates anti-clockwise, it lacks that colour. Do this test for each colour, and then shine light through the appropriate colour filter on the body. Just a few minutes per day will do. If the body lacks a few colours, we can shine different colours at different times of the day (e.g., yellow in the morning, crimson in the afternoon, and purple at night).

Another effective method is to cover ourselves with Orgone blankets which can help us accumulate the qi of nature, which is colour. This blanket has to be home-made. Use 100% wool cloth or a light woollen blanket. The size of the blanket can be large or small, and one that is approximately 25 inches long by 18 inches wide (53.4 cm by 46 cm) will do. Three layers of fabric are needed, with a layer of the finest #0000 steel wool sandwiched between the upper and lower layers. This steel wool is normally used to polish off rust. Have a total of three layers of fabric and two layers of steel wool. Use a needle and thread to sew these five layers together and then sew the sides together. Use a cotton cover such as a pillow case to cover the blanket. Use it to cover any part of the body or area that feels discomfort. One can also use it to cover oneself when sleeping. In addition if it is convenient to purchase fabric, preferably cotton, that contains silver threads, we can use this fabric instead of the steel wool. This fabric is originally used to protect one against electromagnetic and microwave radiation, but it produces very good effects too when used to make Orgone blankets. Furthermore, it can be washed, although it is best to protect it with a cloth cover. Silver-thread fabric can enhance the effects of the Orgone blanket by having three layers of wool and three layers of silver-thread fabric (i.e., one layer of wool followed by another layer of silver-thread fabric).

This blanket can be used in the day or night. Use it to cover the abdomen or areas where the body feels cold, with the side containing the silver-thread fabric facing the body. If a colour test were to be performed two weeks later, the yellow colour within our body is often restored, then followed by other colours. The speed of restoration depends on the extent that the body had been depleted of these spectral colours.

When we are faced with great challenges such as climatic disasters and catastrophic environmental deterioration, we feel helpless and discouraged, and wonder how we can ever alter the habits and views of so many people on this earth. We do not need everyone to be awakened. We just need to awaken some core masses, and then suddenly, everyone will awaken. This is the hundredth-monkey effect in action. Every part of the earth can influence the energy of the entire earth, and every life force can influence each other. We should strive on, for ourselves, for our descendants, and for the earth. I offer my best wishes to everyone.