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Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Question 1: Since cancer patients are not recommended to take meat, during chemotherapy treatments, what dietary intake of nutrients is suitable as replacement? Especially to maintain normal counts of platelets, red and white blood cells for subsequent treatments.  

Answer: Meat-based diet is not originally natural for humans. It is not solely due to cancer that patients are recommended to abstain. If the patient chooses to go through chemo-treatments, he needs to take extra care in replenishment, requiring even more nutrients. Because chemotherapy is harmful to liver, kidney and all fast-growing cell bodies; it doesn’t only kill cancerous cells. Inclusive of natural, organic vegetarian diet that I have been introducing for many years, there is a need to take in more green leafy vegetables that’s rich in chlorophyll, like high energy (mineral) soup or green juicing methods. Have sufficient high quality protein, germinating seeds like sunflower seeds and sprouts. High quality fats/oils is also important, especially Omega-3 of which flaxseeds/linseeds and sesame seeds are a good source. Pure naturally-produced coconut oil can be taken in appropriate amount. It’s essential to have diverse nutritional intake and foods with high energy so that you do not go hungry.


Question 2: I suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia (facial nerve pain) of the right face for 4-5 years. Each time it will be painful for 7-8 months, and then stop for a few months. I’ve consulted Chinese and Western medical practices and both have not been effective. Please advise on how I can cure this.

Answer: Cause of Trigeminal Neuralgia may be related to use of mobile phones. A few years back, a friend started to use mobile phone and felt pain on the whole half of her body because nervous system developed chronic inflammation from the harmful effects of microwaves. Cordless phone is equally harmful. Wireless means radiation. First step is to stop using mobile phone. Then practise daily the energy exercises described in Dr Lai’s Health Tips. Healing can be expedited if you have the opportunity to breathe in natural air at the seaside or forest. For your diet, take in more fresh, organic vegetables, especially dark leafy ones and sprouts. It is necessary to have sufficient B vitamins from food source.


Question 3: A 6-year-old child has been in father’s custody since her parents’ divorce. How can we help her release the anxiety and fear from losing her biological mother?

Answer: For a child, losing one’s mother is the greatest fear. For the sake of her physical and psychological health in the long run, it is best to arrange opportunities for them to stay together or keep in contact. If conditions do not allow, gentle tapping of her whole body can help. Yet the child’s deep longing for a mother’s love can never be compensated. Father should spend more time with the child – visit places in nature, tell stories, etc – these are important. Strictly do not badmouth or start fault finding the mother in front of the child.


Question 4: Please explain how we can maintain healthy kidneys.

Answer: The keys to maintain healthy kidneys are: eat clean food, drink clean water, breathe in clean air and have a relaxed attitude towards life. These are real challenges for life in modern day. In addition, modern workplaces and home environments are saturated with electromagnetic waves, microwaves and wireless radiation. These are harmful to kidneys. Diet with high proteins, especially meat-based proteins like meat, chickens, etc are weighing on kidneys too. Chinese traditional foods to protect kidneys are black beans, black sesame, and polygonum multiflorum, etc in Chinese medicine. Various energy (qi) exercises are also helpful. Before sleep, taking warm feet bath, followed by rubbing palms across soles helps strengthen kidneys’ functions. (See Wutaishan 8-step Exercise [page 39] in Dr Lai’s Health Tips.)


Question 5: I followed your steps in removing gallstones naturally, but it has not been successful. Why is that so?

Answer: The success rate for using apple juices to remove gallstones is 90%. Hence there will be a small number of unsuccessful cases. You can try to start taking the apple juice or apples 5 days before full moon. It means that when you drink Epsom salts, lemon juice and oil, it is 1 day after full moon. Our liver usually detoxifies on full moons, thus it is more effective to choose this time. At the same time, warm the gall-liver region before sleep (Refer to method explained in The Pursuit of Life).


Question 6: May I ask Dr Lai, does sunflower oil and flaxseed oil share the same benefits? Can I swallow the oil after rinsing my mouth, especially for throat cancer patients?

Answer: The rationale for using sunflower oil to rinse mouth is to use high energy

clean oil to absorb the toxins in our saliva. Hence, it is also fine to use flaxseed oil or high quality coconut oil and olive oil. Once toxins are absorbed into the oil, it is important to spit it out, and rinse the mouth again with warm water. Please do not swallow it.


Question 7: Organic foods and diet help to improve our health and heal illnesses. Do we need to insist in producing organic foodstuff to improve our health and physical environment? Farming is exhausting, losing out on manpower efficiency and time. It’s difficult to receive recognition. (from an organic farmer)


Answer Eating food produced from natural farming methods serves people, earth soil and nature well. Over the years, I’ve observed that when conventional farming is switched to chemical fertilizing methods, after 20 years, the occurrence of cancer diseases is a booming straight line increase, becoming the main cause of mortality. This is an observable fact from worldwide studies in countries with high cancer rates. If we want health, if we want to leave behind rich and clean land for our descendants, the only way is organic farming. It is a very meaningful mission to be a natural organic farmer. But perhaps it needs the support from society, from consumers who are willing to support and affording the farmers what they deserve. This is a long term investment. We may covet short term gains, but we pay a very high price in the long run, leaving the debts to our children and grandchildren.


Question 8: Is it due to psychological fear that a child is bedwetting (enuresis)?

Answer: Bedwetting may be due to shock or fear, and also possibly, weak kidneys. To release shock/fear, we can use gentle tapping and eyes rolling techniques. One cause of weak kidneys is interferences from electromagnetic waves and microwaves. Unplug electrical appliances in bedrooms, especially TVs and computers. Preferably, the whole power supply can be switched off. If not, bed should be 6 feet away from sockets and internal wiring behind walls. Do not sleep on metallic bed because metals absorb microwaves. It is best to change beds with springs to other materials. Soak feet in warm water and rub soles also help strengthen kidneys.


Original Chinese article was published in Lapis magazine (February 2009 issue)