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Review of Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss, PhD.

Caroline Myss is a medical intuitive. She uses her intuitive ability to help people understand the emotional, psychological; and spiritual energy that lies at the root of their illness, disease or life crisis. She can sense the type of illness that has developed, often before the individual is even aware of having an illness at all. The people she works with, however, are usually that their lives are not in balance and that something is wrong.

This ability manifested itself quite suddenly. She had been working as a publisher of alternate health books but had no interest in pursuing alternative health practices, nor was she very interested in meeting any healers. She wasn’t even interested in organic gardening. She smoked and drank coffee by the gallon.

She first became aware of her intuitive healing when a friend happened to mention that another friend, unknown to Caroline Myss, didn’t feel well and Caroline was able to see what the cause of the problem was. It just popped into her head. And she was very accurate.

Her gift frightened her for quite a while. She worried that she would cause harm because of a misdiagnosis, among other worries, and she ended up with migraine headaches. She finally realized that she did in fact have a gift for intuitive healing, and that a power was working through her.

Caroline Myss says that being medically intuitive has helped her learn not only about the energy causes of disease but about the challenges people face in healing themselves. Of great significance to her was the realization that “healing” does not always mean that the physical body recovers from an illness. Healing can also mean that one’s spirit has released long-held fears and negative thoughts toward oneself or others. This kind of spiritual release and healing can occur even though one’s body may be dying physically.

Everything that is alive pulsates with energy and all of this energy contains information. The physical body is surrounded by an energy field that extends as far out as your outstretched arms and full length of your body.

Experiences that carry emotional energy in our energy systems include past and present relationships, both personal and professional, profound or traumatic experiences and memories, and belief patterns and attitudes. The emotions from these experiences become encoded in our biological systems and contribute to the formation of our cell tissue, which then generates a quality of energy that reflects those emotions. These energy impressions form an energy language which carries literal and symbolic information that a medical intuitive can read.

Neurobiologist Dr Candace Pert has proven that neuropeptides, the chemicals triggered by emotions, are thoughts converted into matter. Our emotions reside physically in our bodies and interact with our cells and tissues.

She says that most people who come to her for an evaluation have already intuited themselves that something is wrong, but they are hoping that she will give that feeling some other meaning, but it is important to tell people the truth, not what they want to hear. Dr Myss says that she often has to confirm the negative intuitive impressions of her patients, for their abilities are as accurate as hers: these people know they are ill, but since she does not share their fear, her intuition can interpret their data better than they themselves can.

There is no one formula by which you can develop your intuition. Some people develop it through meditation or as a result of mastering a certain talent or sport.

Intuitive ability is present in everyone because it is a survival skill, not a spiritual intention. Maintaining a reflective or meditative attitude facilitates your reception of intuitions.

Her impressions are neither auditory or visual; rather, they are like quick mental images that contain a very subtle electrical current. As she scans someone’s body she focuses on each energy center and waits for an image. After about five seconds the imagery process starts, and it continues to unfold until it stops on its own. The duration varies, reading some people requires almost an hour, while other takes less than ten minutes.

Dr Myss points out that in having a cure the patient is inclined to give his or her authority over to the physician and prescribed treatment instead of actively challenging the illness and reclaiming health whereas healing is an active and internal process that includes investigating one’s attitudes, memories and beliefs with the desire to release all negative patterns that prevent one’s full emotional and spiritual recovery. This internal review inevitably leads one to review external circumstances in an effort to recreate one’s life in a way that serves activation of will – the will to see and accept truths about one’s life and how one has used his/her energies and the will to begin to use energy for the creation of love, self-esteem and health.

Make yourself the subject of an intuitive evaluation. In the process, you will find yourself becoming more aware of the extraordinary world that lies behind your eyes. Ultimately, you will learn symbolic sight, the ability to use your intuition to interpret the power symbols in your life.

Dr Myss offers the following guidelines as a beginning point. When a person seeks to see more, healing is inevitable. But you need an internal method of absorbing this information to make it real for you.

First, focus your attention on learning to interpret your life’s challenges symbolically. Find a meaning in them. Think and feel how they connect to your health. Bring attention every day to the challenges you face and to how your mind and spirit respond to them. Observe that causes you to lose power and where you feel the loss. Evaluate the spiritual and biological activity that occurs as a consequence.

Second, think of yourself at all times as an energy being as well as a physical one. The energy part of yourself is the transmitter and recorder of all your thoughts and interactions. Keep in mind at all times that your biography becomes your biology. Develop the habit of evaluating the people, experiences and information you allow into your life. Developing symbolic sight begins with intention: consciously and regularly evaluate your interactions and their influence on your emotional and physical power. And remember that if you have a private agenda – that is, if you want to see things in a certain way – you will interfere with your reception of energy information.

Third, conduct energy self-evaluations on a daily basis. After you become skilled at it, self-scanning will take only a few moments. To practice, reflect on each symbolic power of the seven charkas. Reflect on each power center for a minute or two in a quiet, objective way. Don’t wait to become ill before you attend to the health of your energy system. Learn to sense the stress accumulating in your energy field, and take the steps to heal yourself at the energy level.

Please note that the issues and illnesses listed are to be understood as follows: negative extremes of any listed emotional issue can serve as a major influence in the development of any of the noted dysfunctions in each of the specified chakra descriptions.