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The Blessed Mountains of the Native Indians – Nurtures a Harmonious Future, beginning with eating and living harmoniously

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

December 2006 was the third time I visited the American Indian’s sacred healing place, Crestone. This valley, that has an area almost half the size of Taiwan, is also called Peace Valley. There has been no war fought on this peaceful land for thousands of years.

This place provides a 360degree panoramic view of the vast plains and the mountain peaks that surround it. At dusk, you can see herds of deer and antelopes serenely taking their meals from nature. They know that this is a peaceful land.

When I first visited Crestone three years ago, I was captivated by the energy of the mountain ranges. I also had the thought of setting up a school so that the essence of Eastern and Western practices that nurtures and protects life will be preserved for the next generation.

In August 2005, we conducted our first course that lasted 5 days. School has started! Two volunteers also heard the calling of the mountains and moved to Crestone that year. When I see their glowing and joyous faces, I knew that they had found their home.

During the 10 days in Crestone, I lived in their newly moved-in house made of wheat straw bales. The walls are thick wheat straw bales, and both the interior and exterior walls are covered with mud. The floor is made of compressed mud, covered with protective oil and wax. The house’s interior is made of natural materials, and it can breathe and conserve heat. The house takes advantage of Colorado’s sunny weather. The southern side of the house has a row of large windows, which allows the sunlight to warm the ground. At night, the windows are covered by a layer of thick curtains that keep out the cold. In the winter, the outside temperature can be 30oF but the interior temperature is maintained at about 70oF without the need for other heating facilities. This family grows different kinds of sprouts in their house. They can enjoy fresh sprouts even in the winter. This is a great environment to make fresh and tasty rejuvelac, grain-based yoghurt, naturally fermented dumplings and buns. Our appetites also improve in this environment. The state of a plant’s growth best reflects the life force of its environment.

I was introduced to two local “green” construction specialists. This place attracts people who loves nature and wants to live in harmony with nature. With diminishing earth resources and increasing population growth, it is important for people to learn how to use fewer resources in construction.

Many of the materials used in modern buildings are not environmentally friendly and toxic. People who live in such houses can easily fall in. For example, mobile houses that use aluminium sidings or houses that use metal for studs will accumulate negative energy. Watching television or using the computer and microwave oven within the house will magnify this negative energy. Similarly, negative energy will be accentuated if the house is near (within 50 miles) of high-tension wires, wireless transmitters, nuclear reactors, or nuclear waste dumps. This aspect is ignored by most civil engineers, even though related research reports are available.

Currently, the incidence of cancer has been rising all over the world. One factor is the pollution of the earth by the use of herbicides and chemical fertilizers in the agricultural industry, and by toxic wastes in the manufacturing industry. In addition, the change in our living environment is another factor. Our ancestors lived in single-storey houses made of natural materials. City-dwellers live-in high-rise apartments, with each household having its own sets of television, microwave oven, and mobile phone. A high-rise apartment lifestyle involves living in a concentration electromagnetic radiation field. This reminds me of the time I stayed in a hotel equipped with hot water jacuzzies. That night, as I was about to fall asleep, the guests in the building started operating their jacuzzis. I was unable to sleep from the noise until after  midnight, when the last guest had finished using their Jacuzzis. This is life in high rise apartment.

To preserve our health, it is important to observe our dietary and lodging conditions. Our dietary habits and changes to agricultural methods are the causes of the rise in the incidence of cancer and the drop in immune systems among people. Whenever a country or district converts from a traditional compost-based to a chemical-based fertilizer agricultural method, the incidence of deaths from cancer is bound to increase within 20 years. The use of chemical fertilizers can temporarily increase a crop’s output, but it will cause the proportion of salt in the soil to increase, the soil to become infertile, and the microorganisms to be depleted. The crops grown from such methods have high water content but do not have fragrance or taste. Their protein content is low, and they attract attacks by bugs. This is why the use of chemical fertilizers is always accompanied by the use of herbicides and pesticides. People taking such food will find their immune system weakened.

From another perspective, plants, animals and humans all emit biophotons. Healthy people and plants emit more light. Wild plants that have not been subject to human interference emit light that is twice as bright as those emitted by organically grown plants, which in turn, is five times that emitted by plants grown using chemical fertilizers. The biophotons mainly come from the nuclei of DNA, RNA, chlorophyll, and red blood cells. The genes use light to communicate with the body’s cells and organs. Only by taking food with biophotons will the genes be nourished. When biophotons are lacking, cancer cells easily appear.

The biophotons in food can be detected using specialised equipment or by dowsing method. I discovered that “warm” food tends to be reddish yellow, while “cold” food tends towards being violet blue. The food’s biophoton emission reflects its mineral content and composition. For the same plant type, one grown organically has more colour emission. Ocean-based minerals are complete in its mineral composition, and also have more colour emission. Seeds that are soaked in ocean-based minerals have more colour emission, and people who eat them also increase the brightness of their biophoton emission.

In Crestone, we were invited to the Indian cultural centre for a raw food meal. The person in charge has been taking raw food for over three years. She highly recommended the green leaves juice, and a new book titled “Green For Life” written by Victoria Boutenko from Russia. Her family had converted to a raw food diet because of healthreasons but felt that there was still something lacking after taking it for seven years. After researching on the natural diet of monkeys, she discovered that her diet was inadequate in terms of the greens that she took. The diet of monkeys comprises 50% fruits, 40% to 45% leaves and flowers, with the balance being seeds and stems. Following this, she began to make green leaves juice (two bunches a day) and added fruits to improve the taste. Consequently, her health improved, and she introduced this to another doctor’s patients. Subsequently, 27 people started to take 4 glasses of green leaves juice a day. All experienced improved health.

We tried the green leaves juice and found it beneficial. I will share a recipe here: Add two glasses of water to a bunch of leafy green vegetables. Blend with a juicer and then add banana, coconut, orange, apple, pineapple, mango, or other local fruits that are in season. Fruits are added for taste similar in making energy soup, except that more fruits and green leaves are added.

During the period that the 27 people took the green leaves juice, improvements in digestion and the amount of B-12 in the blood were experienced. One of the ladies who needed to take B-12 supplements for many years, found that she no longer needed to do so. Another witnessed an improvement in her cataract condition. Overweight ones lost weight, while the underweight one added pounds to their weight. Of course, during the course of taking the daily diet of 4 glasses of leave juice, they also reduced their intake of unhealthy food. Note that the vegetables for juicing must be grown organically or in the wild to be effective.

During the last day in Crestone, we followed the recommendation of the local people to take a dip in the hot spring. It was said that when the Crestone hot spring water was sent to Mr Masaru Emoto in Japan for his analysis of its crystal structure, he found that the water’s structure was like a crystal palace. Some people who soaked in or drank the water from the hot spring found that their ailments healed. When we went to the hot spring, the ground was covered with snow. Because strong winds were forecasted for the next day, there were no duty personnel at work. However, the hot spring was located outdoors, and we were still able to soak our feet in the water and gaze at the distant mountains. It was a rare luxury to soak our feet in the hot spring, and one could see a star-filled sky at night.

I remembered a prophecy that was made about Crestone: This land will be where the harmonization of cultures will start. Forces opposing the nature will be eliminated, and in their place, there will be a culture seeking to co-exist with nature.

To live healthily and happily, humans must learn to respect nature. The Lapis Lazuli Light Crestone School will focus on education related to cultural harmony. The two courses in June and December 2007 will deal with eating and living harmoniously as the opening themes, in addition to sessions involving the development of everyone’s spirituality and hidden potential. The healing forces of the high-energy Crestone mountain ranges will activate every participant’s life force and allow every participant to bring the seed of harmony back to their homeland. (Note: this year’s Crestone courses will be held on June 2nd to June 12th, 2007. For details, please contact the local Lapis Lazuli Light office. Priority will be given to former participants. Capacity is restricted to 100 participants.)