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A Happy Reunion – Meeting Dr Sun in Shanghai

Sun Qi Yuan

Shanghai is a hustling and bustling city filled with neon lights and materialism; it is also a “Wonderland” for those who dare to venture. This place holds special meaning to me as here lives a compassionate physician, Dr Sun.

It was early spring, and the cool weather has not arrived. I hopped on a taxi heading towards Dr Sun’s house. There was no response on knocking at his door. Then, he suddenly appeared before me and I later came to know that he has gone to the main road to meet me.

On stepping into Dr Sun’s tastefully furnished house, I came to realize an elegant house need not be huge. He busily prepared tea and snacks and got his daughter to prepare lunch for me. I was touched by his warm hospitality. He showed me the correspondence and photographs from the Lapis Lazuli Light members, which he treated like his most treasured possessions. He sent his warmest regards to all he met from Lapis Lazuli Light.

It was only the second time I met Dr Sun, but it seemed like we have known each other for a long, long time. He expressed his sadness about some of his patients’ conditions and was consoled by the fact that some of them had recovered. He seemed to treat his patients like they were all his relatives.

Dr Sun gave his views on banning the import of Chinese herbs by some countries. Patients with certain conditions could have been healed if not for the ban. However, the opportunity of recovery was taken away as a result of the authorities’ regulations.

Dr Sun observed that many cancer and leukemia patients consulted Western doctors; however, the electro and chemical treatments could only bring them more pain. He related his encounter with a child who suffered from leukemia. His parents warded him in a hospital and the treatment caused his hair to drop, and he looked exceptionally pale. His condition did not improve after the treatment. He asked his parents why he had looked worse off than before he was warded into the hospital. Dr Sun was already near to his tears at this point.

Dr Sun mentioned that he is writing an article on “Farewell to leukemia in the 21st century” as he hopes that this disease will disappear from the earth by that time. He remarked that he is already 86 and will be 90 by then, “an age to bid the world goodbye”.

At 86, Dr Sun continues to devote his time to researching Chinese medicine and finding a way to cure leukemia. I sincerely wish that there would come a day when all beings are free from the pain of all diseases.

Within a span of a few hours, Dr Sun had answered many patient’s phone calls. His life is definitely not a relaxing one. He should be at an age of retirement and rest, but he has fully made use of every second to heal his patients, contributing to the world of Chinese medicine, I really admire his determination.

All good things have to come to an end. It’s time for me to say goodbye to Dr Sun. He insisted on walking me to the bus station, which was quite a distance from his house. I was embarrassed that I could hardly catch up with this elderly man’s fast walking pace. As the bus arrived, I boarded the bus and waved at him with parting grief. My vision began to blur.