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Though I Walk Through the Valley of EMF’s Damage…

Zhao Jia Yue

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank Dr Lai for helping me regained my sight, and restoring my mobility. At the same time, I would also ask the readers to excuse me for waiting five years before sharing my experience with you in writing.

In early 2004, within the short span of a week, I suffered from blindness in both eyes and paralysis in both legs. I was under 30 years old, loved playing basketball, enjoyed sunlight, and it had never crossed my mind that I could become blind and crippled. At that moment, the fear and shock of losing my health was indescribable. I was admitted into the hospital immediately. After a few days of undergoing a range of intensive examination, the doctor said that he did not know the cause of my problems. Written on the medical record was multiple sclerosis. The simple explanation was that my own immune system attacked my central nervous system. So the doctor gave me high doses of steroids, both orally and with injections. My body could feel the power of steroids coursing into the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal digestive system and into every single cell.

My family and I knew that after one month of steroid injections, the functions of my liver and kidneys will be affected. I was still young; whatever would happen next was something I could not bear to think of. When my father and mother realised the seriousness, they were in tears and were heartbroken. I was the youngest son, so you can imagine how they felt then? Dad was always reluctant to inform my eldest sister, who lives far away in North California, of any bad news. He did not want her to worry. But this illness was no trivial matter and no one at home knew what to do. Eldest sister was our last secret weapon, she is always resourceful. When dad heard eldest sister’s voice on the phone, he immediately broke down in tears, she was terrified. She had never heard her optimistic, humorous father so miserable. After she knew of my situation, eldest sister had only one hope – Dr Lai. She prayed fervently that she could find Dr Lai. Dr Lai returned my sister’s call within 24 hours, and this time it was my sister who became very emotional on the phone. She was shedding tears of gratitude.

Dr Lai first asked about my lifestyle and diet, and then asked me how much time did I use the mobile phone every day. From her questions, I carefully considered, and realised that I spent at least three to four hours on the mobile phone every day. I loved fried chicken, every day I devoured two packets of instant noodles, drank cold drinks (purchased from vendors), smoked, ate supper, stayed up all night, etc. After hearing these, she identified the sources of my poisoning.

My sister felt that the magnetic fields in the hospital were too strong, so she told me to leave the hospital immediately and return home for treatment. At that time, dad, mum and I were at a loss, and lacked a sense of security if I am not in the hospital. Eldest sister asked me what other purposes did the hospital served other than nurses, wards’ patrols and regular dosages of steroids. I thought about it and realised that there really wasn’t any other purpose. In the wards, there are television, closed windows, aging air-conditioners, and really, these do not help my conditions.

So, I requested to be discharged from hospital. The doctors and nurses were very baffled. They thought my condition was serious and did not agree to discharge me. However, both my family and I insisted and pleaded. The doctors agreed on the condition that if I went home and my condition worsened, I would be fully responsible for the consequences. In retrospect, I realised that my parents, family and myself trusted my eldest sister completely, and my sister had full confidence in Dr Lai. I resolutely discharged myself from the hospital and went home.

Dr Lai recommended that the first thing to do is detoxification, which means completely changing my eating and lifestyle habits, and treating the body, mind, and spirit together. Every day, I drank a lot of clean, high-energy water, ate organic vegetables and whole grains. At the same time, I was taking Dr Mitchell May’s Bliss Delight and Radiance C as well as doing tapping acupoints, ensuring that there were no mobile phones or any appliances that emit electromagnetic radiation in my room. House Energy Enhancers were also attached in the room. To maintain the tranquillity of the body and mind, I chanted every morning and evening. My sister appealed to the Taipei office of Lapis Lazuli Light to send all the necessities to our home in Kaohsiung. We are very grateful to the volunteers in Taipei that the products arrived within two days.

The following months, I fully complied with Dr Lai’s instructions on changing the diet and lifestyle. I was very lucky and grateful that during this period, one of Dr Lai’s students who was a nun in a hospital in Kaohsiung. She often came to see me, helping to harmonize my qi, which increased my body’s energy. The love and care she gave, provided me with a great deal of stability. In fact, during medical treatment, not having fear is critical to recovery and confidence. When I was blind, I could only see light and shadow, I was unable to walk, and needed someone to support me before I could move. Only people who went through such experiences can understand the unspeakable horror and fear.

A month later, I returned to the hospital for consultation. When the doctor saw that my eyes had regained 50% vision and my legs could stand on their own, he was amazed at my progress and said that among all his multiple sclerosis patients, my improvement was the fastest and it was unbelievable. He said it must be the effects of the steroid. At that time, I dared not tell him that I had stopped taking steroids the minute I went home.

Two months later, my eye sight was restored to 70 % and I could move my legs slowly. This time when I went back to the hospital, I plucked up the courage to tell the doctor that I had stopped taking steroid very early, and only had a major change in diet and lifestyle. But the doctor did not believe that it was possible that in a short period of two months there was such a huge change. But, really, this is my truth. Since then, I have not returned to hospital.

I wrote my own personal experiences to share with readers. I hope that all of you can understand the harm of electromagnetic waves on the body. Try to minimize the use of these things, see to some protective measures, and change from a wrong diet to a nourishing diet and supplement with food that has radiance. Doing all these can activate the body’s own ability to heal. Do not just use drugs solely. According to what our body experienced, do an in-depth discussion with your doctor and rely on the expertise of the doctors to verify your own bodily sensations, then can we truly find treatments that do not rely only on drug prescription.

Once again, I am grateful to Dr Lai for saving me. I am also grateful to my angel-nun for her care and the love of my father, mother, eldest sister and family which is my greatest blessing.

The original Chinese article is published in the Nov 2009 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: