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Forks Over Knives

Movie Introduction And Heart-Sharing

Zeng Zijia / Yan Hui bead

The Truman Show, where Truman was arranged, watched and monitored by the age of 30, Truman was transformed from his desire to be true when his dead father reappeared. In recent years, there have been many black heart foods that are not the only safe guarantee even after being certified. People’s diet lives in anxiety. Today, after so many doomsday rumors, are we Truman too brave to break the long-awaited dietary lie and pursue real health, which will change the life of you and your family!

If you want to learn about a healthy diet, Forks Over Knives is a good place to start.

Do you remember? When I was young, I wrote the book of milk, egg and bean meats, rich in protein and calcium, which are necessary nutrients for growth. In particular, I must drink a bottle of milk every day to strengthen the bones and teeth. So far, Even continue to instill in our children’s body.

However, the contradiction is that in patients with osteoporosis, the milk has not been drunk, which is actually hidden what story? The face of high cancer throughout the world, targeted drugs continue to introduce new conditions did not improve. There is a common saying: medicine is not as good as tonic, Forks Over Knives This film provides inspiring hope and direction for therapeutic.

This documentary mainly records Dr. T. Colin Campbell, a famous American nutritionist born in the 1930s and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, a surgeon of the Cleveland Clinic in the United States. The two Ph.D.’s amazing study, both of them grew up in the farm since childhood, respectively, engaged in dairy farming at home, and we eat the same, until Campbell went to college in Pennsylvania, while Isothin entered Yale University, after The study found that the general prevalence of the past diet created serious problems nowadays and proposed the diet regimen for how to achieve rehabilitation for most serious and civilized diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and even depression and various chronic degenerative diseases.

Dr Campbell’s study in India at Cornell University found that high animal protein causes cancer, and based on his finding of liver cancer in children from wealthy families in the Philippines, the two are mutually reinforcing, and Dr Campbell continues to experiment with rats Found that feeding rats in the protein food if the total heat of 20% will become a cancer button, if the food protein in the total calories reduced to 5% can reduce the growth of cancer and even the original cancer disappeared, but also learned that animals Sexual proteins can cause liver cancer. In his public television interview, he also mentioned that even non-contaminated meat products are not recommended for consumption and are likely to cause many chronic and degenerative diseases.

Modern fast food culture, eating meat diet, is a variety of chronic diseases such as diabetes, liver cancer and other strongest triggers, the most impressive scene, the stomach has a number of detection agencies, let the brain know if we Already full, however animal protein calorie is high, but compared with vegetable protein is more difficult to have satiety, or even drink full of oil is also, so, the stomach will convey the message has not been fed to the brain, tell We must continue to eat, so continue to eat too much animal protein, the disease also will follow. The film also cited a number of examples to confirm that once drastic reduction of animal protein intake or vegan diet, will no longer have to rely on drugs and bear side effects, physical and psychological will be gradually fully restored to health.

Another colleague of Dr. Economist, a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic, is also suffering from heart disease when the cholesterol index is normal. Coronary arteries are also severely damaged after a heart attack. Finally, he also switched to a vegetarian diet Resumed health. Dr. Aososting found that genes, chemicals, substances and nutrition interact to promote the growth of cancer cells, that animal proteins cause rapid cancer growth, and that plant proteins can delay cancer growth. Only a few cancers are caused by pure genes. Dr. Aosostin launched a study on arterial coronary artery disease, recommending vegetarian treatment to those serious heart patients who could not receive further medical treatment. After several years of dietary therapy, they proved that they can not achieve the good condition of drugs and surgeries and can continue to survive after the heart disease improves Down for decades. Dr. Eustin has now cured more than 250 heart attacks with a vegetarian diet. Interestingly, it is also found in the long-ignored historical data that during the Second World War, the German army first confiscated Norwegian farm animals after the occupation of Norway, so at that time, the Norwegians had no choice but to change the vegetarian diet It is evident during this period that Norwegians’ cardiovascular disease data dropped immediately after the Nazi occupation and no longer required reductase inhibitors or bypass surgery, cardiac stenting, etc., and then dropped until the Germans left the data Again, this is a very valuable record in the history of human diseases.

One of the two PhDs came from Science One is clinical evidence from doctors combined with each other to further verify each other’s vegetarian diet concept. The two remained energetic until the 70s and worked with patients on vegetarian cooking. If in the diet often take non-natural high-calorie food is the cause of obesity, high caloric nutrition and high-sugar high-fat high-salt food, prone to high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and other diseases in patients encountered all Vegetarian diet has been greatly improved, and gradually get rid of high drug and medical costs. Harvard University research report pointed out that the high rate of national consumption of dairy products is also high in osteoporosis, the United Nations and World Health Organization statistics indicate that the higher the amount of animal foods produced in the country the highest number of heart attacks and cancer deaths, if by Vegan diet does not use drugs, and finally be able to get rid of drugs, reduce the cancer stroke mortality, cancer spontaneous remission, physical strength has become better, to reduce weight, blood sugar, cholesterol, reduced the phenomenon of the United States found that 75% Of the medical expenses are spent on chronic diseases. After a 10-year study by Dr. Campbell and Chinese scholars in the 1970s, the Chinese study confirmed Dr. Campbell’s theory again and obtained large-scale live-action experiments.

Only 25% of the food that modern people eat is in life? Another 75% is to help doctors to make a living? How to eat healthy and longevity? Without any drug to achieve better results than vegetarian, vegetarian diet can reduce the 70-80% of medical expenses, to eat for living, rather than to eat and live!

This finally understand that the original book says, advertising in the goods are indoctrinated in our life, diet knowledge, has made us like living in the Truman Show. I believe many people have the experience of eating too much meat and starch at noon, resulting in a sluggish afternoon. Even if it is not a vegetarian, but also I want to eat healthy with myself and my family, I am happy to see this movie awakened us to stop eating myths and provide a nutrition, health and physical and mental health Helpful way.

There are already firefighters, marathon runners and iron athletes in the world who confirm that vegetarian food can be nutritionally enriched for better athletic performance and that there is no under-protein malnutrition. You know, the world’s cattle ate 8.7 billion people of cereals, With a total population of more than 1 billion people worldwide, malnutrition can feed some of the world’s hungry as part of the light-raised cattle. There are many TV shows today. There’s no shortage of inviting international chefs to show off their dishes. It’s a mouth-watering, appetizing dish. The ingredients and sauces used may be organic, but there are still plenty of animals such as milk and meat. If you are a meat-flirtatious gourmet, it is recommended to read the movie, you can also look at now has launched vegetarian food program books, there are many delicious vegetarian restaurant is Open your arms with health Welcome you and your family and friends to see how to use natural plant spices, fruits and vegetables to cook for the meat-vegetarians, the general public also index finger great food, take the real body-helpful nutritious food, Let the mind and body have vitality, happy life every day.