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To Prevent Major Illness Begin By Taking Care of Minor Conditions

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Frequently, people who discover that they suffer from a major illness (e.g., cancer, heart problem) feel that the onslaught of the illness is sudden. They do not realize that the occurrence of the illness is the result of  long-term disharmony of the body and mind, and neglect of minor ailments. Major ailments arise from incorrect treatment of minor ailments that subsequently develop into serious complications.

Let us now discuss things to note in handling minor ailments.

Headaches, dizziness, drowsiness: The head is connected to the entire body’s blood circulation. The functions of the large intestines and the liver are linked to the head section. Discomfort of the head may come about because of improper discharge of waste matter by the large intestines; pollution of the air, water or food; or electromagnetic interference. Ways to alleviate head ailments include: reducing food intake; having more light meals (i.e., less salty, oily, sweet); engaging in physical and deep breathing exercises regularly in a place with fresh air and installing an air purifier in the home.

Ringing in the ear (tinnitus): This ailment is related to weakening of the kidneys. To alleviate this ear condition, the first thing to do is to improve the blood circulation around the kidney region. First, boil some ginger strips in water for about 10 minutes. Then dip a towel into the hot ginger water and apply to the waist region. When the towel is cold, reapply the hot ginger water. Do this for 30 minutes each time everyday till the condition has improved.

Infection of the middle ear: Ear infections among children are related to improper diet and pollution of the environment. Reduce all disturbances to the nervous system, such as exposure to television, noise, sugar, biscuits, and animal products. Another way is to use a cloth to wrap onion slices onto and behind the ear for six hours.

Sinus: To treat this condition, wash the nostrils with salt water to effectively remove chemical pollutants and bacteria. Use 1/4 teaspoon sea salt to 1 cup of warm water. Use a nostril-cleaning appliance or bulb to flush the salt water in from one nostril and out through the other nostril (tilt the head to one side). You may also add a little friendly bacteria powder into the salt water. Irrigating the nose can have unexpectedly positive effects on blockage of the ears.

Cough: Coughs are related to indigestion in the intestines arising from taking oily food, or from destruction of friendly bacteria by pesticides or preservatives. Taking antibiotics exacerbates the problem and weakens the immune system. People with chronic coughs for over nine months have had their coughs cured within a week of taking friendly bacteria. Their coughs have not recurred for over a year.

Sore throats: Improper diets, over-exertions and lack of sleep are causes of sore throats. To relieve sore throats, the following are helpful: rest, reduce food intake, gargle with diluted apple cider vinegar, or rinse with cold-pressed sunflower seed oil or olive oil by holding for 15 minutes then spit out.

Asthma or bronchitis: Smoking, drinking cow’s milk, eating processed food, and breathing polluted air can cause problems with the respiratory system. To fully solve the problem, take whole grain meals and organic fruits and vegetables. The leaves and roots of the comfrey plant are also effective. Cypress essence oil also helps. The oil derived from Euclyptus essence and tea tree oil has anti-bacterial functions, and soothes the bronchial tube. Add a few drops of these oils in a basin of hot water and then inhale its vapors.

Pneumonia: This infection arises from a weak immune system and excess phlegm. To treat this ailment, it is necessary to take care of the entire body and have take friendly-bacteria supplements. Besides these, the following ’emergency’ approach, recommended by Dr. Christopher, can be used. First, grind some garlic into paste, and then add Vaseline, coconut oil or castor oil. Add some edible oil onto the sole of the foot, followed by the garlic and Vaseline paste.  Then put on a pair of socks overnight.

Gastric pain, stomach gas, stomach ulcer: Minor ailments of the stomach should not be ignored because they are the cause of many major ailments. Here are the sources of some of these stomach ailments:

1. Negative emotions influence the digestive system. In particular, the atmosphere during the intake of food is important. Peaceful, happy, and mindful ingestion of food is most ideal. Avoid eating while talking about work, business, complaining, or criticizing others. Also avoid eating in a noisy environment, while reading, or gulping down the food in a standing position. All these will adversely affect the digestive system.

2. If the food contains chemicals or preservatives, the friendly bacteria in our stomach can be killed. Pollution of the air can also lead to stomach problems. The effective solution to these threats is to eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and seeds, as well as to have friendly bacteria supplements. For example, the Bulgaricum bacteria can prevent stomach bloating, which arises from undigested food fermenting in the stomach.

3. Improper food combination can be a problem, even if the food is clean and wholesome. Examples of improper food combination include simultaneously taking the following foods at the same meal: acidic fruits with grains; watermelons, sweet melons with other food; high protein food with starchy food; rice products with wheat products. For details, please refer to “Regaining the joy of the body”.

Menstrual pains: Menstrual cycles are related to the functions of the liver and the endocrine system. Nowadays, chemical pollutants are rampant, and many mimic the functions of female hormones. In addition, contamination of the ovaries leads to the inability to discharge eggs, and a decrease in the progesterone level. In turn, this may lead to headaches, water accumulation, and depression before menstruation. Another contributory factor is a diet that is rich in calories, cholesterol, or protein. The solution to menstrual pains involves the following: avoid chemicals in our food, animal products, processed food, sweet food; have appropriate exercise; if necessary, apply plant-extracted progesterone (from soybeans or wild yam) onto the body; absorption is fastest through the skin (see the book by Dr. John Lee: “What your doctor may not tell you about menopause”, Warner Books, 1996).

Constipation: A diet lacking in fiber or friendly bacteria, inadequate consumption of water, and parasites can be causes. As a result, waste matter do not get eliminated from the large intestines, and toxins seep into the blood stream through the intestinal walls. This leads to a burden on the liver and its deterioration. To relieve this problem, take vegetables and fruits that are free of chemicals, and supplement the diet with friendly bacteria. Fresh carrots and beet roots can help remove parasites from the body.

Insomnia (or lack of deep sleep): Sleep is the most important period for the body to repair and recharge itself. Hence, insomnia is an ailment that should not be ignored. Chronic insomnia can lead to more serious problems in the future. Frequent long-distance travel and night shifts can cause severe damage to the body. The causes of insomnia are related to the body and mind. Factors related to the body include: insufficient oxygen, chemical pollution, inadequate exercise, late dinners or taking excessive food at dinner, noise, inadequate progesterone (before and during menopause), and jet lag. Mental factors include stress and negative emotions. To handle insomnia, attempt to have a more regular daily pattern and improve the living environment. Put a priority on life and living properly.

Skin disorders: Rashes, infection, swellings, warts, as well as other peculiar skin problems are on the rise. These can be due to pollution, or to increased susceptibility to attacks by virus, bacteria, microbes, and parasites when the body’s immune system is weak. Correct treatment of these problems is important. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and things that contact our body can potentially get absorbed into our body. Pollutants in the air can also enter the body through the skin. In daily products such as soap, washing powder and cosmetics, avoid having chemicals or additives. This is particularly important for products that have direct contact with the body. Our bath water should also go through a chlorine filtration apparatus so that chlorine and other chemicals do not get absorbed through our skins.

Natural skin cleansers can be made from soybean powder, oatmeal powder, natural vinegar, soda powder, or even just clean water. To nourish our skin, we can use edible oil, banana, cucumber, and yogurt, depending on whether the skin is oily or dry. Any kind of edible fruits can be applied to nourish the skin. Friendly bacteria can also be directly applied to the skin. Golden seal can be used to treat infections or skin abrasions.

Tea tree oil can be used to kill viruses, bacteria and microbes, and to improve the immune system. It can be directly applied to the infected area. A few drops of tea tree oil can be added to our bath water. Tea tree oil can be directly applied to treat moles caused by viruses.

In conclusion, do not ignore minor ailments in our daily lives. Go to the root of the problem to treat the condition. Avoid aggravating the condition, as this will lead to even bigger problems. There are many natural medicinal products that await our discovery and application.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light  Magazine 2000 Aug Issue

Translated by Singapore Lapis Lazuli Light