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ELECTRICITY: A Source Of Trouble?

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

In this modern world, we are fully dependent on electricity, whether in our residence, workplace, or leisure activities. Our environment is permeated with various kinds of invisible electromagnetic waves, from 50Hz (frequency of fifty cycles per second) to 60Hz, to microwaves (frequency of billions of cycles per second) such as that used in broadcast, telecast, mobile phones, and military radars. These are a million times above the natural fields of the earth.

A hundred years ago, the earth’s electromagnet waves were entirely natural, and were restricted to those from the sun, stars, and moon. However, smart scientists such as Edison, Telsta, and others changed all these. After the Second World War, there was a rapid increase in the use of electricity and electromagnetic communication systems. Electrical signals have reached the outer space, and man-made satellites beam radio waves at every surface of the earth every hour to collect data. The number of radio stations and TV stations continue to increase. These days, we can even have our own broadcast stations (in the form of mobile phones)!

What is the impact of artificial electromagnetic waves on humans? Robert Becker, M.D., summarizing many years of research, concludes that artificial electromagnetic waves can lead to abnormalities in living organisms.

During the Second World War, the military found that personnel in charge of radar, their bodies would heat up. They realized then microwave has the ability to generate heat, and this led to the production of microwave ovens for use in the kitchens. Many people may be unaware of their harm. After the Second World War, scientists found that although exposure to low levels of microwaves would not generate heat in animals, but these animals developed cataracts within a short period of exposure (within a few days or a month). This is because the retina is most sensitive to heat.

In 1953, a doctor working in an airplane plant found 75 to 100 workers, with prior exposure to low levels of microwave, had bleeding tendency, leukemia or brain tumors. Other research shows that electromagnetic waves of frequencies up to 27 MHz can cause the chromosomes in garlic seedlings to undergo abnormal changes. In 1983, the US FDA’s research showed that microwave exposure could harm the sperm production of rats. Male rats with half-an-hour non-thermal microwave exposure for two weeks had their sperm production reduced and their chromosomes altered. When they mated with female rats that had no prior microwave exposure, the incidence of miscarriage greatly increased.

Between 1953 to 1977, the American embassy in Russia had microwave interference of about 5 mW/cm2 that was 0.05% of the level allowed by the US military. Of the three ambassadors staying at the embassy during this period, two died of cancer, and one of leukemia. The staff working at the embassy had abnormal levels of eye and skin infections, and suffered from depressions, irritations, lack of appetite, and attention deficit. Their children had anemia, heart problems, and infections of the respiratory and ears.

The genetic impact of microwaves can be seen from another example. Vernon, a small city in New Jersey, has a population of 25,000 people, but it has so many microwave stations that it ranks fifth in the entire USA, after New York, Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco. The proportion of mentally retarded children there is 1000 times that of the national average. In a 1985 report (Ruey Lin), it was pointed out that naval radar officers were more likely to contract brain tumors than those that were not exposed to microwave. Two cancer doctors, Margaret Spitz and Christine Cole, found that children, whose parents were exposed to electronics at work, were more likely than others to have brain tumors before the age of two. They also found that exposure to everyday AC electricity caused harm to sperms and chromosomes.

In a 1983 report, Dr. Nordstrom from Sweden found that workers in a high-pressure cable car factory were more likely to have deformed children than others, and their white blood cells and chromosomes were also abnormal.

In summarizing fifty years of research materials, Dr. Becker concludes that various kinds of electromagnetic waves can have seven effects on humans and living organisms:

  1. Influence cell growth, e.g., increase the growth of cancer cells.
  2. Increase the incidence of certain types of cancer occurrences.
  3. Induce change in fetal growth.
  4. Change neural and chemical hormonal secretions and production in the body, which may lead to behavioral changes such as suicidal tendencies.
  5. Change the biological rhythm of living organisms.
  6. Modify the body’s reaction to stress, and lead to deterioration in immune system; and
  7. Reduce learning ability.


The following are measures to prevent or respond to the threat of electromagnetic waves:

  1. There are up to 8 kinds of electromagnetic waves emitted by television and computers, including microwaves and X-rays. Other than reducing contact with these sources (e.g., television), careful selection of computers can help. For example, choose computers that meet TCO standards set in Sweden. Install a screen on the monitor that filters both low and high frequency emissions. Cover the computer casing using copper sheets. When using the computer, it is best to wear natural fabrics like cotton and wool, or wear fabrics with peatmoss. This has the ability to protect one’s life force, and effectively prevent harm from electromagnetic waves, particularly when it is wrapped in layers with organic fabric and placed on the three chakra points located on the head, on the third eye, and below the naval.

Several researchers have found that electricity causes the greatest harm to the brain, but they did not know why. I have discovered from my experience and observation that electromagnetic waves interfere with the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. These chakras can be protected by products containing peatmoss. In addition, it is helpful to harmonize one’s “qi” to recover. For details, please refer to the November 2000 issue of “Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine” (or July 2001 issue of “Lapis News”.

  1. Mobile phones are the source of microwaves and electromagnetic waves, with frequencies exceeding that of computers and high-density cables. A mobile phone placed on the ear will expose the body to microwaves of more than 100mW per square centimeter. At 5 feet, there is exposure of a 1mW/cm2, which is a hundred times the safety limit set by Russia. When I walk on the street and see people using mobile phones, I feel sad for humanity and their descendants. Do you want to pay for convenience with your life? Mobile phones are best used in emergency, and not for everyday use. In particular, do not use mobile phones next to a child. Again, “qi” harmonization will also help.
  2. Choose a diet that strengthens and heals the body. This kind of food includes green vegetable juices, carrot juice, naturally pickled vegetables, wheat grass, organic food, Vitamin C (with bioflavonoids-orange and lemon skins are rich in these), and seaweed (take a few helpings a week). Exercising out of doors on a regular basis to discharge static electricity in the body. When doing so, it is best to wear straw sandals or cloth shoes. At night, avoid using the computer, watch television, or use the mobile phone. This is because it will be hard to go out to discharge static electricity at night. Another reason is that one’s “qi” is weaker at night, and be harmed more.


In conclusion, we should begin to change our lifestyles, and put priority on our health.


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Health of the Body, Mind and Spirit Begins in the WOMB

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Ancient Chinese medicine has a deep understanding of prenatal education. Prior to the mother’s pregnancy, both parents begin preparation by turning up their bodies and minds. After conception, the mother pays particular attention to her lifestyle, and tries to maintain peaceful and happy emotion and thoughts. This is to ensure that the growing foetus has the best possible environment.

The West has a saying: “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” A person’s health and emotional habits are formed in the womb and during childhood and are influenced by his/her parents’ physical and mental health as well as their attitude and feelings towards the baby. Some of the feelings and attitudes that we have since young can be traced to the pregnancy experiences of our mothers. Some of our talents and rhythm of speech can also be traced to our mothers. Modern science has also found that our sleep patterns are associated with that of our mothers during pregnancy.

A rapidly developing field in psychology is prenatal and Neonatal psychology.

When conductor Boris Brott was asked about the source of his interest in music, he replied: “Before I was born.” He found that while practicing being a conductor in his youth, there were music scores that he knew without having learned them, particularly those related to the cello section. On one occasion, he discussed this observation with his mother, who was very surprised. Upon learning what these pieces were, she realized that these were the ones that she had practiced during her pregnancy. She was a professional cellist.

A primary school teacher’s child had an ability to sketch human faces with very accurate positioning of the eyes, nose and mouth. The mother could not understand this initially, but upon reflection, she realized that during her pregnancy, she had frequently instructed her students on how to draw human faces.

The feelings between parents and children are established in the womb. There is the case of an American woman who bore her first child during a period when her husband was very busy with his studies. He was not home day and night and was not with the baby at birth. The father and son had a distant relationship. When this woman was pregnant with her second child, her husband was home every night. He also made it a point every night to talk to the foetus in the womb about all matters that happened during the day, including the food they had for dinner. He would conclude the conversation by saying: “We love you and look forward to your arrival.” When the child was born, the father was around. When he carried the baby, he naturally spoke to the baby, who opened his eyes to gaze at the father intently, then smiled. Clearly, the baby recognised his father, and they had a close relationship.

When the pregnancy was not welcome by the parents, it may have a profound long-term impact on the parent-child relationship and the child’s mental and physical well-being. A mother of four children asked me why her second child does things that make her angry every day. I asked her how she felt when she was pregnant with this child. She said she did not want to get pregnant during that year because her Chinese horoscope conflicted with that of a child born in that year. Her rejection, along with her desire not to bear the child, led to her child doing things against her wishes. This illustrates the power of a mother’s thoughts.

In his book “The Secret Life of the Unborn Child”,Dr Verny mentioned that the case of a new born baby who turned her head away every time her mother tried to feed her. On the other hand, this baby accepted milk bottles or breast milk from others. Dr Verny asked this mother on her feelings during this pregnancy. She replied that she did not want the child; it was her husband who wanted the child. The foetus therefore received her mother’s feelings, and the mother-child relationship did not get to a good start.

In 1979, Andrew Feldman, a Canadian psychologist, reported the results of his research on four youths who had unsuccessfully attempted suicide five times. He found that these suicidal tendencies occurred at the same time every year and coincided with the time that their mothers had attempted abortions as well as the abortion techniques used (e.g., by tools or by drugs). These youths overcame their suicidal tendencies once they realized that their tendencies came from their memories while in their mothers’ wombs. I once met a mother who had unsuccessfully attempted abortion. Her son is now over twenty years old, and also has suicidal tendencies. Currently, there are many cases of attempted suicides by youths. Whether this is related to unsuccessful abortion attempts by their mothers is worth further investigation.

In 1988, a seminal piece of research did a comparative study of three countries – Sweden, Czechoslovakia, and North Finland – and investigated the development of children whose mothers had abortion requests rejected. The results showed that in Sweden, the children of such women tended to have more psychological problems and poorer learning abilities; they also had more congenital physical problems. The research also studied 12,000 mothers in North Finland. It found that about 12% of them felt that they should not have been pregnant. The children of these mothers had lower heights and weights within the first twenty-eight days of birth compared to other children. The incidence of premature birth was also higher, and so was the incidence of infant deaths as well as ailments such as cerebal palsy and mental retardation. Among these children aged eight, fourteen, sixteen, the incidence of learning difficulties, language deficiencies, and mental retardation was also twice that of other children.

A similar twenty-year longitudinal study was conducted in Prague (capital of Czechoslovakia). It found that among children of women who had two unsuccessful abortion requests, the proportion of such children suffering from acute and chronic ailments was higher than normal. Their mothers felt that their children were obstinate, naughty, and ill tempered. Their teachers considered these children to have poorer academic performance, and other students did not like to befriend them. At age fourteen, these children’s academic performance had deteriorated, and many chose to leave school. Their teachers felt that the children were hyperactive, and less sociable. The children themselves felt rejected by their mothers, and their relationship with their parents also deteriorated over time. At age 23, these children had more social and criminal problems – the incidence of them committing serious crimes was about three times that of others. They were dissatisfied with life and were generally worried and unhappy. They easily met with obstacles in their love lives, and they a tendency to drink more coffee, smoke more, and drink more beer than others. These children also received more psychiatric treatment and adapted more poorly to stress than others. When these children grew up and married, they tended to have more grievances and unhappy marriages than others. They also had a higher incidence of unplanned pregnancies, and, like their parents, they had difficulty establishing close relationship with their children. These reports tell us that the emotional blueprints are transferred from one generation to the other. They also tell us that the emotional environment of the foetus has an impact on the child’s character.

While the foetus is developing in the mother’s womb, any kind of contamination (chemicals or emotions) can interfere with the growth of its delicate nervous system and organs. The foetus can experience what its mother eats, drink, breathes, thinks, or feels. When the mother smokes, the foetus will feel unrest and uneasy as nicotine makes it uncomfortable; the foetus will also feel anxiety as it does not know when this uncomfortable feeling will recur. Dr Michael Liberman found that when the thought of smoking arises in the minds of pregnant women, the foetuses inside them react immediately by having faster heartbeats. Foetuses can also hear music. Music by Vivaldi makes the foetus relaxed, while those by Beethoven and pop musicians lead to the foetus inside the womb to move and kick. While recording the music of a rock group, a pregnant lady had her ribs broken by the foetus kicking in her womb.

To help parents understand how to create the best environment for the foetus in the womb, Dr Verny has written a pregnancy guide titled “Nurturing the Unborn” that integrates psychology and medicine. According to Dr Verny, in the first month of pregnancy, the mother must be emotionally stable, be free of unwholesome habits, and be confident. Both father and mother can participate in the preparations during the nine months of pregnancy and develop a warm relationship with the foetus. Parents can engage in music therapy, light exercises, massage, and thought communication to enable the foetus to have a good mental and physical environment. Prenatal education establishes the foundation for life-long holistic health. Parents hold the greatest power in the world.

Kicking the Habit of Smoking and Drinking, Holistically

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Tobacco and alcohol are harmful not only to the health of the individual who uses them, but also to those of his family and environment. Once addicted, it is very difficult to kick the habit; it may be easier to succeed if one takes a holistic approach to understand the harm they cause and the methods that are available.

Everyone knows the harm that tobacco and alcohol can inflict on the body and mind.

Alcohol is harmful to the stomach, liver, heart, and kidney; and is destructive to the nervous system, lowering the efficiency of the brain functions. Thus, drinkers frequently suffer from stomach ulcers; when drunk they have no awareness and are prone to accidents. Some may even have visual illusion and get terrified. Alcohol also causes emotional depressions and prevents spiritual growth and advancement.

Smoking of tobacco is harmful to the stomach, gut, nervous system and blood circulation. Tobacco contains many carcinogenic agents, increasing the risks in lung cancer, bladder cancer, and colon cancer for smokers. Arrhythmia (uneven heartbeat) and skin diseases are also related to smoking. Smoking also affects a person’s character, temperament and spirituality. Its effect on the smoker’s offspring is obviously visible; when the expectant mother smokes or is a secondary smoker, the foetus becomes restless and anxious, and that is for life.

The addiction to tobacco and alcohol is frequently implanted at the foetus stage. Children of parents who are smokers and drinkers have higher probability of addiction than average. Medical evidence indicates that tobacco and alcohol disturbs the development of the brain, nervous system as well as the internal organs in the foetus. The unsuspecting expectant mother would have harmed her unborn child by consuming just one cigarette or one glass of wine. If the father drinks frequently, the intelligence, physical development of the next generation are affected, and puberty is delayed. Whether a man becomes addicted to alcohol or not is directly related to whether his father drank!

How parents manage their children starting from the foetus stage contributes to the addictions. Unwelcome babies who grew up in an indifferent family are 6 to 12 times more likely to succumb to addictions when they become adults. Their bad experiences affect the brain development, and they are not able to take stress well; tobacco and alcohol become their tranquilizer. Thus addiction to tobacco and alcohol becomes a vicious circle, passing from generation to generation.

Therefore, one must kick the habit before starting a family. Having decided, one must cut off the habit once and for all.

Detoxification through proper food intake is the preliminary step to kicking the habit of smoking and drinking.Make clear soup from fruit, vegetable and root and drink that for a week. Next, take light meal of simple natural food with high nutritious value. One can also use enema for colon-cleansing, with supplement of friendly bacteria. Exercise to perspire, take hot bath or shower, using a cold towel to rub the body in the morning followed by dry brushing the skin to stimulate blood circulation, drink (laxative) herbal tea such as the Longevity tea and Aloe Vera juice.

Quassia Chip and Thyme are herbs that can counter the craving for alcohol. Make a drink by steeping one teaspoon of Quassia Chip (dried leaves) in a cup of boiling water for half an hour; take a sip every 2 hours. The same goes for Thyme. Other helpful health methods include exercising, deep breathing and walking; twenty minutes every day. Those with craving for cigarettes can also drink Red Clover Tea; one teaspoon in a cup of boiling water.

Energy soup, rejuvelac and herbal tea can improve digestion and help in eliminating toxin.

Rejuvelac is normally prepared using wheat sprout. Add 2 cups of water to one cup of wheat sprouts and let stand for 24 hours at room temperature. It can then be consumed, and another round is prepared by adding water again. The wheat sprouts can be used total of 3 times.

Cabbage can also be used to make rejuvelac. Add 1 ¾ cups of water to 3 cups of chopped cabbage; then put into a blender to puree and finally stand at room temperature for 3 days. Save ¼ cup of the rejuvelac as starter, remove pulp, saving juice for immediate consumption or store in the fridge. When you prepare the next drink, use 3 cups of chopped cabbage with 1 ½ cup water and the starter. Only one day of standing time is needed. The pulp can be used as fertilizer for plants.

It is also possible to stop the smoking and drinking habits by circular movement of eyeball. Move eyeball left and right, repeatedly to heal childhood trauma (refer to Restoring the Bliss of The Mind) and to reduce emotional dependency on alcohol and tobacco. Using circular movement of eyeball therapy when unhappy thoughts occur in combination with all the other holistic methods, kicking the habit can be very successfully accomplished.


Healing trauma the natural way – fright, ‘spirit leaving the body’, shaking … recovery.

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Every day, wild animals undergo traumatic experiences. For instance, herbivores have to be alert at all times to avoid predators’ attack. Encountering life and death situations daily is a part of their lives.

Though living under highly stressful conditions, wild animals do not exhibit post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Medically, the post-traumatic stress disorder appears as insomnia, depression, temper tantrums, forgetfulness, anxiety, shyness, inability to concentrate, behavioral and emotional stiffness, controlling and restricting others. While these symptoms may appear many years after the incident of a trauma. The trauma could be caused by accidents, natural disasters (e.g., Earthquake), serious illnesses, war, violence, surgery. Often these traumas cannot be remembered by the person.

There are many methods of treating trauma in Psychology. One of them mentioned here is discovered by observing wild animals. Psychologist Peter A. Levine, Ph.D. spent a lifetime studying the recovery process from traumatic experiences. Most of the patients under his counsel suffer from traumatic response of accidents and surgeries, while a minority suffers from wars or violence. His inspiration came from observing carnivores animals devouring their prey. For instance, when a leopard chases after a deer, just before the deer is caught, it would faint from extreme fright, appearing to be dead. This phenomenon of ‘fake death’ is frequently, a means of self-preservation. Normally, carnivores do not feed on dead meat, hence may leave the ‘dead’ animal alone or drag it to one side. The ‘dead’ animal may wake up without being noticed and escape when it has the opportunity. During its unconsciousness, the nervous system and body of the prey would become highly agitated. Upon waking up, its body would tremble for a while before it could regain normal consciousness. When a bear is shot with tranquilizers while being chased, upon waking up, its body would tremble for one hour. Trembling is a means to release stress. Man’s emotion and thoughts are complicated. After a traumatic experience, his emotions and thoughts may affect the process of releasing stress, hence building up the many post trauma symptoms described earlier. If the stress is not properly released, it may affect the person’ lifetime.

When faced with danger, the ability to respond comes from the brain as for all animals and insects. The nervous system and entire body undergoes a highly agitated state, responding by flight, fight or fainting. In the event the response of flight, fight or fainting, is incomplete and consciousness cannot return to normal but is stuck at the state of escaping in the form of extreme fear and helplessness or stuck at the state of fighting in the form of easily angered or stuck at the state of fainting in the form of forgetfulness or inability to concentrate. Victims of accidents often respond by fainting. Upon waking up, they cannot remember what they said or did.

Anesthesia used in surgeries are chemically induced “spirit leaving the body”. Though without consciousness, the cut is still experienced by the physical body. Hence, if the body does not release the stress after surgery, there could be post-traumatic stress. Young children are especially susceptible to trauma and parents have to pay special attention. Peter A. Levine had a case whereby the patient’s source of trauma came from the anesthetics used in an operation during her childhood. Her symptoms only surfaced when she was in an examination to enter a research institute and suddenly exhibited intense panic attack for no apparent reason. Her condition was so serious that she could not leave her house alone. Under the treatment of Peter A. Levine, while she relaxed herself, she suddenly went into a full-blown anxiety attack, unable to breathe and her body paralyzed. Peter A. Levine had a sudden inspiration – he asked the patient to imagine a tiger running to her and that she should run atop the tree for safety. The patient let out a bloodcurdling scream, followed by her legs trembling in running movements. Her entire body trembled, shake for one hour. At the same time, she remembered her terrifying experience from the anesthesia during her operation at 3 years old. This trauma laid hidden for 20 years before exhibiting its traumatic effect. After the counseling, she could return to her research institute to continue her studies.

Medical operations and extracting of tooth are common to our modern lives. However, the effects of anesthesia on our body and mind goes beyond our imagination. During one recent course to remove the remains of anesthetics effects, I asked students to recall their feelings before they underwent anesthesia, and the feeling after waking up from the anesthesia. One student immediately cried, and another had difficulty breathing, experiencing pain in the chest and stomach. I asked her to focus her breath at areas where she felt the discomfort (focusing her attention on the areas of discomfort, inhaling and exhaling from those areas). This process continued for over 10 minutes before her discomfort subsided. 30 years ago, she underwent a major operation and complete anesthesia. For 20 years, the pain remained, and she has difficulty breathing upon waking up in the morning.

She never realized the lasting effects of anesthetics had on her. After this session of clearing the effects of anesthesia, she no longer had difficulty breathing upon waking the next morning and her body and mind improved over the next 1 month.

In order to understand healing from trauma, we need to realize that consciousness does not depend on the brain. There are some examples in medical history whereby during unconsciousness or under anesthesia, the patient after waking up could recall the surrounding environment such as the doctors’ and nurses’ conversation. Experiment have shown that after removing the mice’ brain, their memories still remained. Only when the body’s survival is threatened that the memory is disturbed. Some people under special circumstances could remember the time they were born or their experiences in their mother’s womb.

A person’s conscious mind may exist outside the physical body. What Chinese described as the spirit leaving the body from fear came from experiences, recovery and prevention of post-fear effects and the need to unite the conscious mind and the body.

Peter A. Levine suggested that while saving the body from a frightening experience, we should also help the victim recover his normal consciousness. The following are important points:

  • Keep the patient warm, quiet, do not let the patient move about.
  • If not seriously injured, encourage the patient to feel the bodily sensations. If he shivers, tell him that it is a normal reaction. Normally, after shivering, the limbs would feel warm and breathing becomes easy.

This process may take 15-20 minutes.

  • After rescue efforts or after discharge from hospital, the patient should rest for a few days, keep warm and quiet. This includes accident victims with slight injuries. Emotional response such as extreme fear, anger, sadness and regret would appear.
  • At the same time, the patient should deliberately recall the time before the accident, giving abundant time to recollect his bodily sensations, emotions, thoughts and impression then. Thereafter fully experience the feelings during the accident, releasing all negative energy.

Young children are especially susceptible to fearful experiences. For instance, a fall while playing or from injections when visiting doctors.

Adults should first stay calm, stabilize emotions before attending to the child. First, keep the body warm, quiet just as in adults. Then ask in a light tone if the child feels any discomfort or how the discomfort is felt (pain, tired or numb). Should the child exhibit loud cries or shiver this is directly releasing the stress of frightful trauma. Do not restrain the child when he exhibits fright, cries loudly, or shiver. Otherwise stress from the frightful trauma may surface again after 20 years later.

After the accident, use a play to re-enact the conditions during the accident, to test if the emotional or bodily stress have been fully released. If the child avoids the issue or cries, it signals that the stress is not fully discharged and requires patience in helping the child release the stress over numerous occasions.

After a child undergoes a frightful experience, especially after receiving anesthesia, and if he persistently behaves differently, it signals that the stress is not released.

Other symptoms are:

  1. Persistently directing others
  2. Reverting to earlier behavior, e.g., Thumb-sucking
  3. Tantrums, uncontrollable rage attacks
  4. Hyperactivity
  5. Easily frightened
  6. Nightmares, thrashing while asleep
  7. Unable to concentrate in school, forgetful
  8. Over belligerence or shyness, or fearful
  9. Overly clingy to parents
  10. Stomachache, headache or unexplainable ailments

To release the stress in adults, the patient has to focus his attention on his body sensations, or use showers with vibrational effects, or bath with cold water on various parts of the body, concentrating attention on the body parts in contact with water.

When emotions or memories arise, ignore them, concentrating only on the body sensations. The preparation step of Wai Dan Gong (a form of Qigong), a trembling movement of the whole body, helps one to release the energy stored from trauma.

Human being has the ability to self-heal. By allowing one to react naturally, one can recover from trauma.




Harmonizing Energy for a Healthy Body

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Maintaining good health not only means taking care of our physical body, more importantly, it requires taking care of the invisible energy of the body, because the body’s nutrients and maintenance depends on the energy of the body. The energy of the body is affected by emotions, the mind and environmental factors.

The nourishment of energy (Chi) from natural forests and seaside are very important. That is also why in cities, man’s body and emotions are damaged by pollution. Professor Valerie Hunt, a scientist researching on the body’s energy discovered that muscle strength reflected the influence of energy of the body. In our environment full of man-made substances, such as wearing clothes made of man-made fiber, using carpet with man-made fiber, the physical body’s energy is reduced by 1/3-1/2 its original energy; a change to natural environment such as wearing cotton material, using bare flooring, some of the energy lost by the body is recovered, but not immediately to its original level of energy.

The interaction between people also affects energy. For people whose energy do not match to interact with each other, both their energy would be reduced by each other, and the body would easily feel tired and unwell, or fall ill. For people whose energy interact well with each other, both their energy would be raised by each other. Unhappy interpersonal relations would affect the body.

Regulating the energy, the emotions and the mind are directly related to one another, being the crux of maintaining good health. Irregular heartbeat is a reflection of irregular flow of energy in the body. External environment pollution may also cause irregular flow of energy. Weed killer contains glyphosate, which may cause irregular heartbeat as one of its side effects. In the air, electromagnetic radiation caused by television, wireless station/satellites, handphone transmission stations, radar all affect energy. The radiation caused by man in the atmosphere is 1 million to 2 million times of that caused by the radiation from the sun. The effects of these disturbances on our bodies come in many ways. More scientists’ research has been conducted showing that the body’s resistance, internal glandular secretion and mental system are being disrupted.


Professor Valerie Hunt has shared a method of harmonizing energy, using the process of breathing and visualization to open up the main switch to the body’s energy – the chakras, to remove the disturbances to the body.



When breathing in, visualize the breath coming in from the left foot, across the back of the waist, moving down the right leg, breath out from the right foot. Repeat 10 times.


When breathing in, visualize the breath coming in from the bottom of both feet all the way to the heart. Then exhale, moving back down the path from which it came, exiting from the bottom of both feet. Repeat 10 times.

  1. THE KNEE:

When breathing in, visualize the breath coming in from the knees all the way to the heart, breath out from the knees. Repeat 10 times.


(Point between the anus and urinary tract)

When breathing in, visualize the breath coming in from the Root Chakra all the way to the heart, out breath exiting from the Root Chakra. Repeat 10 times.



When breathing in, visualize the breath coming in from the sacral chakra (lower abdomen) all the way to the heart. The out breath moving down from the heart, exiting from sacral chakra. Repeat 10 times.


When breathing in, visualize the breath coming in from the solar plexus chakra (stomach) all the way to the heart, the out breath exiting from solar plexus chakra. Repeat 10 times.


(Center of the chest in line with the armpit)

When breathing in, visualize the breath coming in from the heart, the out breath exiting from the heart. Repeat 10 times.



(Depression between the collar bone)

When breathing in, visualize the breathe coming in from the Throat Chakra all the way to the heart, the out breath exiting from Throat Chakra. Repeat 10 times.



When breathing in, visualize the breath coming in from the Brow Chakra all the way to the heart, exiting from the Brow Chakra on exhalation. Repeat 10 times.


When breathing in, visualize the breath coming in from the Crown Chakra all the way to the heart, exiting from the Crown Chakra on exhalation. Repeat 10 times.

  1. When breathing in, visualize the breath coming in from the bottom of the feet and up to the crown chakra. Energy flow in from all the chakras along the path. Breath out from the crown chakra. Repeat 3 times.
  2. When breathing in, visualize the breath coming in from the bottom of the feet and from the top of the head, all the way to the heart, breath out exiting from both ends (the bottom of the feet and the top of the head). Repeat 3 times.

In areas where the body needs healing, visualize energy entering the body from the opposite direction, such as the energy flowing up and down the body, left to right, forward and backward.


With the above harmonizing of the body, the energy would flow through the entire body, nourishing our health.



Energy Measurement

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Energy level measurement makes use of the electromagnetic field’s vibration to determine to what extend another person, an object, an event or the environment affects us. (It can help us select suitable food, plants or soil as well as to find out the energy level of the human body.) Because it makes use of the electromagnetic field’s vibration, its accuracy depends greatly on the person who carries out the measurement. This person being the conductor of the process needs to be at a good energy level, to be relaxed both physically and mentally, and to be void of excessive disturbances. The measurement can be done by determining the strength of one’s finger or arm, or by observing the direction and number of rotations of a metal chain held in the hand.

A lightweight, fine metal chain is a suitable choice for a beginner; the higher the electrical conductivity of the metal chain the better but any metal will do. Attach a small weight, such as a crystal ball to one end of the chain, but you may also do without the weight. Place the object of interest on a table. Let the chain dangle from the index finger on your right (or left if you are left-handed) hand and rest your thumbs on it lightly. Keep calm and allow the chain to move freely. There are three possible movements: clockwise rotations, anti-clockwise rotations, back and forth oscillation or none at all.

Clockwise rotation indicates compatibility or a positive answer. If the energy measurement is that of a food or a surrounding, count the number of rotations until it finally stops. The greater the rotation and the higher the number, the more favorable the answer. Anti-clockwise rotation signals incompatibility or a negative answer. Similarly, higher counts of the number of turns indicate a stronger negative answer. Back-and-forth movement means neutral; neither good nor bad. If there is no movement, then the object being scrutinized may have neither good nor bad energies; or the investigator is not relaxed, or has a weak aura, etc. A point to note is that the investigator needs to have a clear and calm mind and be consciously and subconsciously non-judgmental.

In the early stages, the beginner can use familiar objects to make comparisons; for instance, fruit and sugar, tap water and filtered water, etc. Experienced investigators may acquire a very high degree of accuracy in their energy measurements. In Western countries, experienced investigators help to locate sources of water and petrol, lost objects and persons, and the damaged part of a machine. I know of a lady who can successfully identify sickness in the body; including those of cats’ and dogs’; and even determine the treatment. Her precision in energy measurement is so high that she has a waiting list of clients that stretch for 3 months.

There is wide application for energy measurement. When buying vegetables, we determine which vegetables come from fertile soil and which from chemically fertilized soil. Even with vegetables that are labelled “organic”, we can have several grades too. Some “organic” produce comes from virgin soil (soil that has never used chemicals before) and some from soil that has recently stopped using chemical fertilizers. Many chemical fertilizers have yet to be completely disintegrated even after a lapse of 20 years; DDT is one example.

The thought of the farmer can also affect his produce. I recall an incident in a farmer’s market in Northern California; my father unintentionally discovered that an old lady was selling fruits with very high energy levels although they looked ordinary. On investigating, he discovered that her family orchard had a history of more than a hundred years and has never used chemical fertilizers. Now in her twilight years, the old lady did not have the capability to take care of the orchard and she allowed it to grow as it pleased. She was full of love and was always exchanging a few good words with passers-by. From then on, we always bought fruits and walnuts from her; unfortunately, many people overlooked her less handsome looking produce to patronize her neighbor who sold fruits and vegetables produced from their chemically fertilized orchard.

In general, farm produce with residual chemicals has energy that goes anti-clockwise. Food with chemical additives, processed food, refined salt, white sugar, seasonings, etc., are also in this category. On another occasion, we felt ‘bloated’ after eating a meal of organic brown rice. On investigation, we discovered that the energy moved anti-clockwise. Owing to the increased demand in organic food, some lower quality products were passed off as the genuine stuff. If the buyer can measure the energy level when buying, he would not have been cheated.

Energy measurement can also be used to determine situations that requires a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. A clockwise movement means ‘yes’ and an anti-clockwise movement means ‘no’. If a decision needs to be made from a number of choices, each choice can be written in a piece of paper and its energy measured with the chain dangling over it. The number of clockwise rotations is noted for each, and the best choice being the one that has the highest number of clockwise turns; those that have anti-clockwise movement are not suitable choices. Other than measuring the energy levels of food and herbs, we also can measure its suitability for our personal consumption. First hold the food in the hand, with the back of the hand facing up. With the other hand, dangle the chain over the back of the hand; a clockwise movement indicates suitability and an anti-clockwise says unsuitable.

The proverb “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” clearly advises that an object may be beneficial to some but not all people due to individual circumstances such as, body condition, living environment and health condition. On one occasion, I was demonstrating how to measure the energy level of some local fruits in East Malaysia. The fruits’ energy levels were high but not suitable for my consumption. When the local people did the measurement, the energy level was high and good for them. We did the same test on some almonds that I’d brought with me. I could demonstrate that they had high energy but there wasn’t much reaction when the local people held almond in their hands. This experience reconfirms the need to eat locally produced food. It also explains why it takes some time for us to acclimatize to new environment, the food available in the new environment do not suit our body condition well.

In the beginning of practicing the art of measuring energy levels, there may be several problems. First, the chain may not move; possibly because you are not sufficiently relaxed, or the biological electromagnetic field is weak. The remedy to re-charge one’s energy is to face West, raise both hands to shoulder level with the left hand pointing in the direction of South and the right hand in the direction of North. Hold the posture for 3 minutes, then cross the arm and lightly rub the shoulders few times.

The second difficulty is disturbances. For instance, the electrical lamp, closure of the crown chakra, environmental pollution or the mind not being able to stay calm. The activity in the mind can affect the aura, and consequently having an influence over the physical body as well as the hand holding the chain. A few minutes of deep breathing can help to calm the mind and to be detached from the answer that you are seeking. If you suspect that there is any interference, you may test on objects or events with known answers to justify if the opposite answer is obtained. To overcome the crown chakra problem, visualize a sun over your head, think of the perfect energy of the universe, and silently say a few prayers in your own religion.

The third difficulty is the way of phrasing the question. If there is limitation in the question itself, the answer will not be accurate, especially so if it a negative question.

However, all these difficulties will disappear after some practice.

What are True Tonics?

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

What are the Real Nourishing Foods?

Food as medicine has been part of Chinese life from the earliest times. Furthermore, there is a very sophisticated system of knowledge regarding food for healing. However, traditional concepts of nourishment always include chicken or meat, sea foods or parts from exotic wildlife. One can see this from the recipes of foods served in the imperial palace. The Chinese perception of “nourishing foods” has caused many of the wildlife to become extinct or near extinction. Pity the bear without its paw, the snake without its gall bladder, the tiger without its bone, and the monkey without its brain. They have all ended up in people’s stomach.

Did these “nourishing foods” help people live long and stay healthy?

If exotic wildlife and seafoods are really nourishing foods, then emperors of China would have lived long. In fact, few did. Peasants eating simple vegetables and rice, meditators and Taoist practitioners living in the mountains were healthier and lived longer than the emperors living in the palace. Now we have statistics to show what are the real nourishing foods and what are the foods that nourish heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes.

The greatest obstacle to health is “habit”. The way we think, feel or live can be the cause of our sickness. Yet, these habits are also the most difficult to change. Food, in particular is our emotional comfort. What we ate as children become what we like as adult. It becomes part of us. Most people will not change their eating habits unless faced with some serious illnesses.

I have changed my eating habits for thirty years and introducing healthy ways of eating for nearly thirty years. In the beginning almost no one took interest in this “new” eating concept, because it is too different from habits. Slowly when cancer, heart diseases and chronic diseases become more prevalent, some start to try these new concepts of nourishment. May be the results were good, more and more people were willing to change their habits. Often in a family the changes began with one person then the rest of the family followed. Now almost everyone has had contact with this new concept of nourishing food. As far as when to change, each has his or her time.


What is the “new” nourishing food concept? Simply to eat our natural food – grains, vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes and sea vegetables. If foods natural to human included chicken, pork, beef, lamb, fish wildlife, then when we see living animals, we would salivate like tigers and lions. Have you ever seen a three- or five-year-old grabbing a live chicken or fish to eat?

Every child living in the semi-tropics remembers salivating after the yellow ripe mangoes and red ripe lychees on the trees. Those living in Southeast Asia salivated after durians.

Many medical studies found plant foods to be most suitable to humans. If people with heart diseases, cancer, and other chronic illnesses are willing to change to natural eating habits, often they will regain their health.

People who are used to eating meat, fish, eggs and milk products when first encountering this new food idea are afraid without animal products they will be malnourished. They are especially worried about lack of protein, calcium, iron and vitamin B12, etc. Let us look at the actual medical findings and not “imagined” nutritional ideas. Heart diseases and cancer are the major causes of death. Fifty percent of the men die of heart diseases. Only 4% of vegetarian male die of heart diseases. If they eat eggs or milk, then the death rate increases to 15%.


Cancer has become epidemic. At least four out of ten Americans will get cancer in their lifetime. Compared to meat eaters, vegetarians have lower rates of cancer. The breast cancer rate for women who eat meat daily is 3.8 times that of those who eat less than once a week.

A seven-year study in China involving 65 countries discovered that countries consuming the least amount of meat and the most vegetables have the best health. The incidences of some common chronic illnesses are directly proportional to the amount of meat consumed.

Plant sources of protein are more than adequate to meet our needs, if the diet is balanced. If there is enough calorie there is enough protein. In mother’s milk, 5% of calories comes from proteins. The World Health Organization recommends protein need to be only 4.5% of total calories. The percent of protein among total calories for some vegetables are as follows: spinach 49%, celery 11%, legumes 23-43%, grains 8-20%, fruits 5-16%, and seeds 12-18%.

We need to worry about getting too much protein, and not too little. Excess protein causes loss of calcium. Americans consume more calcium than Africans, yet they have more osteoporosis because of excess intake of protein. B complexes, especially B12 are produced by the beneficial bacteria in our digestive system. Any fermented foods such as miso, sauerkrauts, pickles contain B12. The dark leafy green are good sources of iron and calcium. Sea vegetables such as kombu, hijiki, nori and dulse are also good sources of minerals. For further information, one can read “The Pursuit of Life” by myself and “Diet for a New America” by John Robbins.

Total Health From The Perspective of Life Experiences

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Our living environment is heavily polluted, including the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, our homes, and our transportation. Even the basic survival needs, such as food produced from clean, fertile soil, clean water and air, and sufficient oxygen are difficult to obtain. Our health is threatened from the time we are in the womb.

To maintain health, we need to learn how to handle these hazards and the pollution of the emotions and mind brought about by these factors. The hazards include millions of synthetic chemicals, televisions, computers, microwave ovens and cell phones, electrical appliances, radio-active wastes, super-viruses (from genetic-engineering of plants), and super-bacteria (from long-term usage of antibiotics in animal husbandry and medicine). As individuals we can make an effort to reduce the production of these pollutants. As manufacturers and producers, we need to step outside of our specialities and work together for the health of all of us.

For example, the agriculture industry could produce food free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and genetically engineered crops. The food industry could produce food without chemical additives, food colourings, artificial flavourings, and preservatives. All industries could practice “green” manufacturing, working toward zero pollution. Consumers could use buying as an incentive to encourage “green” businesses.

Every aspect of our lives and especially our emotions, thought patterns, and the development of our will, directly impact our health. Health is the totality of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

At a time when the physical environment is polluted, it is even more important to clean up the emotions and the mind.

Many of the world’s medical traditions have contributed to the understanding of the total health of the body, mind and spirit. Examples are the ancient Chinese medical understanding of the seven emotions, acupuncture meridians, consciousness, soul, and essence, the ancient sciences of Veda, Yoga and Buddhism of India. Modern science, psychology and medicine including psychobiology, psychoneuroimmunology, bioenergy fields, quantum biology, and anthroposophy are also finding the connection of mind and body.

Individual doctors and scientists have made discoveries similar to those of the ancient medical systems. Dr. R.G. Hamer of Germany, in observing over ten thousand cases of cancer patients, found that cancer, heart diseases, and many other illnesses are triggered by emotional factors. Often a combination of shock, or conflict and not being able to talk about it will produce lesions in the brain within a few months. Dr. Valerie Hunt in nearly thirty years of laboratory research has found that human energy fields are related to thoughts and emotions. Psychics are able to observe changes in the colour of the field or aura.

Since these understandings are from different cultural traditions and different times, the terminologies are different, but the essence is the same. For example, chi in Chinese medicine, prana in Indian culture, bioenergy fields in Western science, etheric body in anthroposophy. These all share the common characteristics of nourishing the physical body.

The “consciousness” in Chinese medicine, the eighth sense, subtle minds in Buddhism, the astral body, ego body in anthroposophy, and what psychics describe as “aura” are also similar. The spiritual components although are not of the physical world, they are described as the creative forces for the physical world. Therefore, spiritual energy can change the physical. In the case of human beings, emotions and thoughts can affect the etheric and physical body.

During the past hundred years, anthroposophy as developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner has become one of the most complete systems for describing the interconnection between body, mind and spirit, sharing many of the same ideas as that of ancient medical systems. Dr. Steiner was an Austrian-born material and spiritual scientist, educator, agriculturist, and doctor. Through his own investigations, he described the human as being made of four bodies:

  1. PHYSICAL BODY – mineral, earth element (hope)
  2. ETHERIC BODY – water, water element (love)
  3. ASTRAL BODY – air, air element (faith)
  4. EGO BODY – warmth, fire (consciousness)

Our attention is usually placed on the well-being and health of the physical body, but in terms of energy-interactions, it is the last link. The ego body affects the astral body, in turn the etheric body and finally the physical body. Illnesses can originate from injury of any of the bodies, such as injury to the physical body, emotional hurt, injury of the life force of the etheric body by electromagnetic fields and the injury of the ego body by drugs, mistaken concepts, and any activities or thoughts that harm others. Sometimes diseases come from problems of connection between the bodies such as between the physical and etheric bodies. Under the influence of anaesthesia, the physical body separates from the etheric. After a medical or dental procedure, if the two bodies are not brought together in alignment, one can suffer from local pain, back pain, or the part of the body on which the surgery was performed may feel numb and have below normal functionality.

By generating regrets to past wrong doings and cultivating loving kindness, one can repair damages to the ego body, which in turn increase its energy level. In the Buddhist tradition, purification practices such as Confession to the Thirty-five Buddhas, Vajrasattva practice, and keeping of pure vows are found to increase one’s energy. The energy increase can be measured by bioenergy field strength, or muscle strength. Cultivation of loving kindness such as saving lives, circumambulating holy objects, reciting the Amitabha name and the mantras of Compassion Buddha (OM MANI PADME HUM, for example) increase the energy as well. There are Christian methods of confessing wrong doings and generating love and compassion. All these practices increase the energy of the ego body.

The health of the astral body (emotional body) depends on the free expression of the seven emotions and clearing of repressed negative emotions. Creative artistic activities such as music, painting, and dancing all have a positive effect on the astral body. Cultivation of lovingness and positive attitude in general produce a beneficial effect on health. The astral body is most connected with the eyes. The use of eye movements in psychology to release traumas seems to validate this view from anthroposophy. Trauma is usually stored in the right brain stem. Therefore, it cannot be accessed through talking, which is a left-brain activity, but can be released through movement of the eyes, observing body sensations, and specific techniques of deep breathing.

The astral body affects the etheric body. The etheric body nourishes the physical body. Chi Gong, acupuncture, herbs, walking in nature, and exercises all restore the balance of the etheric body. The etheric body has fluidity like water. Plants also have fluidity. Foods derived from plants are believed to nourish the etheric body. In the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses, a plant-based diet has proven to be very beneficial.

The essence of the etheric body is love. If a person did not receive love during the time in the womb and early childhood, the etheric body will be weak. When one has no love of life itself, the etheric body will shrivel, and death will follow. Dr. Dean Ornish in Love & Survival reported many medical studies showing the importance of love in health. One study involved following over one hundred Harvard college graduates for 35 years.

Those who responded to questionnaires indicating that they were not close to their parents all suffered from serious illnesses by middle age. Those who indicated closeness to their parents had less than half of the incidence of chronic illnesses in their forties.

Another source of information comes from following unwanted births. In studies involving three areas (Sweden, northern Finland and Prague), ranging in time from 16 to 25 years, children of mothers who were denied abortions were observed. These children’s physical, emotional and mental health were less than normal. Their risks of premature birth, birth defects, and infant death were higher than average. In school, these children more often had learning difficulties, and social and behavioural problems. As young adults they were more likely to be involved in crime.

The emerging fields of prenatal and perinatal psychology and traumatic stress are finding that those who suffer from childhood traumas, especially neglect and constant criticism have six to twelve times the risks of substance abuse, suicide, smoking, obesity, cancer, chronic lung problems, hepatitis, liver problems, bone fractures and diabetes. The etheric body stores the memory of life experiences, including early childhood.

To strengthen the etheric body, besides cultivating loving attitude, and being in a loving environment, a rhythmic lifestyle helps. The etheric body is part of nature and is strengthened by being in harmony with the natural rhythm. Ancient Chinese medical science advises living in accordance to the season in waking and sleeping patterns.

The nourishment of the physical body depends on the etheric body. The food that we eat must be transformed before it can be used. The roots of the plants nourish the head, the leafy greens the chest, and the fruits and flowers the lower body and limbs. Carrots, for example, improve brain function; greens are good for the lungs and heart; Lycium berries and Chinese chrysanthemum flowers are good for the liver.

The astral and ego bodies belong to the spiritual world. At the time of death, they will separate from the etheric and physical bodies. They store the accumulated energies of many lives. Our innate abilities come from the astral and ego bodies. The memories of past lives are also stored in these two bodies. Some illnesses come from memories of past traumas. For example, a person with lung cancer remembers through regression an experience of being killed by an arrow. The location of the pain from the arrow wound is the exact spot of the current cancer.

Dr Ian Stevenson has documented thousands of cases of children from around the world who remember their previous lives. He observed that death experiences often influence the health of the new-born. They may suffer from the same illness from which they died or have a scar from a gunshot wound that killed them.

Dr Brian Weiss helped many people overcome unusual symptoms that could be traced to traumatic death experiences. Once they relived the trauma and released the emotions, they were free of the symptoms.

Waking up in the morning is like being born; the astral and ego bodies incarnate into the physical and etheric bodies. Going to sleep is like dying; the astral and ego bodies separate from the physical and etheric bodies. During sleep, the etheric body is left alone to repair the physical body without interference from emotions and thinking. Unfortunately, in modern times, there are many interference to good sleep. Many people are chronically sleep-deprived. This is an important factor. Often overlooked, which contributes to disease.

In summary, the totality of our experiences shapes our body, mind and spirit. Some of the factors that interfere with health are listed below in the form of questions. The more “yes” responses to questions, the more likely it is that one will become ill. These are offered as suggestions for prevention and healing of disease.



  1. Mother and/or father smoked and drank alcohol before and during pregnancy?
  2. Pregnancy was unwanted by either or both parents?
  3. Mother was ill, stressed, depressed or felt emotionally alone during the pregnancy?
  4. Born by Caesarean birth?
  5. Given cow’s milk or formula as an infant?
  6. Was neglected or constantly criticized during the early years?
  7. Bad reaction to any of the vaccinations?
  8. Solid foods introduced before 7 months of age?
  9. Flesh foods given before three years of age?
  10. Watch more than 30 minutes of T.V. daily before 14?
  11. Work with computers for more than 30 minutes daily before 14?
  12. Given antibiotics on a regular basis for any period?
  13. Smoked or drank alcohol?
  14. Exposure to regular indoor or outdoor spraying of chemicals: terminate treatment, pesticides, air-freshens, cleaning agents, herbicides, D.D.T., etc?
  15. Eat mostly meat of any kind, seafood, refined foods and chemically grown fruits and vegetables?
  16. Live erratically, i.e., wake-up and sleep at different times and eat meals at different times?
  17. Received anaesthetics for surgery or dental work?
  18. Experience frequent or long periods of stress:
  • Disharmony between parents or family members?
  • Loss of loved ones?
  • Moving frequently
  • Change jobs or schools frequently
  • Not feeling loved or have someone to love?
  • Forced to do what one dislikes?

Suggestions For Living In Total Health

Avoid polluted environments. In all aspects of living, conserve and recycle. Eat a natural vegetarian diet of food from organic and natural farming. Exercise daily in a natural setting. Drink clean water. Take in foods that are rich in friendly bacteria such as sauerkraut, miso and rejuvelac. Keep a rhythmic schedule at work and rest. Surround oneself with loving relations and do meaningful work.

Use saltwater baths, colour visualizations, breathing techniques, artistic painting, moving of the eyes to clear traumatic memories and negative emotions.

Also, through gentle tapping of the entire body, one can help to clear traumatic experiences stored in the right brain stem.

Avoid harming living beings through thought, speech or action. Be loving towards the world. Apply different methods of confession to clear past negatives. When faced with new information, refrain from making arbitrary judgement. Maintain an open-mind and continuously increase one’s wisdom, love and creativity towards attaining perfection.

To Prevent Major Illness Begin By Taking Care of Minor Conditions

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Frequently, people who discover that they suffer from a major illness (e.g., cancer, heart problem) feel that the onslaught of the illness is sudden. They do not realize that the occurrence of the illness is the result of  long-term disharmony of the body and mind, and neglect of minor ailments. Major ailments arise from incorrect treatment of minor ailments that subsequently develop into serious complications.

Let us now discuss things to note in handling minor ailments.

Headaches, dizziness, drowsiness: The head is connected to the entire body’s blood circulation. The functions of the large intestines and the liver are linked to the head section. Discomfort of the head may come about because of improper discharge of waste matter by the large intestines; pollution of the air, water or food; or electromagnetic interference. Ways to alleviate head ailments include: reducing food intake; having more light meals (i.e., less salty, oily, sweet); engaging in physical and deep breathing exercises regularly in a place with fresh air and installing an air purifier in the home.

Ringing in the ear (tinnitus): This ailment is related to weakening of the kidneys. To alleviate this ear condition, the first thing to do is to improve the blood circulation around the kidney region. First, boil some ginger strips in water for about 10 minutes. Then dip a towel into the hot ginger water and apply to the waist region. When the towel is cold, reapply the hot ginger water. Do this for 30 minutes each time everyday till the condition has improved.

Infection of the middle ear: Ear infections among children are related to improper diet and pollution of the environment. Reduce all disturbances to the nervous system, such as exposure to television, noise, sugar, biscuits, and animal products. Another way is to use a cloth to wrap onion slices onto and behind the ear for six hours.

Sinus: To treat this condition, wash the nostrils with salt water to effectively remove chemical pollutants and bacteria. Use 1/4 teaspoon sea salt to 1 cup of warm water. Use a nostril-cleaning appliance or bulb to flush the salt water in from one nostril and out through the other nostril (tilt the head to one side). You may also add a little friendly bacteria powder into the salt water. Irrigating the nose can have unexpectedly positive effects on blockage of the ears.

Cough: Coughs are related to indigestion in the intestines arising from taking oily food, or from destruction of friendly bacteria by pesticides or preservatives. Taking antibiotics exacerbates the problem and weakens the immune system. People with chronic coughs for over nine months have had their coughs cured within a week of taking friendly bacteria. Their coughs have not recurred for over a year.

Sore throats: Improper diets, over-exertions and lack of sleep are causes of sore throats. To relieve sore throats, the following are helpful: rest, reduce food intake, gargle with diluted apple cider vinegar, or rinse with cold-pressed sunflower seed oil or olive oil by holding for 15 minutes then spit out.

Asthma or bronchitis: Smoking, drinking cow’s milk, eating processed food, and breathing polluted air can cause problems with the respiratory system. To fully solve the problem, take whole grain meals and organic fruits and vegetables. The leaves and roots of the comfrey plant are also effective. Cypress essence oil also helps. The oil derived from Euclyptus essence and tea tree oil has anti-bacterial functions, and soothes the bronchial tube. Add a few drops of these oils in a basin of hot water and then inhale its vapors.

Pneumonia: This infection arises from a weak immune system and excess phlegm. To treat this ailment, it is necessary to take care of the entire body and have take friendly-bacteria supplements. Besides these, the following ’emergency’ approach, recommended by Dr. Christopher, can be used. First, grind some garlic into paste, and then add Vaseline, coconut oil or castor oil. Add some edible oil onto the sole of the foot, followed by the garlic and Vaseline paste.  Then put on a pair of socks overnight.

Gastric pain, stomach gas, stomach ulcer: Minor ailments of the stomach should not be ignored because they are the cause of many major ailments. Here are the sources of some of these stomach ailments:

1. Negative emotions influence the digestive system. In particular, the atmosphere during the intake of food is important. Peaceful, happy, and mindful ingestion of food is most ideal. Avoid eating while talking about work, business, complaining, or criticizing others. Also avoid eating in a noisy environment, while reading, or gulping down the food in a standing position. All these will adversely affect the digestive system.

2. If the food contains chemicals or preservatives, the friendly bacteria in our stomach can be killed. Pollution of the air can also lead to stomach problems. The effective solution to these threats is to eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and seeds, as well as to have friendly bacteria supplements. For example, the Bulgaricum bacteria can prevent stomach bloating, which arises from undigested food fermenting in the stomach.

3. Improper food combination can be a problem, even if the food is clean and wholesome. Examples of improper food combination include simultaneously taking the following foods at the same meal: acidic fruits with grains; watermelons, sweet melons with other food; high protein food with starchy food; rice products with wheat products. For details, please refer to “Regaining the joy of the body”.

Menstrual pains: Menstrual cycles are related to the functions of the liver and the endocrine system. Nowadays, chemical pollutants are rampant, and many mimic the functions of female hormones. In addition, contamination of the ovaries leads to the inability to discharge eggs, and a decrease in the progesterone level. In turn, this may lead to headaches, water accumulation, and depression before menstruation. Another contributory factor is a diet that is rich in calories, cholesterol, or protein. The solution to menstrual pains involves the following: avoid chemicals in our food, animal products, processed food, sweet food; have appropriate exercise; if necessary, apply plant-extracted progesterone (from soybeans or wild yam) onto the body; absorption is fastest through the skin (see the book by Dr. John Lee: “What your doctor may not tell you about menopause”, Warner Books, 1996).

Constipation: A diet lacking in fiber or friendly bacteria, inadequate consumption of water, and parasites can be causes. As a result, waste matter do not get eliminated from the large intestines, and toxins seep into the blood stream through the intestinal walls. This leads to a burden on the liver and its deterioration. To relieve this problem, take vegetables and fruits that are free of chemicals, and supplement the diet with friendly bacteria. Fresh carrots and beet roots can help remove parasites from the body.

Insomnia (or lack of deep sleep): Sleep is the most important period for the body to repair and recharge itself. Hence, insomnia is an ailment that should not be ignored. Chronic insomnia can lead to more serious problems in the future. Frequent long-distance travel and night shifts can cause severe damage to the body. The causes of insomnia are related to the body and mind. Factors related to the body include: insufficient oxygen, chemical pollution, inadequate exercise, late dinners or taking excessive food at dinner, noise, inadequate progesterone (before and during menopause), and jet lag. Mental factors include stress and negative emotions. To handle insomnia, attempt to have a more regular daily pattern and improve the living environment. Put a priority on life and living properly.

Skin disorders: Rashes, infection, swellings, warts, as well as other peculiar skin problems are on the rise. These can be due to pollution, or to increased susceptibility to attacks by virus, bacteria, microbes, and parasites when the body’s immune system is weak. Correct treatment of these problems is important. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and things that contact our body can potentially get absorbed into our body. Pollutants in the air can also enter the body through the skin. In daily products such as soap, washing powder and cosmetics, avoid having chemicals or additives. This is particularly important for products that have direct contact with the body. Our bath water should also go through a chlorine filtration apparatus so that chlorine and other chemicals do not get absorbed through our skins.

Natural skin cleansers can be made from soybean powder, oatmeal powder, natural vinegar, soda powder, or even just clean water. To nourish our skin, we can use edible oil, banana, cucumber, and yogurt, depending on whether the skin is oily or dry. Any kind of edible fruits can be applied to nourish the skin. Friendly bacteria can also be directly applied to the skin. Golden seal can be used to treat infections or skin abrasions.

Tea tree oil can be used to kill viruses, bacteria and microbes, and to improve the immune system. It can be directly applied to the infected area. A few drops of tea tree oil can be added to our bath water. Tea tree oil can be directly applied to treat moles caused by viruses.

In conclusion, do not ignore minor ailments in our daily lives. Go to the root of the problem to treat the condition. Avoid aggravating the condition, as this will lead to even bigger problems. There are many natural medicinal products that await our discovery and application.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light  Magazine 2000 Aug Issue

Translated by Singapore Lapis Lazuli Light