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Water And Cancer Prevention

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

The incidence of cancer has accelerated in the 21st century. Cases of young people contacting cancer are increasing. These are generally malignant cases, so that metastasis has set in by the time cancer is diagnosed. The body’s blueprint of health and diseases are influenced by the nine months spent in the womb, as well as environmental factors experienced later on in life. To understand why young people develop cancer, it is necessary to identify whether the fetus in the womb had contact with contaminants, whether there were nutritional deficiencies, and whether the baby consumed its mother’s milk within 12 hours of birth. A baby’s lifelong immune system, digestive ability, and enzyme formation in the stomach are dependent on the special nutrients and antibodies found in the milk that it first suckles.

A dentist, whose parents died from cancer, conducted intensive research on the causes of cancer. His research spanning thirty years showed that all the cancer patients he examined did not drink their mother’s milk within twelve hours of birth. Of course, this finding does not mean that all people who did not drink their mother’s milk would get cancer, but it does indicate that the likelihood of contacting cancer is higher. Perhaps, this may be the reason why the incidence of cancer in America is so alarmingly high-only 4% of U.S. mothers breastfeed their children.

This dentist discovered that, among other external environmental factors, lack of water among cell structures is a common feature among cancer patients. If the patient’s cells can rehydrate, he/she can easily recover. However, does it mean that drinking more water will enable the body’s cells to absorb more water? This is not necessarily the case: if the water is polluted, or if the water inside the body is acidic, the body’s cells will automatically block the absorption of such water to prevent the entry of toxins. Such toxins can come from outside the body, or they could be uric acid that the metabolic system cannot discharge from the body. Chronic lack of water can lead to aging and other diseases.

The book “Messages from Water” documents how the crystalline structure of water can change through contamination. Microwave radiation can harm the crystalline structure of water. Water inside the cells is a form of liquid crystal, and changes in its liquid crystalline structure influence the functions exhibited by genes from the cell nucleus, as well as whether cells divide and grow (or stop growing). If the crystalline structure of cells is somehow disturbed, these cells may continue to divide and grow, leading to the development of cancer. Many years ago, I conducted laboratory experiments which showed that when potassium was added to a cancer cell cultures, these cancer cells changed to normal cells. After the potassium enters the cells, the liquid crystalline structure and genetic structure of the cells change and lose their “cancer” characteristic.

The key point to preventing and curing cancer is to recover the cleanliness of water inside the body, and to nourish the body’s cells with the necessary minerals. Eating clean food, drinking clean water, and breathing clean air are important aspects. In today’s environment, it is also important to avoid sources of radiation (e.g., mobile phones, computers, televisions, and microwave ovens) that disrupts the water’s crystalline structure. This may be a coincidence, but the young people I heard who got cancer are also those who frequently use mobile phones or who live with people who do so. One day, we may treat the use of mobile phones the same way we treat cigarette smoking – second hand smoke and second hand radiation are both harmful.

We can also understand the importance of water through a person’s energy or qi. Qi belongs to the water element, and lack of water will weaken the body’s qi and lead to illnesses (including cancer).

Many years ago, Dr. Yoshitaka Ohno, a Japanese doctor, started to search for a cure to chronic diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, asthma, and diabetes. His research indicated that water is a major causal factor. To verify his theory, he searched for different sources of water. While conducting his research in Japan, he found a rare magnetic mountain with a source of naturally-magnetized water that can effectively treat chronic diseases. A renowned local doctor successfully treated many kinds of modern chronic diseases using this water. In the past, Russia, China, Japan, and the U.S.A. had reports of the healing properties of magnetized water.

Research shows that naturally-magnetized water can accelerate cellular absorption of water, supplement minerals in the body, protect cells, maintain normal blood circulation and PH levels, discharge pollutants in the cellular structure and fluids, as well as control free radical formation. People who have consumed naturally-magnetized water find an increase in bowel movement frequency and that their faeces have unusual smells. It is also possible that the more we drink this water, the thirstier we become. This is because normal water typically cannot be absorbed by the cellular membranes, and the body’s cells have been deprived of water for a long time. Discharge of mercury is also accelerated six hours after amalgam in the teeth has been removed. People with chronic diseases generally see positive effects of drinking this water within two to four weeks. Magnetized water is also helpful in protecting friendly bacteria in the body, discharging harmful bacteria and toxins from the body, and preventing infection. This water is called Nariwa, and further information can be obtained from this website www.ohno.org.

Over 70% of our body is made of water. In this polluted environment, water that can help our cells begin to absorb the water they need is indeed a treasure, regardless of whether the water comes from organic vegetables or magnetized water.

In preventing and treating cancer and modern chronic diseases, it is important to consider the effect of the environment. Water is one such important factor. Of course, to fully recover our health and happiness, it is important to be with nature as much as possible, and learn how to discharge negative emotions. Finally, it is necessary to develop and cultivate our spirituality.


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