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Water—the source of life, the source of illnesses

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Water is the source of all life on earth. It is also because of water that the earth is different from the other planets in the solar system. Seeds kept for thousands of years in the pyramids of Egypt are able to sprout when they come into contact with water.

Water in nature is purifying, rejuvenating, and nourishing. Nature has its own system for the distribution and storage of water. For example, snow is nature’s water reservoir. In the winter, it is stored in the mountains and on the ground. During spring time when plants start to grow, the snow melts and forms small streams that flow into the rivers and lakes. The water then takes up the earth where it recharges the supply of groundwater. It then reappears on the surface of the earth as underground minerals and trace elements, and absorbed by roots of plants. This water evaporates into the air, and descends as rain or snow. The forest is also a natural water reservoir that stores water from rain and snow. The water evaporated from a large tree is equivalent to water evaporated from a 40 square miles lake. Rain water that falls into the forest is absorbed by roots of trees and plants. It also permeates into the earth and replenishes the groundwater supply. Heavy rainfall gets completely absorbed into the forest’s ground and is not lost.

When humans tamper with nature’s law by deforestation and exposing the earth to the sun, cover the ground with asphalt, cement and buildings, rain water cannot seep to deep layers of the earth. The water on the earth’s surface is rapidly lost or evaporated away. This leads to torrential rain, floods, and draughts. When the groundwater level falls, the earth will become desert-like and barren. Land that has been farmed generally experiences declining groundwater levels year after year. This problem was evident earlier on during early 20th century and now more serious. There are two reasons. First, common farming methods involve weed removal, which leads to hardening of land exposed to the sun. Absorption of water also goes down because of the rise in temperature. Second, farmers use cows, horses or modern machines to till the land, and generally do so when the soil is moist in order to save effort. However, in doing so, the soil’s structure is destroyed—it becomes glossy like glass, and rain water cannot penetrate. The western prairies in the U.S. were subject to long-term farming, and while it once was a major producer of wheat, it has now become desert-like because the groundwater level has declined to a level where farmers can no longer survive on the land. The towns abandoned and young people could only seek livelihoods outside the town. Before the Caucasians arrived in the U.S., this prairie had wild horses, buffalos, small animals, and natives staying there. However, within 150 years of the arrival of the Caucasians, this place has become a desert.

Water quality can also be changed by human interference. Traditional, people drink and irrigate with spring water and fresh water. Running water continuously purifies, rejuvenates, and provides nourishment of trace elements and minerals. If the water flow is changed to flow in a straight line, trapped within a dam, or transported by a pipe, water loses its ability to rejuvenate. This type of water has low energy, easily deteriorates in quality, is conducive to bacterial growth, and has impaired ability to transport nutrients within the human body. Sand and soil sediments naturally settle to the river bed. However, when the river bed is filled and raised, floods occur. Poor quality water is less able to transport nutrients within humans and plants. As a result, these plants have no energy and humans easily develop stones, spurs, tooth decay from lack of minerals, and osteoporosis. Tap water is further subjected to a disinfection process that actually makes the water toxic to friendly bacteria within the body and in the soil.

Water is an extremely good solvent. Hence, substances released into nature by humans are dissolved in water. For instance, groundwater is polluted in districts that involve farming using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. For instance, groundwater in many farming districts in California can no longer be consumed.

In recent years, the popularity of wireless telecommunication has also damaged the molecular structure of water. Water specialists in Russian’s Academy of Science have specifically highlighted this serious problem that few people have noticed. The molecular structure in water serves to communicate information. Once this structure is damaged, water loses its rejuvenating property, and adversely influences the growth and health of animals and plants.

Seven years ago, when wireless telecommunication started being popular, I found that fruits and vegetables that I bought easily spoiled. In the past, these fruits and gourds that were grown using natural farming methods could last the entire winter. Yet, suddenly, they started to rot within a month. I also gave up sprouting and making rejuvelac because the seeds easily rotted. An oak tree that was more than 400 years old fell during a thunderstorm. Later, I realized that a water pipe happened to pass by the side of the tree. Wireless radiation caused water to transmit electricity and generate negative energy. It also caused changes to the energy on the earth’s surface, and influenced the growth of the tree.

In my travels, I found that tap water in various countries now have negative energy. This includes bottled water. In particular, in offices where there is wireless internet access, water energy is especially negative. Various low-energy living beings such as harmful bacteria and viruses thrive in such low-energy water. This is why various kinds of infections have increased so rapidly.

The heightened incidence of cancer is also related to water. In the first half of the 20th century, Austria started using pipes to transport water. Water specialist, Victor Schauberger, observed that the incidence of cancer also started to rise. Residents who lived furthest from the water pipes had the highest incidence of cancer (because more negative energy of water is transmitted). He concluded that when water develops cancer, people will also develop cancer.

How do we rejuvenate water, and enable water to recover its natural rhythm? This is very closely related to prevention of droughts, floods, and recovery of the earth’s energy, as well as the health of animals, plants, and humans. Recently, I specially paid another visit to Bob Cannard, a farmer based in North California, to seek advice on how to restore natural spring, and raise groundwater level. Bob has been farming on his farmland for over twenty years. Yet, the groundwater level did not decline but actually increased. Springs that had dried up started to well up again. There was no longer water ditches after a heavy rainfall. The reason is that all the rainwater had seeped into the ground. He used rocks and tree branches to slow down the flow of water and allow it to seep into the ground. At the same time, his soil is not exposed directly to the sun. Every inch of the soil is covered by plants. On his farm, there are plants that are grown for humans and wild plants that are retained for nature. He rarely ploughs the land, and when he occasionally loosens the soil, he avoids doing so when the soil is moist. The stream water and well water that he uses to irrigate the land is filled with liquid compost that are rich in friendly bacteria and trace elements. The irrigation water in the water tower is clean and high in energy. Plants grown on the farm reflect the high energy of this water.

Over the years, Bob has been asked to restore depleted farmlands. One of them is a farm with an area of 179 acres. It lies below several high voltage lines. This piece of land has been used for farming and grazing for over a hundred years. Through excessive grazing and treading on the land over time, the soil has hardened and become desert-like. In the first year, Bob mixed the soil with cow manure that had been delivered almost free of charge (in general, Bob does not recommend using the dung of factory-raised animals because it contains traces of chemical toxins). He then covered the land with the least expensive types of seeds such as oats, barley, wheat, and grass (used as green manure), and allowed them to complete the full cycle of blossoming and producing grains. When these had withered, he mixed them with the soil. For three years, he did this without harvesting. In between, he applied compost tea supplemented with friendly bacteria, rock powder, and crushed oyster shells. It was only three years later that he started to plant tomatoes. He had a good harvest. It is in the sixth year now, and he plans to plant some fruit trees.

Although I was at Bob’s farm for only a few hours, my fatigue from driving there seemed to vanish immediately. During my drive home, I felt very alert and fresh, and this is despite the fact that I had driven almost seven hours by myself. This is the benefit of the natural rejuvenating effect of high-energy water.

We can rejuvenate tap water or bottled water in our own home. In his book, “Messages From Water” Mr. Masaru Emoto used photos of water crystals to demonstrate how our thoughts and written words can change the structure of water. The two words “grateful” and “thanks” can cause filthy water or tap water that has no structure to become water with structure. Also, the six-syllable mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” can elevate the energy of water to high levels. In his newest book, he took pictures of water exposed to prayers and religious texts from the five major religions. For example, Buddhist sutras like the Heart Sutra and Lotus Sutra can cause water crystals to form extremely beautiful structures.

When drinking filtered water or tap water, it is necessary to clear the water’s memory of pollution. Although filtered water can remove over 90% of the pollutants in the water, vibrations of pollution still remain in the water. For instance, in the production of homeopathic medicine, the medicine is diluted in water (generally in the ratio 1:10), and then shaken before further dilution, then shake again. Through this process, medicine that have undergone more dilution have greater potency. This is hard to understand, particularly when the dilution is undertaken to the extent that it is no longer possible to detect the substance. However, its vibrations still exist. Similarly, the vibrations of pollutants still exist in the water. The north polarity of magnets can be used to clear these negative vibrations. When using filtered water or water that does not contain enough minerals, it is necessary to supplement these minerals with concentrated sea minerals and rock powder. One way of recovering the energy of water is to cause the water to move and spin from left to right, then reverse direction. If the water is then left overnight in an oval air-permeable container, the water will absorb energy from the universe. It is best to leave the water outdoors under the moon.

Ever since I started using this method of raising the energy of water, I am able to do sprouting again. I put water magnetic energizer on the water pipe, and electricity magnetic energizer on the electrical mains. I put sea minerals in the water. All the rice, wheat, beans, and seeds are first soaked in this water before they are sprouted. The energy of these seeds greatly increases. Water is added to these sprouted seeds, mixed in a blender, and left for 24 hours at room temperature. From this, various kinds of grain yoghurt can be made. The rejuvelac has a sweet taste. This yoghurt and rejuvelac is rich in vitamin B complex and ferment. From this experience, I truly understood the rejuvenating power of water.

Water is the source of life. We need to have a deep understanding of water so that water does not become a source of illnesses.

Recipes for grain yoghurts
1. Wheat sprout and buckwheat sprout yoghurt
1 cup wheat sprouts
1 cup buckwheat sprouts
1 cup rejuvelac
1 cup water
1 tablespoon flaxseed (first soak in three tablespoonful of water for at least an hour)

Use a blender to grind and mix all the ingredients, and then place in a large covered bowl. Leave it in a warm room for 12 hours. If you want it to last longer, keep in the refrigerator; however, do so only after keeping the yoghurt in a warm room for 8 hours and more. The yoghurt should be eaten within three days. You can add coconut, papaya or other fruits when eating the yoghurt.

2. Brown rice yoghurt (for cleansing the intestine); 2-person portion
1 cup brown rice sprouts
1 cup water

Use a blender to grind and mix the brown rice sprout with water. Place in a warm room for 8 hours. When eating, chew carefully till it becomes fluid before swallowing. To cleanse intestine, do not take food three hours after eating the yoghurt.

3. Millet yoghurt; 4-person portion
2 cups millet sprouts
2 cups water
Use a blender to grind and mix the millet sprouts with water, and place in a warm room for 18 hours or more. You can keep the yoghurt in the refrigerator (consume within three days). When preparing the yoghurt, you can add wild rice (one quarter to half portion). Millet can be mixed with other grains to make yoghurt.

Compost tea is made by mixing a small amount of compost, seaweed powder, molasses, and rock powder together in a large bucket of water, and pumping in air. Brew the compost tea in a highly aerated environment for 24 hours to nourish many oxygenated friendly bacteria. Spray the compost tea onto the soil or leaves directly through the irrigation system or using a bucket.