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Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Q1: Why do you teach so many methods?

A: Different people have different needs which is why I taught so many methods. The most important aspect of my work is training. Many of you are capable. You do not need to learn all these methods if it is just for yourself. But you need many techniques to be able to help others.

Just like color therapy, different people need different colors, that is why there are so many methods. You do not need to use every method as you do not possibly have that much time. Choose only those that you need and learn the others when you have time. If you find it useful and beneficial after trying them, share with others. I also wish to keep all this information for future generations.

All these years, I have gathered the essence of special, useful information from all over the world. That is why in all these years, I have taught so many different methods. This is your treasure box. All these could help more people. The Buddha said that there are 84,000 ways. 84,000 represent a lot, because the needs of everyone are different. The more we learn, the more people we can help.


Q2: Why do we have to supplement with Pure Aussie?

A: This is because lots of lands already lack these trace minerals. Using Pure Aussie on agricultural land is very good. If you have a vegetable garden, water the vegetables with diluted Pure Aussie. As this is a problem with energy, I consulted Bob Cannard (author of New Century Farming) who said that a good farm does not mean that there are a lot more nutrients in the soil than others. The difference is whether they are present or not. If a nutrient is present, it can resonate with similar frequency of the universe through resonance. If a certain nutrient is missing, it cannot resonate with such frequency.

When I first started using Pure Aussie, my friend’s husband was suffering from pain in his spine for 1½ years. He was unable to travel long distances. His wife had to do a lot of work in the house like taking out the garbage. I recommended Pure Aussie to her husband. After 2 weeks, his wife said: “Unbelievable; my husband took out the garbage and began planting vegetables.” The wife was very happy and sends photos of the vegetable garden to me. Later they were able to travel long distances.

In our daily living, add a little Pure Aussie in soaking water for sprouting. I use the water from sprouting to water plants which resulted in the flowers doubling in size. Pure Aussie can also be used to soak rice and to germinate beans so that they can also absorb the trace minerals.

The original Chinese article is published in the Nov 2012 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20121107.html

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Q3: I am unable to resolve some troubling gynaecological problems. I see that readers who have written to ask you for advice have all received very good suggestions, so I got up my courage to write to you. Hopefully I can get some responses from you.

 More than two years ago, due to an overly big uterine fibroid in my womb, my doctor recommended a hysterectomy to prevent menorrhagia. My hemoglobin count was very low but I refused to take iron supplements, and since I am a vegetarian the regeneration of lost blood takes a while. So during menstruation, my neck and shoulder feel abnormally tired and sore. Until now my neck still looks dark and dim.

 I was able to keep my ovaries but for many years I have been troubled with worsening vaginal discharges. My gynecologist told me that my vaginal wall has become thinner (vaginal atrophy), and my nearly 50-year-old skin appears to be aged. He suggested that I take Chinese yam.

 I asked him about a friend’s recommendation on taking two tablets of soy isoflavones which contain antrodia camphorate [antrodia camphorata is a unique mushroom of Taiwan, which has been used as a traditional medicine for protection of diverse health-related conditions] daily. Not long after taking this product, my breast started to throb like during puberty. Does this mean that the estrogen in the food is not suitable for me? The gynecologist replied that it could be that my body’s receptor is just like that.

On the outside of my left chest, there is a blister or a fibroid tumour. Could you please tell me the kind of natural food that can change the pH balance of vagina to keep it dry, to slow down ageing and also to eliminate the discomfort of the neck and shoulder? I sincerely thank you and may God bless your far-sighted vision and your great works in serving others.

A: The question you asked involves the modern living environment and modern farming. The increased secretion is just a symptom; the deeper level is what causes the tumours. Hysterectomy is only removing the visible part. Yet it is the invisible part which is important. Firstly, chemical pollution of the environment, wireless radiowaves and electromagnetic pollutions would cause the body to be acidic and more on the “cold” side. In this environment, the tumour grows easily, including infections. Secretion is a kind of mucus and this environment promotes the generation of mucus. Try your best to avoid contamination. Many ways of avoidance have been introduced; for example use less mobile phone and wireless internet and use various types of protection against EMF protections. Earthing is very important in treating the problem. Someone has tried wrapping her lower abdomen with an earthing cloth and her period pain stopped immediately. Generally it is convenient to step on the grass several times a week, each time for 30 minutes or more. You can also try the Flower of Life pattern and the Crystal Grid as introduced in Lapis News, September 2012 and available online here.

In your diet, look for food produced from natural farming from soil that has been supplemented with natural minerals such as rock flour. Wild plants and seaweed can make up for the imbalance of land. Chemical fertilizer has been used on the soil for many years in Taiwan. During the Japanese rule, chemical fertilizer was already used on sugar cane fields. Plants generally need more than 40 kinds of elements but chemical fertilizer can only supplement a maximum of 12 kinds, although frequently only 6 types are supplemented.

Chemical fertilizer is just like an IV drip administered to human. I.V. drip can only temporarily save life; it is not for long-term health maintenance. However for many years we have been administering these drops to crops. No wonder there are so many pests and diseases. Agriculture is moving more and more to the extreme, not only that it does not turn back, it has come to a point of no return. The U.S. incidence of cancer has doubled every 30 years. A century ago only 2 to 3 persons in a hundred suffered from cancer but today it is 1 in 2 (50%). If this trend continues, soon everyone in the next generation will get cancer. Genetically modified (GM) food accounts for 70% of all foods in the market. Mass produced crops such as corn, soybean, and 90 percent of the beetroot used to manufacture sugar are genetically modified. Many allergies, inexplicable pain, diarrhea, skin swelling and itching, breathing difficulties, etc., may be related to eating food consisting of genetically modified ingredients. Immune function problems arising due to long-term consumption of such food is unpredictable.

In the fifties, Andre Voisin, a French farmer and biochemist published his observations and research: elements and minerals in the soil directly affect plant’s health and the content of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, as well as indirectly affect the health of animal and human.

Up until now, his book, “Soil, Grass and Cancer”, published in England in 1959, is still referenced by interested parties.

The book mentioned a previous experiment conducted on minerals and Vitamin A. Tomatoes and carrots dressed with cow manure plus a complete mineral fertiliser has 58% more carotene content than those produced by manure without added minerals.

With added minerals, the content of carotene in carrots increased by 23%. The vitamin A content of the blood of infants fed with vegetables grown with complete fertilizer dressings was four times as high as that of infants receiving products grown on soil without the modifications. The minerals in the soil also change the distribution of amino acids. So by just looking at the entire protein content provides only one-sided information as each amino acid in the body has a different role.

In the livestock industry, it has long been observed that when spring comes, if manure is applied to the grass, and if a cow grazes on this young tender grass, the chances of the cow getting tetany would be higher. The legs of the cow would first stiffen and then it would fall from cramps. If magnesium is administered immediately, the cow can be saved. This is similar to human convulsion. Research found that people who suffer from cramps (muscle spasms, convulsions) have very low level of magnesium in their blood. Consuming food cultivated with liquid fertilizer of high nitrogen and potassium may obstruct the utilization of magnesium and copper, and infertility is also more common.

Four types of commonly used fertilizers for agriculture: nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and calcium fertilizers (lime) may hinder plants from absorbing lots of elements and trace elements. After many years, it will deplete other elements. This will cause the problem of “modern diseases”: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, weakened immune function and infertility.

Nitrogen fertilisers may cause copper to “vanish”. Experiments have shown that when mice were fed with a low-copper diet, oxidation of the liver is reduced to oneseventh of its usual rate. Liver needs oxidizing enzyme for detoxification. Cancer cells have abnormal oxidative enzyme functions. Earlier research on the incidence of cancer throughout the Netherlands and Wales found that the incidence of cancer was higher in areas where soil contained high organic matter. Residents drinking from the river also had a higher incidence of cancer, because the river had faecal contamination. When uroflavin is combined with copper, the utilization value of copper drops. In a high organic soil, the utilization value of the copper also decreases.

Too much potash fertiliser can cause magnesium and boron to disappear. Magnesium is related to the cardiac and neurological functions. Boron is directly related to healthy bones. Phosphate fertiliser can cause zinc to disappear. Diabetes is related to zinc metabolism and the lack of chromium.

High usage of calcium fertilisers (lime) may cause molybdenum to disappear. Molybdenum is needed by the reproductive system. The lack of the molybdenum could easily cause infertility, and could interfere with the pituitary operation.

A seemingly simple question of, “How should I eat in order to cure my illness?” is not so easy to answer. Generally, those who cannot obtain produce grown in fertile-balanced soil can grow their own plants in pots, or in the front-yard or backyard or do sprouting. There are 90 elements in Pure Aussie which can be used as fertiliser. Seaweed from unpolluted coastlines is also a good source of fertiliser. After the tsunami in Indonesia, lands that were submerged in seawater had an increase in production in the following year. A doctor, Maynard Murray, had done hundreds kinds of sea water fertilization experiments. Animals and mice fed with plants grown in sea-mineralenriched soil grew very well. The incidence of cancer rate in the first generation inbred C3H mice dropped from 90% to 55%. The second generation was reduced to 2% (Sea Energy Agriculture, Acres, U. S.). Seawater used for germination can be diluted to one-tenth. If using marine minerals (Pure Aussie), add 1 teaspoon to 1 gallon or 4 litres of water. Use the same concentration for soaking seeds or for watering plants. If it is for potted plants, add 1 teaspoon of seawater to 500ml of water. For every square foot, 250-300ml of seawater is sufficient. Do this once a year at most. It would be even more effective if you add the same amount of saturated brine to Pure Aussie. In his book “Xin Shiji Nong Geng” (Note I), Bob Cannard emphasized supplementing plants with rock powder, and the plant can absorb the minerals it needs. To reverse the increase of diseases nowadays, we have to start from the fundamental of land. Man and animals can only absorb minerals through plants. Nourishing through plants is more effective than all other different kinds of supplements.

Each element has its own colour. Chemically fertilized plants have only a few colours, but seeds soaked in marine minerals for 24 hours would resume its full spectrum. Therefore there is another method of supplementing minerals and colours. That is to soak grains and beans in a dilution of 1:1000 marine minerals and saturated natural brine (not processed salt) overnight before cooking. Water discarded can be reused to water plants, for example sprouts. Wait for a day until the soaked grains and beans are germinated slightly before cooking.

As I am writing, I remember that another phenomenon of magnesium deficiency is depression. In the book “Let There Be Light”, it is mentioned that in the colours of the various elements, the colour of magnesium is yellow and the colour yellow is related to excitement and joy. Many years ago, I knew of an elderly gentleman, his diet was not in line with the principles of natural diet. I sent him a bottle of Bliss Delight. Sometime later, he asked for another bottle. He said every day he would take ¼ teaspoon. If he stopped for a period of time, he became depressed. From this example, we can see that supplementing the body with its needed elements is beneficial to the body and mind.

Thank you for your questions. They have led me to reading and considering a lot of information which was previously overlooked. May you be healthy and happy.

Note I: The book “Xin Shiji Nong Geng”, meaning “New Century Farming”, is currently (2013) available only in Chinese.


The original Chinese article is published in the Aug 2012 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20120808.html

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Q4: I am your loyal reader. Recently I bought a pendulum for dowsing. It turned out that when my family checked my energy, it was negative. But when I measured myself, it was positive. Why is there a difference? The crown chakra was what we measured. Is that right? How can we transform negative energy into positive energy?

A: Due to the interference of electromagnetic waves (mobile phones, wireless internet access, base stations, cordless phones, etc.), the energy of many people’s crown chakras flows in reverse direction (counter-clockwise). If you dowsed under a fluorescent light or next to an energysaving light, you may also be disturbed. So consider this factor when testing your dowsing accuracy. When you are dowsing and if the energy of the crown chakra flows counter-clockwise, the result will be opposite of what it is supposed to be. This means positive energy is measured as negative energy and negative energy is measured as positive energy. When the crown chakra is disturbed, so is one’s ability to make judgment, and one tends to make the wrong choice. Before dowsing, check your own energy first. Put one hand on the crown, use the other hand to dowse. If the pendulum does not move, it means the energy is balanced. If it is counter-clockwise, it means it is discharging negative energy and clockwise means supplementing positive energy. When the pendulum stops moving, the energy is balanced.

A simple way to transform the energy of the crown chakra from counter-clockwise to clockwise is to visualize a sun on top of your head. To ensure that the crown chakra is spinning unhindered, do the

qi-harmonizing exercises daily. (Please refer to Dr Lai’s Health Tips).

If you have experienced terror and sadness, it would close down the heart chakra and thus reduce energy flow. Which in turn would make you susceptible to the interference of pollution. After balancing your qi, inhale light into your heart chakra, exhale darkness and do the shaking exercise.

Thank you for raising this question.


Q5: After a medical check-up, I discovered that I have hyperthyroidism. The doctor recommended radioactive iodine therapy, but I will have to be on medication for long-term to control the situation. Is there any other way to solve the problem?

A: Thyroid is vulnerable to pollution, whether the pollution is from water or environment, drug or pesticide residues in food. Contamination from electromagnetic radiation can cause thyroid dysfunction. Take care to protect yourself from pollution, especially those pollutions that you are in frequent contact with. In addition to this, eliminate toxins from the body. Liver is the organ that filters pollution, and needs to be cleansed regularly. Use the Apple Juice – Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse (for details read Andreas Moritz’s “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush”) on a regular basis until no stones are discharged. After that do the liver and gallbladder flush every six to eight months.

Thyroid belongs to the throat chakra which is the door to self-expression. Any repressed expression would interfere with the throat chakra. Use various methods like colour visualisation, deep breathing, painting and singing etc. to ease the repressed energy. Inhaling light and exhaling foul qi is also a good method. If there are sounds or words that you want to speak out, just let it out.

The throat chakra and the base chakra have a reciprocal relationship. Use the method taught by Dr Mitchell May to activate the base chakra. Swing the coccyx front and back several times and do it few times a day. Shaking-off exercises can also help balance the whole body.


Q6: Recently I heard of people in their thirties or forties suffering from cancer. Why do these seemingly healthy people get this disease? What should we pay attention to?

A: Energetic youngsters do not think about taking care of the body. They wilfully indulge in eating and drinking, overworking and living an irregular life. Working people nowadays face the computer all day long, sitting under fluorescent light and being exposed to air-conditioning. This unnatural lifestyle will cause problems sooner or later; cancer is one example.

For prevention and recovery of cancer, pay attention to a few general rules:

Maintain a normal body temperature. The body temperature of ordinary cancer patient is 0.5 to 1 degree Celsius below normal. If the temperature is increased by one degree, the immune function and enzyme activity would increase greatly. Thus heat therapy is a very effective treatment. Avoid eating cold things, especially cold desserts. Avoid sleeping in an air-conditioned room, as the pores are open when sleeping and the cold qi will invade the body. To discharge the cold qi, the preparatory step of Waidangong can help warm up the body and discharge the cold qi. The Wutaishan 8-Step Exercise is also a warming exercise. Hot foot bath can warm up the body, and rubbing the soles of the feet promotes blood circulation, warming up the hands and feet. Another method of warming the body is soaking in an oil-bath. If oil-bath is not available, just soak the feet. [For information on oil bath, refer to Hui Gui Shen De Xi Ye (Note I)]. All pollutants, including electromagnetic waves would cause the body to “cool down”, so take note of what you eat, drink and see. Quiet time allows the nerves to relax, repair and is important in the maintenance of body temperature and your health.

Maintain the acid-alkaline balance of the blood. Cancer cells can only grow in an acidic environment. The diet must mainly be slightly alkaline-forming fruits and vegetables. Grains and beans become slightly alkaline after sprouting. Millet, quinoa and amaranths are also slightly alkaline even when not sprouted. All animal products, especially meat and seafood, are extremely acidic. Carbohydrates can also turn the body acidic.

Recently there was an educational film called “Forks Over Knives” showing that coronary disease, cancer and diabetes can be linked to diet. Part of the film talks about a nutritional biochemist Dr T. Colin Campbell, who made an important breakthrough in his research. Earlier when Dr Campbell was in the Philippines, his job was to supplement the protein intake of children. He noticed that the children from wealthy families had a higher incidence of liver cancer. At the same time he read a scientific research paper from India reporting that the incidence of cancer varied when mice were simultaneously administered aflatoxin and fed with a diet consisting of different percentages of casein. The group of mice fed with a diet containing 20% casein ended with cancer whereas the group that had 5% casein did not have cancer. Dr Campbell replicated this experiment after he returned to the United States. The result was the same. In his next experiment, every three weeks, he replaced the highprotein food with low-protein and then low-protein food with high protein, only changing the percentage of casein. He was able to grow or eliminate the cancer. A high protein diet promotes the growth of cancer cells in the mice, whereas in a low protein diet, the cancer cells disappeared. Protein from plants does not promote cancer growth; this has the same effect on human. Vegetarianism is a very important element in the prevention of cancer.

Try your best to boost your energy and avoid an environment that would lower your energy. Earthing is the best way to increase energy. Walk in a natural environment and it is best to wear natural materials, especially underwear which is in close-contact with the body. Cotton, hemp, and wool are good. It is also best to use natural materials where one sits and sleeps. I noticed that the energy of the place where a very weak person frequently sat was in reversed direction (counter-clockwise). This caused the lower three chakras of that person to spin counter-clockwise.

When we are vigilant and pay attention to how the energy of the surrounding environment impact on us, we can prevent cancer, and heal ourselves of cancer.

Note I: The book “Hui Gui Shen De Xi Ye”, meaning “Return to the Bliss of the Body”, is available only in Chinese.


The original Chinese article is published in the May 2012 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20120507.html

(Questions 4-6) 

Q7: Is there any proof that Wifi and Wimax are harmful to the body?

A: Lapis Lazuli Light has published magazines and books that contain such information. The book, “Warning – The Electricity Around You May Be Hazardous To Your Health: How To Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Fields”, collects a lot of studies in this area. You can find this information in the 2001 Lapis Newsletters and the Lapis Magazines which have reports on this topic for over a decade. In fact, there were already proofs that radiowaves were harmful to the human body during World War II. Now, since wireless communication facilities originate from radar, and since the proofs were military-related, so the proofs were been kept secret. From 1952-1978, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow was continually expose to microwaves radiation secretly directed at them. The amount of microwaves the Soviet government used was within the U.S. “safety levels”. During this time, three Ambassadors suffered from cancer, two of them died of cancer. The Embassy personnel who went back to the United States were found to have a higher than average white blood cell counts, their chromosome breakage ratios was also quite high. At that time when the U.S. newspaper, The Boston Globe reported this story, the American Ambassador had leukaemia, and frequently suffered from chronic headache and bleeding eyes. All these early information clearly proved the harmful effects of microwaves on human beings and animals.


Q8: Why do I have mild fever every evening between 5pm-8pm? Is something wrong with me?

A: Every evening from 5pm to 8pm the usage of electricity peaks, and maybe so does the usage of mobile phones. I suppose this is related to your fever. You can measure the amount of electromagnetic waves. If you can detect it, it is already too high.

 The original Chinese article is published in the Feb 2012 issue of Lapis

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