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Yam Rice

Brow rice – 400gm
Yam – 300gm (cut into small square pieces)
Carrot – 1 piece (cut into small square pieces)
Straw mushroom – 6 pieces (soak it soft, cut and marinate with little shoyu)
Minced mock vegetarian meat – 100gm
almond mushroom – 20 gm → A
Seaweed – 1 piece (2 inches, soak it soft) → A
Olive oil – a little → A

Sauces :
sea salt, shoyu and black bean sauce

1) Add some water on to the mock vegetarian meat, shoyu, black bean sauce and mix them well. Add in a little oil and mix again and then pour them in a plate and bake for 20 minutes at 180ºC until it is fragrant and crispy.
2) Boil 4 bowls of water and add ingredient (A) and cook for about 1 hour.
3) Fry straw mushroom with oil till it is fragrant and then add red carrot and fry for a while.
4) Use soaked brown rice, add to the stock (1) together with the sauce and cook till almost dry, add in (3) and yam, stir well and cook on small fire for about 45 minutes. Then turn off fire and let it ‘sit’ for about 30 minutes. Then it is ready to serve.