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Energy Cleansing

1) Tap on major acupuncture points for a minute each to clear the negative emotional blockages in the meridians. The 9 major acupuncture points are as follows.

  • Beginning of the eyebrows
  • Side of the eyes
  • Under the eyes
  • Under the nose (renzhong acupuncture point)
  • Chin
  • Beginning of the collarbones
  • Tender spots (the two sore points located on the upper left and right of the chest)
  • Under the arms

2) Tap with the fingertips of your index finger and middle finger, roughly 7 times on each of the tapping points.

  • Most of the tapping points exist on both sides of the body and you may choose either one.

3) The method works best when there is a specific goal in mind. In addition, it is helpful to recite some affirmations or recall the incident when going through the tapping process. In addition, you may also consider using wholesome thoughts, chanting a mantra, visualize light, or invoke some thoughts that bring you comfort such as “Please bless me, Avalokiteshvara”. Some examples are presented as follows for your reference.

  • Chronic headache: “Although I have a headache, I completely accept mysel”, “I have a headache”, “Although I am still having a little headache, I completely accept myself”.
  • Inability to balance in walking: “Although I cannot balance myself when I walk, I forgive myself”.
  • Snake phobia: “Although I am afraid of snakes, I completely accept myself”, “I deeply love and accept myself, even though I am afraid of snakes”.
  • Height phobia: recall standing on high altitude.
  • Blockages from being beaten, scolded or harmed: think about the actual scenes when these incidents occurred, and clear the blockages one by one.


Other applications of EFT

  • Clear blockages due to forgotten events such as moving, changing schools, war, giving birth, quarrels, falling out of love, getting lost, accidents, and being ostracized.
  • Remove body ailments such as blocked nose, gastric pains, headaches, fatigue, allergies, addictions to liquor, cigarettes, and food.
  • You may also tap on behalf of others. Imagine yourself as someone else and then tap the acupuncture points.