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Energy Harmonizing

  1. Hold the chain of the pendulum using one hand and hover it roughly 1-3 cm above the item. Let go of your will, remain open-minded and empty your mind of all thoughts.
    • Clockwise motion indicates a positive energy of the item and it is good to the body.
    • Anti-clockwise motion indicates a negative energy and it is bad to the body.
    • Stationary or continuous forward-backward/left-right linear motion indicates no energy.
    • If movement is not constant, hold the pendulum for a longer time as it may start to move clockwise or anti-clockwise accordingly.
    • For practice, you may choose a smaller and lighter pendulum. Change to a larger one once you are familiar with the dowsing techniques. The difference between the two sizes of the pendulum is the time required to harmonize the “qi”. The small pendulum needs longer time.
    • When dowse at different locations, the outcomes may vary due to the disturbances of the “qi” in the location (e.g. fluorescent light, electromagnetic (EM) waves, radiation). Avoid all these disturbances and dowse again.
  2. After dowsing an item, grip the pendulum and slide the hand from top to bottom to remove the energy remained on it.
  3. It is important to change and improve the one’s energy by some simple methods as follows.
    • Improve the body energy: take in food and water with positive energy, have appropriate exercises, have high-quality leisure activities, keep away from electromagnetic waves and radiation.
    • Improve spiritual energy: showing gratitude and praying.