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Life That Transcends Time and Space in the 21st Century

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Many of the books published by Lapis Lazuli Light introduce the concept of harnessing our ability to transcend the limits of time and space. These books include “Techniques of Pendulum Dowsing” (by Bill Cox), “Captain Juta’s Remarkable Journey” (by Don Ingram, Jack Schwarz), “Stone Age Farming” (by Alanna Moore), “The Holographic Universe” (by Michael Talbot), “The Future is Yours: Do Something about It” (by Raymon Grace), “Ultimate Healing: The Power of Compassion” (by Lama Zopa Rinpoche), as well as our latest publication titled “Drip Meditation” (by Mitchell May). These books can help us go beyond the constraints of three-dimensional thinking, and create miracles in our daily lives, our physical bodies, as well as art and technology.

Three-dimensional thinking is a product of materialistic thinking in western society. People who are scientifically trained or those in contact with scientific thinking are easily constrained by three-dimensional thinking. However, the accomplishments of great scientists transcend time and space. Einstein is a most familiar example. The creations of great musicians are also inspired from beyond time and space. Mozart’s compositions were those that he “heard” and were not products of three-dimensional time and space. Once people go beyond their own boundaries, these time- and space-transcending inspirations and energy will surface. Release your prior views, past experiences, worries, and fear; let your mind quieten down. These will facilitate your entry into the realm beyond time and space. In particular, this is necessary when we encounter problems that cannot be resolved in three-dimensional time and space. In his book “Captain Juta’s Remarkable Journey”, Jack Schwarz highlighted the problem of doubt—when we believe that something is impossible, we have broken the link with our transcendental intuition.

I recall an incident that occurred a few years ago just when the book “Captain Juta’s Remarkable Journey” was about to be published. Qiu Lihui, the person in charge of Lapis Lazuli Light in Taiwan, was vexed by a last-minute change in the venue of my large-scale lecture in Kaohsiung. The date of the lecture was drawing close, and it was then that we realized that the venue (which could hold five thousand people) would have to be changed—the air conditioning system was far too noisy and would adversely influence the sound quality of the lecture. At that time, the only alternative was an outdoor stadium that could accommodate 20,000 people. Based on Lihui’s past experience, she figured that with the date of the impending lecture drawing near, there was no way to significantly increase the number of audience in such a short time. However, as she was reading Jack Schwartz’s book, she came across the part about putting aside one’s doubts. Hence, she decided to change the venue. That lecture was attended by almost 30,000 people! Interestingly, there was no rain at the outdoor stadium where the lecture was held; in contrast, there was a heavy downpour a short distance away.

Six years ago, my father was injured and had to be warded in a critical condition at the hospital’s intensive care unit. The doctors were planning to inject a highly toxic medicine directly into his veins. We generally have little contact with the hospital, and faced with this situation, we could only rely on an approach beyond time and space to rectify the circumstances. I visualized white dew drops entering the medicine bottle, recited Om Mani Padme Hum, and used to contact the medicine bottle. The doctors were perplexed as to why my father did not have the typical discomfort that other patients had. I also remember that a friend taught another person who was ill to visualize the doctors and nurses as manifestations of Avalokiteshvara, and the chemotherapy needle as dew drops. In the end, she did not experience any adverse side effects from the chemotherapy treatment.

Many years ago, I investigated the effects of electromagnetic and microwave radiation, and realized that many people’s health would be harmed by this radiation. I was also affected when the city where I lived started to install transmission towers.  I suffered from sudden weight loss, red itches on my skin, insomnia, as well as loss of energy when I was in the outdoors. I tried many methods to protect myself, including sleeping within a silver wire mesh. I started to have a feeling that I wouldn’t last on this earth. I was particularly averse to going to big cities because my head and throat would hurt. I could only rely on prayers.

My prayers were answered, and many protection methods continually started to appear. I also introduced these methods to others. Many of these methods transcend time and space, and include: peat moss, numerology, color essential oils, energizer enhancers, mantras, etc.  Although our brains cannot understand how these methods work, the fact of the matter is that they are effective.

Last September, I was giving lectures in Taiwan, and heard many questions from people who were harmed by electromagnetic, microwave and wireless radiation. These people had relatively low energy. I had an intuition then. I asked them to first measure their energy levels, and then draw a picture of their bodies on a piece of paper. They were to write down the words of mantra Om Mani Padme Hum at least seven times around the picture of their bodies. They also had to use a blue pen to draw three circles around the picture of their bodies. After doing all these, they measured their energy levels again. Everyone experienced an increase in energy level, with some experiencing a tenfold increase. One participant mentioned that a transmission tower had been built on the eighth floor of the building that she lived in, and protests by residents were to no avail. I suggested drawing a picture of the building, writing the words Om Mani Padme Hum on the eighth floor, and drawing blue circles to surround the building from the eighth floor downwards.

This intuition is the result of many years of learning and experience. The origin was a speech by a female lecturer who knew dowsing. She used a blue pen to draw on paper to block negative energies. For example, she drew a picture of a house. She assessed the source where negative energy was entering the house, and drew a U shaped curve at the entry point to block its entrance. She had this intuition from a former member of the American Society of Dowsers, who used to work in the transportation department. At that time, he found that there was a stretch of road where there were frequent road accidents. He and his colleague brought a road map to investigate the road conditions. He used a blue pen to mark every accident spot on the map.  Strangely, this stretch of road did not have any more accidents after that. This map was kept in the office until it was destroyed when the office shifted elsewhere. Thereafter, the accident rate on that stretch of road went up to its previous level. This is a puzzle. After hearing this story, I started using a blue pen to block off electromagnetic and microwave radiation. The effects are even better when a mantra is added. One reader in Paris would add the mantra words Om Mani Padme Hum on the house’s pillars when he renovated his house. Although the mantra could not be seen after the walls were erected, the energy of the house greatly increased. I also discovered that writing the words Om Mani Padme Hum on the rooftop also increased the house’s energy. Writing the words Om Mani Padme Hum around a picture of the house also worked.

During our workshop at Crestone this June, we invited Harold McCoy, an intuitive healer to teach us transcendental healing. He has nearly 30 years of experience, and participates in medical research studies. He has over 7000 cases, including human and animal clients. He can use the power of his mind to remove tumors, and create a protective shield that filters out toxic pollutants for people who are allergic to environmental pollution. His favorite visualization relates to white dew drops that embody the universe’s most complete love—this can erase the unhappiness from one’s childhood, anger, and fear. He once saved a young drug addict who was brain dead, and at the same time, erased the rage from his childhood. When this young man recovered, he never took drugs again.

The ability to be healed beyond the constraints of time and space is something that mankind possesses since ancient times. Ancient medical studies (e.g., Chinese medicine) also have such records. Modern mankind need only put aside the constraints of their three-dimensional thinking of time and space to develop this ability.

A gentleman who claimed he has no healing ability was able to significantly increase the energy level of a glass of water merely by visualizing white light entering the water. He once sent white light to a friend who had suffered from leg pain. Subsequently, his friend’s leg was healed. This may be a coincidence, but note that his friend had suffered this leg pain for a long time.

In the book “Drip Meditation”, Dr. Mitchell May mentioned that there are unexpected benefits from sending blessings anytime and anywhere. All the life forms in this world need our blessings, no matter where they are. When we truly experience that life transcends time and space, we will be very careful in how we direct these time- and space-transcending thoughts—these thoughts are to be used in a wholesome way to develop ourselves and all living beings.

Translated from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine, 2008 May issue