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Energy Measurement

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Energy level measurement makes use of the electromagnetic field’s vibration to determine to what extend another person, an object, an event or the environment affects us. (It can help us select suitable food, plants or soil as well as to find out the energy level of the human body.) Because it makes use of the electromagnetic field’s vibration, its accuracy depends greatly on the person who carries out the measurement. This person being the conductor of the process needs to be at a good energy level, to be relaxed both physically and mentally, and to be void of excessive disturbances. The measurement can be done by determining the strength of one’s finger or arm, or by observing the direction and number of rotations of a metal chain held in the hand.

A lightweight, fine metal chain is a suitable choice for a beginner; the higher the electrical conductivity of the metal chain the better but any metal will do. Attach a small weight, such as a crystal ball to one end of the chain, but you may also do without the weight. Place the object of interest on a table. Let the chain dangle from the index finger on your right (or left if you are left-handed) hand and rest your thumbs on it lightly. Keep calm and allow the chain to move freely. There are three possible movements: clockwise rotations, anti-clockwise rotations, back and forth oscillation or none at all.

Clockwise rotation indicates compatibility or a positive answer. If the energy measurement is that of a food or a surrounding, count the number of rotations until it finally stops. The greater the rotation and the higher the number, the more favorable the answer. Anti-clockwise rotation signals incompatibility or a negative answer. Similarly, higher counts of the number of turns indicate a stronger negative answer. Back-and-forth movement means neutral; neither good nor bad. If there is no movement, then the object being scrutinized may have neither good nor bad energies; or the investigator is not relaxed, or has a weak aura, etc. A point to note is that the investigator needs to have a clear and calm mind and be consciously and subconsciously non-judgmental.

In the early stages, the beginner can use familiar objects to make comparisons; for instance, fruit and sugar, tap water and filtered water, etc. Experienced investigators may acquire a very high degree of accuracy in their energy measurements. In Western countries, experienced investigators help to locate sources of water and petrol, lost objects and persons, and the damaged part of a machine. I know of a lady who can successfully identify sickness in the body; including those of cats’ and dogs’; and even determine the treatment. Her precision in energy measurement is so high that she has a waiting list of clients that stretch for 3 months.

There is wide application for energy measurement. When buying vegetables, we determine which vegetables come from fertile soil and which from chemically fertilized soil. Even with vegetables that are labelled “organic”, we can have several grades too. Some “organic” produce comes from virgin soil (soil that has never used chemicals before) and some from soil that has recently stopped using chemical fertilizers. Many chemical fertilizers have yet to be completely disintegrated even after a lapse of 20 years; DDT is one example.

The thought of the farmer can also affect his produce. I recall an incident in a farmer’s market in Northern California; my father unintentionally discovered that an old lady was selling fruits with very high energy levels although they looked ordinary. On investigating, he discovered that her family orchard had a history of more than a hundred years and has never used chemical fertilizers. Now in her twilight years, the old lady did not have the capability to take care of the orchard and she allowed it to grow as it pleased. She was full of love and was always exchanging a few good words with passers-by. From then on, we always bought fruits and walnuts from her; unfortunately, many people overlooked her less handsome looking produce to patronize her neighbor who sold fruits and vegetables produced from their chemically fertilized orchard.

In general, farm produce with residual chemicals has energy that goes anti-clockwise. Food with chemical additives, processed food, refined salt, white sugar, seasonings, etc., are also in this category. On another occasion, we felt ‘bloated’ after eating a meal of organic brown rice. On investigation, we discovered that the energy moved anti-clockwise. Owing to the increased demand in organic food, some lower quality products were passed off as the genuine stuff. If the buyer can measure the energy level when buying, he would not have been cheated.

Energy measurement can also be used to determine situations that requires a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. A clockwise movement means ‘yes’ and an anti-clockwise movement means ‘no’. If a decision needs to be made from a number of choices, each choice can be written in a piece of paper and its energy measured with the chain dangling over it. The number of clockwise rotations is noted for each, and the best choice being the one that has the highest number of clockwise turns; those that have anti-clockwise movement are not suitable choices. Other than measuring the energy levels of food and herbs, we also can measure its suitability for our personal consumption. First hold the food in the hand, with the back of the hand facing up. With the other hand, dangle the chain over the back of the hand; a clockwise movement indicates suitability and an anti-clockwise says unsuitable.

The proverb “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” clearly advises that an object may be beneficial to some but not all people due to individual circumstances such as, body condition, living environment and health condition. On one occasion, I was demonstrating how to measure the energy level of some local fruits in East Malaysia. The fruits’ energy levels were high but not suitable for my consumption. When the local people did the measurement, the energy level was high and good for them. We did the same test on some almonds that I’d brought with me. I could demonstrate that they had high energy but there wasn’t much reaction when the local people held almond in their hands. This experience reconfirms the need to eat locally produced food. It also explains why it takes some time for us to acclimatize to new environment, the food available in the new environment do not suit our body condition well.

In the beginning of practicing the art of measuring energy levels, there may be several problems. First, the chain may not move; possibly because you are not sufficiently relaxed, or the biological electromagnetic field is weak. The remedy to re-charge one’s energy is to face West, raise both hands to shoulder level with the left hand pointing in the direction of South and the right hand in the direction of North. Hold the posture for 3 minutes, then cross the arm and lightly rub the shoulders few times.

The second difficulty is disturbances. For instance, the electrical lamp, closure of the crown chakra, environmental pollution or the mind not being able to stay calm. The activity in the mind can affect the aura, and consequently having an influence over the physical body as well as the hand holding the chain. A few minutes of deep breathing can help to calm the mind and to be detached from the answer that you are seeking. If you suspect that there is any interference, you may test on objects or events with known answers to justify if the opposite answer is obtained. To overcome the crown chakra problem, visualize a sun over your head, think of the perfect energy of the universe, and silently say a few prayers in your own religion.

The third difficulty is the way of phrasing the question. If there is limitation in the question itself, the answer will not be accurate, especially so if it a negative question.

However, all these difficulties will disappear after some practice.